The UK Economy And A Lack of Perspective

The UK Economy And A Lack of Perspective
August 25, 2016 Admin

The Telegraph has a very interesting article out today.

Written by Allister Heath, it is titled ‘Cheap Money Is Destroying All Our Futures And Hurting Capitalism’.


The author’s argument is that the extremely low (often negative) interest rates predominating in the UK and across the West (especially Western Europe) at this time mean that returns on ‘normal’ investments are so low as to make wealth generation through compound interest practically impossible. He concludes that this is just as lethal to the middle class as hyperinflation, excessive taxation, or other drastically destructive occurrences that can arise in capitalist economies.

As he states in the article:

When the music eventually stops and our great house price boom peters out, Britain’s wealth-owning majority will suddenly realise how fiendishly hard it has become to make money from money. Panic and anger will set in, and there is nothing scarier than the middle classes on the warpath.

I might quibble with the author on a couple minor points. For instance, couldn’t the middle-class just spend some time educating themselves, and invest in real estate or small businesses instead of CD’s and Bonds? I realize it is more complicated then that, but let’s not take away agency from the discussion. Similarly, there are low interest rates for legitimate reasons, its not JUST a weird preference of central banks.

The latter argument goes to the heart of the lunacy of the article however.


It does not seem to occur to the author of the piece that the reason that the economies of the UK, and Western Europe in general, are abysmally bad is because they are dying societies. Their populations are only having half as many kids as needed to replace themselves. And they are only having 1/4th to 1/8th as many children as they were during the boom years of the 20th century which the author references.

Furthermore, is the inability of a thirty-something Brit to earn more than 2% returns on his or her money really their greatest danger? By the time they hit retirement Britain will be over 50% Muslim. As a result I fear they may have bigger things to worry about then the size of their retirement accounts. To get an idea of, one needs only look at the economies of other regions which contain similar percentages (35-75%) of Muslims. The residents of those countries- Albania, Bosnia, Chad, Chechnya, Lebanon, and Sudan, have suffered far more from violence than lack of compounding interest. For a prime example, click here.

Furthermore, for proof of the massive demographic change referenced, we have only to look at this same edition of the Telegraph, in which sits an article right next to Heath’s with the headline “Up to three in four babies born last year in parts of the UK had foreign mothers, official figures have disclosed”.


As always, we can take hope in the fact that as things get worse, it makes open 4th Generation Warfare that much more likely, which is the only eventuality that could curb the nightmare Europe finds itself in.

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  1. Vilhelmsson 11 months ago

    An Arab-dominated Britain wouldn’t bring the same results as Albania, Bosnia or a North African, Near or Middle Eastern country. Britain has unique aspects. Furthermore, the ‘Arab-domination’ is purely demographic and (so-to-speak) cultural. The real rulers are Shabbos Goy and Jewish. In fact, I’ve noticed a distinct neglect of the Jewish central role in the ‘Untergang des Abendlandes’ on this website. Even in the ages of the Caliphates, Islamic domination was driven by Jewish capital/commerce/trade and even Aryan co-operation here and there. The modern incarnation of the Caliphates is of course ‘ISIS’. 1400 years later, and nothing has changed: ‘ISIS’ is funded, equipped and has it’s wheels greased by Jewish dominated Western nations.

    The wealth of the British economy is being stripped by the bone because it is at the mercy of the parasitical race [Philip Green being a recent example from the retail industry]. The public sector is being decimated by the pressure applied to it by the weight of millions of foreign invaders; many are losing their jobs in both the private sector due to the attempt to ‘streamline’ and ‘shore-up’ operations for reasons of profiteering in the private sector and crippling external pressures on the public. But, the welfare state is designed to keep food in people’s mouths with the idea that this will prevent revolution from below. The degenerate Middle Class in Britain will whine and moan about their inability to pay off the debts on their many extraneous and frivolous luxury items, but in the end, they’ll still be able to put food in their mouths. We will not see a Grecian situation in Britain for at least many decades, and even then, we may have some ‘Trajan’ kind of chance economic resurgence that will temporarily delay the actual decline into the abyss.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey my friend- thanks for popping in!

      I agree completely the goal of the Multinational-Corporatist/Welfare State alliance is fundamentally to ensure consumerism and easy profits for the multinationals. They both purposefully instill ignorance (through the schools and the entertainment industry) and fear to keep the middle class fat, distracted, and (when appropriate) afraid. Furthermore they compound the crime by pushing/prodding all middle class investment and wealth accumulation into 401k’s (or their British equivalents) which are invested into mutual and index funds, so that the middle class is actually investing all their money into the very same multinational companies and parasitical elements (as you mentioned) which are raping and exploiting them. I wrote about this in a long article a while back which you can see at the following link, but I absolutely agree with you 100%: How Retirement Accounts Cause Muslim Gang Rape.

      As far as the JQ is concerned you are very astute that that is something this website does not spend a ton of time on. We certainly insert some echo brackets here and there and reference it, and we did a post about Teresa May spending her last night before becoming Prime Minister with the chief UK Rabbi, but for the most part this is supposed to be a middle of the road website designed to begin the process of red-pilling normies but not neccesarily complete it. The whole reason I picked the name I did is because there are large numbers of google searches by what I presume are average people every day for ‘Civil war in Europe?’ and stuff like that. I want to begin their journey of awakening vis a visa Europe, while leading them to sites like Counter-Currents, Occidental-Observer, etc (where I also write) where they can explore the implications you very correctly point out. With that said, there is certainly a continuum when it comes to that issue and people’s thoughts on it within the Alt-Right, and I would say I am probably somewhere around where Vox Day, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson are in my take on it, so you might think me not awakened on that enough anyway, but if so that is okay. But yeah that’s just one way of approaching the situation and I don’t know if its ideal or not but it is what I have chosen to do. I would certainly welcome a similar site that did focus more on that side of the equation. The more channels of awakening and red-pilling the better.

      Appreciate the comment!

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