The Valenzetti- Er, Sweden- Equation

The Valenzetti- Er, Sweden- Equation
June 16, 2017 Admin

One of my all time favorite television shows was Lost.

For those who have not heard of it, it was an ongoing fictional television series about a group of individuals whose plane crashes on a mysterious island with no way to contact the outside world. Unbelievably entertaining show and very literary, adventure-ish, and esoteric in nature.lost-season-2

It ran from 2004 to 2009, and while I have since that time chucked my tv out and learned to despise many of the horrors that echo through the entertainment industry, I will still unequivocally vouch for Lost, as it was an amazing show, whose themes are still very much in line with my way of thinking.

As the characters slowly realize that they are not going to be ‘saved’ and taken off the island, they are forced to unite, band together, and figure out a way to survive. They encounter a myriad of expected and mysterious obstacles, including hostile (white) natives who seem to have lived on the island for centuries, and find a mysterious ‘hatch’ buried in the ground with no door, that they must (because of Faustian curiosity and will) find a way into. They encounter polar bears and sharks and the weakest among them either get strong or die violent deaths. All these trials are classic K-Selection, and those among them who eventually take charge are (with perhaps one exception) tough, masculine men. The most likeable character is a redneck, racist southerner named Sawyer (the show- probably by accident- really glorifies right-wingism in my opinion).

The Valenzetti Equationlost numbers 3

One of the ongoing themes of the show are the mysterious ‘numbers’ that crop up all over the island, and seem to have some kind of profound significance. As the show goes on, the characters learn that these numbers- 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, & 42- were originally associated with the ‘Dharma Initiative’, a mysterious research group that existed on the island several decades previously, before they were wiped out (genocided) by ‘the Others’ – the island’s original inhabitants.

The show does not fully explain the numbers’ significance within the episodes, but fans are able to learn the backstory through canonical tie-ins that were produced in other mediums, which is that the numbers were something called the “Valenzetti Equation”.

The Valenzetti Equation– named after its inventor, the mathemetician Enzo Valenzetti- was a numerical model designed to calculate the exact number of years and months until humanity ‘would extinguish itself’. It was commissioned by a top secret group of government agencies and researchers during the Cold War to estimate at what point Nuclear Weapons or other man-caused effects would end the human race. Each number within the equation represented either 1) an attribute of human psychology or behavior, or 2) an environmental factor, influencing the timeline towards self-annihilation. So for instance one of the numbers could represent ‘human aggression’, or other things like that.

The Dharma Initiative were the ones tasked with doing this. Being formed in the 1960’s though, their ranks ended up being filled with hippies and the project- though achieving some impressive results like the de-territorialization of polar bears and (albeit very, very short) successes at time travel- was unsuccessful in its quest, and indeed caused great damage before those in the Dharma Initiative were massacred by ‘the Others’.

Relevancelost season three

“Very interesting, but what the hell does this have to do with Europe?” I hear you asking. The answer… is that just as the idiot hippies got way in over their heads on the island in their attempts at utopianism and changing immutable aspects of reality, so to have idiot hippies gotten way in over their heads in Sweden (not to mention Europe and the West as a whole). Indeed, Sweden could be considered a nationwide experiment in the same vein. Only instead of trying to figure out how to prevent nuclear holocaust or other such fates, the Swedes have attempted to create the perfect multicultural, ‘humanitarian superpower’ state. And, just like in Lost, there are a series of numbers that perfectly represent the attributes of the situation. By putting them together, we can get a very clear glimpse of Sweden’s future, and (though this is a bit of a stretch) predict when the country will fully implode.

The Sweden Equation

Sweden also has a number of individual numbers- each representative an ideological or environmental factor in their coming doom.

They are 2, 23, 41, 50, 123, 140, 180.


2 – Sweden is the number two nation on earth in number of rapes per capita. It beats out places like Sri Lanka, India, Mexico, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, and countless others and only ranks behind Lesotho, in South Africa.

Source: map islam

For any who think that its Lars the six foot three blonde guy causing this after one too many Lagers, statistics from neighboring Norway show that of rapes among strangers in Oslo (whose demographics are nearly identical to Sweden’s and which is right next door) 100% of rapes between strangers are committed by non-European (Muslim) immigrants, and over 90% of the victims are native Scandinavian women (and children).


23There are 23 ‘No-Go Zones’ where EMT’s and firefighters cannot go without an armed military or police escort, according a Swedish police report that was leaked two days ago and reported on by Breitbart. If the number sounds low, its because in the past the Swedish police noted over 55 no-go zones but quit talking about them due to political correctness. Indeed, the official line of the police is that “There are no no-go zones in Sweden”.


41 – The median age of Sweden’s population is 41. For context, the average age in Afghanistan is 18, Mexico 27, India 27, and Iceland 36. Most of Western Europe is over 40, with the oldest nations on earth being Japan and Italy and a few others in the mid-40’s.

This is a result, of course, of Swedish (and Western) birthrates being abysmally low, because of modern (Western) degeneracy and the Baby-Boomer ‘follow your bliss’/carpe diem mindset. Indeed most of the West has birthrates of between 0.9-1.8 children per woman, whereas a population needs a minimum of 2.1 children per woman to stay even (places like Afghanistan are in the 5-7 range). sweden war image 2

Sweden’s median age of 41 is particularly noteworthy because it is that high despite the fact that close to one third of the country is non-European immigrants at this point. Just think how high it would be if one only counted the native Swedish population.

The fact that the native Swedish population is so old (the bulge of Baby-Boomers in the 60’s and 70’s weights it upward) means that 1) the economy is made up of net ‘liabilities’ (old people who produce no wealth and cost massive amounts of money), 2) economic growth is abysmal because negative population growth causes economies to contract, 3) the biggest demographic group of voters is also the group of voters most likely to support insane liberal policies (left-wing Baby-Boomers), 4) that even if immigration was not occurring and had never occurred, native Swedes would be on track to eventually disappear, 5) that even if no further immigration occurred, native Swedes would still become a minority because their birthrate is so much lower than that of their Somali and Afghani immigrant class.


50This is the estimated percentage of the 18-29 year old male demographic that is of foreign origin in Sweden. In other words, half of all 18-29 year old men in Sweden are not Swedish (and not European). See original analysis at the following link:

This is important because 1) this the the demographic that fights wars and ensures a population’s security, and 2) because this is the demographic that for all intents and purposes represents the future of a nation.



123There are 123 young men for every 100 young women in Sweden, as a result of the migrant crisis that involves over 70% male immigrants, most of them young, fit, and hateful of everything the West stands for. For those that aren’t aware, this discrepency is staggering.

Even in China where the official ‘one child policy’ meant far more boys than girls were born (parents would quit if they had a boy, but ask for a special exemption for a second child if their first was a girl, or just abort female fetuses to begin with) the gender ratio did not get as bad as it is today in Sweden.

This info comes from the following article (among many others):

It contains the following (somewhat obvious) quote:

Professor Valerie Hudson, a Texas A&M University professor, said gender imbalances could cause serious problems in the community.

She said societies where men outnumbered women were more susceptible to higher levels of violence, insurgence and mistreatment of women.


140 – The average Swedish residential mortgage is for 140 years. Yes, 140. This is the best statistic I know of to demonstrate the insanity of contemporary Swedish (and European) economics today. In America the longest mortgage you can get is 30 years, for comparison. But Sweden is a different case, obviously.

Sweden, as explained above, has hardly any real economic growth (outside of the migration industry) and has massive government debt. When the recession hit ten years ago, Sweden’s government like the rest of those in Europe and the West began printing insane amounts of money (technically this would be the ECB I guess not Sweden specifically). They also lowered interest rates to negative levels (meaning you had to pay to deposit/loan the bank your money), all in an effort to stimulate growth, and to cause inflation which would then reduce the hardship of paying their debt. These low interest rates also allowed the rich globalist financiers to make insane amounts of money through arbitrage (borrowing at 0.01% and then earning a 3-20% return through various loans and investments). Sweden map 3

Today Sweden is the midst of an insane real estate bubble brought on by low interest rates, massive money printing, and a huge housing shortage caused by the importation of millions of third world immigrants.

Anyone with sense knows that it is eventually going to crash catastrophically.


180 – This is the debt-to-income ratio of Sweden’s citizens.  It is twice as high as in America and higher even than Canada, which is considered a massive debt bubble waiting to pop. Swedish citizens have massive mortgage debt, credit card debt, and every other kind of debt imaginable.

The Swedish government has equally insane amounts of debt.

Capitalist Exploits lays out the impending economic carnage here (re Europe’s economy as a whole, not just Sweden):

And Fria Tider describes the Riksbank’s hoarding of cash in preparation for the coming recession here:


Conclusionlost numbers 2

These are the numbers that make up the equation of modern Sweden. Combined, they demonstrate the various reasons it is on a trajectory of failed-state status.

We have:

-Massive levels of immigration

-Numerous areas of the country where the government cannot guarantee safety, security, or even public services

-One of the most massive gender imbalances in history

-A massive rape epidemic

-An extremely old native population and an extremely young immigrant population

-A (likely) Muslim majority among fighting-age men

-The lowest interest rates in 3000 years (literally)

-One of the most indebted governments and indebted citizenry’s on earth


That is the ‘Sweden Equation’. If only we were on the Island and had a giant smoke monster to ‘judge’ Stefan Lofven, then we would be in business.



Editor’s Note: I will give a free ‘Driveshaft’ t shirt to whoever can make the best ‘Lost’ related comment.

Also, if you are new to this site, check out the new book I am writing about alot of this stuff by clicking here.


Finally, if you have never watched ‘Lost’, check out the below trailer for the first season.


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  1. DaShui 7 months ago

    Nobody migrates to Sweden because of the climate. And it’s dark all day during the winter. When, not if, gov finances worsen to the degree that the gibs are reduced or stopped, most of the Muslims will move themselves to Germany, so in that way Sweden is better off than Germany, England, or France.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Very good point Sweden is certainly not the banana belt, although its hard to beat those northern summers.

      If I was really optimistic I would think that perhaps the Muslims will migrate back to Turkey once there economy starts thriving and Sweden’s is in the tank, but I cannot see them ceding any territory no matter how burnt and desolate.

      I do think Turkey and Iran will have thriving economies in 15 years though while Western Europe will resemble Greece times ten (or Illinois, for that matter!).

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 7 months ago

    I’m not familiar with the show.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      My top shows of all time go:

      1. Lost
      2. Big Love
      3. Deadwood
      4. Sopranos

  3. shadowman 7 months ago

    The situation in Sweden is *very* depressing. In some ways, I wish that it would collapse in a smoking heap *today* so that at least there would then be a stark warning for the world – a bucket of ice-water into the face, as it were.

    Even the Swedish military are too timid, brainwashed and P.C. to take any action.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      I imagine being in the Swedish military must be hell. Probably full of far left female NCO’s ready to turn you in to the equivalent of HR for using the wrong gender pronouns.

      No idea if that’s actually the case though. I have met young soldiers from Austria and Switzerland where they have compulsory service for 18 year olds and they (the young men I met) were pretty impressive dudes.

  4. shadowman 7 months ago

    Hi again all –

    I have one easy, practical, and EFFECTIVE step in the fight against Islam (and its **supporters**) that you can take **right now** – **join the Florida Family Association** and take part in its email campaigns.

    I have joined them and not only am I not in Florida, I am not even in the U.S.! Doesn’t matter – the email campaigns have proven to be VERY effective (and **that** is what it is all about).

    ( In fact, my being far away from the US may be a GOOD thing. It shows these companies that “hey, this guy from way the heck over there cares about what is happening here…… ” )

    Every couple of days or so, the FFA will send out an email to members saying that such-and-such company is advertising on a pro-Islam media site (the current one is the Huffington Post).
    So far, well over 90 percent of companies contacted by FFA have stopped advertising there after being contacted. It’s working too – the HuffPo has just had to lay off 37 workers! I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that 400 companies stopping advertising there had something to do with that……

    We ALL want to do whatever we can, eh! So this is something ultra-easy and effective – it is **steamrolling over** pro-Islam companies that put out pro-Islam nonsense.

    Florida Family Association –

    • shadowman 7 months ago

      Oops – I forgot to say that in their campaigns, FFA email you a link with the company contacts already filled in AND with a pre-written reply (that you can edit as you wish. I often do so, adding in a few nasty-but-true facts about Islam. All part of showing people how bad it is…… )

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Hey thank you Shadowman that is excellent! I think its a big thing that a lot of these right wing groups are starting to fight back against the left when it comes to boycotts, etc. We have ceded the ground on that Alinsky stuff for far too long.

  5. SteveRogers42 7 months ago

    Very nice theme and tie-in! I tried to like “Lost” — I thought there were some interesting things going on there — but it was too confusing and esoteric for a simple-minded guy like me. The idea of a secret conclave of scientists working on some sort of Illuminati project was a definite hook for me (CERN, anyone?) and I thought that perhaps the most outlandish reality-warp that the Dharma Initiative ever engineered was the fact that the fat guy never lost an ounce despite being marooned in Neolithic conditions for six years…

    To continue the theme, here is a story from the alternate universe of Swedistan with a headline that says it all:

    Fact is stranger than fiction.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      I had the advantage of getting into the show near the beginning, so having to wait for each subsequent season definitely drew me in.

      I am not suprised about ‘al-Swedi’ from the gateway article… you spend your whole life as a young Swede being told how horrible your ancestors were and how devoid of meaning your culture is and being taught that you are part of an evil racist country, and dissuaded and kept from all forms of positive identity and Mannerbundism, etc, and then you start studying Islamism and see that it offers all that identity, sacrality, masculinity, danger, meaning, etc…. I think it makes perfect sense.

      That’s why we need to offer those things to young men in our societies ourselves if we are ever to turn the corner.


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