This Is What A Traitor Looks Like: 21 Year-Old Antifa Arrested For Attack On Sons Of Odin

This Is What A Traitor Looks Like: 21 Year-Old Antifa Arrested For Attack On Sons Of Odin
August 4, 2016 Admin

Earlier in the week we profiled an occurrence in Stockholm in which Antifa members ambushed the Sons of Odin during one of their nightly patrols. You can read that post here.

This is an update on that story, as apparently Swedish police have arrested one of the Antifa, and the one who apparently injured a Sons of Odin member (sending him to the hospital) by kicking him or punching him with brass knuckles or some such thing once he had already been knocked to the ground.

The attacker is 21 years old but apparently his name has not been released. His picture is the title image for this article, and is apparently taken from an incident in which he was arrested for vandalizing a sign. Apparently he has a lengthy arrest record including drugs, destruction of property, and public drunkenness.

This news (the original version of which can be seen here at Fria Tider) is not of a monumental importance in the overall situation in Europe, but is interesting as a case study. This young man is of similar age to the Sons of Odin members. He is also similar in that he has a predilection for violence- or at least willingness to engage in it. Why then did he end up fighting with Antifa on behalf of national suicide and White self-hatred, instead of the opposite?

Surely we can posit potential reasons. First and foremost is brainwashing at the hands of the media. He has been told his whole life that White people are racist, that Sweden is a nation whose history is built on oppression, yada, yada, yada, etc. We are all well aware of this.

Furthermore we must not discount the fact that Antifa has huge levels of funding, both from the government as well as bracket-worthy ‘overseas elements’, most notably George Soros. Considering that this young man and his mates are smoking marijuana and taking amphetamines and getting drunk in public regularly enough for it to be reflected in their police record, the money they receive- or which floats down to the group- must be considered another important factor.

What we can most conclude from the study of such individuals, I believe, is a healthy awareness of the power of culture and art to direct action and belief. I can speak to this personally, as at age 21 I was a bit of a brain-washed Progressive myself (though in the very early stages of awakening and red-pilling). I would attribute this to in part to the education system and family influence and all those sorts of things, but just as much or more to the influence of art and entertainment. Almost all of the art that spoke to me- music, books, movies- had a Progressive influence. Later on once awakened I was able to see many other artistic influences that were the opposite (such as Tolkien), but I do not think one can argue that Western art and entertainment and literature over the last 60-100 years has had a pronounced Progressive undertone.

Therefore this speaks to the need- more now than ever- for Identitarian and Traditionalist authors and artists to create works of art that speak to our people- especially our youth- in new ways, and begin the long process of re-orienting our tribe.

In the meantime, when the war arrives, we can at least look forward to busting Antifa heads.

Antifa have become the terrorist-shock troops of traitorous Western European governments, harassing and attacking those who oppose mass-immigration.

Antifa have become the terrorist-shock troops of traitorous Western European governments, harassing and attacking those who oppose mass-immigration.

Antifa is funded in large part by George Soros.

Antifa is funded in large part by George Soros.

The effects of 45 years of brainwashing and Cultural-Marxism in Western Europe and the broader Occident.

The effects of 45 years of brainwashing and Cultural-Marxism in Western Europe and the broader Occident.


Editors Note: Would love feedback from reader’s on this same question. Why did this 21 year old end up a brainwashed traitorous Progressive, rather than an Identitarian? Why did he end up part of Antifa, instead of the Sons of Odin? And what must happen, before young men such as him are more likely to grow up with a proper compass bearing? Please share your thoughts below!

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  1. Mike 1 year ago

    “Therefore this speaks to the need- more now than ever- for Identitarian and Traditionalist authors and artists to create works of art that speak to our people- especially our youth- in new ways, and begin the long process of re-orienting our tribe.”

    How to awaken this man of European blood and heritage to his rightful place as a warrior of our European Holy Jihad, Our Kampf.
    It’s fundamentally a spiritual ‘Weltanschauung’ problem, requiring a spiritually generated paradigm shift solution.
    First he must ‘see’, before he can be.
    How to do that…….?
    Art, symbols, are powerful tools.
    How to turn the anti-fa?
    That might be an interesting psyops project to develop…

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Thanks for the comment Mike- it is much appreciated.

      I love the words you use of our European Holy Jihad, Our Kampf. I envy the Arabs the word ‘Jihad’ as I think it is phonetically very pleasing and very evocative of its meaning. I am not above adopting/co-opeting the phrase at all, and I think your formulation is perfect.

      I do believe there is progress being made, both on our side as far as awakening people and waking them up, as well as in the fact that Progressivism is achieving peak craziness and increasingly losing legitimacy.

      One day even these Antifa nutjobs may wake up and regret their actions!

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Why? Like most people, he’s weak.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      You mean the Antifa guy? Its certainly a tough situation. I HATE the Antifa, and everything they stand for, but I know how powerfully the Progressive religion can brainwash people, especially in lands like Sweden where it most holds sway. Its like Mordor for Orcs, harder for them to resist the power of Sauron when they are there in his own dominion. Difficult to compare what can be called the weak-mindedness of the Antifa with their willingness to fight physically, which, like Muslims, is something that be respected within a vacuum. Everything else about the Antifa is so weak and wretched and pathetic though that it practically renders the physical side meaningless. Hopefully as the war picks up steam and our beliefs gain more and more ground there will come a day when no more young Europeans are even able to be swayed into this sick craziness.

      • Mike 1 year ago

        What is the most compelling role model that inspires the antifa? White people respond to ideals. The power of focussed idealism was proven in the 1930’s. The power of misguided idealism is currently clearly proven by the adoption of pc and multiculturalism and the activism of the antifa. Our people are sick in the head. If we want to wage an effective campaign to save Europa we must start with a spiritual/mental/emotional renewal. Maybe there needs to be a program, a course, a training program that leads to certification of competence. This could be easily done online these days using the right membership platform. There are many highly competent activists who might contribute training materials, lessons, interviews, etc

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Hey Mike- I LOVE where you are going with all of this.

          I think that the confluence of Identitarianism and ‘self-help’ is a really interesting and important potential arena. It is also something I want to begin exploring on my own. It sounds like you are slightly more focused on the metaphysical/spiritual side, and while I am a little more tethered to the immediate and surface part, I think that delineating a spiritual path for our people is absolutely the most crucial challenge we face. I think that you are absolutely right that what is going on in Europe is our mental/spiritual/emotional/metaphysical ‘sickness’ on display. We must heal ourselves as a people and that will only come through rebirth. I think we all agree the war in Europe will be the catalyst for that rebirth, but in terms of what that rebirth looks like, that is the story we must write.

          If you have any other thoughts or resources or writings that you sort of connect these thoughts with in your mind I would love hear them! Email me separately if you can or post in the comments on here. I truly think you are onto something of supreme value (without trying to sound too hyperbolic).


  3. Kadphises 1 year ago

    I will comment more in depth later. But I think one important part of the necessary mental renewal is to substitute the current anti-fascism of the West with an anti-salafism. European anti-immigration parties still try to appeal to Jews and people with traitor mindsets by referring to Islamists as “Islamofascists”, thus buying into the myth that fascism somehow represents the absolute evil. This has to stop. Yes, we should insist that we are the true liberal democrats (because we fight for the freedom and self-determination of Europeans and for freedom of speech). and the true feminists (because we appreciate and admire women and femininity and don’t think women need to be like men, and because we defend the freedom and rights of European women; we don’t want our daughters to be raped or forced into hijabs). But we should not try to conform to the anti-fascist narrative nor be side-tracked by “conservative” issues (gays, abortion, Christian values etc.). We only need to be determined in our anti-Salafism. We need to set a red line. Whoever crosses this line cannot be considered our ally, but is considered an enemy. And this line is cooperating or making business with Salafists/Wahhabists. They are the incarnation of evil, bringing rape and murder and the destruction of all culture and beauty, and Identitarians are at the forefront in the fight against them.

    • Kadphises 1 year ago

      cooperating with Salafists includes opening the doors for them into our countries, of course

    • Mike 1 year ago

      Good point. Anti-salafism can also apply to the fifth column traitors of the tribe without incurring the usual cries of anti-semitism. I like your points on liberalism and feminism. Reminds me of Aikido. Use the energy of the opponent against him.

      • Kadphises 1 year ago

        Exactly. Anti-salafism gives an honest opportunity for a broad range of (sane and consistent) people to join our cause as allies. But it excludes the circles who subsidize terrorism, the destabilization of the Middle East and the Muslim mass migration into Europe. People who benefit from these crimes by doing business with Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc. need to be shamed and ostracized.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          I agree with Mike on the Aikido parallel. Its good. Also very feeder-ish rather than receiverish. Not just saying ‘hey, I am not sexist that’s not true’ like the cuckish Republicans (in the US) but rather turning it around on the (SJW) attacker. ‘Feminism is two million grandmothers working at walmart’ type of argument.

  4. Yes Man 7 months ago

    Amazing reading this comment on anti Salafism today. On Facebook I am seeing comments from lefties complaining about racism towards muslims and demonizing etc. I responded with “is it ok to hate on wahabis then? Do you have a problem with that?”. I think the anti salafism is the key that unlocks the door. No one is attacking all muslims then. No one is blaming all muslims then. The fence sitters will have to join us. The anti fascists cant be seen backing salafists. This needs to be followed up with messages about Qatar and Saudi Arabia. How the UK should close down all salafist mosques. Switch out muslim for salafist or wahabis. Even the muslims will have to join in then. After a while salafist can be used on any muslim who takes his religion too seriously. It will be used as a shaming. No muslim can say he is a salafist without incurring the wrath of the state. This will move things to the right without appearing to.

  5. vlad 5 months ago

    we have to start winning the culture war with propaganda.thats where these white race traitor scum {mostly faggots}have beaten us they are experts at mobilizing and organizing and it has to do with media,we have to start winning the media war.and crack some fucking skulls when they show up somewhere.also we have to infiltrate their organizations to the highest levels.become like a jew.use deception to win trust.but instilling fear through bloodshed should be priority number ready and strike like snakes.never travel alone and physical fitness is hell with makes those brown bastards rich.dont buy drugs.europes leadership must change the leaders of the eu are jews .or puppets of the jews.and no i dont hate jews ,i admire them in alot of ways but zionists are rats in the larder.and eu leaders are zionists.

  6. Dennise Suchy 4 months ago – Join our white revolution!

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