This Is What The Death Of France Looks Like

This Is What The Death Of France Looks Like
March 20, 2016 Admin

These two videos are both somewhat eye-opening examples of just how far gone France is as a country.

The first is a video from Japan (no subtitles provided), that shows a more honest take on Le Grande Replacement than most Western videos would.

The second is a video one that Lynda provided (thank you Lynda!), of a Hungarian truck driver in Calais getting ready to deliver goods to Britain through the Chunnel. I will let it speak for itself. Slight warning on language though.

Video One

Video Two

I will talk more about it tomorrow when I publish some thoughts on the deal with Turkey, but France is almost certainly for all intents and purposes lost at this point. This does not mean that there will not be redoubts in parts of the country in the future. Areas bordering Spain or Switzerland perhaps, where French culture and French heritage perseveres. But the idea of the French Republic and French people somehow getting past this immigration crisis, and retaining any veneer of their former identity, is simply not possible.

While we could be despondent about this fact (and that is surely justified), we can also try to take solace in the fact that it has woken up other parts of Europe. For every country like Sweden or France or Germany that has fully embraced its own suicide, there are other countries, like the Czech Republic and Hungary, that are fighting back, and refusing to be swallowed up by the multiculturalist death-cult tide.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago


  2. DaShui 1 year ago

    Check out this Swiss man. He knows exactly what’s going on, plus he is buddies with JACK DONOVAN.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Dashui very cool! I was a little bit aware of Piero San Giorgio but I had never ‘seen’ him before. He is actually a pretty young dude. I think I was confusing him with Sunic(?). I believe Giorgio spoke at an NPI Conference a few years ago, the same one Jack Donovan did his speech at (the new barbarians- greatest speech ever!).

      It seemed like his book on the collapse focused heavily on economics, which is something I don’t think about as much since I am focused on the ‘civil war’ aspect of things lol, but it seemed quite valuable knowledge if I remember right.

      With the massive problems mass immigration is causing to European economies that is a side of things that can’t be ignored either though…

      Appreciate the link!

  3. Lynda 1 year ago

    Unfeigned Whiteness has done a pretty good mash-up of the Crisis.
    Must See! Crazy European Immigration Crisis

    At the 8 min mark check out top-cuck Cameron telling the natives about the “universal values” of Ramadan and the important Muslim contribution to British society.

    German Mom has multicultural encounter with the son’s Muslim ‘friends’ . Here is a snapshot of the local under 10 soccer practice and how the Muslim teens are impacting on the under 10s participating in the national game.

    The German police are being stood down and this policy comes from the top.

    German children will have to give up socialisation through sport and take up the martial arts. Lets hope there are some goo Systema instructors in German Mom’s German community.

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