‘Those We Do Not Speak Of’ Terrorizing Sweden

‘Those We Do Not Speak Of’ Terrorizing Sweden
April 1, 2017 Admin

The Village was a 2004 movie starring Joaquin Phoenix and Bryce Dallas Howard and directed by M. Knight Shyamalan.

It involved a small (18th century??) village deep in the woods that was being terrorized by creatures that the villagers only referred to as ‘those we do not speak of’. Some people didn’t like the movie but I thought it was amazing and felt it was highly thought provoking vis a vis the nature of evil, fear, and bravery.

The ‘threat’ in the movie was strange, terrifying creatures that would mysteriously disembowel chickens and murder sheep, and terrorize those who wandered into their woods. They were larger than humans but the villagers had developed what seemed to be a truce with them over the years where if they left them alone, and never mentioned their name, the creatures would not kill them.

This was just a movie of course but it seems that Sweden is now suffering from an identical situation…

Strange, horrifying creatures have been terrorizing Swedish villagers, as Fria Tider reports:

Angels farm in Ösarp have many different kinds of animals such as miniature pigs, goats and chickens. The courtyard is a popular spot for families who pre-book their visit.

But on Saturday got Jessica Wendel, which owns Angel Farm, visit of [those we do not speak of], a man, a woman and a boy. The boy had a stick in his hand and suddenly started beating Goat Lucas over the head with the stick. Then he hit the mini pig Jorgen and the rooster Elvis. When Jessica told him to stop then kicked the father of the family rooster straight into the wall as he laughed.

The mother started screaming at me. I did not understand what she was saying because she did not scream in Swedish. Then she spat in my face, says Jessica Wendel Expressen.

Jessica picked when their dog to get away from [those we do not speak of]. She later discovered that one of her chickens died of tumult.

Jessica police reported the incident and says she feels a very uncomfortable. The farm has previously been subjected to vandalism and she now wants to put up surveillance cameras on it.

Irresponsible Hatred

Now, as you can tell from my inserts [like this], the Fria Tider article sort of names the creatures (they used the ‘i’ word to allude to them). Fria Tider is a preservationist outlet just like ECW however.

The real problem that arose from this incident was that Jessica Wendel, the farm-woman, also used words alluding to these creatures’ identities. When talking to the police, and giving quotes to the mainstream paper Expressen and others, Wendel actually said that… the attackers did not speak Swedish(!).

This created a major firestorm in Sweden, as mainstream politicians and journalists jumped all over each other to label Wendel a ‘racist’ for this. It is not clear if Wendel was being purposefully provocative, or somehow did not understand that alluding to the fact that these attackers were not native Swedes was an unpardonable act of destructiveness and irresponsibility.

The article continues:

After the incident, Jessica Wendel talked to several newspapers, but only Expressen has taken her quotes about the mother in the family did not speak Swedish.

“Now you all read and hate me for my statement in Expressen that the woman did not speak Swedish. But it’s the truth! Sorry if I step on any toes, I’ve said the same thing to all the magazines from them. . But only express chose to write about what I said .. No rude comments just now .. whether one is Swedish or not, do not do this! “she wrote on her Facebook.

In a recent Facebook Post says Jessica Wendel her feel even more insecure – and hated. She emphasizes that she is not racist.

More Troubles

This tragic story shows what happens when irresponsible Swedes catalyze the creatures into self-defense through their foolish behavior.

If it weren’t enough, we have a similar one as well however.

It is about the Swedish paramedics union, and their own ongoing struggle with these same creatures.

It turns out that paramedics are being viciously assaulted by them on a near daily basis, and that when called to venture into areas under their control, they are beaten, have rocks and bricks thrown them at them, have things dropped out of windows onto their squad cars, and are frequently surrounded by 20-30 creatures at once and forced to flee.

In the below video the head of the paramedics union gives a six and a half minute interview about the problem. While the interviewer does prod him into using the “i” word in regards to the areas he is referring to, he does a noble job of never directly naming the problem, or (God forbid!), using the dreaded ‘m’ word that could unleash the very gates of hell upon the village of Sweden.

All is not lost however, as it was just announced that Stefan Lofven will be handpicking a young blind woman to walk to ‘the towns’ (Berlin and Brussels) to seek the aid of Jean Claude-Juncker and Angela Merkel.

If this does not work there is still another layer of hope as well, for I hear that the creatures in question have very low birthrates, and that if the Swedes can continue having 1.0021 children per couple they will outnumber them in a couple hundred years.



Editor’s Note: This article was tongue-in-cheek, but the situation in Europe is horrific and not the least bit funny. If this is your first time on this website please check out the ‘about’ and ‘donate’ sections, and start focusing on the ways you can fight back, or help wage metapolitical warfare for Europe’s future.

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  1. shadowman 10 months ago

    This is what 50+ years of leftist brainwashing has reduced Sweden to. A pathetic shell of a country, completely ignorant of Islam, ashamed of causing any offense, ashamed of its very existence and elevating Muslims to the status of gods.

    I just WISH that the Swedish armed forces would snap out of *their* brainwashed stupor and oust the government there (on the grounds of treason). I can’t see that happening though.

    The “asabiya” of almost all Swedes is zero – that does not bode well for the country’s future.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Yes, I will say, those in the Village were quite brave on average actually.

      Growing up with monsters lurking all around your community is probably great Amygdala-stimulation. With that being the case it does instill some hope for the youth of Sweden however. Even the difference between today and 15 years ago I bet makes a lot of difference in these younger folks lives. Right now they may still be brainwashed, but IF they can become awakened they will have a whole childhood of fear and shame burning them onwards.

  2. jrackell 10 months ago

    Thanks, Julian. Very well written, you have a dab hand. You’re right, it’s not a laughing matter, but I laughed. There is something droll about the circumlocutions that are socially prescribed in not naming the creatures. Channeling Dr. Seuss.

    If there is any hope left for Sweden, per Henrik Palmgren, if Sweden switches it will switch all the way. Who knows but maybe the most pacifist country will be the first to enter the European civil war…and if anybody can survive the cold in Sweden, after all the infrastructure has been destroyed, it’s the native Swedes. Well, besides the Lapps.

    By the by, there’s an amazing article up on ZH about the migrant crisis in Italy from an Italian perspective. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-01/africas-gate-europe-operation-husky-again . Amongst many revelations that were new to me, the one about the Pope was telling. Who says there’s no conspiracies?

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey thanks for the kind word Jrackell-

      I hope Henrik Palmgren is right about that. That is the idea I was going for in my above response to Shadowman too.

      I appreciate the Zero Hedge article. I read ZH pretty much every day but somehow missed it. It was one of the best ones I have read by far.

      My thoughts:

      1. I think he is absolutely right about it soon becoming a Banana Republic. Honestly as bad as Sweden and Germany have it in many ways, I think Italy is may surprise us all and be the first to totally collapse. They don’t have that Nordic utilitarianism and orderliness. Its been an on and off Banana Republic for hundreds of years anyway, and with massive, massive debt and now massive numbers of African and Muslim immigrants, I could see it turning to hell on earth very quickly.

      2. Who told them they would ‘have it made’ indeed? Think it was more than just the local ‘people smugglers’ convincing them of that…

      3. I think the author is right that in addition to nutjob liberalism, greed is a deciding factor as well. As an entrepreneur myself it sickens me to think these coming horrors are being catalyzed in such a manner.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Lol those are fantastic. Keeping them as future meme ammunition 🙂

  3. SteveRogers42 10 months ago

    Sadly enough, these are the police that Swedes depend upon to at least notionally protect them from the immivaders:


    Four female-ish cops attempt to subdue one practitioner of the Religion of Peace, using hugs and firm verbal commands. When Good Citizen Olaf shows up to help ( and quickly takes Abdullah to the ground, showing how it SHOULD be done) the Swedenistan Schoolmarms act like they want to arrest HIM!

    If it wasn’t so sad, it would be hilarious.

    • SteveRogers42 10 months ago

      And that particular taffy-pull puts this Scandinavian military project into perspective:



      Cognitive dissonance is the new religion of the West, and Scandinavia is its Vatican.

      • Author
        Admin 10 months ago

        “Cognitive dissonance is the new religion of the West, and Scandinavia is its Vatican.”

        Going to keep that too that is great.

      • Author
        Admin 10 months ago

        That is utterly fascinating…. the music videos I mean and the different dynamics at play.

        I think on the surface, like what you saw in some of the comments, it is so contradictory- white East European nationalists singing rap songs about European Nationalism lol, since rap started as an African American thing of course.

        But that’s sort of an overly simplistic way of looking at it you could say, because such music has gone through so many permutations and hoops and evolutions before it got to them that you can’t really consider them the same as some white guy in america in the 1990’s who got into rap music ‘wanting to be black’.

        I could indeed probably imagine some of those guys not even knowing that it originally started as a black thing. Almost how now we view ‘rock’ music as a white people thing, even though originally in the 1950’s it developed from black jazz and etc.

        Very interesting stuff… Those definitely looked like some hard dudes too.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      I just saw that on Fria Tider! You posted the link literally five minutes afterward lol.

      It is a telling video for sure. Wish the migrants filming it had caught it better as it could serve quite a purpose showing the insanity at play.

      If that is how the ‘feminist’ police force they are so proud of does when confronted with resistance, think what their ‘feminist military’ will do when they have to deal with the same on a larger scale. The military that makes its battle decisions ‘through the lens of feminism’ as the Swedes have said. It is all an object lesson in just how twisted up the human brain can get itself I guess…


  1. […] organized, have an established chain of command, if we are to offer effective resistance against the legions of Islam. Like Germanic Hunns, or Boer Commandos, we will be dangerous, tribal brotherhoods. Activism may be […]

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