Thoughts On Attacks In Belgium

Thoughts On Attacks In Belgium
March 22, 2016 Admin

Brussels 1We were all greeted this morning by news of another terrorist attack in a European capital. I didn’t bother to read more than one brief story on it however (in the Telegraph), because, like most people, I could write the reports myself at this point. Multiple Muslim men, ages 18-30, born both in Europe and the Middle-East. Middle-class. Intelligent. Normal background. “Such a normal student”. Bombs. City centers. Horror. Death. Injuries. Etc.

The details of this attack are that it took place in Brussels, and was two part. One blast happened near the airport, the other on the metro. So far 22 people have been killed. It is believed to have been carried out by “an ISIS cell” connected to Salah Abdeslam, the apparent leader of the Bataclan Paris terrorist attacks who was just captured several days ago.

The first response that always pops into my head is that perhaps this will really wake people up, and the Europeans- forcefully confronted by the existential crisis greeting them- will sober up and act rationally. They will immediately restrict further immigration, begin deporting hate-preachers, and overall exhibit signs of survival instinct. At this point this thought only lasts for about two seconds of course, as we have seen over and over again that these attacks elicit very different responses from ‘our’ leaders.

Indeed our side’s responses are best summed up in the following tweets:

David Cameron – “I am shocked and concerned by the events in Brussels. We will do everything we can to help.”

Jens Stoltenburg- “Dark morning here in Brussels. My thoughts are with those affected and the Belgian people. We stand together with our Ally Belgium.”

And in the official statement of EU Council President Donald Tusk – “I am appalled by the bombings this morning at Zaventem airport and the European district in Brussels which have cost several innocent lives and injured many others. I extend my sincerest sympathies to the relatives and friends of the victims. These attacks mark another low by the terrorists in the service of hatred and violence.”

These responses are emotional, feminine, and reactive. They are wearied, having seen such attacks over and over again at this point; anemic, having no real understanding of ‘why’ they occur; and impotent, coming from people who have no thumos, or ‘soul fire’, capable of fighting back against them.

Contrast this to what historical figures might respond, or ‘tweet’, if they were alive today.

Winston Churchill – We shall not rest until the every representative of the Mohammedan menace has been cast out of our proud lands, and they and the evils propagated by their vicious system of thought have been eradicated from Europe.

Theodore Roosevelt – These barbarous attacks have occurred because of the cult of femininity that has overtaken the European character. European men arise! Hasten to your death in battle, and restore your honor in these waning days!

I could go on all morning coming up with such hypotheticals, but the bottom line is that our leaders responses (both those of this morning and the inevitable “Islam is a religion of peace’ ones to come tomorrow) are indicative of just how thoroughly this is a problem of religion/ideology. And by that I am not talking about the attackers’ religion or ideology- I am talking about our own. Our people- both the politicians and the “normies” or “moderns” walking around in pale reflection of them- are so far gone to the religion of white-guilt and progressivism that they no longer bear any relation to their forebears such as Churchill. Western society has truly and completely fallen sway to what can only be described as a new religious impulse and system, more vast and overwhelming in the changes it is producing than any iteration of Christianity that ever grew forth from the continent.

On the other side, these responses force us to confront our Islamic opponents though processes. My first response in this area to these terrorist attacks is always to focus on their strategy vis a vis us. In terms of this, it seems clear to me at this point that the Muslims continue these same sorts of attacks- all virtually identical to each other- because they elicit the same reactions on our behalf every single time, all of which are beneficial to their cause. We 1) castigate ourselves and ask “why do they hate us?” and supplicate to even greater depths. 2) We increase surveillance of Muslim communities and engage in more “prevention of radicalization”, both of which serve to turn Muslim communities against us, and 3) we blame it on ISIS and other groups thousands of miles away, and drop more bombs on them. This is exactly what the attackers want of course, for this turns the hearts of Muslims all around the world against us to an even greater extent.

What I never used to think about as much, and what most people in the West never stop to consider, is the attackers’ motivations vis a vis their own communities. In the last several years I have begun to ponder and research this more and more though. I have gone quite far down the rabbit hole of Islamist thought. I have studied Islamism and jihadism, read about its leaders, and read their books and writings. I can even name multiple ISIS poets and quote some of their works by heart, for goodness sake. One thing I have found is that they are very focused on the outlook of their own people, and that these attacks are just as much for their effect upon other Muslims, as for their effect upon us.

For with these attacks they are also able to: 1) delegitimize Western governments in the eyes of Muslims, for if these governments were as legitimate and as powerful as they like to believe they are, they would not permeable to assaults such as this, 2) highlight, cinematize (through the media), and historically demarcate the existential battle between Islam and the West, and finally 3) create models of violence that other Muslims will internalize and follow.

In these regards their aims very closely mirror our own aims within the vanguard of European-Preservationism. To that end, my conclusions, regarding what we should learn from terror attacks such as today’s are the following.

1. The problem of the overwhelming nature of white-guilt and European-Suicidalism referenced above can only be dealt with through writing and the spread of information. It is clear that waking people up from this will be more monumental an undertaking than anyone could ever have imagined. As things on the ground in Europe get worse and worse, and these people still fail to wake up, it is clear that existential issues of survival are not enough to rouse them from their slumber. The best hope we have to counter their ideology is to create as much parallel art and information of our own as we can. It is clear that we are succeeding at least to some extent in this mission, for indeed our ideas are spreading. More people read preservationist websites every day, and more and more vote for parties such as the Sweden Democrats.

2. We need to create the “models of violence” referenced above. Violent resistance is so far removed from the lives and experiences of most Europeans that it is like a foreign language. Likewise the only “examples” of such violence they would have seen are idiots like Roof and Breivik who engaged in completely immoral and terrible acts in that they attacked defenseless women and children. To read more on this click here, here, and here. Therefore we must endeavor to provide different models, that can become ingrained in our people’s minds. Positive models that are consistent with our cultural honor codes, as well as effective through a 4GW lens. I have written about such distinctions before, in the above links, but creating such models is a different story. I believe quite a bit of this “modeling” can be achieved through writing, and that can carry it into real life, but certainly there are other ways as well. This is something I will be working more on in the future.

To sum it up, I would reiterate that we must be “feeders” and not “receivers”. We must Prepare, Visualize, and Catalyze.

Prepare for the coming war. For the Islamists are already waging it, through bombings and gang-rapes and everyday violence.

Visualize its progression, and speak to its presence. The more the “civil war in Europe” becomes a part of everyday language, the easier it is for average Europeans to view themselves as on a “side” of this war. As the Bible says, “and the word became flesh”.

Catalyze its eruption. For every month that goes by without it beginning means hundreds of thousands more 18-30 year old Muslims setting up for battle on the continent. The Islamists are already fighting this war. They are using violence against our people daily, their “special forces” are committing special forces style attacks (Brussels, Paris), and their troops (millions upon millions of young Muslim men) are mustered across the continent. Does anyone really think that once Muslims make up 2/3rds, or 3/4ths, of the 18-30 year old population, that there will be any place in Europe for native Europeans?

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Comments (13)

  1. DaShui 1 year ago

    More than a 15 to 1 kill ratio, not bad…

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Well said. I’m with you. We must set examples and execute works of art that will shock, rouse, and inspire.

  3. Michael 1 year ago

    It is obvious that the Political Elites want masses of Muslim men in Europe and they want this at any cost to its citizens. These events are now so common as you say we can create the story without reading the text. Each event is distinguished by the level of destruction, death and injury toll. The response of the politicians is weak in the extreme. The State ignores the problem until a massacre occurs then a strong response to reassure the public and media. Then it all returns to “normal” it is only when the people say enough will a lasting solution be made. The BBC News reporter suggested that the high unemployment in this area of Belgium caused the radicalisation of young Muslims. The total rejection of the host society and its values and traditions was not mentioned, that would broaden the argument too far.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      For sure. I am going to try to publish a post from this blog from Belgium that Dashui linked to in another post. I don’t know if you saw it or not. The guy is a martial arts instructor from Belgium and he seems to be saying that the Belgian people are finally losing their patience, and that he thinks retaliatory violence might finally start. Too good to be true I know but it is interesting to get an on the ground perspective.

      • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

        That pussy in Belgium deleted my comment at his site.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Lol what was the comment?

          • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

            Civil war is coming to Belgium and Europe. This is hardly controversial.

            But I can understand his fear. Did you see the tweet from the school teacher ‘Ivar Mol’ in Belgium? After he tweeted that his muslim students cheered on the attacks, he was visited by the police and asked to stop publishing such comments.

          • Author
            Admin 1 year ago

            I did not see it at the time of your comment but have since seen it. And now today the British dude getting arrested for his “confronted a Muslim woman/mealy mouthed” tweet. The elites are certainly starting to sense revolution in the air aren’t they.

  4. Lynda 1 year ago

    Of all the European leaders Geert Wilders of The Netherlands has gone beyond pointy finger shaking and boo-hooing and stated: “We must de-Islamize the West”.

    Given the reality of The Netherlands and Brussels with large on the ground Islamic occupation forces and population bases, de-Islamification will be a street by street affair obstructed at every turn by police and the forces of the state, official enablers and supporters at all levels and of course the Soros funded professional colour revolutionaries.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      For sure. I know Wilders gets some flack for being so pro-Israel, but I think he is one of the best (by far) preservationists active in European politics right now. He does not engage in any of these half-measures and arguments but goes right to the heart of the matter (Islam’s presence in Europe in any capacity).

  5. Michael 1 year ago

    If you watch the Britain First video on YouTube showing their recent demo in East London you will see how bad things are in Britain.

  6. Lynda 1 year ago

    Here is Bernard Gaynor of the Australian Liberty Alliance in his interview outside the Brisbane mosque. The J-screen censored this interview in the mainstream (of course). He is on point with “Islam is the problem. The solution is to stop importing it into Australia”.

    This is a simple message. Easily demonstrated by reality.

    Listen to the Q & A. The political correctoids are completely stumped. How can this work? They want to reassure majority Australia that they are not racist. They want to reassure the Islamic community. They want to castigurate evil white racist haters who blame an entire community for the actions of a few extemists. These are the people who oppose multiculturalism, open borders, diversity and world kumbaya.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      I used to have a lot of hope that Australians would somehow be immune to political correctness, white self-hatred. They seemed far too earthy and rational for that. Seems I was wrong however as I notice more and more stories coming out of Australia that seem like they could have come straight out of Sweden (a terrible sign if ever there was one…)

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