Ting-Ming And The Empress Of One-Thousand Roses

Ting-Ming And The Empress Of One-Thousand Roses
May 3, 2017 Admin

Long, long ago, in ancient Han Chuan province, an individual was born named Ting-Ming.

Ting-Ming went to school, learned much, and was good student.

But Ting-Ming had big ideas, higher than highest mountain.

Ting-Ming wanted to serve noble Empress of One-Thousand Roses, Chu-Fae, and the Divine House of Royal Heaven On Earth, that had ruled Han Chuan for long time, through the efforts of its Wise Elders.

Therefore Ting-Ming thought.

And thought.

And thought.

And thought.

And then… Ting-Ming decided to castrate himself.

update may macron 2

So he could become the eunuch slave of Empress of One-Thousand Roses, Chu-Fae, and the Wise Elders of Divine House of Royal Heaven On Earth, that ruled Han Chuan.

So it was that Ting-Ming strove many years in Chu-Fae’s service.

Ting-Ming knew he would die without children, but he felt this was small sacrifice to make.

Ting-Ming served Chu-Fae, and as he young man, she much taught him.

She taught him art, of Ling-Yang, or ‘Ancient Order of Sex-Magic Worthless Degeneracy,’ that all from Chu-Fae’s generation worshiped.

ting ming 2

Ting-Ming also did much for Divine House of Royal Heaven On Earth.

He worked in sacred temple of Chu-Bang, and became master of gold, paper, and silver.

And Ting-Ming rose high in rank and esteem.

But one day the wise elders of Divine House of Royal Heaven On Earth came to him, and said that they had had a vision.

They said they saw vision like giant lightning, that come quick in flash, and make clear all.

Ting ming 4

Out of lighting come wise Serpent King, with many other wise Serpent Kings with him.

Wise Serpent King make them understand.

He say Divine House of Heaven On Earth no heaven at all.

He say Divine House of Heaven On Earth is HELL.

And Wise Elders learn this big big problem.

“What can be done?!?” asked Ting-Ming in horror.

And Wise Elders explained, that House Of Hell On Earth must bring in many many Saricians, from over mountains, and only when many Saricians live in Han Chuan, will it become Divine House of Heaven On Earth, as it should be.

So Ting-Ming labored with the Wise Elders for long, long time, to bring many Saricians to Han-Chuan.

ting ming 6

They knew that Saricians brutal, violent men, with strange God, who rape Han-Chuan children, and Han-Chuan women, and make magic explosions that blow up streets of city.

But in the palace, Chu-Fae, Ting-Ming and the Wise Elders did not have to hear the screams, and they knew, all was for good purpose.

This go on for many years, until new problem appear.

Wise Elders summoned Ting-Ming yet again.

“What is problem?” asked Ting-Ming.

And the Wise Elders explained.

“There is peasant women.

She make big problems.

She say Saricians bad.

She say SHE should be ruler of Han Chuan.”

ting ming 8

With that, Ting-Ming needed hear no more.

He went out, and with help of Wise Elders, defeated evil peasant woman.

With that, all returned normal.

Ting-Ming continued to serve Wise Elders, who continued vision of Serpent King.

But one day Ting-Ming hear great roar, of violence all around him.

He open door, and exclaim with horror at what happening.

On the left, angry Saricians, on the right, angry peasants.

ting ming 7

Both wanting tear up Wise Elders, and Ting-Ming.

Ting-Ming ran fast as eunuch legs would take him, hoping to escape the onslaught.

But he and Wise Elders, could not run fast enough.

And on steps of Chu-Bang, they were ripped into many pieces.









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Comments (7)

  1. Delphi 3 weeks ago

    Its a cute little story. Go on saying that, if you need it to whip up a croud. We’ll probably need those, unfortunately. Make fun of the tranny. Oh look, how the emasculated suffer, and can’t make iron age warfare properly. And so on. And yes, I do think the eunuch mentioned was a bit stupid, really.

    I’ve faced the Utterdark of Hecate staring back out of my female soul. I’m quite aware of her capacity for violence. I prefer to think it’s my duty to try and give life, not take it, and practice christian restraint in … well my inner world. For now. It’s hilarious being a seeress with 160 IQ really. – you can see the whole damn chessboard laid out. You can even understand why the Illuminati cobbled this whole thing up. Ordo Ap Chao.

    So yes, I do back Identitarians, because as quaint as pseudo-race based identity politics are to me, well, let’s just say it’s the most just and honorable way of resolving our problems. A little red blooded fighting. Or a lot.

    My inner spirit knows the ice words of the utter void that will be spoken at the end of time when all light dies. Don’t make fun of trannys – we have a direct path just to talk to Hecate. Have a nice day.

  2. SteveRogers42 3 weeks ago

    Ha! Ting-Ming style no good! No match for Angry Peasant style!

    • Author
      Admin 3 weeks ago

      Yes and from what I see Ting-Ming just had some bombshells come out about tax fraud in the Carribean… that brought down Fillon, but then again Fillon wasn’t in a one way race with the evil horrible Nazi woman Marine le Pen. We will see though. 2 more days!

  3. SteveRogers42 2 weeks ago
  4. Delphi 2 weeks ago

    Your mad delphic seeress has decided to tune in for another hilarous round of ranting 🙂
    Kudos to Steve for noticing that. I suspect the Illuminati arn’t rewarding with people who fail them. His use of the term “high priestess” when debating Le Pen is telling. I wonder about his wife – is she his “minder” as well ?
    http://lifeonchildreninthemix.com/BELGIUM.html That’s a hilarious little website with some of the “best evidence” I could actually find. Such things are elusive. Theory is one thing. Actual proof is quite different. Then again, Jared Kushner’s proud new address is #666 fifth avenue. Proof that trump might not be all he’s cracked up to be, or honestly, too stupid to notice.

    One of the things I’m always deeply suspicious about is to be honest, this modern trend of feminizing men. Men are men, women women, amethyst intersex variants and transsexuals amethyst intersex variants and transsexuals. We’re supposed to be 0.1% of the population, max. Gays are another 10% or so and as Milo proves, can be quite healthily aggressive. Some time in the early 2000’s, we started winning the war for our civil rights. This in general is a good thing (freedom always is), but then gender deconstructionism came along, and started applying trans-levels of gender variance to the general population, which really doesn’t make any sense to me. Besides, I always knew who I really was, and in the end I’m ridiculously female, abiet somewhat larger and with a desire to “protect” the little gg’s coupled with a sense of “tribe/people”. Honestly, Manginas, effeminate pacivist europeans, all this gives me the heebies. If someone ‘s attacking you , my instinct is always to fight back, pref. ASAP but in whatever way will lead to ultimate victory. It’s that Jim Kirk “Klingons killed my son” factor – some people see peacemaking and passivity as weakness, and they WILL attack and try and dominate because of it.

    And thus we find ourselves in this present mess.

    To be honest, I don’t believe the islamists will be victorious. They don’t have a lot to offer the world, socially or economically, other than endless war and dysfunctional cult societies with gutted economies. Yes, we can and should recruit allies, as 3/4ths of the planet basically hate them for one reason or another (Hindu genocides come to mind). Or they might win . Population shifts. People who buy into the cult. What a mess.

  5. SteveRogers42 5 days ago
    • Author
      Admin 3 days ago

      Lol that is great.

      I was a little too young to remember Berlusconi that well. I mean I guess I remember him. Definitely the Bunga Bunga parties, but maybe I was just more focused on the Muslim issue and places like Sweden and the Netherlands.

      That Charlie Hebdo picture of Macron is perfect- ugly little Goblinoid with a creepy/stupid grin!

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