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  • In Search Of Middle-Earth: Numbers And The Dunedain

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    Greetings men! The following is part four of ECW contributor Michael Gladius‘s series ‘In Search Of Middle-Earth’. It describes his vision of what an idealized future Occident might look like, once the West’s current troubles are- God-willing(!)- overcome. Check it out men! -JL       In Search if Middle-Earth: What a counter-revolutionary world Would Look Like Dunedain Rangers: The

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  • Minas Tirith In Search of Middle Earth

    In Search Of Middle-Earth: Urbanism And Gondor

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    Greetings men- Here is another article on Middle-Earth by the distinguished Michael Gladius! Its quite interesting, and there’s also an excellent Youtube video embedded below on how reaslitistic the castles in Lord of the Rings are. -Julian     In Search Of Middle-Earth: Part 3 Numenorian Stonework: Urbanism in Middle-Earth   Much of Middle-Earth was built by the Numenorians. These

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  • Life in The Shire, and Post-Reconquest homelands.

    In Search Of Middle-Earth: What A Post-Reconquest World Would Look Like (Pt. 1)

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    Greetings men- The following is part one of a new series by ECW contributor Michael Gladius. It is called ‘In Search Of Middle-Earth’, and I think it fits extremely well into the somewhat unique focus of this website. Look below for my own take on the matter too 🙂     In Search Of Middle-Earth: What A Post-Reconquest World Would

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  • Lagertha from Vikings.

    ‘Sisters of the Moon: Seers & Songstresses in the Northern Tradition’ by Fenek Solere

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    Greetings men- The following is an article by Fenek Solere written specifically for the site. As the title indicates, it is about ‘Seers and Songstresses’ within the intellectual/cultural/metaphysical tradition we are a part of. In other words, ones reflective of what I now like to call ‘Tolkienism’. Here is the article:     Sisters of the Moon: Seers & Songstresses

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  • Steve McNallen interview, image from youtube

    Steve McNallen Interview – Honor, Asatru, And The Future Of Europe

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    Greetings men- I am very pleased to bring you this interview with the one and only Steve McNallen! For those of you who don’t know, Steve McNallen was the originator of the Asatru Folk Assembly, and has created quite a legacy for himself through those efforts and others. There are few people with as much relevant knowledge and experience and

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