Living a sacred life in a profane world

  • The Ten Foundational Books Of Modern European Reconquest

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    Greetings Men- I have been extremely busy the last few days because of some family health issues, helping an aged Viking whose journey to Valhalla is coming closer (he has lived a long, glorious life though, so not an occasion to be sad and nothing of immediate imminence anyway we just found out). I am glad to be back in

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  • Monopoly On Sacrality

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    One of the things I wrote about in my first book, Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity, was the immense absence of sacrality and the ‘sacred’ in modern life. This has been written about extensively by many authors. Kahlil Gibran wrote about the spiritual emptiness of city life. Frances Fukuyama wrote about modern secular society being

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  • What Do JRR Tolkien And This Poster Have In Common?

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    Have you guessed it yet? The answer is….. Nazism! At least according to modern SJW’s. Indeed, they are each- according to those on the left- symbolic of horrific evils and hatred. This might shock the uninitiated observer of course, but it really is their view, as we will explore below. First, the poster, as brought to us by our friends

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  • Soundtrack For Civil War: An Interview With ‘Les Brigandes’!

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    Les Brigandes is an all-female Identitarian music group from France that we have written about on several occasions (including here, and here). They are known by Identitarian-minded folks across Europe and North America for their beautiful songs, all of which relate thematically to the horrific and historically unprecedented situation in Western Europe. I was first introduced to Les Brigandes by

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  • More Signs Of Hope(!), Also- Thanksgiving Thanks

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    Recently I posted about the rare white reindeer that was seen in Northern Sweden, and the possibility that it was a sign from God or our ancestors that hope and deliverance are nigh. This week a similar glimmer of symbolic hope made headlines, as a rare white rainbow was photographed in the United Kingdom. From the BBC: A stunning shot

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