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  • Soundtrack For Civil War: An Interview With ‘Les Brigandes’!

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    Les Brigandes is an all-female Identitarian music group from France that we have written about on several occasions (including here, and here). They are known by Identitarian-minded folks across Europe and North America for their beautiful songs, all of which relate thematically to the horrific and historically unprecedented situation in Western Europe. I was first introduced to Les Brigandes by

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  • More Signs Of Hope(!), Also- Thanksgiving Thanks

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    Recently I posted about the rare white reindeer that was seen in Northern Sweden, and the possibility that it was a sign from God or our ancestors that hope and deliverance are nigh. This week a similar glimmer of symbolic hope made headlines, as a rare white rainbow was photographed in the United Kingdom. From the BBC: A stunning shot

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  • Scandinavian Silver: An Interview With Identitarian Jewelry-Maker And Author ‘Ogier’

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    The following post is an interview I recently did with ‘Ogier’, a jewelry-maker and artist-author from Scandinavia. We are keeping his exact location and his real name somewhat vague, since his (very reasonable) views on mass-immigration are still violently opposed by his country’s government/media/intelligentsia. Ogier’s thoughts and story are inspiring as well as enlightening, for they show the balancing act

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  • Rare White Reindeer Sighting In Sweden: A Sign?

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    I definitely believe in signs and omens to some extent, or at least I like to do so. A personal example was my wife and I seeing three groups of bald eagles in one week (a rare event even where we lived at the time) directly before we found out she was pregnant with our son. Our ancestors absolutely believed

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  • ‘Sisu’, ‘Eucatastrophe’, And The Future Of Europe

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    Editor’s Note: This is another essay for the short book of essays we will publishing on Kindle about contemporary Europe. Also, when first posted I accidentally thanked Kadphises for notifying me of the concept of Sisu instead of Kristopher. That has been corrected now 🙂 ‘Sisu’, ‘Eucatastrophe’, And The Future Of Europe Those of us who focus on the situation

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