Top British Equestrian Describes ‘Terrifying’ Migrant Attack In Hellish Modern France

Top British Equestrian Describes ‘Terrifying’ Migrant Attack In Hellish Modern France
September 4, 2016 Admin

A top female horse rider named Lucy Phillips made the Telegraph recently, as they covered the story of her attack- along with her parents- at the hands of non-European ‘migrants’ in Calais.

From The Telegraph:

A top British equestrian has described how “migrants” attacked her horsebox as she and her parents were returning from France.

Lucy Phillips, who was on her way back from the world championships in Le Mans last Monday, said they were ambushed at night on the road to Calais when felled trees blocked their way.

It is unclear why the Telegraph chose to cover this story in particular. Such events are an everyday occurence in Calais. It might be because the subject is relatively famous, or because Calais is in the news right now. Either way, the description Miss Phillips gives is evocative to say the least:

“As we stopped, between seven and 10 men appeared out of the bushes,” the 26-year-old vaulter told the Horse & Hound.

“My mum and dad were covered in glass. Mum’s face was bleeding, so was dad’s arm; it felt like for ever until the police came.

“They were carrying big pieces of wood and what looked like bats. They surrounded the lorry and started hitting the sides, and smacking the windows with their bats.”

Ms Phillips, of Solihull near Birmingham, said she held on to the groom’s door to stop them getting in.

“My dad was blowing the horn, trying to get the police’s attention, then I heard a smash. They’d put a branch through the passenger window of the cab and my mum and dad were covered in glass.

“Mum’s face was bleeding, so was dad’s arm; it felt like for ever until the police came.”

The French police escorted the family from the area after having “chased the migrants away”.

“But then they left us and we had to drive back through Calais on our own,” said Ms Phillips, who is fifth on the FEI rankings list.

“It was full of groups of young men, all dressed in dark clothing. They were just milling around, not really doing anything, but it was terrifying because of course we had no passenger window.”

If that is modern France now, when such populations are still the minority, how is it possible not to recognize what reality will be when the same populations become a majority?

Grainy photo of migrants ambushing motorists in Calais.

Grainy photo of migrants ambushing motorists in Calais.

I am glad that the Telegraph printed the story, but it is an extremely rare example of such news appearing in its pages. If all events like it were covered with equal detail, and the tens of thousands of young native British girls who are drugged, kidnapped, gang-raped, and trafficked up and down the country got such media attention, and the countless elderly Brit’s that are beaten half to death by immigrants every day got covered, Britain might just wake up in time to save itself.

However The Telegraph, despite being the UK’s ‘Conservative’ newspaper, is- I am sad to say- just as complicit in the wholesale rape and murder of Britain as the Sun or the Guardian.

Calais is in the news because some French politicians want the massive settlements of migrants that congregate there to be moved to Britain, where they are all trying to go. The British of course want no such thing. But what is ironic is that while these two countries are squabbling over who has to deal with this massive number of aggressive, predatory migrants, they are both simultaneously allowing in hundreds of thousands if not millions more every year.

The French have moved these camps back and forth down the road a couple miles in either direction countless times, it seems to me. Such actions are just a whack a mole approach however, at best. Until a new power rises in France nothing will be done, and the situation will only grow worse.

Lucy Phillips and her family were lucky to escape with their lives. How many others will not be so lucky? Calais is increasingly becoming a buzzword for the whole failed tragedy of multiculturalism in Europe, and yet the horrors it represent have yet to catalyze any positive change. The march toward hell in modern Europe carries on. Identitarians are the proud few opposing it.

[ This is a video from another area of France (Paris) ]

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Couldn’t we just send in a detachment of Nationalist paramilitaries to target, isolate, and eradicate a group of these migrant-invaders? Their deaths would have to be filmed and communicated over the internet, for publicity purposes and to ‘encourager les autres.’ It just seems this would be a really easy thing to do.

    • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

      The authorities don’t know the names and identities of these migrant-invader population groups. How would they know if any of them have gone missing?

    • Vilhelmsson 1 year ago

      Since you assume it’s “such an easy thing to do”, why don’t you go ahead and lead the charge?

      Oh, and if you know of any “nationalist paramilitaries”, do let us all know who t hey are, because as far as I am aware they don’t exist – well, certainly not among our race anyway.

      • Author
        Admin 1 year ago

        Hey Vilhelmson, I thin Laguna Beach was offering a mix of positive visualization/having fun/alluding to the tragic perversity that- as you very astutely point out of course- there are no ‘Nationalist’ groups fighting back against the massive amounts of violence/murder/rape being perpetrated against native Europeans, at least not yet.

        I don’t mean to micromanage the comments section but wanted to jump in to elaborate for the purpose of liability as well. I am trying to keep such concerns in mind and tend the comment section a little closer. This site is hosted in America which gives us immense freedom of speech compared to our compatriots in Europe, but we- I- can still get in trouble if there are comments that appear that can be construed as threatening/encouraging (actual) violence. Obviously the site walks a fine line already vis a vis the possibility of a civil war, but if someone were to make a specific promise/threat/incitement of violence, that would be a huge liability issue.

        Because Laguna Beach comments here often, I know that’s not what he is doing, and that is instead a mix of those elements I mentioned above, but still, we really can’t be too careful about such things in the present environment. I will probably have to do some ‘comments policy’ soon for the same reason, just to have a public declaration to reinforce from the liability perspective, etc.

        I appreciate both your guys’ comments on the site and passion for what is going on in Europe immensely. It can be frustrating for all of us that there is not (yet) more pushback against the horrors being inflicted upon Europeans, which the gal in the above story and her parents (narrowly) escaped. I do still retain hope that that will rapidly begin to change, and do think we are doing at least a tiny modicum of good with this site.

      • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

        Why do Swedish allow this to happen? It’s baffling.


        Swedish suburbs are turning into war zones

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