Traditionalism Vs Cultural-Marxism

Traditionalism Vs Cultural-Marxism
February 6, 2018 Admin

Greetings men-

Check out my newest Youtube video’s below!

The top one is the newest one from Conquering Modernity and is titled ‘Traditionalism Vs Cultural Marxism’.

Its loosely based off a post I did on this site awhile back called Monopoly On Sacrality, and also talks about Evgeny Rodionov, one of the Russian ‘martyrs’ we’ve talked about on this site.

The second video is from the other channel, Strenuous Prosperity, which isn’t political in nature.

I’m gonna keep reposting the videos from both channels here though, especially while they build up, and hopefully these latter ones on entrepreneurship/men’s self-improvement are also valuable to some of you guys.

The one from that channel I am embedding below is titled ‘How To Retire At Age 26’.




If you would like to get on the email list for either you can do so below 🙂

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