Translation Of Open Letter To The Sweden Democrats Published In Sweden

Translation Of Open Letter To The Sweden Democrats Published In Sweden
July 18, 2016 Admin

The following is an open letter to the Sweden Democrats published recently in Fria Tider, which is- as far as I understand- a newspaper in Sweden affiliated with the Sweden Democrats.

We have been hearing rumblings of discontent throughout the “far-right” about the Sweden Democrats for some time, and it was interesting to read the below letter, as it seems to articulate this clearly (if not as violently as we may like). I wanted to post it on the site so we can get a glimpse of internal Swedish politics.

Let us hope such discontent signals a populace increasingly aware of just how great their existential danger is.

Editors Note: I did some extra translating to the Google translation to make it more readable. To read the original, click here.

Dear Sweden Democrats – especially those of you who control the ship – Mattias Karlsson, Jimmie Åkesson, and others: Stop searching for PC-Establishment acceptance.

Left-wing liberals of the Alliance, the journalists in Södermalm, and all the other members of the power structure and cultural elites have already decided that:

You are racists.

You are fascists.

You are evil.

You are the enemy.

It does not matter if you propose Swedish folk dances in the suburbs, paternity leave, “the right to full-time” in the public sector or any other carefully considered policies designed to make the party look less conservative and nationalistic.

You will still be considered the same stupid, uneducated racists from Blekinge, who believe that 400,000 euros correspond to 40,000 billion Swedish kronor. It does not matter what you do, they will still laugh at you behind your backs. Indeed they will probably do it when you are there, too – no one in “cosmopolitan” Stockholm respects you.

Deep down you know this. But still, you could not help it. Don’t misunderstand me- I understand why you do it, but it will not help. Self-respect comes through worthy actions, but your in attempt to “tidy your image”, you have done the least respectable thing politicians can do: You have betrayed your constituents and biggest supporters, simply because they do not have 270 credits in Law from Uppsala universities and been members of fancy clubs.

I do not blame you because you want to work with the Conservatives. For better or worse, they are the party with the least amount of immigration-fanatics and the most amount of semi-reasonable members. But your strategy is, as a good friend from school days would say, “fucking retarded” (excuse the French).

Instead of kowtowing to the Conservatives and (increasingly) opting out of the nationalism that is the foundation of your existence, you should have made efforts to force the Conservatives to move toward your policies. If this sounds preposterous to you then you underestimate yourselves. Conservatives have already begun to approach you. As the tone begins to change and immigration criticism becomes more mainstream, it is your job to draw the public debate even further to the right.

When the Conservatives say we need to reduce immigration a bit because there are places in our country that resemble Beirut more than Sweden, then you do not need to just say ‘welcome to reality’ and offer bland proposals for folk dancing, especially in communities where not even the police can go without violence, threats, and harassment.

No, you must continue to attack from the right (like this):

“We welcome all efforts to restore order in the country, but when Kinberg Batra stands there and says that we need more police officers I will be cursed. Her party has been in power in Sweden for eight years. During that period, the situation in the so-called exclusion areas – but let us call them by their real name: ‘ghettos’ – has worsened. Car fires, and violence against police, firefighters and EMT’s has become part of everyday life. Many young Swedish women say they no longer report sexual assault and rape because when they do nothing ever happens. Immigrant gangs carry out organized gang violence against very young – often underage – girls at concerts in Stockholm and around the country and ordinary people are afraid. All of this has taken place in the Moderates’ Sweden, and now you have the nerve to stand and talk about the problems of immigration and the necessity of law and order. I want you to apologize for how you and your party along with the other alliance parties and the Green party have worked to destroy Sweden. Before you do this, you have absolutely zero credibility to stand here and talk about immigration and alienation. I am pissed [sic].”

It is only the Sweden Democrats who have credibility in the immigration issue, while Reinfeldt was in the process of inviting illiterate hordes from the third world and creating a permanent underclass undermining the welfare state, you went on the attack against mass immigration. You defended our lands even though it was not expedient. Despite the fact that you had to withstand ridicule, defamation, and death threats.

Now the winds begin to turn, and the parties that do not at least pretend to be critical of immigration are punished by the voters. It is your turn to be king of the hill.

So increase the temperature even more. Initiate a complete halt to family re-unification. Immigrants who want to be reunited with their loved ones can do so by moving back home. Explain that we in 20 years will have no welfare at all, if we do not stop third-world immigration and start encouraging immigrants to return home. Sweden is no longer the paradise that those who came here thought it would be. It is time for the parliamentary parties to choose:

Do they want Sweden to become like Brazil (but with colder climates) – a dangerous country, where extreme poverty is widespread and the rich barricade themselves in gated communities and drive armored cars?

Or do they want Sweden to be that which Sweden once was: a small, homogeneous country, where we trust and help each other and people do not fall into poverty.

Force the parties that you wish to work with to approach you. Then you can determine the conditions, instead of being forced to act as lapdogs for the Conservatives. If you do not, the other parties will attract back those voters you struggled to win over for so many years. Even now you are the ‘dissatisfaction party’: the people do not vote for you because they necessarily like you and agree with you on everything, but because all the other options seem even worse. Fewer and fewer people feel enthusiasm for the Sweden Democrats as a party, especially among young voters.

Stop using P.C.-establishment tactics against your own, and put the nation’s well-being ahead of your own interests- just as you did before. Declare with determination that you are still the only party that represents ordinary Swedes, and that you are not afraid to stand up for what you think is right – not what you think will make you less hated by the establishment.

Only then you can make big gains in the polls again.

Only then will you gain respect among the regular Swedes.

Only then can you become a governing party.

Jonathan Bostrom

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    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Laguna Beach I was not able to comment sooner but I appreciate you linking to that CNBC article! I used it in a post a couple days ago.

      Please keep em coming I can’t quite keep up with all the (good) news that keeps hitting us!


  1. K. Plitzkin 2 years ago

    This is a good call but Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats) will most probably never be a governing party.
    Their policies are not fitted to the Swedish (true) governing elites at this point of their agenda.

    Sverigedemokraterna will be forced to compromise and compromise more until there is nothing left to be called ” right” in their political views. That is the Swedish liberal strategy : remoulding by attrition.

    The uncomfortable truth lies in the fact that Sweden, of pretty much all Western nations in the world, posseses the most self-preserving political and systemic structure in the sense that it is designed to disable any possibilty to achieve a drastic change in domestic policy. There are almost no differences between right and left in Sweden. Anyone who observes this close enough will see that there is only left and more left on the Swedish political spectrum.
    If hypothetically Sweden Democrats would be voted into office, no radical or effective change would be put in effect as other parties, according to the Swedish parliament system, must approve a policiy in order for it to be put in effect…

    There are countless reasons as to why waiting for Swedish politicians to address the issue of mega globalism is akin begging black clouds for drought.
    But the solution lies in the complete opposite of that : Swedish men must turn their back on the authorities. This is the only way. There is no other way. Not at this point. The non-turning point has already been crossed quite a while ago, believe me. Since 2009 I have been predicting the events that occured on the Swedish social and political landscape with great accuracy for the simple reason that I have spent more than 10 years of my life embedded in ethnic civil war and I therefore possess an accute sense of human observation and ” rapports de force” as we coin it in French.
    All relations between human groups are ” rapports de force” , ” relations based on strength”.
    The relation that Swedes have to their political class is largely in favor of their political class, not of the people. It is an unbalanced ” rapport de force” in favor of the political elite.

    There are two algorithms I use to analyse a political problem objectively and effectively. One of them is
    “Quid bono” (who profits ?) also known as ” Follow the money”.
    Which is the easy one. Who truly profits from the situation ?…

    The other algorithm took me a long time to come up with but once you get the hang of it, everything becomes clear, it goes as follows:

    ” When it makes no sense, it´s because it makes sense.”

    This algorithm I have developped based on the observation that whatever one deems or interprets as ” foolishness” , ” delusion”, ” madness” from the actions of a political elite can only be perceived this way by those who still see the world through a human and moral prism. The elite that govern progressit (declining) Western nations like Sweden, do not possess that prism. These are highly psychopatic people, morality, empathy or emotion are not part of their thought pattern. On the other hand they are extremely sharp at human emotional manipulation. What makes people running around like headless chickens is not taking this into consideration. One must learn how to think like the wolf in order to catch the wolf. The dominated class is always the one that fails to understand its true enemy. Men must learn how to see the world through these elites´eyes in order to better fight them.
    This requires constant study and exercise of the mind. Violence is better dealt with in a rational fashion, effective warfare is based on intell and perspective on who you are fighting. Guile over bravery. Brains over guts. Bravery and guts come in on an actual contact with enemy. That is 1% of the whole thing. The other 99% are intell, prepration, diversion and discretion. By experience I know that.
    This being said, what I am trying to get at is that what appears irrational and foolish to the common man is in fact the product of cold, rational calculation of profit by the elite. No less, no more. It´s just not part of the paradigm of a common, decent Swedish man. What these Swedish elites are doing makes perfect sense in their own view of the world.
    ” When it makes no sense, it´s because it makes sense”
    I have demonstrated this times and times again on many occasions but this is supposed to be a comment so I will conclude here on a subject that requires much deeper development and which has been the subject of my study for almost a decade now.
    You must turn your back on the authorities and political parties and realise you are on your own, they have divided, tamed and conquer you. Your children and families even more so.
    How does a man goes to war if he doesn´t even hold control over his family ? How does he rally to call to arms when he has no brotherhood to be called by ? How does a man who has given up his freedom for economic safety and state motherhood pretend to fight for any freedom at all ?
    Start from the bottom.
    This is a war of attrition and a multidimensional one.
    Start from the bottom and analyse the root of the problem. Symptoms can be attempted to be treated in many foolish ways. Ignorance is darkness. Lack of understanding is a garanty of losing this fight.

    Stay Strong

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Very much appreciate the comment K. Got delayed on my comment responses, but wanted to make sure to reply to yours because I have been thinking much on it.

      At the end where you talk about it being a struggle of attrition and a multi-dimensional one, and one which regular European men are unprepared for, having no brotherhood, no training, does that then imply that the first move of such a man must “start at the bottom” in terms of a basic, violent lashing out? As opposed to grander schemes? I would not disagree with such an argument. Indeed I think an escalation of such acts, directed at the various enemies of Sweden (be they indigenous traitors or foreign invaders), could provide a template, or model, which would not only serve to spread the energy of resistance, but also lead to such broader and grander initiatives.

      All of that is hypothesis and optimism of course (in a manner of speaking!), yet it does increasingly feel as if there are no alternatives.

      What say you, as someone on the ground? How do you think events will proceed? When will it “begin”? And what will it look like?

      MUCH thanks for your thoughts and comments-


  2. K. Plitzkin 1 year ago

    Always glad to try and share knowledge and information J.

    I think the basic violent lash out might probably be the worst way of redirecting things. There are countless variables in this conflict. This is probably the most complex battlefield Europeans (maybe even humanity) has ever seen, for the reason that it is an invisible battlefield… Absolutely fascinating to analyse.
    To be completely and bluntly straight at it, Julian, as all things warfare should be addressed :

    I developped a system to divide human conflicts in a four zone spectrum : BLUE ZONE, RED ZONE, YELLOW ZONE and GRAY ZONE

    BLUE: that is the pre-stage of a conflict when variables are ranging along the line of what at some given point becomes a full blown conflict

    RED: that is a full scale conflict involving high intensity engagement between the parties involved. One thing to retained is that these are often highly mediatized (we will come back to why it is important to note that)

    YELLOW: Implies the aftermath of the conflict whereas one of the parties has strategically prevailed over the other, sporadic resistance or guerilla warfare might be part of the YELLOW ZONE (the time frame does not matter)

    GRAY : is the most complex zone. There are no high intensity engagements between defined parties involved, though outbursts of violence might be reccurent, what is merely happening is a slow but (very) consequent push of one party onto the other over a very long period of time. The conflict never reaches any of the aformentioned states but just seems to linger on. It´s not an armed conflict but extrapolation of the ongoing “push” ultimately leads to one party being defeated by attrition, low morale being the main factor of deafeat

    What you are dealing right now is the latter, it´s a GRAY ZONE conflict. On the scale of human history that is very new in composition and form, it is something very difficult to deal with in any of the conventional ways we know.

    I also coined the expression ” Plant Warfare” to refer to it.

    Technically that ongoing situation we witness developping in Europe is comparable to the organic conflict between weeds and crops. It´s complex and multidimensional. It´s not as simple as two or several packs of wolves fighting over prevalence or territory. As human beings and especially Men, that is the prism through which we still evaluate a way of dealing with tribal or anthropological conflict. And I see that most people on this site are still fixated on adressing that issue ” the wolf way”.
    This is out of question.
    This will not work.
    This has a very little probability of yielding any result other than loss of determined, brave European men and further taint the general opinion on the only sane ideology there is to save what´s left of your chances for cultural survival.

    What will comparatively remain a handful of brave and highly competent European men cannot simply move MILLIONS of people out of a territory by sheer brute force. That is highly unrealistic and very counterproductive to waste time fantasizing about, especially as of now.

    To answer your question, Julian, about when will it begin : it is not going to begin, it has already began a long time ago. Sweden will never be the same again, I will mail you privately and explain since this is part of a question we will discuss in private soon, God willing.

    Now, what I retain as the substance of what might deflect the course of this ongoing (losing) battle : starting from the bottom, this means first of all ,

    accepting that this generation of men, you and the other men who share your determination and will to see it through, will not see it through…

    One lifetime is not enough to see a drastic change to this. That being said, one lifetime is plenty enough for you and this generation of brave European men who share your belief and will, to become FOREFATHERS of the change.
    This will not be won or seen through by any of you or your peers but by the sons of the sons of your peers.
    It all comes down to Masculinity again. Quite simply. Regaining the European Masculinity and Physical and Intellectual Virility that made European Civilzation one of the greatest civilizations Humanity has ever seen.
    You are the generation that was deprived of the greater of part of its masculinity by the System that subverted your people into submission to global rule.
    Your job is to raise your sons to be MORE masculine than you were and to raise daughters with the right type of values. As many of them as you can. That´s enough of a grand task and much more productive than some farce of small scale organized rebellion or violent outburst that will get all of you dead at best, worst in prison and leave your children fatherless and defenceless to be brainwashed by the system with the trauma of dead or imprisoned fathers and the stigma of their villification by the media.
    Make no mistake about it.
    This is the only outcome of any such action on this theater of operation as of today. Even more so the coming ten years as European Union is going to be rebuilt in a stronger and more authoritarian structure ( Brexit is not a positive event, do not believe this, in chess this is called a gambit, the sacrificing of the Queen to win swiftly by check mate, the EU will be deconstructed and reconstructed within short in much worse form than it is today. Count on that. The new EU will not tolerate your kind of ideas at all and will meet them harshly).
    Your most effective weapon are your children !
    That is your number one job.
    You must not be ” dads” anymore , you must become Fathers again. You must regaing your OWN masculinity first. You must rebuild and reconnect to the tradition of your ancestors, the Old Codes, the Old Ways and learn to navigate this new world being attached to these beliefs.

    And pass them on, that your sons might be Hermann (Armenius) and your daughters Boudica.

    That is enough of a mission and en essential one. The most fundamental and greater, must noble there is, Julian.
    You and your peers becoming the first generation of European Tribal Fathers since before the rule of Rome. Becoming a new breed of Roman Patriarchs, navigating the modern world.
    It is a great mission. I call to all of you, young men, reading Julian´s site to wake up and stop dwelling in fantasies of full scale warfare. Your governments are yearning for you to act this way in order to further their agendas of multicultiglobalococacolanikerule. You will only serve them by doing this.
    Also I am sure that most of you have never seen what a war actually looks like.
    I have.

    Your number two job, Julian, what I am going to state here and now might come as a great shock or confusion to you, being aware of the great will for fight and rediness for blood you seem to posess and project to see through, take it the way you will but what you and your peers must do as second priority under your own heroic lifetime as Forefathers of the European Renaissance :

    Go to the Middle Easterners. Go the North Africans. Go their communities in your respective countries of Europe, speak with them, learn how they think, give them your point of views.
    Meet their “imams”. Discuss with them.
    Then go their countries.
    Visit them, see their cities and countrysides, sit down with their tribal people. Share your ideas and principles with them, exchange. Learn from each other, create the peace and alliance you need. Build strong bonds with them, that they may, along with you, punish those who dare to inflict harm on your people.
    Great chiefs, great warriors of the past, great kings were not only legitimate Men of action and skilled, brave warriors but intelligent, Men of alliance and men of Vision…
    The creation of peace and harmony for your offsprings is a lifetime endeavour, to which violence must only be that tiny little necessary part that involves not random lash out but clear, targeted retaliation against guilty tribal enemies. This is best dealt with when their own communities are obliged by alliance to hand the perpetrators over to your tribe or punish them themselves in order to keep the peace and for the sake of Honor.
    If you have the courage to fight the enemy with the axe in hand, you must hold to courage to sit down with him, like great chieftains are able to do.

    One generation must awake.
    The Second one must take the blow.
    The Third one prevails.

    Thank you for your interest and many thanks for your engaged sense of inquiry.
    I will be answering you by email as soon as time allows it.
    Stay Strong


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