Trump (And We) Enter History Books

Trump (And We) Enter History Books
November 10, 2016 Admin

Greetings brothers-

This is the regrettably the first post since last weekend, but I have been distracted with the election.

As we all know, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America tuesday night in stunning fashion.

Last April I had an article published on Counter-Currents called ‘What Would A Trump Presidency Mean For The War In Europe?’ I am working on a ‘sequel’ to it now that he has won, about how his election will affect Identitarianism as a whole, that I will be submitting over there, but in the meantime I wanted to post my more personal reflections here, for regular readers of the site.

Here they are:


Various personalities on our side of the culture predicted Trump’s win far back in 2015. Two of the most noted were Mike Cernovich and Scott Adams.

In the above mentioned Counter-Currents article I also did so, writing:

In that general election matchup I feel strongly that Trump will win. He has proven himself to be light years ahead of every other candidate in terms of strategy. He has played the media like a fiddle, and understands the modern news cycle and how to position oneself tactically in ways previous candidates have never come close to. I predict that in a general election matchup against Hilary Clinton Trump will come away with a strong victory, an event that would have seemed completely impossible a year ago.

Now my prediction was just one of many, and certainly not the earliest, but it still feels very good to be among those who foresaw Trump’s victory when every mainstream media Lugenspresse journalist and pollster was saying he would be clobbered.


We are all used to focusing on these things on the macro level, and that is the primary focus of this website. Yet on a personal level I am very relieved that Trump won. It makes me far more comfortable writing about the things I do. Under Obama, writing about a Reconquista and civil war in Europe and advocating for the overthrow of the German/UK/French/Swedish governments was a little worrying at times. Now, though still anathema to the establishment, those views are basically shared by our commander in chief. (more on this in upcoming article)

I am also grateful that Trump won because of my son. I watched the election results next to him and my wife (on the edge of our seats as his numbers ticked up in WI and MI). Seeing families in Europe having their rights taken away (home-schooling, etc), seeing Muslim immigrants doing violence against native European children without punishment, and knowing that Hillary would have governed in that vein makes me even more grateful Trump is president. While all my passion and focus is on Europe, and while I obviously am working towards spending more and more time/focus there rather than America, as an American I am much more optimistic personally as a result of the election.


I am also far more hopeful about the situation in Europe. Even though- as we well know- Trump’s victory will cause SJW’s across Europe to double-down on virtue signalling and cultural suicide, his victory (combined with that of Brexit) now provides a model that other European nations can draw inspiration and direction from. Our next upcoming election will be in Austria, then France and the Netherlands. While there is no longer a purely political solution in Europe, I have far greater hopes for those elections now, and for the possibility they might catalyze direct action on the part of the people.


This is also something I will be writing more about, but it is an area with deep significance and one with great resonance to me. As a Millennial, I and the rest of our cohort grew up being constantly force-fed 1960’s Counter-Culture. We were told over and over again of the excitement, optimism, beauty, etc of the ‘Woodstock Generation’. Such indoctrination is persuasive, and ever since that time period we consistently see succeeding generations of young people wistful they did not grow up then, even see them modeling their own behavior and fashions after the ’68’ers’. However, over the last two years a vast right-wing Counter-Culture arose, speaking truths of honor, strength, pride, and tradition- the exact opposite of those spoken by the Hippies 50 years ago.

The memes and art and cultural artifacts from this burgeoning movement are already legion, and I will embed some of them down below for posterity. I can’t stress the significance of this enough- most American elections are tired spectacles of cynicism and special interest. Trump is right that he was elected not for those reasons but on the crest of a movement, and the history books will write about the vast wave of culture and passion and Identitarian consciousness that propelled him to victory.

ECW Readers

Finally, this site has seen a great deal of discussion on Trump’s run, his significance, the meaning of his campaign in relation to Europe, etc. It has been a tremendous privilege getting to engage in those discussions with you. Whether in the comments section or via email, I want to thank all of you reading this for the chance to have gone on this journey with you. I absolutely cannot wait for the next victories we will have, and for the chance to contribute more and more to the situation in Europe. Perhaps one day soon, the victory of Trump in America will seem minuscule in comparison to the victories of our people in taking back the countries of Europe.

Final Note:

I will be gone this weekend doing some exciting things relating to all this stuff, but I have a couple interviews in the pipeline to post on the site. Any articles or news from Europe anyone can send me is highly appreciated as well!

Brothers: Anyone surprised Trump won? Any thoughts on these protests? How do you think his win will affect Europe? I know I (like many others) have immense Schadenfreude at Hillary’s defeat.




These are all examples of the ‘Counter-Culture’ that grew intertwined with Trump’s candidacy over the last two years:

We Didn’t Start The Movement by Walt Bismark/Uncuck The Right

The Ascent of Alfred- Emily Youcis

Black Pigeon Speaks

Trump Reading ‘Snake’ Poem Set To Video From Europe


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  1. David 1 year ago

    I love you brothers. This is OUR world now.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Much appreciate the comment David- I am excited for 2017! I am prepared to be let down by the reality of Trumpism but I have to say his 100 day action plan is not too bad at all!

  2. David 1 year ago

    If even half of the plan gets fulfilled, it will be an excellent presidency. But beyond the political aspect (where we place our hope and optimism, with an ever skeptical and sober vigilance) it’s the metapolitical side that blows my mind. The presidency can fail ten times over, yet the one-two of Brexit and Trump has brought us to life and already transformed our reality!

  3. David 1 year ago

    And you, by the way, are the vanguard of the vanguard.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Lol well thank you for the kind words. Maybe once I get to Europe in person 🙂 Certainly my goals for the upcoming year are increasingly vanguardy however.

      Could not agree with you more on the metapolitical side either. I am a big fan of Cernovich’ and Adams’s take on Trump’s persuasion abilities, but without evoking that in combination with the Identitarian side of it, I think its impossible to convey the true significance of what we have been a part of and witnessed.

  4. rick 1 year ago

    One thing (President Elect) Trump has made very clear. The quickest and most effective way to overhaul the system is to take control of key institutions. Rather than withdrawing from the levers of control it is much better to steer them. Waiting for things to collapse takes too long and i think we can all agree that time is crucial.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey there my friend-

      I agree completely, especially within America. The timing could not have been better either, as one more election cycle and the demographics would most likely have shifted too far to ever allow such a result.

      I do hope and pray that Trump and his closer advisors (Bannon, etc) will continue with their clever formulations and achieve a major reduction in immigration, as well as figuring out some way to take back part of the culture (it was Andrew Breitbart who said politics is downstream of culture…) and deflate/defang the media. For the most part that is our responsibility though, and it will be fascinating to watch the next year unfold.

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    We’ll done! It’s been an awesome week. BTW, Trump started running in 1987, so Cernovich and Adams are a bit late to the game.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Lol good call. Watched a clip of him on Fresh Prince from back in the 90’s last night that my wife sent me. Thought to myself ‘That’s our president :)’

  6. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago


    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      I was celebrating with strangers in grocery stores and gas stations all day 🙂

  7. vvazz0 1 year ago

    You guys did it!

    During the Brexit process, i happened upon an English politician called, Jacob Rees Mogg whilst diving my taxi through Mayfair, in London. I knew he was a pro-Brexit guy and so I stuck my head out of the window and told him I couldn’t wait to vote out. His little face beamed, and he replied, “We’re going to do it!”

    A week after Brexit, Insaw him again, close to the US embassy. I shouted out, “Hey Jacob, we did it!” He replied excitedly, “We did it! We did it!” with all the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning.

    Well, that’s how I feel now. It’s a great feeling. My Hopeometer is rising and it’s due in large part to people like you, Julian. And to commenters like Laguna and Nxx too.

    God bless you brothers x

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey vvazz0- Much thanks for the comment!

      Did not remember you were a taxi driver! I have heard of Jacob Rees Mogg I believe…

      Indeed the hope that has arisen out of these two events is incredible.

      Next up: France and Marine le Pen!

      Thanks for the kind words-


    • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

      God bless you, too, m8.

  8. TimeIsNow 1 year ago

    I predict that this election of Trump will have many profoundly positive effects for Europe’s true Right over the next two years and beyond.

    The pendulum has indeed reversed, and we should use the opportunity to start cleaning away the Left and their “Pets” whenever the chance to do so pops up. Drain All the Swamps.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey TimeIsNow- I hope you are right (and think so).

      There are massive swamps across the West to drain, and while in general I am hesitant about the ability of politics to help us, I really am optimistic about Donald Trump.

  9. rick 1 year ago

    It looks like it is already happening, apparently Stephen Bannon has reached out to Marion LePen leader of Le Front National in France.
    If this is true, it sounds like Trump is ready to drop a political pipe bomb in Europe that will overturn the whole rotten structure.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Rick- Thanks for the info and link! – that is absolutely INCREDIBLE- I mean seriously, I don’t want sound hyperbolic, but Trump getting elected and then Bannon reaching out to Marion le Pen (NOT Marine le Pen, but the more hardcore niece lol)…. it sounds like some exaggerated best-case/ideal scenario I would have written about a month or two ago…

  10. TimeIsNow 1 year ago

    Dear Admin,

    What I expect to see on the political side for Europe will be the bleeding out of the European Union by dozens of daggers slicing into that body politic from all over Europe. The Union will die!!

    The full civil war will happen after that, and there will be no Clinton/USA troops protecting the Bad Guys.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      I certainly hope you are right re: the EU. Hoping this Italian referendum in December could be the next dagger, although I need to read up a little more on it to fully understand what’s going on.

      But yes, instead of Clinton USA troops protecting the bad guys, hopefully we will have Trump USA ones helping the good! 🙂

  11. lonetigerandcub 1 year ago

    Hey brother. Just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing to report and wake people up. I myself was “red pilled” last year and just found your site 3 months ago. Everything you report is intelligent, truthful and concise, it is refreshing to see that today in journalism. from an American born European brother, thanks! You may also checks these guys out, I found them on facebook abd they are based out of London.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey there- very much appreciate the comment!

      Indeed it is exciting times- I feel the ranks of the red-pilled are growing exponentially at this point. I appreciate the link you provided to that KTI page- I don’t believe I had heard of it before but it is very cool. Many great organizations sprouting up these days.

      Please continue to chime in with any thoughts or feedback you have. I very much try to cultivate a healthy comment section on the site. Also any interesting stories or links you come across please feel free to forward to me at

      Much thanks and Hail Victory.

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