UK Investigating, Jailing Young Native British Men For Criticizing Islam And National-Suicide

UK Investigating, Jailing Young Native British Men For Criticizing Islam And National-Suicide
September 9, 2017 Admin

Greetings men-

This post will not surprise any of our regular readers, but it is still important we catalogue this insanity for the purposes of posterity and for awakening any of our sleepwalking brethren who can come to their senses.

This post is about the United Kingdom.white-genocide-4

To recap for anyone just beginning their focus on the situation in Europe, the UK has, in recent years:


-Allowed over 100,000 11-16 year old native British girls to be gang-raped and enslaved by Muslims (Source)

-Allowed in massive numbers of Muslim immigrants to the point that non-Europeans are over 40% of the under 20 population.

-Banned and harassed any groups standing up against such insanity, such as the BNP, Nick Griffin, Tommy Robinson, etc.

-Elected David Cameron, who said that the Brits ‘should learn from Islam, not the other way around’; Theresa May, who has worn a headscarf and kowtowed to Islamists and Sorosian oligarchs every step of her career; and Sadiq Khan, the Islamist-connected Muslim mayor of London.


All of the above would be bad enough, but now they have started investigating, harassing, and incarcerating any random person- especially young native British males- who expresses the merest hint of immigration wrongthink, or opposition to the Islamization and suicide of the country.

From Zero Hedge:

Robbie Travers, a 21-year-old law student, is being investigated by the University of Edinburgh for claims he committed a “hate crime”.

Sharing a comment on his Facebook page – in response to the U.S. Air Force dropping a massive ordinance air blast (or MOAB, “Mother Of All Bombs) on a network of ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan in April – Travers said:

“Excellent news that the US administration and Trump ordered an accurate strike on an ISIS network of tunnels in Afghanistan. I’m glad we could bring these barbarians a step closer to collecting their 72 virgins.”

A complaint with the University was filed by a second-year history student that alleged Travers’ comment “put minority students at risk and in a state of panic” while also breaching the student code of conduct – with Edinburgh Uni even going so far as to open a probe over Traver’s plainly horrific comment obviously directed toward terrorists! Plainly, Travers should have known better than to dare to criticize any aspect of Islam – seeing as how, in June, a man was jailed for anti-Islam posts on Facebook and 36 people accused of hateful social media posts had their homes raided!

Sadly, Robbie Travers is not protected under freedom of speech in the U.K., nor is anyone else over there that’s brave enough to criticize Islam. As an American, it’s unbelievable to see the transgressions carried out over someone’s words and thoughts. Truly, the precedent has been set in England, the U.K., the EU… It will not get better, only worse. Citizens already do not have any protections regarding their speech or expression so technically, the injustice against Travers (and all the other mentioned cases in this article) aren’t even illegal!

It’s shocking that Travers – after mocking ISIS, a group we should all agree is OK to piss on and belittle – was chastised. Seemingly, when you side against the one insulting a radicalized group of terrorists attempting to destroy the West, you’re siding with the terrorists. Therefore, the stance the University of Edinburgh is taking – whilst accommodating to people offended by Travers’ comment – spits on the face of any real freedom of thought or expression.

More and more, it seems that America is becoming the last bastion of freedom – the only place on Earth where your right to speech and expression is still protected and lauded. Elsewhere, you’ll do time for sharing your opinions if they go against the mold. The U.S. constitution grants us our natural rights and because our forefathers had the wits to write them down, they can never be taken away or stomped on; lest our Constitution be degraded, which must never be allowed to happen.



Further Progression

The above young man is only being investigated currently and has not yet been sentence to incarceration, however another young man is just starting a year long prison sentence for similar wrong-think.

This is Keegan Jakovlevs, who- in the aftermath of dozens more of his countrymen being murdered by Islamists let in by the Cameron-May government, drunkenly commented on Facebook about ‘killing’ Muslims.

From the Daily Post:

A man has been jailed for a year after posting on Facebook “let’s kill every Muslim” in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bombing.

Keegan Jakovlevs, 22, from Wrexham, North Wales, was sentenced to 12 months behind bars at Mold Crown Court on Thursday after admitting publishing material with the intention of stirring up religious hatred.

Jakovlevs posted the message, which was a public posting, shortly after the May 22 outrage by suicide bomber Salman Abedi, which killed 22 people and injured scores of others.

His message read: “Thoughts with all the families in the horrible Manchester bombing (hands together in prayer symbol) but no let’s not stop letting them in the country let’s kill ever …Muslim … we see.. bet they

Keegan Jakovlevs.

Keegan Jakovlevs.

would still send us down”.

The post was taken down shortly afterwards.

Judge Parry warned that such was the gravity of the offence that it had a maximum sentence of seven years but he had pleaded guilty, he was lightly convicted and had no similar convictions.

Thanks to the prompt actions of Facebook the period of publication was very short, there was no evidence anyone acted upon his posting, he was now remorseful and appeared to have acted on impulse when heavily intoxicated on drink and drugs.

But the judge warned him: “This was a post that invited readers to indiscriminately kill individuals of the Muslim faith, published at a time when the emotions of the public would have been running high.


Given all this, is that famous cartoon about the British man being arrested for trying to prevent his daughter’s gang-rape really that far off?

It seems to me there are three conclusions or actions for rational native Brits today.

1. Move to a corner of the country that is still homogenously native British, and begin building a local community or tribe in preparation for the coming fight.

2. Stay where you are, and consider yourself an ‘underground’ member of a government-targeted resistance movement (regret using the LARPy language, but really, what else can you say at this point?)

3. Move your family to Hungary or another Visegrad nation, as one of the first of what will be millions of Western European refugees.

Either way, God willing, you and your fellow countrymen, and we other Sons of the West looking on in horror and rage, will one day right these wrongs and end this reign of evil currently destroying England.

As always men,

Deus Vult







As always, any chance to post the following video is a good one. It was part of a dramatic series on television in the early 1990’s, and envisioned a nationalistic movement in a future Britain attempting to fight back against multiculturalism. A thought provoking clip, certainly.

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  1. shadowman 6 months ago

    Words fail me. The UK is well and truly a totalitarian state. The magnificent men and women who fought in two World Wars would be spinning in their graves.

    As for the *military* of the UK – shame on them for being such cowards and not fighting against this madness and treachery.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Amen. There are some tough dudes in the UK military too. I can understand how hard it must be though, I think soldiers are getting disciplined even for publicly supporting certain right-wing parties. I will say though I would definitely not join the military if I was a UK resident right now, considering how evil the government is, even though I am very pro military in a vacuum.

  2. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    Evidently a legit post:

    “Annoy your captor with this one simple trick! Jihadis hate her!”

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago


      “First lesson in online marketing… find what your audience truly needs.”

      Its absolutely horrifying though, I don’t think Europeans were into acid attacks even in the darkest days of the Middle-Ages. Something messed up about dousing someone with acid…

  3. Philip 6 months ago

    To be frank the insidious drip drip effects of decades of cultural-Marxism coupled with tidal waves of uncontrolled third world immigration into the UK means that there is very little left of English culture, tradition, and identity to preserve, and fewer and fewer people of British ethnicity to appreciate it. The Welsh/Irish/Scots fare a better in this respect. The ‘elites,’ BBC, lugenpresse, establishment functionaries, are self-delusional in believing, or cynical in pretending, that it even exists. At best they promote a distorted, anaemic, version of English heritage.
    While most people are aware of the controversies surrounding the Confederate memorials, less well-known is that their counterparts in the UK are busy advocating similar destructive lunacies. Cecil Rhodes (Rhodesia/Rhodes Scholars) was the first (unsuccessful) target. The latest one in the firing line is none other than national hero Horatio Nelson. The promoter of this piece of historical vandalism is a non-entity journalist called Afua Hirsch (???) Mind you most British youth probably think that the man on the plinth in Trafalgar Square is Nelson Mandela anyway, such is the level of deliberately engendered ignorance.
    For those who refuse to bend their knee to liars and tyrants then you can be assured the cancerous UK government will do its best to send you prison as your article clearly states. I would also refer you Jez Turner article in Western Spring on the subject. – ‘How to feel Good’
    I suppose here I better start tempering my language otherwise these contemptible identity traitors will have me joining them.
    When asked these days my nationality I’ve started giving my DNA haplogroups as I have very little in common with a growing number of people who hold a UK passport.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hello Philip, very well said. Sounds like it is indeed getting as bad as it seems in the UK from the outside.

      The Western Spring link you posted was excellent- the letter from prison from the gentleman in question to Jez Turner was HIGHLY moving. One of the most impressive things I have seen in a long time actually. Thinking of quoting it at length in my new book.

      As I’ve said before, the UK in many ways seems the worst off of all the nations of Western Europe, which is so strange given that it has a demonstrably tougher and more masculine native male population than many. Could be the influence of certain *other* elements, but I guess in the cases of all these nations it is an immensely complicated situation.

  4. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    That is a cool video clip. Is there more?

  5. Author
    Admin 6 months ago

    That’s all of it I know. I first stumbled on it WAY back in the day in like 2006 or so back in the earliest days of my ‘red-pilling’, and was greatly moved by it.

    I eventually tried to find out what it was and looked it up on google and determined it was a clip from some 1990’s ‘Law and Order’ or similar type show, I believe specific to the UK. There must be the remainder of the episode out there somewhere but if so I’ve never seen it. Would be very cool to find it though.

    The actor in question is relatively famous but I forget his name.. I think its ‘Marc’ something but I’m not sure.

    Interestinly it was a negative portrayed of such a nationalistic group in the episode, but I don’t think it comes across as negative at all, I think it makes them look quite attractive. Wonder if it was some kind of deliberate, reverse-meta-political engineering by an early proto-nationalist within the UK television industry.

    • Philip 6 months ago

      The video is from serial drama called ‘Manhunt’ made in 1992. The actor is called Marc Warren and he sounds as if means it. I have never seen the serial although I have seen the clip before. It was intended to be anti-right wing and anti Enoch Powell. It had the unintended opposite effect and of course would not be made today. In fact the writers would probably end up in prison (refer your article and my comments below)

      Since your article matters have become even worse, yesterday three soldiers were charged with ‘terrorist’ offences. What were they?
      1) Being members of proscribed organisation National Action. This organisation has never committed one act of violence and if it existed in the USA would not even come on the radar. It was primarily made up of anti-left students.
      2) Posting insulting comments comments on a website which are I quote ‘threatening abusive and insulting intending to stir up racial hatred.’ I may have to stop posting here.
      3) One of them had a can of pepper spray. Don’t laugh
      4) Posting leaflets in a university. Really! Possessing documents that could be used for terrorism. What?

      National Action, described by the Home Office as “virulently racist, antisemitic and homophobic”, became the first extreme rightwing group to be banned under terrorism laws in December 2016.

      All this is freakish Orwellian speak. Welcome to modern day Britain.

      • Author
        Admin 5 months ago

        Hey Philip-

        Thanks for the info at bottom, you’ll see it referenced in the post I just published. Glad you chimed in with the background on the tv clip as well. I knew the dude’s name was Marc! But yeah, its kind of shocking just how positively the group is portrayed in the clip… I really do wonder if that was purposeful by the writers of the episode.

        You sensing anything different on the ground over there with other native UK men? Or just on the government side in terms of ratcheting up the insanity and totalitarianism?

  6. SteveRogers42 5 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Crazyness man… If it was really The Anarchist Cookbook that got the one guy charged with the ‘terrorism’ thing that is crazy, I think every leftist ‘punk rocker’ I knew had a copy of that in high school.

      I think this parallel article had the best title of any I have seen this year:

  7. Unknown 5 months ago

    In Austria, there also was a long period of “green speech” dominance – but in a recent TV show there occurred something that could become a turning point: the candidate of the national-conservative party dared to call the green party as being eroded by hate. Moreover, in the upcoming elections the green party could even fail to achieve parliament representation.
    In Germany, things are still close to hopelessness. Their national-conservative party suffers serious attacks not just from media but also from antifa, TV shows seriously celebrate being guilty for still not having realized world peace (which the green ones solely are responsible for), and Ms. Merkel holds on playing the savior of all poor and unblamable humans in this world.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Interesting. Thanks for the update Unknown.

      I have actually been meaning to do an article breaking down the German election that’s coming up. Studying it is so depressing I have trouble though lol.

      Glad to hear what you said about Austria. For whatever reason it seems like there is a legitimate difference between Austria and Germany and that the Austrians are nowhere near as crazy.

  8. SteveRogers42 5 months ago

    Quality twitter feed from a British political activist:

  9. John Kendall 4 months ago

    Let’s b honest: the truth is – this invasion happened & is happening due to ur own traitorous people, b it English traitors, French traitors, German traitors, etc. They must FIRST b hunted & made to pay for treason, then, take ur countries back; UK 🇬🇧 is for British People, France 🇫🇷 is for French People, Germany 🇩🇪 is for German People, etc.

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Thanks for the comment John.

      As Peter Brimelow said ‘People out to be burned alive- they out to be hung from lampposts- for what they’ve done to Britain’.

      I actually just heard a statistics that the UK is arresting/interrogating something like 9 people a day for ‘far-right’ social media posts. Forgot to save the link though unfortunately… I think it might have been Zero Hedge.

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