Ukrainians Conduct Case Study In Vigilantism Following Murder Of Young Girl

Ukrainians Conduct Case Study In Vigilantism Following Murder Of Young Girl
August 30, 2016 Admin

Major thanks to Rick for bringing us this article. It is from the Ukraine care of RT, and involves the follow up to villagers’ discovery of one of their children (an 8 year old girl) having been killed by a member or members of the local Roma community.

In a general sense, I don’t believe in ‘the mob’. I remember seeing small scale versions of out of control, irrational mob violence at parties in high school and college and other large events, and it is indeed a horrible thing in which completely innocent people can be hurt and killed. I understand why the Founders in America and the philosophers of ancient Rome and Athens feared and despised it. What we see in the below videos is a little different though, and could better be called targeted vigilantism. The Ukrainians are using tactics of aggression and intimidation, but the article does mention any innocent members of the Roma community being attacked, nor any murders or assaults whatsoever.

Anything on the continuum of ‘mob violence’ to targeted vigilantism, we can agree however, is MASSIVELY overdue in Western Europe, where little girls like this one are raped by immigrants as a daily occurrence (or every 4.6 seconds, based on my ‘back of the napkin’ calculations).

The videos below demonstrate a use of aggressive but non-lethal force to achieve a specific- and just- aim. Such forms of collective self-defense have been used by tribes of humans throughout all of human history. Hopefully, with the blessings of God and our ancestors, they will soon return to Western Europe. They will not be enough by themselves, as the problems faced in Western Europe far outweigh the threat of Roma in Ukraine, but we can hope and endeavor that they might serve as the beginning of a great wave of liberation and reconquest, so no more European children must suffer the fate of this poor Ukrainian girl, and that those who have suffered such a fate will be avenged.

From RT:

Some 12 Roma families will be moving out of a village in the Odessa region in southern Ukraine after hundreds of locals attacked their homes. The violence broke out after a girl was found dead in the village, with a Gypsy man suspected of the murder.

Six houses belonging to the Gypsies in the Loshchinovka village were attacked by some 300 locals, TASS reported. Authorities sent law enforcement detachments to the area, after hundreds gathered to trash the Roma families’ property.

Following negotiations with the locals, officials said the Gypsies agreed to gather their belongings and leave the village, to be moved to other areas in the region. They would move out on Monday morning, guarded by police, and later sell their houses, RIA reported.

There is no legal framework to organize such a move, Interfax Ukraine cited a local official as saying. But the Roma people agreed to leave their homes, as they realized they would not be left to stay there in peace, the head of local administration added, saying “no less than 50” Gypsies with their children will move.

A body of an 8-year-old girl with signs of violent death was found in an abandoned house in the village on Saturday. A 20-year-old Roma men was then detained, suspected of the killing. When the locals learnt of the arrest, they gathered in the streets and launched their attack on the Gypsy property. Locals later accused the Romas of exacerbating the crime situation in the area.

The governor of the Odessa region, former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, said he “fully shared the outrage of the locals,” and sent the police chief to the district. “There is a real creep joint there, and mass drug trafficking conducted by the antisocial elements living there,” Saakashvili said at a news conference on Sunday, adding that the authorities should have addressed the issue “long ago.”

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  1. Vilhelmsson 11 months ago

    There are Gypsies in my local area, and in my experience, and from what I have heard from others, they are without doubt absolute vermin that should be sterilized everywhere they are found – both sexes.

    We modernists need to get it through our thick skulls that the future is NOT ‘unwritten’! The future is constantly being written by the actions of the past and the present. “Moving them on” just shifts the problem into another area.

  2. michael leyh 11 months ago

    I remember when I was a child and a group of Gypsy’s came through our village in Germany, my Grandmother always battened down the hatches, all hands on board, eyes wide open and vigilant. They usually came in a troupe on 6-8 cars and camping trailers, made camp outside the village and then sent their woman and children out to “sell” trinkets. But many times they would also steal things if the opportunity arose.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Yeah it is bizarre stuff to be sure. I believe there are even some here in the states in the southeast. I think there was some reality show about them lol. Totally bizarre. I have not spent a lot of time studying them vis a vis Europe, mostly because Muslims always seemed like such a greater threat.

      Appreciate the comments by the way and am very happy you found the website!


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