Update And Analysis Of Recent German 4GW Violence

Update And Analysis Of Recent German 4GW Violence
February 29, 2016 Admin

Last week in Kiel there was another incident in which 30 Muslim men surrounded and sexually harassed a group of 15-17 year-old girls, and then reportedly attacked the police when they arrived. It is just one more addition to the daily stream of rapes, assaults, riots, gang-violence, and everything else that multiculturalism has caused in Germany.

The native German populace is growing increasingly full of wrath however, and this is being demonstrated by an escalating series of violent or at least semi-violent actions. In Leipzig recently, on the site of a proposed mega-mosque being built by the ‘Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaa’ organization, a pig’s head was left with the words ‘Mutti Merkel’ inscribed on it.

From The Local:

The dead piglet had the words “Mutti Merkel” (Mother Merkel) daubed on it in red paint, the Leipziger Volkszeitung (LVZ) reported.

“I see this as just a stupid act. I don’t know what they mean to say with this, but our mosque construction project will continue,” Dr Rashid Nawaz of the Leipzig branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat (AMJ) organization told The Local.

The piglet was hurled onto the patch of earth sometime overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, he said.

“Insulting, reviling and smearing a whole religious community is narrow-minded and outrageous,” Leipzig mayor Burkhard Jung told the LVZ on Thursday.

“Leaving a dead pig with the words ‘Mutti Merkel’ on it isn’t just tasteless, but demonstrates fundamental failings of democratic education and conviction,” he added.

‘They just lump everyone together’

It’s not the first such act against the future mosque site. Unknown perpetrators left bloody pigs’ heads on spikes along the length of a path that crossed the lot in November 2013.

“Of course there is tension in Leipzig, people afraid of Islam,” Dr Nawaz said. “But we need to differentiate. We at
AMJ categorically reject violence. But these people don’t understand that, they just lump everyone together.”

AMJ sees itself as a global reform movement within Islam whose motto is “Love for all, hatred for none”. It has around 35,000 members in Germany, with more than 39 mosques and 225 congregations, a TV station and a publishing house.

The Leipzig branch has been working together with local Christian churches and pastors to answer residents’ questions since the mosque project was announced, Dr Nawaz said.

This also comes in addition to recent reports that there have been 217 “attacks” (arsons) “on refugee centers” in the first roughly one and a half months of the year in Germany. Now granted this comes from the German media and thus could be a gross exaggeration, but it is indeed a fact that many refugee centers have been purposefully burned down.

This is certainly an impressive and significant statistic, and it demonstrates the visceral fear and opposition to the “refugee” invasion that is being perpetrated on Germany. It also certainly represents 4GW violence, and is therefore worthy of analysis through that framework.

Within that lens of 4GW action and its effectiveness, I would deem it neutral or slightly positive. Remember that the most important “box” of 4th Generation Warfare is the strategic/moral, so the question is, what significance do these refugee-center burnings have within that frame.

I would say first of all that they do not represent a “loss” within the moral frame of war. There are no “innocents” being harmed in these burnings. As far as I am aware there have been no fatalities caused by them. They are largely empty buildings that have been ‘designated’ as future center locations, or that have been recently renovated and set up as such locations. Thus it I don’t think it can be argued that those doing the burnings are in any way acting as “Goliaths”.

Indeed, one could certainly argue that anonymously burning down a building is far more of a “David” action (4GW non-government forces usually winning the ‘moral’ war by being perceived as the “David” vs the “Goliath”). Yet the very fact that they are anonymous is also what precludes them from being truly effective from a 4GW standpoint.

Because there is no way to know who perpetrated them, and no way for a message to be purposefully tied to their actions (beyond the implied one of opposition to such centers obviously), it is difficult for them to become “sticky” and represent an amalgamated force of public opinion.

Both the refugee center burnings and the pig’s head at the Mosque certainly delegitimize the government of Germany, and for those reasons I would rank them as net positives, but they are unable to rise to the level of truly effective 4GW actions because of the inability to link them to a specific message, and the subsequent inability for them to unite a large portion of the public together in opposition to the state. Actually, I will note than during a recent blaze in Bautzen, Saxony, locals gathered round and cheered and even reportedly tried to impede the local firefighters from putting it out, but regrettably such incidents will remain a localized phenomenon.

I would contrast this with two other recent developments that I would rank as A+ examples of 4GW action. The first is the PEGIDA rallies, and the second is the phenomenon of “vigilante” groups that we have seen sprout up around the continent (Sons of Odin in Finland/Norway, the Stockholm Central Station pamphlet distributors we previously profiled, and the also afore-mentioned “Dusseldorf Is Watching”).

The PEGIDA marches are just classical protest marches, which have been successful many times throughout history and do not need a lot of explanation. They are significant in that they allow large groups of Europeans to protest together, rather than remaining atomized; they are replicable across the continent; and they put the state in a defensive position in which by cracking down on them the state would appear monstrous and put itself in a ‘Goliath’ position.

The vigilante groups are important because they represent a very specific rejection of the state’s prime function, which is the protection of their citizens. The sympathy these groups have garnered throughout Europe, and indeed even in the media, to some extent, is highly toxic to the status of the ethno-suicidal European political establishment. These groups represent an existential threat to the state’s monopoly on physical force. They also, when articulating their reasons for existence, can touch on the threats to native Europeans from the immigrant population, which is an issue that morally unites that population. Furthermore, they force the already-present sectarian divisions to the surface of European society. Sober Europeans already understand that they are being ethnically targeted for mass-rape and violence, but when opposing vigilante groups spring up, as we are now seeing in Norway, ‘the word becomes flesh’, and these divisions are more able to be plainly seen.

Therefore I would assume we will see many more refugee centers burned in 2016, and indeed based on the numbers so far one would estimate the number will reach into the thousands by the end of the year. These actions may not serve to catalyze the people of Germany the way other 4GW responses might, but they will continue to be a visceral reflection of rage of the German people, as they engage in the burning of refugee centers just as their society is metaphorically ‘burned down’ around them.

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    In Germany, things are escalating. Police are investigating a submachine gun attack on a migrant-invader stronghold:


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      I saw that… it will be interesting to find out what happened. Seemed to me like it could have been some kind of random immigrant crime thing, but could certainly be anti-migrant violence as well. Quite significant if so.

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