Update On Activism And Resistance – March – ECW/YesPasaran

Update On Activism And Resistance – March – ECW/YesPasaran
April 3, 2017 Admin

Greetings friends-

This is our second month bringing you this regular feature. It is called ‘Activism and Resistance’ and is a joint effort between our website and the website YesPasaran.

All of the articles and pictures below have been compiled and posted by YesPasaran over the last month and he is very generously partnering with us to post them on ECW. He has numerous other articles that aren’t included below so I would encourage each and every person reading this to check out his site regularly! It is yespasaran.wordpress.com.


Here are this month’s updates!


Warsaw, Poland: Nationalist March In Memory Of Anti-Communist Resistance Fighters

March 1, 2017.  [Below description from YesPasaran)

A march and rally was held in memory of the “Cursed Soldiers”, an anti-communist resistance movement in Poland which fought against the red occupation after World War II. Estimation of the Cursed Soldiers’ legacy still causes heated debates both in a Polish society and among historians, and in many ways resembles a lasting debate on the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) in Ukraine.

Yespas April poland 1

Until now, the fate of many members of this movement is unknown, and attempts to exhume the bodies often encounter strong bureaucratic resistance. With the change of government in Poland, March 1st has become an official remembrance day of these soldiers. Participants marched through the streets of Warsaw, shouting various nationalist slogans glorifying the exploits of the underground anti-communist resistance and gradually moving to the prison that once held captive the enemies of the communist regime in Poland.

yespas april poland 2












NRM Engages In Loads Of Activism, Activities

[Julian talking here]

The Nordic Resistance Movement was busy as usual.

In business I always say that ‘massive daily action’ is the way to accomplish one’s goals, and there is no doubt these men are doing just that when it comes to politics.

yespas april nrm 2

These guys come at things from a pretty hardcore perspective, and that can understandably turn some people off, but at the same time it is impossible not to respect the effort and sacrifice they are putting in day after day.

They are also for all intents and purposes the only on the ground, IRL, organized resistance that is seen in Scandinavia. For whatever reason it seems like we have not seen a widespread presence of groups like Generation Identitaire and PEGIDA there.

Luckily the NRM are going hard at it every day, and this site will continue to track their progress as they become a more and more important variable in Europe’s fluid situation.

The above YesPasaran article details a number of things they are up to and is well worth reading!

yespas april nrm 1












Trump Supporters Battle Leftists At Huntington Beach!

Saturday, March 25, 2017.  [Descriptions from YesPasaran]

yespas april hungtingon1

A pro-Trump rally was held this Saturday at Huntington Beach, drawing a huge crowd of participants.

As seen in the video below, the anti-white protesters escalated from the usual shouting, chants & threats to physical violence. After trying to hit a banner-carrying Trump supporter, they pepper sprayed a middle aged woman in the face. (skip to 1:50 for the action)

In the melee that followed, several antifa were knocked to the ground with well aimed punches before scattering & running off. One was chased away while being hit repeatedly with a metal pole attached to a Trump flag.

As they ran from the angry crowd, the now now famous chants of “You can’t run, you can’t hide you get a helicopter ride!” & “Pinochet!” could be heard. Whenever someone tried to reason with the communists & stop the fighting, the were shut down with chants of “Cuck! Cuck! Cuck!”






Ukrainian Nationalists March Through Uzhgorod

[JL talking here]

YesPasaran gave an excellent update on this march as well that readers should check out.

Like last month, I will add the disclaimer that I don’t fully understand the Ukrainian political scene. Whatever their exact beliefs though one must admire the energy.

yespas april ukraine 1yespas april ukraine 2























Identitarians Protest Against George Soros In Hungary

yespas april soros

This excellent article from YesPasaran includes extracts from a separate article by Daniel Freiburg.

The below description comes from him:

When my friends and I arrived the first thing that struck us was how disciplined and well-organized the conference was. Everyone was impeccably dressed and, at the entrance, two Identitesz members were posted on each side of the door, holding up their organization’s flag with military-like discipline. Another thing that struck me was the beautiful historical building housing the event.

After entering the conference hall, I made three main observations. The first being the tight security provided by the Hungarian Self-Defense League (Magyar Önvédelmi Mozgalom) which came in the form of a bunch of well-built, uniformed men that you would not want to mess with. The second being the popularity of the conference, as the place was packed with at least 100-150 attendants. Thirdly, I also noticed the significant media presence, consisting of almost every leftist-liberal media outlet in Hungary, as well representatives from the German TV channel Deutsche Welle, the British ”anti-racist” fake news blog ”Hope not Hate”, as well as an independent German production company apparently working on a documentary about the alternative right.

The conference lasted four to five hours and was divided in three blocks of speakers, with breaks between each to allow for socializing and refreshments.

The roster of speakers was impressive, and although, for obvious reasons, the majority were Hungarians, there was also an international presence, with speakers from the UK, Italy and Macedonia.

The post then goes into a description of each of the different speeches and ends with the following lines:

To conclude, this was a well-organized conference on a timely and crucial topic, and I was impressed with the quality of the people attending, in particular the young student activists from Identitesz, an organization for which I see a bright future, and I was also pleased to see the collaboration taking place between them and my good friends in Knights Templar International. I am already looking forward to attending their next, bigger event.

Globalism is a disease, and conferences like these are part of a much-needed remedy.



Native Swedes Arrested For ‘Right-Wing’ Bombing Spree


This site has long predicted that native Swedes would eventually rise up and begin using violence against their government. With that said we of course oppose all violence and illegality but we are sober enough to realize Europe’s future will (tragically) be filled with it.

Impossible to tell if this is legit or if the Swedish government wrongly arrested or entrapped these individuals.

Either way, from YesPasaran via a previous link, we have the story:

Three Swedish patriots linked by police to the Nordic Resistance Movement have been arrested in connection with bombings in the city of Gothenburg aimed at a communist bookshop, a Swedish Migration Service invader center, and a reception camp for new invader arrivals.

The Göteborgs-Posten newspaper quoted Mats Ljungqvist, a prosecutor at the police’s National Security Unit, as saying that the first bomb exploded outside the “syndicalist forum’s café” in central Gothenburg in November last year.

Then, in early January, a bomb exploded at a Swedish Migration Service invader center in in Västra Frölunda , and the third bomb was found on January 25 behind a caravan on the Lilleby campground, which is used as an “initial reception center” for the invaders. The third device did not explode.

The three arrested persons have not yet been identified, but according to their lawyers, all deny the charges.




This is just a small sampling of countless similar stories.

Huge thanks for all those Preservationists who marched, protested, organized, and fought for the future of Europe and the West this last month. Huge thanks to YesPasaran for compiling them.

We today confront the greatest existential threat in the history of Europe and her people’s.

May God and our ancestors bless us, and allow 2017 to be year one of the Reconquista, and Europe delivered from the horrors being perpetrated upon her.




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  1. Rick 4 months ago

    Here’s another white pill… from Vancouver of all places the Soldiers Of Odin disrupted an Anitifa protest.
    The news report incorrectly states that they threw a smoke bomb

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Very very cool. White pill indeed.

      I have no doubt the journalists misstated the details.

      Good for those guys up in Canada. I was wondering if the ‘Sons of Odin’ thing would stick but it looks like it has to some extent!

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Lol that is absolutely awesome.

      Also did you notice the track suit he was wearing sitting on that tank? lol that is so perfectly eastern european.

      But yeah these Bulgarians are starting to outdo the Hungarians I think 🙂 If they were a little closer to Germany/Sweden/France might have to consider making a home base there instead of Prague or Budapest 🙂

  2. SteveRogers42 4 months ago

    Julian — This book sounds interesting. Have you reviewed it?


    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Hey heck yeah it does. I had not heard of it at all actually…

      Sounds like Houellebecq’s Submission but more hopeful. Judging from the review the author’s portrayel of France in the near future sounds pretty congruent with all our collective thoughts too.

      I will try to order it- thank you for the linK Steve!


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