Update On Personal Preparation

Update On Personal Preparation
August 18, 2016 Admin

Earlier this spring I posted an introduction to a new series I was going to start which would focus on my own personal preparation for the impending war in Europe.

It got sidetracked however with all the rigors and busyness of daily life that we can all relate to. This was unfortunate of course because I think everyone who will read this can also relate to the impulse for the series. It is maddening reading about Europe every day, and seeing the lands our ancestors sprang forth from being destroyed purposefully and horrifically. I’m not even physically there to see the horrors in person and yet it still pains me beyond words. We hear reports the the mass-rape of young White British girls (many pre-pubescent) is still going on on an industrial scale in Rotherham and the rest of Britain. We are told that the same policeman aren’t investigating it or doing anything to help, that potential whistleblowers are still afraid of being called racist lest they try to stop what’s going on, that the same Labour politicians are covering it up and the same Tory politicians ignoring it. Across the continent SJW-nutjob fanatics continue to lobby for increased Muslim immigration, and in countries like the UK and Sweden regular people who dare question it are locked up for supposed ‘hate crimes’.

With all this being the case, how can one not want to go there and fight? How can one not fantasize about liberation and revenge? As an article that Dashui just brought to our attention suggests, those members of societies/tribes/cultures/etc who consider their personal identity and tribal identity to overlap to the requisite degree are called “Devoted Actors” and are the ones willing to fight and die for the survival and future of their respective groups. I consider myself to be such a “Devoted Actor” within our own civilizational struggle, and I think that countless other men across Europe and the Occident would say the same of themselves.

I can’t go to Europe today, and if I could there would be as of yet no war for me to fight in. But as a “Devoted Actor” I long for that day, and do everything in my power to prepare for it. I can try to move things in a direction that will allow me to eventually end up there, and leave me prepared to contribute once I am. That is the goal at least, and it burns inside of me with an untempered fierceness that is overwhelming and makes me half crazy. Writing about it and preparing for it are the only things that keep me sane.

This post then, and those that will follow it, are meant to be updates on that preparation.

Physical Development

I am basing my physical goals on the Army Ranger minimums, which are those activities and subsequent scores that qualify someone to try out for the Rangers. ‘Try out’ is the operative word, as the ‘recommended’ scores are even higher. I figure if I can get to the minimums though I will then work my way up to the ‘recommended’ later on.

Running: The Ranger’s minimum is a 15:00 two minute mile. I began running about a month ago, doing so when I wake up every morning. My day is based around waking up early (see this article), so this usually takes place around 500 or 530 am. It is always the first thing I do upon waking and a great way to start the day.

When I started I was quite out of shape, and could barely run for more than thirty yards at a time (that is a slight exaggeration but not much). I steadily improved every single day though, forcing another ten yards out of myself, until I was beginning to cover a decent amount of ground. I run the same stretch of neighborhood every day, and have now built up to running about .65 miles at a time without stopping, which takes me about 6:30. My intentions are to keep adding about ten more yards each day, and continuing that until I get to one mile a day. Then I will try to start running it in faster and faster times, working down to 7:30. This is half of the 15:00 two mile Ranger minimum, and once I can manage it then I will try to move it up to that level. As always, available free time is the biggest obstacle.

Pushups: The Ranger minimum is 50 pushups in 2:00. Because I have been lifting weights daily for the last two years I can already do that pretty easily (my best is 60-some), but am working my way up to the ‘recommended’ level of 85.

Situps: The Ranger minimum for these is 60 in 2:00, which I cannot do. As a result I am doing a 2:00 challenge every morning after my run, working my way up to that level.

Weight Training: I first became an obsessive weightlifter in high school, my entry into the practice coinciding with a normal teenage size explosion that caused me to go from 5’11” 145 lbs my Sophomore year to 6′ 221 lbs my Junior year. I essentially stopped after high school but got back into it in 2014. In 2015 I recomped 50 lbs, losing and gaining equal parts fat and muscle to add up to that number over the course of the year. Today, I lift weights twice per day 4 days per week, and have gotten my arms to 17.5 inches and my neck to 19 inches. I have not been ‘maxing out’ because of constraints in equipment (I lift at home), but am going to begin to do so soon.

Nutrition: I track every calorie that goes into my body on an app called ‘My Fitness Pal’. My macronutrient goal is 30% protein, 30% fat, and 50% carbs, trying to average around 4000 calories per day (trying to do a recomp/slight bulk right now).

Tactical and Weapons Training

Firearms: I have researched various firearms training classes where I live, and am planning on beginning one within the next two weeks.

Self-Defense: This area has had no focus and does not look to have focus added in the immediate future. Problem is lack of time. This is something I am seeking to overcome however, and I hope to have better updates on it in the future.

Tactical: I continue to read as many resources on 4th Generation Warfare, assymetric warfare, and similar topics as possible. Please send me anything to do with these subjects.

Personal and Political

Personal: I continue to engage in decision-making and long-term planning in such a way to move towards going to Europe, to prosecute for the break-out of war (before it is too late), and to be in a position to contribute in any way I can once war does break out.

My book, Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity, continues to sell at a pace far beyond that which I had hoped for before publishing it. It is on track to sell several thousand copies by the end of the year. This is of course in part because of the low price, but even so I am still grateful for its success, since that means more people are introduced to the war in Europe. I intend on continuing to market it in a variety of ways, and plan on writing more books in the future.

This site:
I continue to post 3-4 articles per week on this site, but need to do far more. Despite that, I want to also take this as an opportunity to thank those who comment here, and send emails, and engage in this little community. Because of family and business obligations, I have not been able to dedicate the time to this site that I wish to and need to. I am 100% resolved to continue building it however. It is also immensely humbling to have individuals of such caliber who still follow it and visit it and take value from the articles. I will continue to attempt to reinvest all the time and money I can into the site, and attempt to do more and more with it to awaken normies and positively influence the situation in Europe in any ways possible.


Editor’s Note: If others are conducting their own similar preparation, or have ideas on the topic, please share them below!

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Comments (17)

  1. Mike 7 months ago

    Good work! I like how you are start where you’re are and slowly build up your training. That’s smart. It’s all about habit. Better to start realistically, build the habit of training and then add progressively more difficult challenges. Accountability is really helpful. Find someone to train with atlas once a week, set up goals for the week and then hold each other accountable. Also, end your daily shower with a cold shower.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Hey Mike- thanks for the comment! I have done some cold showering in the past but never got super into it. I need to try again I think! I know I read on AoM that it raises testosterone which I found fascinating. I was also recently reading about it in the context of Wim Hof breathing stuff on Mike Cernovich’s website. Seems to be way more there than you would think just casually hearing about it.

      And then yes habit-manipulation is the absolute key to self-improvement I agree completely! I think its the freaking secret to life to be honest and someday I will write a self-improvement book incorporating it 🙂

  2. Mark Gullick PhD 7 months ago

    I have moved from the UK to Costa Rica. Europe cannot escape what is coming. Good luck to you. A very good piece.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Hey Dr. Gullick-

      Thanks for the comment- its much appreciated. When did you move? What part of the UK did you come from? Was the situation vis a vis immigration/Muslims/Suicidalal elites?

      I spent time in Costa Rica as a kid it is certainly a great area.

      Would love to hear your experiences and your thoughts on what is happening if you don’t mind sharing. It would be highly welcomed. Comments are great or please email me if you prefer at valhalla1@europeancivilwar.com.

      Thanks again!

    • Mike 7 months ago

      You can run but you can’t hide. Shall we just give up Europa, our mother? What good is moving away that if we don’t change from weakness to strength? I know it’s hard. But is the ex-pat option really the solution? How long will Costa Rica be safe for white people? Shall we all move there and take it over? The natives there will definitely resist that. That’s the problem; as a group we have lost our will to resist. We are in a strange kind of suicidal trance. We need to snap out of that and build a new spirit.
      Another response is to train to fight. Here a bright example in Sweden:

  3. Laguna Beach Figey 7 months ago

    Very impressive.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Thanks Laguna Beach. You doing anything similar on your end? What else is new in your neck of the woods?

  4. Michael 7 months ago

    Nice post Julian. I’m personally not exercising every days but at least several times a week, and will start Krav maga lessons weekly in September. hopefully that will strengthen me and be an outlet for all the rage that is burning inside me all the time.
    I would recommend something that I think is missing from your post and is crucial as well: stress management. I do HRV training every day with the heart math device and it does decrease stress and improve focus and sleep quality. I also didn’t drink a single drop of alcohol for more than 2 years.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Hey Michael- thanks for the comment!

      Good for you with the Krav Maga- you should update us on how that goes or even write a guest post or something! As far as stress management goes I do a ton of other self-improvement stuff that I didn’t get into in the post, but I would definitely consider some of it to be stress-management related. The primary ones would be probably be 1) reading fiction every day if only for 5 minutes (usually more though), this is in my opinion the greatest stress management secret that exists, I always feel WAY less stressed/more peace of mind after reading fiction. And then 2) doing daily written affirmations and visualizations. I would say it is all very similar to Hal Elrod’s book the Miracle Morning if you ever get a chance to check it out. I am a self-improvement nut and may likely end up writing a book and maybe even creating an additional website in that area at some point in the future.

      I had not heard of HRV training but I just looked it up and it sounds very interesting. What would you say is the biggest benefit or way it helps?

      And then amen on the alcohol question as well, I am the exact same way, zero alcohol at this point in my life. That must be particularly hard for you in France- don’t ya’ll typically have wine with every meal?!?

      • Michael 7 months ago

        alcohol: 😉 not with every meal but when you live close to your family like me there is always an excuse to have a drink so at some point I had to make a choice, clarity or fatigue.
        HRV training: it forces me back into “the zone” when I start to feel overwhelmed. only this is precious to me, though there seems to be much more benefits than that when you listen to health gurus.
        guest post: would be honored, we could do that around November/December if that works for you.

        • Author
          Admin 7 months ago

          Sounds great man hit me up whenever you are ready!

  5. Michael 6 months ago

    Great article,
    I agree that a certain level of fitness is of utmost importance for a man if he wants to get ready for the times to come. I, too work out 5-6 times per week. I do a basic full body weight workout twice a week and do self defense 3-4 times per week. Self defense consists of CQC training, long staff and baton workouts. If anyone is interested, here is my yotube playlist of interesting CQC videos I’ve found throughout the years:
    There is a lot one can do at home and even without a trainer, thanks to modern media.

  6. SteveRogers42 4 months ago

    Consistent effort over a long period of time — well done!
    In order to continue your improvement, I hope you will consider doing some mobility drills (leg swings, hip circles, Saigon squats) before your runs and at least five minutes of static stretching after you finish. Guys always hate to stretch, but it pays off both in terms of injury prevention and improved performance.
    Since you are training for an event that might require you to walk long distances under a load, over broken terrain, it might be wise to replace one day of running with a day hike in boots carrying a moderately-heavy pack. It’ll give you a little training variety too, so you don’t get stale.
    Train pullups as hard and as often as you train pushups. Chances are there will be obstacles to climb over in Europe or here at home…

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Hey Steve I think that all sounds like excellent advice, much appreciated.

      I need to get a pullup bar, I lift weights 2-3 times per day while I work (not at the gym just at the office/home/etc), usually 6-8 sets each time, and do lots of pushups and air squats and stuff (I try to do one or the other before each meal if I haven’t lifted weights before it), HOWEVER I NEVER do pullups :/

      I love hiking though and I live in the mountains (quite similar to Europe). My little son used to love hiking with me out in the woods back when he was 2/3 years old, ironically, but now (he is 4) he just wants to stay near the house and mess about when we go outside. Gonna try to get him back into hiking with me though and also get both of us into martial arts in a year or two.

      I’ll make sure to stretch too!


      • DaShui 4 months ago

        I got this thing called the ultimate sandbag, which might be better than standard weights. U can vary the weight in it, and the weight shifts so it’s much more of a challenge. Also u can drop it on your foot, or hit yourself on the head with it and it won’t break anything.

        • Author
          Admin 4 months ago

          Just checked it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T67IeOUY4Bs I like the shoulder to shoulder press. I am trying to develop big traps for intimidating liblabs 🙂

          Might have to suggest this to my wife for a Christmas present!

  7. SteveRogers42 4 months ago

    Thanks to the wisdom of my parents, I trained and competed in judo from age 6 thru age 12. Judo never let me down when I needed it — and I’ve needed it a few times. Since it involves upper-body grappling and ground fighting, it is perfectly suited for an ironpusher such as yourself. Also a very good sport for the little ones, since rolling around on the mat is not as “scary” as trading kicks and punches.
    I’ve attached a pertinent thread from another blog, with more input on training the kids. (If you are not familiar with James LaFond, I recommend a daily dose of his writings on a whole bunch of topics.)


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