Update: Swedish Bonnier Press Suggests Dead Syrian Conservative Was ‘Hateful’ ‘White Supremacist’

Update: Swedish Bonnier Press Suggests Dead Syrian Conservative Was ‘Hateful’ ‘White Supremacist’
January 10, 2018 Admin

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I am back in action and have an update on the cold land of Sweden for you!

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First though, to Sweden….





Crazy swedes attack dead conservative

Sweden…. land of the midnight crescent moon.


Bechir Rabani’s Death

Last week we discussed a story out of Sweden concerning a young Syrian immigrant who (strangely) was also a right-wing anti-George Soros journalist who died mysteriously.

It seems likely that he died of natural causes still, but as a very young, healthy man who died mere days after announcing he was working on an “explosive” story on Soros and Swedish suicidalist industrialist Robert Aschberg, concern seems hardly misplaced.

Today, the Soros-backed Bonnier media in Sweden has ruthlessly attacked the man.

Our friends at Fria Tider break it down:

[via Google Translate]

Aftonbladet is now suiting Bechir Rabani – after its tragic death. Newspaper commentator Lena Mellin chooses in an article to name the deceased 33-year-old as a “hateful journalist”, and couple him with terrorists.

Lena Mellin writes in an article published on Monday evening that according to Säpo, “there are about 3,000 people who can be described as terrorists” and some of them belong to “the Right-wing White Power Movement.”

“It is in the light of the 33-year-old now-deceased ‘national journalist’,” Mellin says further, referring to Bechir Rabani – which she does not mention by name.

“He and the right-wing site he led, among other things, have used the method of attracting journalists at home and confronting them with different allegations,” continues Lena Mellin.

She also measures the dead 33-year-old as a hater.

“A few days after visiting Robert Aschberg at home, the hateful journalist died. Nothing suggests that a crime has been committed.”

Lena Mellin also describes Bechir Rabani’s supporters as violent right-wing extremists spreading conspiracy theories that it was Robert Aschberg who killed the citizen journalists.

Aftonbladet also publishes a video interview with Robert Aschberg himself. In the clip, Aschberg says that those who spread theories about death are a burden on “other parts of the right-wing movement”.

– There may be people on the back of the moon too. There are real gall boilers, he says.



Sweden rape crisis

Sweden has become a crime scene both literally and figuratively.

Bonnier Style

We have discussed the infamous Bonnier family before on this site.

They are a family of… foreign… extraction who own most of the media companies in Sweden, and are considered to be closely affiliated with George Soros.

The Bonnier-controlled newspapers in Sweden have helped facillitate the decades long destruction of the country in the name of mass-immigration and ‘humanitarian superpower’-ism.

Today we see just how repressive they and the Swedish government has gotten, where even a young Syrian immigrant who questions the actions of Soros and his compatriots like Robert Aschberg is labeled a ‘white supremacist’.

Strangely, the Swedish government and Swedish media seem unconcerned with the constant grenade attacks and murders and rapes rocking the country…









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  1. Unknown 1 week ago

    Like these days in Germany: on a national TV-channel especially for kids, a (pseudo) documentary was broadcasted, glorifying the love between a young girl and a muslim man. That caused some uproar and critique, not just because of the obvious intent, but also because of some “mistakes” like the man being incorrect about his age. The reaction of our beloved mainstream leftist media was, as expectable: naming the critic “hateful”, “racist” etc. Looks like the repertioire of leftist “arguments” is quite narrow.

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