Update: Swedish Patriot Arrested By Government! Tensions Rising In Gotland!

Update: Swedish Patriot Arrested By Government! Tensions Rising In Gotland!
October 9, 2016 Admin

Two days ago we profiled the Swedish patriot who confronted four Muslims who had just been released from police custody after being arrested on suspicion of gang-raping a wheelchair bound Swedish woman after following her into a public bathroom.

Video still of one of the men arrested for gang-raping disabled Swedish woman in bathroom.

Muslim gang-rapist from incident (left), with undercover Swedish policeman (right).

The gentleman tracked down the suspected perpetrators twice before being able to confront them. At the beginning of the first time and at the end of the second time- during which he called them “scum” and “animals”- native Swedish police intervened. If you haven’t seen the video he took I am re-pasting it at the bottom of this post.

Now, according to our friends at Fria Tider, the regressive-Leftist government has arrested the man, along with one of his compatriots.

Here is their account:

Called suspected rapists “dirty animal” – was arrested by police:

The man in the highlighted clips on Youtube is seen shouting “scum” and “dirty animal” to people suspected of gang rape in Visby suspected himself now for förgripelse against the officer and trespassing.

Because of the unrest that occurred on Gotland after a wheelchair-bound woman reported that she had been gang-raped called the police on the island in reinforcements from Stockholm over the weekend.

Two people have been served suspicion of förgripelse against official and trespassing. According Entire Gotland , they suspect the crimes be put together with the prosecutor in the case of rape had a nocturnal house call after deciding that the suspected rapists would be set free.

Very telling that these four suspected gang-rapist Muslims were immediately released from prison and given what looks like in the video police protection, while this patriot is arrested for merely standing up to them verbally.

Beautiful Sweden.

Beautiful Sweden.

It seems as though this incident has caused tensions to begin boiling over on the island of Gotland however, as large numbers of native Swedes have begun demonstrating against the Muslim rapists, and against the Swedish government’s intention to re-setttle even larger numbers of migrants on the island.

Now, according The Local, the Swedish government is sending extra police to the island to quell the anger of residents and ensure calm. The Local is one of the corrupt, Progressive, government mouth-piece news outlets we wrote about yesterday, and their account strikes one as far more sympathetic to the Muslim gang-rapists than to the regular Swedes:

Sweden’s national police have sent backup to the island of Gotland following unrest sparked by the release of five men who were arrested on suspicion of raping a woman.

Five men were arrested earlier this week after a woman in her thirties reported that she had been raped in a property in the medieval town of Visby on the Baltic Sea island Gotland, off the east coast of Sweden.

They were released on Wednesday after the prosecutor judged that there was not enough evidence to ask the court to have them remanded in custody (according to Swedish law, a prosecutor can detain someone up until noon on the third day after the arrest, after which a court decision is required to remand them).

The five men, in their twenties, are still understood to be part of an ongoing investigation into the incident.

The woman’s lawyer told the Aftonbladet tabloid earlier this week that she had shared a taxi home with one of the men after a restaurant visit and needed to use the bathroom.

“She followed him in and had no fears that something would happen. Then the man took advantage of the situation. The abuse started in the toilet,” her legal representative Staffan Fredriksson said.

The other men are said to have joined them in the property later.



“Where they came from we don’t know. This was going on for a couple of hours,” said Fredriksson. “She got paralyzed in this situation and was not able to bring herself to resist physically, other than saying no.”

The woman is understood to be able to walk around her home, but cannot walk long distances and uses a wheelchair.

Police mainland backup arrived on the island on Friday after emotions flared following media reports on the men’s release from custody. Some of this is understood to have included threats made against the five men. A separate probe has also been launched after individuals turned up on the prosecutor’s doorstep.

“If you’re talking about it in very general terms, it is very serious that people try to influence the legal system. It is obviously serious if that is the purpose,” police investigator Mats Holst told the Hela Gotland newspaper on Thursday, but would not comment further on the latter incident.

The back-up officers, who have been sent from Stockholm, are to work to prevent violence or threats from escalating, strengthen safety-building measures and assist in other criminal investigations on the island.

“It is to make sure that we can handle our fundamental mission as police on Gotland and to enable us to act on the incidents of the past few days,” said Torbjörn Nilsson, the head of Gotland police, in a statement.

He also told Hela Gotland: “We simply do not accept that people take the law into their own hands as many have expressed that one should do”

“You have to distinguish between these past weekends and what it is like on Gotland in general. Gotland is relatively, compared to other places, very safe and there are few crimes compared to the rest of the country,” he added. “But the way people have now acted is unprecedented.”

According to Hela Gotland, 28 rapes have been reported on the island so far this year.

Earlier in the week, Gotland police were forced to delete comments on its Facebook page after the discussion escalated and several people urged them to release the identities of the suspects.

“We are restrictive when it comes to specifying ethnicity, description or other information such as age, appearance and addresses. We do specify that in some cases if it is important to move the investigation forward and we need the help of the public. Otherwise not,” wrote the police on their Facebook page.

Government-Perpetrated Suicide

Not only is the government sending extra police to the island of Gotland to “quell anger and ensure safety”, but the government-funded “anti-fascist” group ‘Expo’ is also apparently stationing members there to conduct surveillance on protestors.

Fria Tider reports:

Left Extreme Expo, dedicated to identifying and opinion sign immigration critic, has Gotland “on the radar” after the recent outcry against the immigration policy on the island.

After the gang rape against a wheelchair-bound woman in Visby has, among other things organized demonstrations against the politicians’ plans to make the island “multicultural”. Dissatisfaction with immigration policy ferment among the population and it has also formed vigilante.

On the extreme left of the Expo Foundation, financed with state funds, keeps careful track of developments. The magazine Expos executive editor Daniel Poohl claims there are unhappy citizens with “extreme right-wing movements” behind the protests

“Right extremists” also spreads the image of the so-called refugees would be likely to commit sexual offenses.

– It is often based on a perception that “there is a crime committed by refugees who close their eyes to our democracy.” Then takes this role, says Daniel Poohl to P4 Gotland.

Expo, which was founded by the criminal left extremist Tobias Hübinette, has since 1995 devoted itself to view record opponents on the right in a large archive.

The operation is financed by the Swedish government through the Ministry of Culture.


My take on this situation is the same as this website’s take on the entire issue of modern Europe: Sweden is completely falling apart and I hope the people of Gotland rise up and begin taking back their country before it is too late. My only regret is that I am not there yet to try to do my part. We have been born into momentous times – the most momentous in the entire history of our people. The civilization our ancestors built is being purposefully destroyed before our eyes, and what we do individually and collectively to fight back will be the defining question of our lives.


Note: If anyone can help me I am going crazy trying to figure out what aerial image of the island that is embedded to the left (and up above in the post) is of… It looks like some tiny little island that cannot possibly be Gotland (too small), yet it is literally the exact same shape as the island of Gotland, with all those old buildings on the left side in the exact same place as the town of Visby on actual maps of Gotland. Is it like some really well-done computer replica in miniature? Is it actually Gotland and I am losing my mind? 57,000 people cannot live on a little tiny island like that. But then why is the shape exactly the same? Somebody please enlighten me I’m losing my mind!!!

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  1. Mike 1 year ago

    If that news got you a bit hot under the collar then take a look at this recent article on National Geographic on ‘The New Europeans’.
    The demographic replacement program is really happening.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Mike- yes, quite interesting and *unfortunate*. National Geographic is one of the sort of archetypal examines of modernity in my mind and its ambiguities. On one side I have always loved it (National Geographic I mean), because you learn all about nature and animals and it is so earnest and I appreciate that. On the other though when it comes to the human side it is just such rote, stuck-up, brainwashed Progressive bs. And all the writer’s bios just remind me of kids I knew at University of Washington who were so liberal and studious and stuck-up and self-proud… Eck.

      Anyway you were right you have succeeded in triggering me again lol.

  2. Fred 1 year ago

    A White policeman, who has the looks to be an actor in a viking movie, protecting non-White invader rapists! This is the type of thing that causes me to think the White race has a death-wish. Does a race that tolerates treason like this deserve to survive?

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Thanks for the comment Fred. A question I have asked myself before too. If you think of it on a long continuum though, the actions of modern Europeans are but a spec of insanity compared to the hundreds of generations that preceded them who conducted themselves with pride, valor, and honor. Unfortunate that that one spec of insanity on the timeline could potentially wreck all that those hundreds of generations created. Such a tragedy has not yet fully come to pass though, and hopefully it can be averted.

      Appreciate the comment and feel your frustration!

      • Fred 1 year ago

        The White race needs to embrace a new value-system if it is to survive. It needs a value-system that will give it the necessary brutality to do WHATEVER it takes to be victorious. The value-system of Christianity is not helping the White race, it is destroying it. The Whites helping the non-Whites to invade ancestral White homelands may not necessarily self-identify as Christian; they may even claim to be atheist, but their behaviour is Christian. White men, who should be the warriors protecting their people, are in desperate need of a Nietzschean, might is right, value-system. This will give White men the psychological hardness they need to fall on their enemies in berserker fury. If a sufficient number of White men do not embrace Nietzsche’s warrior philosophy the White race is doomed. Christian thinking MUST be replaced with Nietzschean warrior thinking.

        • VivatEuropa 1 year ago

          This tendency to lay much of the blame for modern whites’ value system on Christianity, and a resultant hostility toward Christianity, is very prevalent among our ranks. But history refutes the validity of this view. Christianity used to serve as a major catalyst for Europeans’ defending their people and heritage. Modern Christianity is so corrupted and watered down, from perverted Protestantism to the infiltrated and misled Vatican II “Catholic” Church, it resembles true Christianity less and less. Modern whites’ value system at this point derives not all that much from Christianity, but more from the modern, actually anti-Christian, forces of the last few centuries which have weakened it. “Turn the other cheek” does not apply here. Christ never commanded men to meekly surrender their lands, peoples, and Christian cultures to heathen invaders.

          • Author
            Admin 1 year ago

            Hey ya’ll- great discussion. I think all three of you have excellent points, even though sharing ‘perpendicular perspectives’.

            I think Fred and Rick are both right that Christianity cannot be the catalyst for people of Europe/the broader Occident to successfully defend themselves from their current attackers. However I was actually going to make the same point that VivatEurope makes- that whatever one thinks of it today, some historical iteration of it DID catalyze the people of Europe to fearsome strength, purpose, and aggression- or as Fred says just as accurately, ruthlessness.

            Now, I presume many would argue that during those historical Reconquistas and Crusades, Christianity might have been merely been the lens through which the Europeans filtered inherently NON-Christian actions, and I think some credence can be given to that, but nevertheless, one could alternately argue that such an argument is 6 to 1 half dozen to the other.

            I often label Progressivism a new version of Christianity, but I am not wholly negative on Christianity. I have read alot of books on Scandinavian history that- if we are being fair- describe our ancestors doing some rather bizarre/repulsive things in the pre-Christian period (e.g. having sex with horses, e.g. having ten men have sex with the just-deceased chieftain’s favorite concubine before burning her alive with his body). With that being the case, I absolute do think the advent of Christianity brought a civilizing effect to Northern Europe. I think there is credence to suggest it brought many negative things as well, but then again that is just how history works, different ideologies and belief systems pop up and fade away.

            I am sure I sound like I am equivocating and failing to take a stand either way, but these are truly my thoughts on the mater. As I have said before- I absolutely do believe in morality- and for that I am grateful for the influence of Christianity/morality-based belief systems on Northern Europe. And, if I sort of organize my thoughts in the right way, I can even get myself to the point where I can call myself an Enoch Powell-type ‘Post-Christian Christian’, in that it was/has been the belief system of our ancestors for nine centuries and thus an important part of our received and historical identity.

            HOWEVER, it is plain as day that a sick and destructive iteration of it- whether true or corrupted- is currently dragging Western Europe to the chopping block. I think to survive our people must find new metaphysical/existential motivation to fight and live. Presuming we are able to fight and thus live, I hope our descendants view their Christian heritage warmly, reverently, but also warily.

  3. rick 1 year ago

    The new value system is on its way. Nature is brutal, chickens that try to hug wolves don’t last long and don’t reproduce.
    The white race is actually suffering from:
    1) having been too successful, in that survival instinct is diminished when there are no threats to survival
    2) The massive reduction in warrior genes that were purged in WW1&2

    The revival is coming, the challenge of course is when, because the deeper we sink into the abyss the harder will be the escape.
    Christianity is not the answer it is just a universalist ideology from the middle east, it worked in the past as a unifying force against Islam, but at the time Europe was homogenous and there was not the population movements we see today, importing 3rd world migrants and exporting Christianity.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Rick, responded to you above in my response to Fred and VivatEuropA.

      Agree with you completely that one of the main roots of our problem is that we as a people were too successful. I think it is telling that the key break took place between the ‘Great Generation’ and the Baby- Boomers. The Great Generation grew up in the toughest times the West had seen for ages- the Depression and WWII. The Baby-Boomers grew up in the most prosperous and easiest times in the history of our people. No surprise they grew up with zero perspective, embrace fantasy ideologies, and became the generation that would destroy one thousand years of Occidental civilization.

      Now, I like to think, it is up to the Millennials like myself to pull us back from the Boomer-inflicted abyss.

  4. Fred 1 year ago

    Admin said “I have read alot of books on Scandinavian history that- if we are being fair- describe our ancestors doing some rather bizarre/repulsive things in the pre-Christian period (e.g. having sex with horses, e.g. having ten men have sex with the just-deceased chieftain’s favorite concubine before burning her alive with his body).”

    How do you know Christians did not write those things to make our heathen ancestors look bad? They had the ability, the opportunity, and the motivation to do so.

    Admin said “With that being the case, I absolutely do think the advent of Christianity brought a civilizing effect to Northern Europe.”

    What do you mean by “civilizing”?

    How is it good for the future survival of the White race to be civilized by Christianity?

    How is Christian civilization better than the culture of the ancient Scandinavians in a White survival context?

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Oh I think its been extremely well-documented that the Christians in 12th/13th/14th century Scandinavia made up all sorts of lies about the Pagan Scandinavians. No surprise there.

      The book I was quoting the above from is The Vikings by Robert Ferguson. I believe its a pretty well-respected hook but I could certainly be wrong.

      Either way, I guess what I am trying to highlight is just how nuanced these things are. I’m not saying ‘pre-Christian pagan Scandinavia great, post-conversion Christian Scandinavia terrible’ OR its inverse. I agree with the points you are making about many of the negative effects Christianity has had on Northern Europe. However I think to say that EVERYTHING Christianity brought is bad is potentially an overstatement too. Human culture and belief is unbelievably fluid, and as VivatEuropa points out, Christian belief or Christian culture has gone through a number of massively different manifestations or permutations. So, regarding your last sentence, I don’t think it is. It has had SOME positive influences, and SOME negative ones, along with every other force or ideology that has influenced Northern European culture and thinking over its thousands of years long history.

  5. rick 1 year ago

    Even though I don’t consider myself a Christian I don’t like to disparage it, I think on the whole it has been a positive influence on Europe particularly since the reformation.
    We have to be practical and honest with ourselves as regards paganism, There are some positives (such as the 9 noble virtues of Asatru) but I think it’s really hard to make this work in the 21st Century.
    I’ve travelled quite a bit, and there is a wide variance in Christianity and how it is practised so really we have to assume that it is susceptible to the prevailing culture and this has been repeated, through the Crusades, the inquisition, the age of exploration, etc.. This can be perhaps be viewed either as a strength or weakness, but for it to work there needs to be some exclusionary aspects based on blood.
    Would it really matter if we expelled all of the Muslims in Europe and replaced them with Christians from Africa?


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