Vanguardist Attributes (inspired by Murdoch, Murdoch)

Vanguardist Attributes (inspired by Murdoch, Murdoch)
May 31, 2017 Admin


The following is the newest video from our friends Murdoch, Murdoch, who we previously profiled here.


I have watched the video probably 20 times in the last week, and every time I find it hard not to get teary-eyed during the second half.

The video is about 80% serious and 20% ironic, and I think this split pretty well represents the overall split between those two things in our ‘movement’. I would point out to any *normal* people reading this that some of the stuff in the video (like the ‘Nice guy national socialist’ flyer) is tongue in cheek- I don’t think the creators of Murdoch, Murdoch really consider themselves Nazi’s, its meant to be ironic since all white people that aren’t liberals are called Nazi’s.

The 80% of the video that is earnest, and serious, and emotional, however, is immensely affecting. There are many talented individuals in our movement, but I think in their ability to utilize music and video together to evoke a visceral and emotionally-resonant response, Murdoch, Murdoch (as well as Walt Bismark) might be the most powerful.

Vanguardist Attributes

Beyond the basic themes of the video, the thing that inspires me the most is the dynamic referenced where awareness of the existential threats facing our people catalyzes a response of intense self-improvement.

I have recognized this in myself and I think its something noticeable in every person that comments on this site, and many of the sites like it.

As I have written about before, I think Identitarianism and self-improvement are merely two sides of the same coin. Heill at Sverða thumotic or Neitschean ‘will to power’ to challenge oneself and be the best man one can be is the same feeling on a personal level as as Identitarianism is on a tribal or civilizational level. It springs from the same part of our mind and soul.

Such self-improvement is also unbelievably addicting. In many ways it reminds me of playing Dungeons and Dragons as a kid, where your character has their individual list of ‘attributes’. In D&D it was Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. It was these attributes that dictated the success of a character, and by gaining experience and challenging themselves they were able to raise them over time and accomplish greater deeds.

We as the Vanguard of the West and of our people also have attributes that dictate our success. And they can in similarly be improved upon over time with work.

Liberal critics would dismiss my comparison and claim that it represents the exact reason why people like us focus on the situation in Europe- that we need such threats to give our lives meaning. Yet the threats to our people are more real than anything in our civilization’s history.

The Boer is being genocided– as seen today in the rape and murder of this poor White South African girl, one of more than 74,000 white South Africans brutally murdered in a similar fashion since the late 1990’s.

Europe is being destroyed– as seen in the demographics of countries like Germany and Sweden hitting a tipping point of Islamization.

Our people are disappearing and Western civilization is threatened by extinction- as seen in the sub-replacement birthrates that have sent our people’s populations plummeting and put them on a trajectory of eventually disappearing.

With this being the case, the video above perfectly delineates the need for such self-improvement, and for the selfless embrace of Vanguardism communicated in it.

Just the other day I was discussing this same topic, as I have become obsessed with trying to create some list of Sacrality 10quotients or attributes representing such Vanguardism.

The video has inspired me further in this regard, and I have come up with a short list I will put below.

I myself am far from where I’d like to be on some of them, and am striving to improve in those areas. Others will be high in some areas and low in others. Yet if all of us dedicate ourselves and excel in them, our collective power would be limitless.

Vanguardist Attributes


Patronage– Percentage of one’s income donated to Preservationist groups and charities. – range of 0-100 (although in practice 100% would be impossible since you need money to cover your living expenses)

Self-sufficiency – Percentage of one’s income derived from non- j.o.b. sources (investments or side hustles or businesses, the positive aspect of this being that no gigantic liberal corporation is limiting your ability to speak freely on politics, which is a MASSIVE problem for conservatism in general and especially our corner of the political world.) – range of 0-100, the higher the better.

Strength (Upper Body) – Percentage of one’s body weight one can bench press ABOVE one’s current body weight. – range of 0 to infinity, technically, although there are very, very few (if any) people on earth who can bench more than double than body weight.

Stamina – One’s time in a one mile run. With 10 minutes being a 0 and 5 minutes being a 100 and everything in between being a fraction between the two.

Mannerbundism – Percentage of weeks one spends time with other Preservationists. – so if one met with like-minded individuals at a ‘meet-up’ once a month, that would equal a score of 25 (25%). The rationale for this being that we will never save the world if we are each isolated. Internet meme warfare is of critical importance, but we need real life depth and power as well.

Dedication – Number of hours per week one dedicates to Preservationist politics, multiplied times two. So if one spent 10 hours per week doing various things to help the cause of the West’s future, then that would be a score of 20. This could also include things like self-defense/tactical skills/MMA/etc. I would have liked to include a column specifically for those later skills but couldn’t figure out a way to turn them into a number.

All of those combined numbers, each between 0 and 100, would then be divided by 6 (the number of attributes), to give one an average score between 0 and 100. This could be called one’s Vanguard score.

The same system could be applied pretty easily to men’s self-improvement in general, and if I someday start my Sacrality 1parallel self-improvement website I might re-use this post on it 🙂

I would also highly welcome any thoughts or feedback. What am I leaving out? Or am I just LARPing and this doesn’t matter anyway?


Such a system of metrics isn’t meant to serve for comparison’s between different individuals, but instead to be more like a Golf handicap- something one is perpetually trying to improve upon for the sake of self-improvement.

I calculate my current score as a 35. I have a high Strength score but a lower Stamina one. My Mannerbundism score is also low but my Dedication score is high.

The dream, of course, is a vast Army of Millenial Identitarians with high scores across the board. Each would bench at least 1.5 times their body weight, run 6 minute miles, earn all their money online or through passive income, donate massive amounts of time and money to the cause, and be part of immensely powerful brotherhoods and organizations with the purpose of preserving our lands and cultures.

Such a vision is not unprecedented- their have been other societies that could boast of what I describe.

If and when such a vision comes to fruition things will finally change for the better. The enemies of the West will flee, and its children will rejoice.

As Murdoch, Murdoch says…. “We will come for you”.

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  1. Wow, this is good stuff. I like the scoring system, I might try to implement it in my own life.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Hey Christian thanks for the comment!

      Checked out your website its very good. There’s a lot of Christians that could do well to read it!

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 3 months ago

    Awesome! I think “normal” men would recognize that MM are being 100% serious.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Well my friend if you want to get really technical then Murdoch-Chan (the female one) may be a true NSDAP-er, she’s pretty hardcore, but Dr. Murdoch’s a conflicted Libertarian, and blond Murdoch is a red-pilled former civic nationalist Chad/stoner-type who I would put at maybe Counter-Currents tier on the spectrum (about where I am). At least that’s my understanding…. There’s a good interview with the creator on Radix and also a good article.

      Appreciate the comment- someday we can make Murdoch, Murdoch the propaganda ministers for New Scandinavia 🙂

      • SteveRogers42 2 months ago

        Well, if you are pre-selecting your cabinet, I wish to be considered for the post of Minister Plenipotentiary for Special Tasks, with a perpetual warrant stating: “What has been done has been done by my order and for the good of our people”, (signed) Julian I.

  3. Oz fogey 3 months ago

    IT IS A MOVING AND BEAUTIFUL VID. Sorry about the caps lock! Doesnt Murdoch Chan say at the end of one the MM vids that the one of the goals of “Whitetopia” (I think it is the vid about 23andMe type categorising) is compassion?

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Hey Oz Fogey thanks for the comment I think you’re right- I thinks its ‘Pure 100% Bavarian Phenotype’ or something like that?

  4. Dashui 3 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Hey Dashui good link, I think the author nailed it. I left a comment.

      He makes a good point too that in a future Islamized Europe the Soros’s and mini-Soros’s of the world are not going to have to abide by the same rules as everyone else. They will be parasiting off some other society at that point. Perhaps Korea or Panama, if they let them in.

  5. SteveRogers42 2 months ago

    A subset of Mannerbundism that I think needs to be explicitly stated is the creation of a benevolent and protective association in the economic sphere. Buy from one another, advertise for one another, make each other aware of good deals and investments. Individualism, though admirable if all parties are practicing honest self-sufficiency on a level playing field, is not a winning formula when competitors are working as a “team”. (Even an elephant can be taken down and swarmed under by a horde of army ants.) I’m sure we can all think of ethno/religious groups who are clannish and mutually-supportive, and we need to borrow some of that “teamwork” and do it even better than they do.

  6. shadowman 2 months ago

    Off-topic but anyway….. as I write this, London police are apparently investigating the third terror attack of the day in London (after the initial van-into-a-crowd attack.

    As bad as this is for the victims, it is good news for us. Each attack like this will ratchet up the tension in the place involved, and “every man and his dog” knows that it is Muslims doing this.
    I hope to see some revenge attacks against mosques after this – the more, the better. That would help things to spiral out of control.

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