Video: Antifa Harasses Dentist For Supporting AfD, Frauke Petry Interviewed

Video: Antifa Harasses Dentist For Supporting AfD, Frauke Petry Interviewed
May 30, 2016 Admin

New video on harassment of German dentist for his support of the AfD.

The news montage afterward includes general discussion about German and European politics, the migrant crisis, etc. There is also an interview with Frauke Petry, leader of the AfD.

Important to remember that for all intents and purposes these Antifa members are basically frontline enforcers of government policy. It is very hard to define them as an entity in a way that does not mark them as part of the government. I believe that stories such as this one foreshadow what we will see in the next few years, in that the political parties themselves will increasingly bleed into 4GW elements.

This is something that there was a lot of in Lebanon and Palestine and, in some ways, Afghanistan during those countries’ intense 4GW phases. Political parties often became extensions of militias or vice versa, or formed allegiances with various non-governmental 4GW entities.

While the tactics of these Antifa in the case of this dentist are highly distasteful to us as traditionalists (could you imagine something like this happening in The Shire?), it does point to a need for our side to have similar on the ground 4GW elements.

On another note, the portion of the video at the end where Frauke Petry is interviewed also bears analysis. I try to never be critical of any Preservationist elements, and I applaud the AfD’s success, as Frauke Petry has accomplish a million times more than I have so far in the name of fighting European genocide, but I wish one of her advisors would persuade her to forget about all this apologetic stuff and convince her that talking about economics and EU policy and trade is not effective. She immediately pivots to side issues such as those in the interview, saying something about migration and Islam not being their only issues or main issues or something. However, this seems to me to be very poor strategy.

If you are a hated, despised, and verboten political party in Germany right now, I do not think you win any new voters based on your positions on these everyday side issues. I could certainly be wrong, but it seems to me that few Germans are going to risk being labelled as Nazi’s and have their businesses boycotted in order to vote for your position on import/exports or the minimum wage…. Therefore it seems like it would be far wiser to take advantage of every public appearance and interview you have to continue educating the German people on just what is being done to them and their country. I would keep a laser tight focus on demographics/scale of the invasion/extrapolating 5,10,15 years out/mass-rape/violence against Germans/and the dishonesty and corruption of the current government.

For all intents and purposes, given that the mainstream Suicidalist parties will never allow the likes of the AfD to come to power without an (extra-legal, extra-political) fight anyway, Petry and the AfD and their supporters are essentially fighting a 4GW battle anyway. Such a contest can only be won by completely delegitimizing the current government, and besting them in the all-important moral/strategic arena. Accomplishing such objectives will take aggressive persuasion of the native German populace.

It is of course unfair however to expect any real political victory from the AfD, for, as we know, Germany’s survival can at this point only come through trial, sacrifice, and war.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Swedes discover that they have an enormous surplus of young males in Sweden – How did that happen?!

    Ingredients for Civil War.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Yeah how did that happen lol… You are right though that is about the most potent indicator re the likelihood of civil war that I could think of. Well that and the presence of Muslims…

    • Troy Vilhelmsson 2 years ago

      Did you actually READ the article?

      The “enormous surplus” of men in Sweden (sic!) is due to the infusion of men of FOREIGN RACE:

      “But the arrival in recent years of tens of thousands of unaccompanied teenage boys from Afghanistan, Syria and North Africa is also having a significant impact. Sweden’s biggest male surplus is in the 15-19 age group, where there are 108 boys for every 100 girls. That imbalance could grow to 115-to-100 this year when the impact of last year’s record number of asylum-seekers β€” including more than 35,000 unaccompanied minors β€” is reflected in the population statistics.”

      Is this going to turn the tide towards ‘civil war’ in Sweden? No – it will simply quicken the process of ‘Sweden’ disappearing into the abyss. The number of Aryan men in Sweden has dropped sharply in contrast.

      • Author
        Admin 2 years ago

        I was separating out the “excess” men and the “Muslim” components of the equation… I know that the excess is made up of Muslims, not native Swedes.

        What I meant was that excess men of ANY race or religion will likely serve as a catalyst to civil strife in ANY society. Likewise, the presence of Muslims in any society will also serve as a catalyze to civil strife/violence i, because of the nature of Islam. What I was trying to imply (though articulated poorly), was the fact that since these excess men ARE Muslims it means these two factors are combined to make the threat of civil war exponentially higher.

        Glad you asked about that as it definitely wasn’t clear from my original post.

        • Troy Vilhelmsson 2 years ago

          Julian, my reply was directed at the OP, not yourself! (However, incidentally, I agree with your point.)

          • Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

            @Troy ~ Yes I did read the article, asshole. Did you read my comment?

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Guillaume Faye on War in Europe:

    There Is A Danger Of War In Europe

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Thanks for the link Laguna Beach! Interesting read…

      Do you think the Suicidalists like Merkel woudl start a war with Putin?

      I think its highly unfortunate that the only two Preservationist forces in Europe- Eastern Europe and Russia- are fighting like this. Certainly there are historical reasons, but I think each has far more to fear from Germany/the EU than from each other. Human history is all conflict though that we know to be true.

      Now, if Putin could invade and take over WESTERN Europe, now that I would be in favor of πŸ™‚

      • Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

        Germans don’t want war with Russia. But Merkel is being pressured by U.S. / NATO. What’s more worrying to me is the Russophobia of Visegrad countries. It may be understandable in wake of recent history, but is totally mistaken in light of present realities. I wonder if the Afro-Muslim fellaheen being imported into Europe will be used in the coming civil war against European populations, and as cannon fodder in the war against Russia?

  3. Michael 2 years ago

    I totally agree that those on the Right of politics need to stand there group on the key issues such as mass immigration of Muslim men who hate Western democracy and any form of individual freedom. There are many ordinary people who share these concerns but are afraid to voice there thought because of being labelled racist. If these people see leading politicans of the Right deny their major concerns on this matter. The uncertain will sink back into their shell. We need forthright spokesmen to drive home the issues for the benefit of the general public and especially the uncertain and fearful. These strong forthright views would then be repeated by others in debate. Raising awareness among the public is a huge issue. I have tried through the social media and the response is weak.
    The message does need to get out there continually.

    • Troy Vilhelmsson 2 years ago

      As Harold Covington frequently states, “people are waiting for a ‘permission slip’ before they start speaking against that which there dare not mention”. Of course, the chances of that ‘permission slip’ coming from our ‘lords & masters’ is ZERO (groups such as AfD, UKIP, Sverigedemokraterna, Wilder’s (Jew) Freedom Party, are state-sanctioned PRESSURE-VALVES).

      Our fathers and grandfathers wasted too much time and resources attempting change through ‘evolution’ (the ballot) when the only possibility of swinging things around to our racial interests is revolution, which – unlike 1933 Germany – will require violence.

      How ironic, that we will have to resort to the methods of the 19th and 20th century Communists to get what we want! If history teaches us anything, it is that we must physically annihilate our enemies if we wish to survive. Even the Second World War teaches us that.

      For the reasons above, the first thing I recommend is that our people pick up and start reading Harold Covington’s excellent book The Brigade, as it outlines the methods we will require to execute if we are to seize SOMETHING for ourselves in this rapidly disintegrating Europe.

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