Video: When Will The Insanity End? Paglia And Sommers Discuss Feminism And Progressivism

Video: When Will The Insanity End? Paglia And Sommers Discuss Feminism And Progressivism
July 4, 2016 Admin

The following video is of a discussion between Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers. In it they discuss feminism, contemporary Western Progressivism, and the absolute craziness of modern universities.

Camille Paglia is one of the most fascinating individuals alive today. While she defines herself as a feminist, she has been making enemies among the Progressive orthodoxy for decades by attacking feminism’s excesses, contradictions, and idiocy. Paglia’s criticisms of Progressivism and Liberals are far-ranging, and I could honestly spend 50 pages outlining them and analyzing all her statements and positions. I encourage anyone reading this to research her and read her works.

Paglia 2

Christine Hoff Sommers is the author of The War Against Boys, which many readers may have heard of. The two ladies have been speaking together publicly for at least 30 years, discussing the insanity of modern feminism and the increasingly dangerous and authoritarian nature of Western universities.

As feminism and Progressivism are major catalysts for the situation in Europe, these issues are of supreme importance to our cause. I believe that as the existential danger of ethnic violence becomes clearer and clearer in Western Europe, feminism and Progressivism will naturally fall away as cultural phenomenons and belief systems. However, they are so ingrained into our nations that this natural “falling away” will in turn catalyze an intense push-back from those segments of society most brainwashed into them. How all of this plays out will be of supreme importance, and for that reason videos like these are of great value for us.


Question for readers: Paglia and Sommers thought nutjob feminism/Progressivsm would die out back in the 1980’s, when its excesses first became legion. Instead, they have only gained power. Do you think that process will continue, or do you think their days are finally numbered, and our people will finally leave them to the dustbin of history?

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    • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

      This is encouraging. You can’t have a proper civil war if the other side doesn’t show up.

      War is coming.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Haji’s know what’s goin on!

      Can’t make a new Islamic Caliphate in Europe without breaking a few German eggs…

      But yeah, the more stories like this the better, for sure.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      LOL that was absolutely hilarious. The still pictures were perfect. I totally had not heard about that thanks for posting it Dashui.

      I am an Idaho native and that guy is lucky no one shot him, seriously. When I saw the title i thought it was going to be some White guy or something but yeah if you look like a Somalian you gotta be a little more careful when trying to impress your bro’s at a bar lol.

  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    The only way to defeat feminist and progressive ideologies is to kill them. As we move towards war, I think (1) some feminists and progressives will ‘wake up’ and drop their ideological commitment, realizing that it’s no longer feasible in war time. (2) Others will be detained and/or liquidated by Nationalist forces as traitors, collaborators, and enemy combatants. (3) Others will lose power as they join and are consumed by Afro-Muslim forces. As I’ve said before, I advocate a harsh line towards the feminists and progressives in these groups. Wherever found they should be detained, put on trial, and executed as a way to discourage others. The females who have publicly welcomed the migrant-invaders in Europe should be made examples of. As we move towards war, we have no tolerance for these people.

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    It’s July and that means your pb edition is coming out!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Well it is supposed to be…. Unfortunately just found out my formatter is gone until July 25th :/ I had waited until the last second to email him because normally it only takes him like 6 hours. I didn’t know he was out of town.

      Small roadblock though, just gotta find someone else to do it. Always a risk they will look at the content and refuse though. Got lucky the first time with both the cover designer and the formatter, but they were both pretty unsure at the beginning lol. But yeah we should be able to get the hardcover out by the end of the month I think.

      Also have a ‘book trailer’ coming 🙂

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Another mass sex assault committed by Afro-Muslim scum, this time in Sweden:

    The civil war can’t come fast enough.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Sure can’t.. but we can engage in solid preparation every day. Articles like those are the fuel that keeps me going. Also hoping to get over there sometime soon for networking, on the ground reporting, etc.

  4. DaShui 1 year ago
    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Lol good comedic timing Dashui. Those are classic aren’t they. Surprised the Swedish government didn’t come out with some kind of face paint idea or ‘anti-rape’ yoga classes. God that country needs war to start soon…!

  5. dashui 1 year ago
    I don’t know if j has seen this short story

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      I haven’t! Appreciate link- Very cool.. It sort of seems like a European version of William S Lind’s Victoria (4GW) novel… Have you read the whole thing yet? Would love to publish a review of it if you’re up for it!

      I will keep reading it too.


      • DaShui 1 year ago

        I’ll do a review, but I need to find another book with this topic to contrast the two.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Awesome. Sounds good!

  6. VivatEuropa 1 year ago

    The oppressed Western woman:

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Lol yes. I believe this whole way of thinking is starting to self-atrophy though. It has gotten too ridiculous for words and is on its last legs.

  7. VivatEuropa 1 year ago

    Ideologies like feminism are partly products of an affluent society. Nothing will diminish the number of feminists like harder times, especially the ultimate hard times, a state of war.
    I’ve been thinking about this again lately, as I watch the circus, the fraud. The politicians, the media, the whole power structure, runs a complete farce by us 24 hours a day as if we were all idiots. Layer upon layer of unacceptable starting premises, so that it’s all an exercise in total irrelevance to us. And half the population is in synch with them. This is a recipe for civil war. Julian astutely observed that progressivism is a religion for its adherents, and that not only do our enemy occupation governments and the invaders they have poured into our lands have to be dealt with, but so do the whacked-out half of our people have to be dealt with.
    That’s sinking in more and more for me, too, lately, as horrible a thought as it is, that the enemy government has to go (no tears shed by us over that); the invaders, or “imports,” have to go (no tears shed by us over that); and I’m afraid maybe the whacked-out half of the population has to go, too. Or has to at least be “dealt with.” Defeated, let’s say – that’s what we aim for in war.

    • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

      For most of us, what to do about family, friends, and neighbors who actively side with the enemy will be the hardest decision to make.

      From what I’m seeing, there’s a lot of treason and collaboration in Europe.

      We need to stay strong, make the hard decisions, and keep our eyes on the prize.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Thanks for the comments you guys-

      I agree VivatEuropea and I think that things will naturally escalate too. As some of these countries (like Germany perhaps) get worse and worse, I think we will see anti-immigration Whites fleeing to countries like Poland, where the left-wing nutjob types will either come to their senses or double down and stay in immigrant areas (where they will come to bad ends anyway), or with other left-wing nutjobs. Then, later on, once the normal native Europeans and the nutjob leftists are no longer in proximity and they do meet, it will no longer be neighbors and family members, etc, and things will be brutal.

  8. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    German gov’t is considering forming a new police force staffed by armed migrant-invaders.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Terrifying stuff. Germany is so nuts that I could legitimately see South Africa style White internment camps, etc.

  9. British Free Corps 1 year ago

    Interesting article…
    I’ve looked into this with more detail since feminist talking heads openly went from man-haters to WHITE man-haters. If the movement was anti-male, why bring race into it? At least, this is the question I asked myself once, until learning the origins and purpose of this particular tentacle of the cultural marxist monster. These ‘people’ do need firmly putting in their place, as under the mask of so called equality and social justice is a murderous hatred for their so-called ‘oppressors’. These self-styled ‘socialists’ have always had a marginalized group which it is acceptable to hate, as their whole ideology is hatred and envy based, and so isolate a group that these ‘sociialists’ can do decidedly unsociable things to them. These ‘progressives’ need to be beaten down by us at evdry oppertunity as if they become over confident and remain unchecked we may see something truly vile happen like the
    massacres their historical Bolshevik ilk carried out in the Danzig Corridor against the German minority. Consider the following extract of the speech Hitler gave after liberation of Danzig. ”Simultaneously, the martyrdom of our volksgenossen began. Tens of thousands were abducted, abused and murdered in a most gruesome manner. Sadistic beasts who let themselves go and allowed their perverted instincts to run free, and tbe pious democratic world stood by and never batted an eyelid!” although these ”progressives” are often feeble and weak, the level of hatred they have is not to be take lightly. We (nationalists) feel exasperated by them and occasionally in extreme instances, beat them up. I really feel they, though, truly want us dead. So we must beat them often, so as to damage their morale, assert ourselves in this struggle for existence.
    Hail Victory

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey British Free Corps thanks for the comment!

      I believe they want us dead as well. In every instance our people have become subject to dominion by them that has been the end result. We must absolutely fight back against them every chance we get.

      Appreciate your interest in the site immensely please keep commenting and sharing your thoughts!

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