Vigilante groups sprout up around Europe in aftermath of Cologne

Vigilante groups sprout up around Europe in aftermath of Cologne
January 18, 2016 Admin

In locations across Europe following the New Year’s Eve incidents that took place in Cologne and other Western European cities, and the emerging facts revolving around the German and Swedish governments’ attempts at covering up such incidents, increasing numbers of native Europeans have decided to take their communities’ protection into their own hands.

Police in EuropeAccording to Breitbart: “Founded last week and reported on at the time by Breitbart London, the ‘Dusseldorf is Watching’ group which proclaims “one for all, and all for one” and has already gone on patrols and has grown to 13,000 supporters in eight days. It is just one of a growing number of so-called vigilante groups emerging across Germany and other European nations who patrol streets or dispense spontaneous justice in place of the regular police.”

The Breitbart article goes on to list similar groups that have been founded across Germany and the rest of Europe in recent days. One, in Finland, is called the “Soldiers of Odin”, and, like the other groups, has been founded to prevent mass rapes like those in Cologne- events which are becoming increasingly commonplace across Western Europe.

The article continues: “Similar to the Dusseldorf group is the new ‘Kassel is Watching’ group, founded in the central German city this week. Already enjoying over 2,000 supporters, the patrols are organised [sic] through instant messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ and Facebook. The mobile phone messenger allows crimes to be quickly reported to the group by members of the public and for volunteers to instantly receive updates and the locations of flashpoints.”

Beyond the breath of fresh air this represents, it is relevant as an almost textbook example of increasing 4th Generation Warfare (4GW).
The hatred and opposition of European Muslims towards their nations’ secular governments has been manifest over the last twenty years. The consistent incidences- continent wide- of terrorism and mass-rape have unequivocally demonstrated that the Muslim minority has no interest in being part of European society. The emergence of these vigilante groups shows that the native European population is starting to equally lose respect and trust in their nations’ governments. As the state’s authority weakens, such societal Balkanization will only increase.

Groups such as these are commendable both in their attempts to save their countrywomen from violence and rape, and for what they accomplish in the arena of public opinion. As I wrote for Counter-Currents in the autumn of 2015:

Police Cologne“Such 4GW progress can be gained in a variety of manners, which I will synthesize into four basic tactical areas. These are: 1) the delegitimizing of the government through the implication that it is no longer able to protect its citizens; 2) education/proselytization–in that the actions or statements of the 4GW actors bring awareness to others in society and facilitate their becoming “conscious” and more inclined towards the 4GW aims and beliefs; 3) delegitimizing the host society through showing other citizens that their interests are no longer being represented by the state; 4) gaining the moral high ground through showing the state as evil/Goliathesque and the perpetrators as victims and as heroes for standing up to the Goliaths.”

The formation of groups such as “Dusseldorf is Watching” is accomplishing all four of these objectives. The fact that the police in Germany have reacted to their formation with such great force, and have arrested more of these “vigilantes” than they have migrant rapists involved in the New Year’s Eve attacks, will no doubt convince more and more of their fellow countrymen that the government has abandoned their interests, as they obviously, and tragically, have.

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