Violence And Vanguardism Part I

Violence And Vanguardism Part I
April 21, 2016 Admin

Violence And Vanguardism Part I

I have been aware of what is going on in Europe since my first trip there, to Norway, 13 years ago. In that time I have been consistently horrified by the increasingly dire events and developments, and terrified at what will obviously arise as a result of Europe’s suicidal mass-immigration policies. Despite the easily deduced nature of what is to come however, the overall situation is quite complicated, and it is only in the last couple years that I gained what I feel is a relatively full understanding of it. Most readers of this site will have the same understanding.

In that time there have been numerous bombings and other terrorist attacks perpetrated by our enemies. When those occur I and others in our movement are able to explain the reasons- the strategic bases for their undertaking of the attacks- to a degree beyond what most in society can. As Counter-Insurgency expert Sebastian Gorka states, phrases like “lone wolf” and “violent extremism” are used to keep citizens stupid and ignorant about the realities of terrorism and the true nature of the threat we face. Therefore while most people are merely horrified and confused by terrorist attacks, we know that they are meant to delegitimize the government of the nation they occur in. We know they are supposed to create polarization and pillarization. We know that they are to some extent what should be an expected and conditioned response to the fact that whenever they occur, our governments give the Muslims more of what they want (withdrawing troops from Muslim lands, additional welfare payouts, more immigration, obeisance, white guilt, etc). We know that when governments don’t do this, and do the opposite (bombing Muslim lands), this turns opinion in the Muslim world against us, and is thus another 4GW victory anyway. We know that the attacks are meant to create anarchy and societal destabilization, so that Muslims in those countries can grab more power.

But there is another reason I think they occur, one that I never understood until I started writing about the situation in Europe on a daily basis, and started living and breathing the crisis to this extent. To explain it I need to shift gears away from the mindset of the Muslims, and focus on our own (and my own) mindset first. For in focusing on our people’s situation in Europe so closely and in fully educating oneself on the scale of what is happening, one ushers in emotions to shake even the hardiest of observers. One hears the screams of these little girls, 70 pounds dripping wet, prepubescent, being gang-raped by packs of adult Muslims. One has images stuck in their head, of elderly ladies with bruised eyes swollen shut, from getting beaten up my Arab thugs. One knows the demographic numbers, and what they foretell. That within 1-5 years, Germany will have more combat age Muslim men than native German ones. That 48% of people in Britain age 0-24 state “Islam” as their religion. That even if Sweden and Rotherham are ten times worse than the rest of Western Europe, it would mean a European woman or child gets raped every 4.8 seconds.

The horror is not just about our opponents though, neither the Islamists or the traitors who allow them these opportunities for evil. Certainly we feel hate for both of them. Certainly we wish to exact untold vengeance upon them. But the worse hatred is reserved for the mind-numbing power of apathy. For the fact that everyday life in Europe goes on without a constant focus on its coming death. It is this slow and seemingly unstoppable suicidal march that gives one the greatest sadness, and spawns the greatest springs of desperation. And if I can extrapolate, I believe that despite the vastly differing circumstances, it is this emotion that drives the Islamist’s terrorist attacks more than any.

'Saying only 1% of Muslims are terrorists is like saying only 1% of Americans are milionaires'

‘Saying only 1% of Muslims are terrorists is like saying only 1% of Americans are milionaires’

For when they carry out these attacks, for those first few hours, or first few days, a sense of urgency is created that otherwise does not exist. People are awakened. They are confronted with mortality. Confronted with a desire for survival. Confronted with the fact that without struggle all life- both of individuals and collective cultures- dies.

Am I saying that without terrorism, Muslims in Europe would become totally relaxed, and eventually give in to Western decadence? No. There would eventually be war in Europe with or without terrorism. And even if Muslims threw away their religion, rode the tiger, and became prostitutes and homosexuals and video game addicts, eventually they and the Europeans would just die out. Modernity is un-sustainable.

What I am saying is that terrorism arises out of the desire of the attackers to instill the same urgency in their compatriots that burns within themselves.

For I don’t feel that terrorists are a warped minority of the Muslim religion. They are not. Saying only 1% of Muslims are terrorists is like saying only 1% of Americans are millionaires. It does not mean that only 1% care about building great wealth, but that only 1% have the desire/tools/drive/knowledge to get there. Terrorism IS part and parcel of Islam. And the terrorists are just those Muslims who feel this sense of societal and tribal urgency the fiercest, and who most possess the tools and skills to act upon those feelings. They are the ones most angered by Muslim failures. The ones most energized by Muslim victories. The ones most filled with hatred for perceived slights against them. The ones most energized by their god. They are the ones that pull their civilization forward and propel it to victory. It is what is wrong and what is barbaric within Islam that leads to their actions being evil, but I believe that the drive that leads to those actions is universal across all societies, and is the same drive that exists within us.

The terrorists are merely the ‘vanguard’ of Muslims in Europe, just as we are the ‘vanguard’ within our own societies. We are those for whom our a desire for our people’s future burns the brightest, we are the ones most tortured by the screams of those children, the ones most obsessed with finding a path to victory and survival, the ones most bent on revenge.

What is left to us at this point is to figure out the codes we will act by as part of this vanguard. While the Islamists have the Koran to guide them, and various Hadiths and other religious writings, we are at a loss. We know we do not wish to slaughter innocent children and women like our opponents do. We know we do not believe in raping our opponent’s children, not burning people for worshipping a different god. Yet we understand that violence is necessary if Europe and her people’s are to survive.

Thus the immediate needs that press upon us are 1) action, but also 2) guidelines and codes of honor through which to take that action.

We may not yet know exactly how we will turn things around, defend our nations, and expel our enemies. But we are getting closer.

Watch for Part II of ‘Violence And Vanguardism’ coming soon.

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  1. •BackStabbath 2 years ago

    Another reason this terrorism occurs. The muslims hope it will eventually make our societies ungovernable and unliveable. Then they can offer a peace treaty or the peace of islam.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Thanks for the comment BackStabbath! It is much appreciated.

      I think you are absolutely spot on. It is straight out of the Koran. Was also a big theme of Houelebecq’s ‘Submission’. To them, violence is justified in ‘Darl al-Harb’ (the realm of chaos), and only through Sharia can it be made into ‘Dar al-Islam’.

  2. Nxx 2 years ago

    Excellent analysis.

    It also touches on the key issue that is burning us inside: what to do.

    I have yet to see an effective answer to the question. When someone, anyone, provides it, that’ll be the day the counter offensive begins.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Thanks for the comment Nxx! I agree that that is the key. My goal is to begin to answer that in Part II. If you end up liking it please share it and please keep commenting on the site! The comments are the fuel that keeps me writing (that and the horrors perpetrated against our people!).

  3. Nxx 2 years ago

    Admin, as you think through the matter here’s some thoughts for you to consider:


    The enemy strategy is:
    a) Create attack label for target, e.g., racist, homophobe, sexist, islamophobic, transphobic etc.
    b) Create blacklists of targets
    c) Persecute targets through shaming and disemployment
    d) Sit back as the chilling effect caused by b) and c) cowers entire target group into silence

    In order to counter-attack the SAME blacklist sequence must be implemented against the enemy except disemployment must be substituted with something more practical given lack of institutional resources.

    Please observe how Vox Day’s recent creation of has SJW (i.e. cultural marxist fanatics) in panic all over twitter. Expect to see their activity (getting people disemployed for disagreeing with them) decline going forward because of this chilling effect.

    2. C4ISR THEORY:

    The American Revolution was led by freemasons not because of their freemasonic hocus pocus beliefs but because freemasonry is a C4ISR structure.

    When the winds of anti loyalist secession started blowing there were untold thousands of Americans with better leadership qualities than George Washington. What did they do?

    Some went out to the local pub to start recruiting revolutionaries. They got arrested.

    Other started creating their own revolutionary cells. By the time they developed their own…

    a) pre-defined hierarchical structure (command)
    b) pre-defined hierarchical relations (control)
    c) secret sign communication system (communications)
    d) dossier archive of enemy agents (computers)
    e) internal traitor discovery systems (intel)
    f) agents assigned to monitor enemy (surveillance)
    g) entryists into judiciary, police, port authority, etc (recon)

    … the war was already over.

    What made George Washington a successful revolutionary was that he was sitting inside a C4ISR structure BEFORE the action started. That’s it.

    I’ll repeat: The key criterion for the successful revolutionary is: BE SEATED INSIDE A FUNCTIONAL C4ISR STRUCTURE BEFORE THE ACTION STARTS.

    Contemporary C4ISR structures:
    a) freemasonry
    b) criminal syndicates
    c) government intel
    d) religious orders
    e) ((them))

    A C4ISR structure is no good unless it
    a) is cellular and distributed
    b) allows anonymous participation

    Combining blacklist theory with C4ISR theory suggests that what is needed is a C4ISR structure that blacklists and persecutes white traitors in order to cower them into silence via chilling effect.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Thank you for this and all the other comments Nxx. They have given me much to think on. I have some follow up questions I hope you will be generous enough to answer up above, but also wanted to respond with thoughts on strategy, etc.

      I agree 100% that traitorism in Europe must be understood to have consequences. I think that European-Preservationists must strive to foment pillarization and polarization, on a strategic level very similar to the Islamists actually. Right now our side has ZERO leverage of any kind, while our opponents (both the traitors and the invaders) have much. I have been aware of Vox Day but not on expert on him. I do know he has published some of William S. Lindw’s writings on 4th Generation Warfare, which have been a big influence on me.

      I was not familiar with C4ISR Theory until you just posted it. Have been researching it online and it is obviously highly relevant to our situation, especially in Europe. This is again an area in which we are highly deficient, not only because of the atomizing influences of modernity, but because, as you rightly point out, most are afraid to signal support for our ideas.

      As a former Mason it had occurred to me how it could be valuable for a younger generation with the right ideas to grow into it, as it is currently made up of 80% members over the age of 70. The power and wealth of masonry is indeed great, not in a conspiracy theory sense but in the sense of real estate holdings and political and financial and legal entanglements.

      Rest assured I will be reading and thinking more on C4ISR Theory and incorporating it into the analysis on this site.

  4. Nxx 2 years ago

    More random thoughts:

    “Asians have supremacy in Shanghai, blacks in Nigeria
    If you deny whites supremacy anywhere, you want them nowhere”

    There is inherently nothing wrong with demanding supremacism; it is a necessary precondition for cultural survival in the short term and for ethnic survival in the long term.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago


  5. Nxx 2 years ago

    Even more random thoughts:

    People who agree with us are AFRAID to support us (owing to blacklists as discussed above). This is understandable; if you have kids for example your primary duty is to them, certainly not politics.

    Insofar as bitcoin offers anonymous payments (especially if you run them through tumblers) it may well be the key to enabling covert financing; effectively bypassing and neutralizing the blacklist chilling effect.

    Thus vanguardists and hinterlandists would become symbiotic. Vanguardists can take heat but need support while hinterlandists can provide support but can’t take heat.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      I find side of things fascinating. I have read thousands of pages on Islamism and 1980s Afghanistan and how the Mujahideen and other Islamist militias were financed, and have until now been struck by the utter magnitude of the challenge inherent in similarly funding preservationist elements in Europe.

      I will admit I had never thought of Bitcoin and have been largely ignorant about it. Your comment makes perfect sense however. I also think the symbiosis between Vanguardists and Hinterlandists is paramount. As far as the financing side goes, do you have any recommended resources on Bitcoin? I will indeed set up an address.

  6. Nxx 2 years ago

    One more post

    Almost all white advocacy websites focus on reminding us how bad things are while providing no solutions. That’s ok if you are recruiting normies, commendable even. However, we desperately need planning and action websites. (And no, go lift weights and network is not an action plan). The very fact that you are looking at the crisis from a 4GW perspective puts you in the solutions column making this website important.

    I wish to support this website but I can’t comment much owing to time constraints. Sending bitcoins however is no problem. Let me put it this way: If I see you put up bitcoin address before wednesday I’ll send you 5 btc (about $2000).

    Don’t expect volume readership out of a specialized niche like 4GW analysis. Dailystormer has 20k daily views while Kevin MacDonald gets 2k. One has the traffic, the other the influence. That’s the way it is., the guy who got BUGS going, developed the white genocide meme and chased the word “anti-racist” out of discourse (“anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”). He only gets 200 views a day.

    I can’t even remember how I found this site. Maybe some link from someone mentioning your book. I know it’s not listed on any aggregator, doesn’t show on any roundup and isn’t known in the commenter community. In fact I wonder how you get any traffic at all. If you want to build volume you need to:

    1. Get listed on aggregators, the two I use are

    2. Get into the NRx weekly roundups, the three I read are

    3. Post comments at biggest white advocacy websites: Daily visitors: 19 430 Daily visitors: 13 264 Daily visitors: 10 556 Daily visitors: 10 498 Daily visitors: 10 301 Daily visitors: 9 277 Daily visitors: 6 984 Daily visitors: 6 937

    4. Post comments at intellectual peer analysis sites: (NPI) Daily visitors: 2 913 (Greg Johnson) Daily visitors: 2 876 (KmacD) Daily visitors: 2 465 (NRx flagship) Daily visitors: 1 001 (BUGS flagship) Daily visitors: 3 142 (Kinism flaghip) Daily visitors: 2 670

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      I HIGHLY appreciate all this info. I started this site in late January and I am highly ignorant as to how web traffic is generated, what are the catalysts, etc. Right now most of our views come from twitter and Reddit, where some of the loyal readers of the site retweet and post articles from here, as well as some from the book and from Counter-Currents where I have published a number of articles. We have a twitter account too but it is still very small. You obviously can tell how many sites get how many visits and page views per day, so I won’t post the numbers here, but of course I want the site to reach as many people as possible, and this site is still very, very small. In that regard I am eating up the advice you posted above, and will definitely do those things you advised, and would be very appreciative of any other further wisdom you can impart on this subject, or others. Also if you have any good resources where I can learn more about all this, please post them.

  7. Nxx 2 years ago

    Thank you admin. I look forward to providing a bitcoin intro as well as more on alt right website promotion. I will do so between now and Tuesday as time permits.

    In the meantime let me drop off a further point regarding C4ISR theory:

    The current crisis is leading to a state known as anarcho-tyranny wherein society is divided into two groups; one is allowed to be lawless while the other is ruthlessly held in check by the state.

    A historic parallel is post-civil war Southern Reconstruction. And what happened there? Five destitute people got together to form a social club, quote:

    “devoid of practical, humanitarian, or political significance” (Wade 1987: 34). Its members were obligated only to “have fun, make mischief, and play pranks on the public” (Wade 1987: 34)..

    And then, because there was a desperate demand for a C4ISR structure to protect the people, the silly social club’s membership suddenly went exponential and led to a successful revolution against Reconstruction.

    In fact demand for C4ISR entities was so insane that a whole army of them mushroomed out of nowhere: Knights of the White Camelia, the White Brotherhood, the White League, Pale Faces, Constitutional Union Guards, Black Cavalry, White Rose, The ’76 Association, the Redshirts and hundreds of other smaller ones.

    Conclusion: anarcho-tyranny will in and of itself incite the creation of reactionary C4ISR structures to oppose and defeat it. The klan case study illustrates that demand becomes so desperate that practically anything will do, whether it includes wizards, goblins or gremlins, provided it has C4ISR characteristics including anonymity and cellularity. This further confirms that developing our own C4ISR entities is a necessary precondition to solving this crisis.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Excellent point Nxx. And while on the face of it the current lack of C4ISR entities in Europe in response to white genocide is shocking and disheartening to people like us, I have begun to think (and argue) recently that it is at least slightly more understandable, as our people have had not had to face any existential threats for so long we have forgotten a lot of these normal, ‘instinctual’ things. As Harris says in The Suicide Of Reason, we have forgotten the ‘law of the jungle’, which the Muslims still live by. Also one could certainly argue that the Sons of Odin, and even Generation Identitaire, could be considered the beginnings of such a phenomena, in that they represent a ‘coordinated’ response to the anarcho-tyranny. I am still thinking on this and will incorporate it into Part II of Violence and Vanguardism.

      Another thing I have just started reading about (catalyzed in part from your previous comments) is ISIS and the ‘Dark Web’. As someone obviously well versed in all this internet stuff I am still learning about, how do you see the Dark Web’s relevance to our own cause? I have trouble formulating an idea of how the anonymity you speak of within the C4ISR framework being possible in a purely ‘real life’ way, as it once was in the past such as with Mr Washington or Mr Bedford Forest in your example.

      Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts-


  8. Nxx 2 years ago

    I’ll start with bitcoin.

    The best introduction to btc and crypto currency in general is:

    In order to get you started such that you can generate a btc address to publish and thus receive funds with, I recommend you download the armory wallet:

    It’s best that you do so right away. The wallet will need to download a copy of the entire blockchain which may take all day depending on you connection speed. You will need about 100 Gb free space on harddisk.

    You could of course sign up for an online wallet and generate an address right away. But since this will be an address you’ll publish on your website and stick with long term, it’s best to cut out third parties.

    Once you have armory set up you will be guided to create two alphanumeric numbers:

    1. The private key. This is the alphanumeric number you write on a piece of paper and store in a safe place. If your computer crashes you can recreate the wallet with it. If somebody steals the private key they steal the money.

    The “wallet” is in reality a permit to access money that is actually held for you in the blockchain. At no time is the money in your computer. That’s why your computer hard disk can fail but it’s no loss if you’ve written down the private key.

    Conceptually, if you memorize the private key the “wallet” is your head. (Don’t do this – you’ll forget and lose all funds)

    2. The btc address. A private key can generate an unlimited number of btc addresses but all you really need is one. This is the alphanumeric number you publish on the website.

    Once you publish it I’ll send 5 btc.

    The final step consists in converting BTC into USD. You need an exchange for this. I recommend you use either:

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Beautiful. Based on your advice, I am going to wait until after I make a two hour drive later this morning where I will be without internet. Once I get back to home base around 1030 I will start the Armory download before I head out to meetings, errands, etc. Exciting stuff 🙂 I appreciate all the help tremendously!

      • Author
        Admin 2 years ago

        Hey Nxx-

        So I downloaded Armory. I also got prompted to download Bitcoin Core online.

        I did the private key, and have it written down in a safe place.

        I have a Wallet ID, but am unsure if that is is the same as the btc address you mentioned. The Wallet ID is 9 characters long both letters and numbers.

        Also nothing has taken a really long time to download yet, so that suggests to me there are additional steps to go. The only thing that could be close is something at the bottom of the screen on Bitcoin Core that says ‘Synchronizing with network’, and says ‘4 years and 51 weeks behind’ (although this amount of time is counting down).

        I will keep exploring it trying to figure out the next step, but wanted to report my progress as well so you can let me know what (if anything) I did wrong or have yet to do.

        Thanks a ton!

        • Author
          Admin 2 years ago

          Nevermind figured it out. Getting address now I believe.

          • Author
            Admin 2 years ago

            Okay on Synchronizing it is now 3 years and 41 months behind but is moving pretty slowly. I am guessing that was what you were referring to about the download taking all day.

            I believe I have an address now. I am going to paste it below as a test. Let me know if this is correct 🙂

            Click here to donate!
            If clicking on the line above does not work, use this payment info:
            Pay to: 1Pcev5UXaB2hR8PemLAtakVFuDCkX5fHUF
            Message: Address 1 First Attempt

  9. Nxx 2 years ago

    Excellent! I am sending 0.01 btc as a test. Please confirm receipt.

    If you confirm within 30 minutes, I’ll send the 5 btc right away. Otherwise I’ll check back 6 hours from now and send then.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Nxx-

      Not up and running yet but I believe its on track. Armory says that the Bitcoin software is installed but that it needs to be closed for Armory to work. The Bitcoin software is still ‘Synchronizing’ though so I don’t think that I should close it right now (?). It is down to ‘1 year and 48 weeks’ as I type this though so it seems to be getting closer. The green download thing is only about 1/5th from left to right though so I don’t know if that implies there will be more time to wait once its synced or what. But yeah am pumped to get it going I feel like (in our little corner at least) the revolution is kicking into high gear! Still pumped to hear your thoughts on website marketing/growth as well! -JL

      • Nxx 2 years ago

        The test transfer should show up when the blockchain finishes downloading

        • Author
          Admin 2 years ago

          Hey Nxx-

          So… Bitcoin core got all the way down to 28 weeks at around 430 this morning, and then something popped up saying “internal error” and it shut down. I now can’t get Bitcoin Core to open back up, as a pop up box pops up and says “Cannot obtain a lock on data directory” and “Bitcoin Core is probably already running”. I can’t find it running anywhere though, and actually I am not sure if I need Bitcoin Core. I don’t think, in retrospect, that there was anything that said it was required. I believe Armory can do everything itself- is that correct?

          With Armory, right now the loading box that says “Initializing Bitcoin Engine” is loading. It says “76% – 1 Day”. It has said this for at least the last hour or two though and actually until then I hadn’t noticed it at all because there was some other text box above it. Below the box that says “Initializing Bitcoin Engine” there are similar boxes that say “Build Databases” and “Scan Transaction History”.

          But yeah let me know your thoughts and if I am doing everything right or wrong, etc. I have a computer expert friend who I can call to come over and help me too if needed,


          • Nxx 2 years ago

            Don’t worry about bitcoin core for now – let it finish downloading the blockchain. Once it’s downloaded close and reopen armory to restart bitcoin core.

          • Author
            Admin 2 years ago

            Sounds good! It is down to 82% and 8 hours remaining. So we’re making progress lol.

          • Nxx 2 years ago

            Excellent! Should be soon now.

            You could have just signed up for an online wallet, but it’s best to just bear with the initial startup so as to have full control.

            I remember setting up an email account some 20 years ago. I subscribed to an ISP company (remember those?) and they sent me a photocopied sheet with instructions about POP3, SMPT, various security keys, you name it. It was like trying to decipher military cryptography. It took me all afternoon.

            Eventually email evolved into user friendly variants like facebook and this opened up the age of decentralized information.

            Similarly cryptocurrency will evolve into user friendliness and this will open up the age of decentralized value.

            Our challenge is to use the new paradigms set by the age of decentralized information and the age of decentralized value and apply them to the age of decentralized warfare (4GW)

          • Author
            Admin 2 years ago

            Okay Nxx so at this point Armory has been at 82% for about 20 hours. Do you have any thoughts on what the problem might be, or what I should do different? I appreciate your help with this a TON, and am absolutely determined to get it to work at this point.

            I went to one of those internet sites that test the speed of your computer, and the results were the following: Ping 33 ms, Download Speed 46.91, and Upload Speed 4.94. I have no idea if those are good or bad so figured I would ask you. I may be able to seek expert help tomorrow in the early afternoon but after that will be without access to it (but with internet) again until Monday.

            Let me know your thoughts!

          • Nxx 2 years ago

            I think at this point you should bite the bullet, reset the computer and restart armory. I am 99% certain that when you restart the download will resume from where it left off. I’m quite convinced that in this day and age nobody makes software with non resuming downloads. Fingers crossed.

          • Author
            Admin 2 years ago

            Sounds good. I appreciate the continued help… I am going to have to unplug the laptop from the internet for a few hours today so once I get back to homebase (my weekend homebase that is) tonight, I will plug it in, turn on the internet, and hope that it picks up from where it left off. Either way I will get it going eventually!

          • Author
            Admin 2 years ago

            Alright Nxx I made it up here and am back at it. I couldn’t get Armory to do anything remotely like start back up with loading, couldn’t even get the loading bars to come up for the life of me, so finally I gave up and just hit the button saying it would restart from the beginning. So I restarted Armory and it has started over. A huge hassle but I couldn’t figure out any other solution. At least it is loading now instead of just saying ‘offline’.

            Will keep updating you on this thread as per the progress.

          • Nxx 2 years ago

            Any news?

          • Author
            Admin 2 years ago

            Hey Nxx-

            So I can’t get it to load at all now. I have Armory up, and it has the little bar thing with the spinning green double triangle or hourglass or whatever that is, and it spins slowly but it has been at zero percent for two days now and won’t go up.

            I believe the wireless is super slow where I am at on the weekends so that could be the problem. At my apartment I was able to get this particular one to 88% before it malfunctioned or whatever and shut off so it must work.

            I am glad you checked back in. I would really like to get this set up just because of the message it sends and I think it is important for our movement and sets a good precedent and is a tool of gigantic potential for us. In addition, if you are really serious about the donation (which I definitely believe you are), that would allow us to do a lot of good through this site. I specifically would like to utilize it for our offer to pay for anyone from Sweden (and we could extent this to all of Europe) to fly to the US to go to a short ‘tactical training camp’, etc. We will be doing that no matter what, we just need to build the readership of this site to reach enough Europeans to get takers lol. On that note I look forward to getting your advice in that area as well. But yeah there are countless things I want to do as we build our infrastructure, funding, reach, etc.

            So yeah what I am trying to get to though is that I have not given up(!) and am planning on waiting until monday/tuesday when I am back at my regular home base for 4-5 days, and then having my computer genius person who helps me with tech issues take a look at it and hopefully get it to work.


  10. Nxx 2 years ago

    Yes for such a massive download you’re better off with a land connection. It’s good you’re persevering because cryptocurrency will acquire huge importance going forward and being involved from the start will pay dividends.

    All of us who burn inside try to do their part as best we can. In my case I don’t have either writing talent, blogging time nor freedom to be non-anonymous due to kids. I therefore can’t follow your route but what I can do is support those who do. It is specifically the anonymity aspect of cryptocurrency that is the game changer that opens the door for people in my position. And since people in my position outnumber people in your position 100 to 1, unlocking this potential has staggering implications.

    I like to think that what I’m doing introducing you (and others) to cryptocurrency is the act of hammering the first cracks into the dual blockade that’s strangling our ability to fight the narrative war (aka media war aka propaganda war). The dual blockade consists of on one side dissident media being blockaded from the advertising revenue which in a free market would be theirs by right. On the other side people who want to support dissident media are blockaded by fear of retribution from anti-white blacklists and antifa like organizations.

    Cryptocurrency allows us to bypass the dual blockade. This makes its effective use a necessary precondition for a successful counter offensive in the narrative war. No doubt it’ll have similar game changing qualities in other dimensions of the overall war. For example, it could affect the morale (with an e) war by enabling safe support of blacklisted dissidents, thus de-isolating them and raising their morale while demoralizing the enemy as they watch their blacklists become ineffective.

  11. Nxx 2 years ago

    Has it come through yet?

  12. Author
    Admin 2 years ago

    Hey Nix I was just about to hit ‘reply’ on the below comment when your last one came in:

    Hey Nxx-

    I think you should totally write about all of this stuff. You could just do it under a pseudonym.

    I take inspiration in your ideas on the importance of crypto-currencies and hope that they certainly will have the effect you predict! And then actually I am also going to touch on that in this article I writing on waging the war, and I was going to see if you would mind if I quoted a couple specific sections from your comments in the article? I will most likely be submitting it to Counter-Currents, for full disclosure. Let me know 🙂

    And then to update you on what is going on with me and Bitcoin, my tech guy is coming on friday to help me with it. Apparently he is Bitcoin Miner(?), so hopefully if anyone can get it to work it is him!

    I will let you know how it goes!

    Also will reach out to those aggregators and other sites you mentioned and attempt to start spreading the website’s reach around the internet. If you get any time to impart more of that kind of wisdom I am all ears as well! Appreciate all your help and wisdom and comments!


  13. Author
    Admin 2 years ago

    Also had more thoughts on some of the other things on your comment that I will respond on later too- one of those days I wish had more time for the website and less time for my ‘regular’ business lol..

  14. Nxx 2 years ago

    Go ahead and quote at will; no need for attribution or even permission. If I’ve presented some valid ideas and you go on to spread them further then it’s for me to thank you.

    While researching peer websites and mapping traffic levels I came across a rather startling fact: There is this one alt-right website that dwarfs all other top 100 alt-right websites combined. Whereas the latter have a combined total of 200,000 daily views, this one website alone has a massive 800,000 daily views:

    But not all this traffic is alt-right. The alt-right is limited to one board, /pol/:

    Yet this one board pulls in half the traffic:

    This suggests that traffic levels in the youth wing of the alt-right are TWICE AS LARGE AS IN THE REST OF THE ALT-RIGHT COMBINED. (Half of 800k is 400k which is twice the 200k of the rest.)

    This has tremendous implications well beyond website promotion. The sheer magnitude of the difference is hard to explain. Has it to do with the anonymity of the chans? Is it a generational thing? Reminds me of this breitbart article I saw yesterday on french youth:

    But back to website promotion. What the 4chan volumes tell us is that there are oceanic currents of alt-right traffic out there. The big alt-right websites I listed earlier are important because they’re ideological peers but traffic speaks louder than words. The focus should be on the big currents such as:

    1. An anonymous image board with 800,000 daily views. Anonymous means each post speaks for itself; there is no commenter’s reputation behind it (the downside being it’s jew shill nirvana). When starting a thread you must post an image. When commenting on an existing thread posting images is optional.

    I recommend you lurk on /pol/ for a few weeks and then once you have the feel for the site, try creating /pol/ threads mirroring your blog posts. A lot of your posts are media which goes down very well on /pol/

    There’s also the interesting fact that one of their ongoing themes is this concept called RWDS (right wing death squads) which is what you would refer to as “4GW actors”. Anything 4GW related will go down well also

    2. (aka 8chan aka infinity chan). A 4chan offshoot for people sick of the jew shilling on 4chan. It pulls 80k daily views, half of these being /pol/. It’s easy to dual post on both chans since they follow the same format:

    3. This website is not alt-right but the commentariat is. It has 700k daily views:

    There’s a news item regarding the European invasion almost every day and if you make a habit of commenting those articles by including a reference to your blog posts, I’m sure you’ll draw a lot of traffic. About 90% of breitbarters are alt-righters unaware that there’s such a thing as an alt-right. All you really need to do is show up. for the european pages

    4. Like breitbart it’s not alt-right but the commentariat is and doesn’t know it. Daily views at 360k are less as is the frequency of invasion articles but still a huge opportunity:

    5. More mainstream than the others but also more euro oriented and of course 5.5m daily views:

    Finally, make sure you have a good tracker on your website that provides referrer info. If you do not know what I’m talking about make sure your tech guy sets you up. It’s almost impossible to do website promotion without the feedback trackers provide.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Nxx thank you as always for the amazing info!

      Just to recap… basically what you are saying is to go to these sources, these large ‘rivers’ of applicable/similar traffic, and then post comments which contain links to this site, or attribution to this site, and basically do it in a way where I am not just spamming or engaging in rampant self-promotion, but through adding value, etc? And then I definitely appreciate the importance of looking it over for a few weeks and getting to know the culture before posting. Any other thoughts on that continuum between spamming/rampant self-promotion vs adding value? I would think it would be pretty intuitive but I have never been super heavy on chat room usage, board usage, etc.

      It is interesting I have to admit that such a strategy as outlined above had never occurred to me before. I figured I would grow the site by posting articles on other sites, utilizing twitter, etc. What you are saying makes perfect sense however. I appreciate the help tremendously. I will still be posting articles on other sites of course, and doing more ‘traditional’ marketing, but the above recommendations have opened up a whole new frontier to focus on and I am very excited.

      My tech guy came by today and quickly concluded that my hard-drive looks to be fried or corrupted or compromised or something along those lines. He said that everything is moving very slowly and that must have been the problem with the slow downloading of Armory, etc. We made plans for me to leave it with him for a day or two next week and he will get all the kinks worked out, possibly install a new hard drive or something like that, and then we should be able to get the Bitcoin stuff working. Will hope on this thread and update you as soon as he is finished!

      Thanks again for all the help!


      • Nxx 2 years ago

        Yes, no spamming, respect the website & add value. Also: act like a random anon until you get a feel for this. To comment at breitbart for example, start a disqus account called something other than your actual name or website name. Call it flying duck or cis pride or whatever. This way if you overstep bounds and get banned for spamming there’s no damage. You just open a new throwaway email account, open a new disqus account with it and then start over a tad wiser.

        The essence of website promotion involves four steps:

        First: Set up a referrer tracker so you know where the traffic is coming from. Is ECW a wordpress site? If so I recommend:

        Second: Try different approaches, such as:

        1. Post guest articles at countercurrents and elsewhere (continue this)
        2. Start chan threads mirroring your blog posts (lurk first to get feel)
        3. Make on subject comments in high traffic websites (no spam)

        Third: Examine your referrer stats to see what has been most effective.

        Fourth: Double down on what works, abandon what doesn’t.

        The key is step one: if you can’t see your referrers you can’t do website promotion. It’s like driving in the fog.

  15. Nxx 2 years ago

    How is it coming along? Have you fixed the harddisk?

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Nxx- how’s it going.

      My week has not gone as planned, as we had a bit of a family illness emergency and had to travel a couple hours away to take care of it (complicated situation). I am going to be attempting to drop the laptop off with my guy on Sunday or Monday instead. This has been a good object lesson for needing to have everything in the cloud. I use this same laptop to run my business and since I didn’t have everything synced with google drive, I wasn’t able to drop it off last week. Then this illness thing hit and it sort of derailed everything.

      I doubt there is anyone reading these exchanges except the two of us now, so I will get a little more personal and then perhaps delete it later. But yeah right now my three competing responsibilities are 1) this website, 2) my wife and three year old son, and 3) my business (I am a full time real estate investor), so balancing them is always a task 🙂 I am quite blessed though, as the independence of how I generate money has allowed me to write openly, using my real name, without having too worry too too much about how it might negatively effect things (although it certainly could I guess). It would be hard to separate the various components at this point, so I will just continue soldiering on as best I can. I think the more public faces of our movement the better too, although as we have discussed there are many who cannot nor should do it, and some of us are quite effective as mysterious anonymous behinds the scenes thinkers/doers anyway (that would be you I am referring to lol).

      But yeah although I haven’t made much progress on the Bitcoin stuff I am definitely still determined to do it, and despite the difficulties we have encountered I have enjoyed this process of figuring it out and communicating with you about it.

      I am going to try to email this to you as well and if you get it via email then write back that way and I will delete this comment (I try to be relatively vigilant about not oversharing on the website).


      • Nxx 2 years ago

        There’s no rush. The deal is on regardless of how long it takes you to set it up.

        Your financial independence is to your credit. Unfortunately from a movement perspective your anti-fragility represents yet another item to add to the vanguardist’s stack of mandatory qualities and this thins your ranks even further. In addition, there’s the fact that you’re operating out of a first amendment protected jurisdiction, the US, which is significant considering your subject continent’s aversion to dissent.

        I’m glad you haven’t published part II yet because I just ran into something you should see first:

        Thousands of patriots in Germany are being harassed after their home addresses were published on the Internet by a globalist hate group.

        Since the publication of the addresses AfD members have complained about harassment from left wing extremists. A member of the party in Brandenburg received multiple threatening phone calls during the night after the publication of their information on a well known left wing website.

        In Berlin another AfD supporter’s phone rang at 4am. When it was picked up the caller threatened the recipient and and used the term “Nazi pigs.”

        Two party officials in Julich came home form the AfD party conference in Stuttgart over the weekend to find extremists had written all over their home in chalk. Slogans like “AfD are a pack of Racists,” “Racism Kills,” and most chillingly , “we know where you were on 04.30.2016,” the day of the conference. The leftists also wrote arrows on the pavement directing people to the AfD member’s house.

        In Braunschweig, the left wing party Die Linke used the site to find out that a local school board member was also a member of the AfD. They demanded “timely clarification” for parents as to whether their representative is an AFD delegate, which could lead to the firing of that member from the board.

        End quote.

        So what happened? On the surface nothing; a few phone calls, some chalk graffiti and some intimidation of a school board member.

        However if you look deeper what happened was:
        1. A blacklist was de facto created
        2. It was used to intimidate listees
        3. This caused a countrywide chilling effect against supporting AfD

        The chilling effect is of as yet indeterminate strength as it is too early to tell but it cannot be underestimated. I remember years back when the BNP was going strong I heard one member had child services threatening to take his kids away. I thought nothing of it at the time but shortly thereafter the bottom fell out of BNP support and they never recovered.

        I also remember how in the US gay marriage was being defeated in state after state until some gays got hold of a list of prop 8 supporters and started to harass them. Suddenly the bottom fell out of gay marriage opposition and the LGBT crowd has been steamrolling their way ever since.

        Obviously one hopes that the AfD blacklist will have little to no effect. But beyond useless hoping our job is to analyse the tactics used against us and to develop mimics and counters. The first step is recognizing and acknowledging the power of blacklists.

        • Author
          Admin 2 years ago

          Hey Nxx-

          Thank you for the review on Amazon! I appreciate it tremendously…

          Yes I think you reference some very relevant information. Those who share our views have no small list of enemies that would exploit any angles given them to ruin lives, etc. And I don’t doubt those events you wrote about above will indeed have detrimental effects on the growing AfD support. Hopefully regular Germans will soon be desperate enough that such threats are the lesser concern however.

          You speak of mimics and counters.. I know Vox Day has been coming up with some kind of ‘SJW List’, what are your thoughts on that? Anything else similar you have heard of?

          What are some other areas of all this that you are finding interesting right now? I have Part II mostly outlined, now have to just put pen to paper. The last thing I am really thinking about is the question of ‘offensive action’, and its strategic connection vis a vis the overall goals of the revolutionary movement. On defense I feel like I have thought out what I want to say, and as far as the ethics and honor codes of offensive action, I have written about that before and feel confident in what is ‘right’ within our Northern European Honor Codes, but it is the connection between our ultimate goals and those offensive actions that I am still thinking through.

          Basically it seems our goals are:

          -Ensure native Europeans understand the existential danger they are in
          -Change hearts and minds to reject the ‘religion’ of Ethno-Suicidalism and White Genocide-ism of Europe’s elites
          -Prepare for the imminent destabilization of Western Europe and the rise of widespread 4GW and ethnic-violence
          -Delegitimize the traitorous governments of Europe
          -Create parallel structures that are outside allegiance and dependency upon the state (inhabit/create C4ISR Structures)
          -Cause the traitorous governments of Europe to fall
          -Fill the power vacuum created by their fall, consolidate power
          -Protect native Europeans from antagonistic elements (immigrant communities/invaders)
          -Create safe, all-native European nations (or at least enclaves depending on how bad things get)

          Would love your take on all this. And of course if there are any other interesting areas or questions you have been thinking on related to the prosecution of resistance (or anything else) please hit me up with them. I am indeed still going to publish it. I will admit that seeing how different it is between here and Europe does make me feel very fortunate to be in America. I certainly would not be able to do any of this living in Sweden haha.

          Appointment is set up for friday to drop off laptop. Wanted to do it sooner but I never realized just how tethered to it I am lol, very hard to pick a day to not have it for 8-10 hours…


  16. Nxx 2 years ago

    I think you’ve got all the elements lined up. You’re probably already aware of the post at describing how the coming wars will not only feature multiple actors (4GW) but also multiple battlefields. Quote:

    “The number of new battlefields would be “virtually infinite,” and could include environmental warfare, financial warfare, trade warfare, cultural warfare, and legal warfare, to name just a few. ”

    Of interest to us is the fact that in the European theater several battlefields are already hot. For example, as the discussion of blacklists illustrates, the morale (with an e) war is already on.

    Regarding Vox Day: he has been slugging it out in one corner of the culture war, sci-fi/fantasy fandom, with great success. The contested space is a tiny part of the overall culture war but critically important insofar as it provides us with the one and only case study of someone on our side actually winning and reclaiming lost ground. His record of success has made him a focal point of resistance and drawn thousands of allies in support. His basic activist-footsoldier is the VFM (Vile Faceless Minion). A person who signs up to become a VFM periodically receives email instructions on how to vote in specific sci-fi/fantasy award contests such as the Hugo Awards. There are over 500 VFM and 10,000 Dread Ilk (casual version of VFM).

    He has also written the definite manual on fighting cultural marxists: SJW Always Lie. His in depth understanding of the enemy, the SJW in particular and the cultural marxist in general, and his army of volunteer activists has enabled him to set up and populate in just two days. On its first day the blacklist caused a twitter wide panic and massive chilling effect. I believe it will significantly demoralize SJW disemployment mobs going forward and possibly prevent them from forming in the first place.

    Besides reclaiming the Hugo Awards, terrorizing SJW with blacklists, publishing two political philosophy bestsellers (Cuckservative and SJW Always Lie) and starting a successful publisher (Castalia House), he is currently working on a secret project called Big Fork designed to disrupt one of the social media heavyweights.

  17. Nxx 2 years ago

    I’ve been doing research on the subject of website promotion.

    While investigating aggregators and trying to figure out how to get listed on them, I ended up testing the interface by starting an aggregator myself:

    The blogger interface is so incredibly user firendly it took me less than two hours to set up the whole thing. I then added a tracker:

    And opened a disqus account:

    Over the past three days I’ve posted 36 comments at breitbart, takimag and infowars, each with a link. Note how each comment is tied to the relevant article and provides value added. So far I’ve received 71 hits from disqus and 38 hits from returning visitors. Thus I can already conclude that each comment brings in at least 3 visitors over the subsequent 3 days and probably more going forward.

    I have also started toying with bitcoin based advertising via In theory I should be able to pull 1000 normie hits per $1 – amazingly cost effective propaganda if it works out. We’ll see.

  18. Author
    Admin 2 years ago

    Hey Nxx-

    Yes I saw your aggregator! Have been keeping track of my traffic on ‘Statistics’ and ‘Jetpack’ and was getting referrals so I followed it over. I love the stats you have been gathering on the ROI of comments as well. I keep equally detailed stats for my business but need to do the same for the website. About to reach out to those other aggregators you mentioned, have reached out to some other websites though and that is going well. Hope to have a fun/positive marketing related announcement in the next few days but don’t want to jinx it by saying it right now. Have also been lurking on some of the boards you mentioned, getting a feel for them in anticipation of posting. I love every element of marketing, building a business (or in this case website), strategizing, etc. I wish there were more hours in the day to do it all!

    But yeah so far I would say website traffic has been about what I anticipated when I started the site (but should hopefully be going up now that I am putting these things into practice); website response has been wonderful and humbling; and sales of the book have definitely exceeded my expectations. One interesting note on the website traffic is that apparently the article “Meet The Chechens” is the most read article, by double actually, despite being older. It also gets BY FAR the most spam comments. Unsure of why, need to try to figure out how to track the origins of the folks who land on that page I guess. None of the common google search entry points (“Europe civil war”, “women raped africa”, “sons of odin” seem connected to it).

    On the laptop front, I brought it to my computer guy yesterday and he determined that the harddrive is okay, but that I have a nasty problem with overheating. He said it got to 118* C and that is supposedly really bad. So I am on a loaner of his right now, but unfortunately without access to a number of documents that hadn’t synched correctly on Google Drive, including the articles I have been working on. Going to stop by on Monday and get everything on thumb drive though.

    Appreciate the info on Vox Day. I envy the contribution he is seemingly making. It is interesting watching alot of this Alt-Right stuff converge with the mainstream via Trump. Ironic that that is happening so much more visibly than in Europe.

    Do you see any interesting portents in Europe since the last time we spoke about it? I am hoping to arrange a trip there for next summer to get more of a feel for how things are on the ground, hopefully connect with more like-minded individuals.

    Would love any more thoughts you have on C4ISR structures re: resisitance in Europe as well. Or anything else- it gets the wheels in my head going!


  19. Author
    Admin 2 years ago

    Hey Nxx-

    Unsure if you are still checking this thread but I ended up having to buy a new laptop. Going to try to download blockchain tomorrow.


  20. Nxx 2 years ago

    With a new laptop you should have no problems. I don’t think anyone else has ever had such a streak of bad luck while trying to enable bitcoin.

    Using banner ad campaigns focused on the bitcoin community I have raised traffic levels at to over 1000 hits/day. My geo settings focus on US, UK, Ca, Au, Scandinavian four plus Germany and Austria. My preliminary findings are that you can buy normie traffic at anywhere between 2 and 10 cents per hit. I’m currently spending about $40/day.

    In my case I’m going after introductory traffic, i.e., clueless normies who need to be woken up to the fact there is reason to be concerned. In contrast your focus is post-introductory as you’re going after Europeans who are already concerned but don’t as yet grasp the full dimension of the problem. For your case, assuming you want to pursue the ad campaign approach, I recommend google’s text based adwords running at 3 cents/hit. If you buy hits coming from the keywords “european civil war” it should be your kind of traffic.

    What I’m really doing is research on the cost of redpilling. I’ll eventually cut off all advertising to see how many hits are return visitors. I’ll then be in a position to calculate the percentage being redpilled and from there the cost per recruit to the Alt-Right. I think if it falls anywhere below $10/recruit it makes it a worthwhile investment. In this scenario, if each redpillee can be made to contribute more than $10 to further recruitment, growth would be exponential. Worth a try.

  21. Author
    Admin 2 years ago

    Hey Nxx-

    Wanted to check in with you and hoping you see this! My new laptop is working well. As far as Bitcoin, the following is my update: I began downloading the blockchain Friday May 27th. It got up to about 64% within the first day. Then at the end of the second day it was only at 77% or so. I have continued downloading it since then, and as we speak it is at 90%. It seems to be adding about three percentage points per day. Very fascinating. I have absolutely no idea what to make of it. My computer does seem to be slower, but I don’t know if that is caused by me downloading Bitcoin, or if the computer is slow for another reason (seems unlikely since its brand new) and that is what is slowing down Bitcoin. So yes the adventure continues 🙂

    In other news I did a podcast interview with Red Ice Radio today. That was extremely cool. Will update the site about it when it comes out when i do a post with the link. Will give you my thoughts on it there (all positive). Listen for the anonymous shout out on C4ISR too by the way. We got into the war and 4GW quite a bit and I made a point of bringing up violence but we were rounding down by that point so didn’t get to get fully into it as much as I would have liked. Maybe thats a sign I need to write a book on that subject next.

    In response to the body of your last post… I LOVE what you are doing with the normie-marketing-redpilling. I think the idea of putting ads online purely for the sake of awakening our sleepwalking compatriots is EXACTLY the kind of thing we need. You are a behind-the-scenes force to be reckoned with Nxx. I am guessing you must do some sort of marketing in real life as well.

    Speaking of marketing, I am commissioning a “book-trailer” to be made for Fistfights, so excited for that. Where would I go to do the same kind of marketing for the book and website that you are doing fishing for normies? And how would I do mine differently in order to- like you said- look for people who are at that middle point of awakenment?

    Anyway, hope you are doing well and hope to hear from you! Will certainly jump back on here as soon as the blockchain (hopefully) finishes downloading! If you have any thoughts on why it might be going slowly let me know too. I tell ya once I finish this it will feel like I have climbed Everest! Will be very satisfying 🙂


  22. Nxx 2 years ago

    Excellent! It should have downloaded at this point. Please confirm that you received the test payment and I’ll send the 5 btc. I’m off to Red Ice to look for the podcast!

    The whole thing is just my taking advantage of an opportunity. Following this conversation I looked up the aggregators I listed and was astonished to realize how easy they are to set up. I then couldn’t resist making one myself to put my marketing advice to the test.

    So far my research conclusions are:

    1. Posting comments with a link sigline on breitbart, takimag and zerohedge works but good results require effort over time. If you make 10 comments a day you’ll get about 1000 visitors for the month – about 10% of whom will become permanent users.

    2. Posting threads on the chans is as yet untested because my aggregator doesn’t have content to post.

    3. Paid advertising on bitcoin websites is yielding enormous traffic levels but very few return visitors. I am still researching this but on a preliminary basis I can say that the quality of traffic is important and faucet traffic is worthless. Of about 15,000 faucet visitors so far only about 10 have proven to be recurrent users.

    4. I am now shifting focus to advertising on mainstream sites. I’ve opened an account at and had some applications accepted by gun owner websites. I also bought 3m impressions on for $400 but those idiot libertarians rejected the ad buy and sent a refund. They’re obviously worried that if their users are exposed to alt-right thinking they’ll quickly realize that people who violate borders aren’t likely to respect muh sacred property rights.

    I’ll keep you posted as to my research but if you want to get your feet wet right away I strongly recommend that you buy $100 worth of advertising at google adwords for the keywords “european civil war”. Anyone googling those keywords is by definition going to be very interested in your content. I can’t use google adwords myself because they don’t take bitcoin. However I’ve applied for a bitcoin debit card at so that may change.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Well, its still at 95%. I have to unplug it in a moment and bring it two hours north of here for the weekend. I did that before when it was at 80% and it was okay, but more nervous now that it is at 95 lol. Don’t see why anything would be different this time though (knock on wood).

      Will let you know how it goes but just wanted to shoot you a short update!

      • Author
        Admin 2 years ago

        Okay Nxx the blockchain seems to have finished. Right now the screen says “Scanning Transaction History” and is at eleven hours. It has had a couple error messages pop up though and then I have no choice but to shut it down. I got freaked out the first time because when I opened Armory back up it initially looked like I had lost all progress. It quickly jumped up to where it had been at though fortunately.

        Anyway let me know if there is anything else I should be doing at this point otherwise I will jump on here again once the next step is finished!


        • Author
          Admin 2 years ago

          Nxx- I have finally succeeded in downloading Armory. This morning was a very happy one as I came in, looked at the computer, and saw that it was completely finished. Your Bitcoin donation from April 25th(!) is sitting in the account, and all looks solid. I will not even attempt to hide the immense feeling of satisfaction this gives me lol.

  23. Nxx 2 years ago

    Finally! I sent the 5 btc – welcome to the age of decentralized value!

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Nxx- yes it got to my account successfully. I am tempted to say ‘Wow, you actually did it’ but I could tell from the beginning you were serious. I appreciate it tremendously and will make sure I put it to good use for our movement. You are quite the mysterious benefactor and you give me hope for the future of our people!

      I am going to start buying some ads for the phrase “European civil war” like you advised, and continue experimenting with various kinds of marketing. I also still hope to send some Swedes (or any Europeans) to self-defense/tactical training here in the US.

      Any new corners of our movement that are exciting you? I am not sure if you listened to the member’s half of my podcast on Red Ice, but I think Henrik just misinterpreted what I said a little bit in the show notes when he talked about the C4ISR/Revolutionary War stuff that I brought up in the second half of the show.

      Anyway Nxx thanks again and please keep commenting back and forth with me on this thread there is nothing that would make me happier- I feel we are figuring out some important things. How are the ads on the gun store websites coming?


  24. Nxx 2 years ago

    Nothing mysterious really. I’m just a regular guy struggling with the question WHAT TO DO. The Alt-Right does not currently offer good answers. My personal answer is to provide financial support to a list of ten websites (including ECW and CC). But much like good writers are few, so are people who can afford this approach. For most people the question remains unanswered. Ideally the (universal) answer should be, “go join organization X, it’s like a white masonry that helps and protects you.”

    Interesting piece by Brett Stevens:

    “A white liberal and a white conservative will not recognize each other on the street. Their attire, speech, vocabulary, behavior, and activities will have entirely diverged. If a member of one tribe beats up on another, and it was not warranted (e.g. a personal matter), the gang will descend but now it will be total warfare in the way liberals already practice. People will be hounded out of jobs and homes, beaten up or killed on the street, and face punitive hacking and bullying. These groups will segregate quickly to avoid the risk of accidentally triggering a war. Territory will become more important than property value; what makes the property valuable is that it is in with your tribe.

  25. Kadphises 1 year ago

    Thanks a lot for putting up this great website! As a German who cares about the future of his country and the whole of Europe, I am happy to see that there are also young white Americans who care about the struggle of their ancestral homelands and are even willing to fight for the future of our continent!
    I read your ideas with great interest, and would like to know your opinion on the following topics:
    1. How important is it that the majority of the population backs our goals for the time after a European civil war or at least sees us as the lesser evil compared to Islamists and the traitors at the time when the war breaks out?
    2. How to avoid that young white idealistic men sacrifice their lives in a war against Islamism, but in the end the traitor elites will be successful in their destruction of Europe and the extermination of the last remainders of a healthy white gene pool? I see this as a huge danger, especially when young guys become angry and radicalized without being completely red-pilled (not understanding the role the traitorous elites have played in flooding Europe with Muslim immigrants while bombing and destabilizing their home countries)
    3. How to balance the tasks of building up a family (we definitely need patriotic and intelligent white guys to build families and have children) and preparing for a civil war simultaneously? (concerning genetically healthy, heterosexual white men)
    4. What do you think about bacon attacks (and maybe Muhammad posters and graffiti) on Salafist mosques and madrassas as well as Saudi and Turkish institutions (embassies, consulates, schools etc.)? Aren’t they a good way to draw attention to our cause and to show Muslim extremists that they are not welcome, while maintaining ethical integrity (the damage done is nearly exclusively symbolic/imaginary)? Every sane European citizen will see them as harmless pranks (more like a real-life Alt-Right style trolling), while the Islamists will demand harsh punishments for these ‘crimes’ and if their demands are not met are likely to overreact with violent protests.
    5. Equivalently, shouldn’t we keep attacks on traitors symbolic as far as possible? It will be humiliating and newsworthy if a traitor is covered with urine and feces by a European preservationist, but there will be little reason to celebrate the traitor as a martyr/saint/hero afterwards, as has happened with Jo Cox, for example.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Kadphises!

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for your comment! I cannot overstate how happy it makes me when Europeans stumble across the site and comment!

      I also thoroughly appreciate and welcome your questions 🙂 I love talking about these things and figuring them out, etc, and they have already got the gears spinning in my head.

      In fact, I would like to answer them with in-depth responses and actually turn the questions and responses into a post. Hopefully you do not object (if you do just let me know and I will not do so), but I thought that might be a fun thing to do and also ensure that I am devoting to them they attention they deserve.

      If you see this reach back out and either way expect to see my answers to them on the site within a couple days 🙂

      • Kadphises 1 year ago

        Of course, I do not object and will be more than happy to read your thoughts on these questions in a post! 🙂

  26. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    This is a very classy site that might appreciate your contributions:

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