What Causes Red-Pilling? Reader Feedback Desired

What Causes Red-Pilling? Reader Feedback Desired
September 7, 2016 Admin

This website focuses a lot on what might be called the tactical, operational, and geopolitical realities on the ground in Europe. The actual facts of who, what, when, and why. Topics like demographics, crime, infrastructure, elections, violence, etc. We also try to extrapolate and learn from similar situations in other parts of the world and periods of history.

What is of equal importance though, and what obviously prefigures the realities and statistics and facts, is the cultural and meta-political questions at play, and the thoughts that go through the minds of the various actors.


As we have discussed on numerous occasions, massive numbers of the native European population are enthralled and brainwashed by what can only be called a religion, one whose tenants revolve around the negation of all established conventions and mores, and the inversion of all relationships and morals. Many refer to this as Cultural-Marxism.

This is the nutjob Progressive religion that makes people apologize for getting raped by immigrants, that makes them fire female workers at refugee centers for acknowledging that Arabs are capable of lying, that allows them to cover up and excuse the drugging, gang-raping, torturing, and trafficking of thousands upon thousands of underage (many prepubescent) White girls.

With all of this being the case, the most important question for our movement to answer is: how are such people most effectively woken up? How can they be made to see reality? To be ‘red-pilled’, as the saying goes?

Swedicide and Swedism

Swedicide and Swedism

For certainly there are many people who undergo this process. There are countless individuals who begin as true-believing Progressives but end up on our side. Yet there are others, such as the “Antifa Author”, who, along with his young son, just got beaten up by Muslims earlier this week, yet still professes complete belief in all the core tenants of multiculturalism, White self-hatred, and third-worldism.

The question is: What accounts for this?

If we- the collective movement to prevent Europe’s enslavement and Islamization- can figure this out, and determine the most effective ways to catlyze such changes, then we have a far greater chance of saving Europe, and preventing the horrors that await.

I myself at least partially went through this journey of awakening. I was at least halfway over to the Progressive side, was a classic “angry atheist”, and was even a National Obama Delegate. As detailed in my book, my personal awakening was mostly due to two factors:

1. Personal experience, and
2. Reading books and websites

These are very common ways that such awakenings occur, but what others exist?

Looking at our opponents is- as always- a valuable way to explore this question.

For while the Islamists are diametrically opposed to us in terms of goals, values, ethics, and morals, the forces at play in formulating such political and mindset changes can be similar. In their case, such transformations are usually catalyzed through the following manners:

-The influence of friends and family members (like in Inside the Jihad by Omar Nasiri)
-Sermons preached to them at mosques-
-The internet- through videos, forums, websites, and similar means

We can attempt to extrapolate from this, and see how the three compare in usefulness for our own side.

As far as friends and family go, we lack the close knit tribal-familial infrastructures of our Muslim opponents, but the relevance is still great. As Greg Johnson has written about, if we can convert just one friend or family member to our way of thinking, and then they do the same, and so on, the compound effect is enormous.

Online Islamist Propaganda

Online Islamist Propaganda

As far as sermons and religious bodies go, the relevance is less. Very few of our people- whether in Europe or other parts of the Occident- still attend Church. While I do think it would be wonderful were people within our movement to attempt to spread awakening through religious institutions in this manner, and while I also think there is an opening in these communities to listening to such information, it is still destined to be a side arena in our overall struggle.

Finally, the internet is one area where we are ‘on par’ with our Islamist opponents, arguably ahead of our Progressive ones. As we have profiled on this site many times, (like here, here, and here) there are a multitude of amazing websites and amazing artists on the web spreading the truths that are so crucial for us to get out there.

So, following from this brief exploration, I would ask the readers of this site: What woke you up to the situation in Europe? To the beliefs you have today? Obviously we are just one small (yet passionate) community, but please share your thoughts. I think by discussing these things we really can gain new insights into them, and figure out how better to accomplish our goals. This is a question I want to write about more in the future, so let’s figure it out. Please share your thoughts!

To help generate discussion, here are questions in written form to base answers off of.

1. What woke you up to the realities of immigration, multiculturalism, Progressivism, etc?
2. What do you think are the most effective websites/groups/forces awakening members of the European diaspora?
3. Why do some people- like this nutjob author referenced above- never wake up, even when the lies end up resulting in them getting beaten/raped/killed?
4. What are the opportunities for “red-pilling normies” being most under-utilized or poorly utilized/poorly done by members of our community?
5. What other thoughts do you have on all this?


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  1. Death to traitors and cowardz 1 year ago

    It started with being a little faggot bitch. Then going out into a feminist man-hating world of bitches, sluts, and nightclubs and finding out that you are not good enough, that these whores relish in your failure and those that promise to help you just want your money (PUAs).

    I came across a cult called the Manhood Academy and the Professor really opened my eyes to the woman question. Once that astounding revelation tore away the thick layers of lies I was living in all the rest was inevitable.

    I found out about Jews, racial differences, anti-White pop culture (which shook hands with feminism in full circle epiphany), and I developed a White tribal conscience as a result.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Death to Traitorz- Appreciate the input. It sounds like for you it was mostly informational then (the Manhood Academy) and then that also reinforced real life experiences that had affected you but that you hadn’t been able to articulate before. I would say that matches my experience perfectly- finding the information that EXPLAINED your experiences was the key factor.

      I think you mentioned that academy to me before I am going to check it out for sure. How would you describe its philosophy/teachings/curriculum?

      • Death to traitors and cowardz 1 year ago

        As far as race goes they are totally blue-pilled multiculturalists. But that never got in their way of being razor sharp on the woman question.

        They teach that women do not have the physical or intellectual capacity to bear the same responsibilities as men, and so women must submit to men. They are fanatical anti-feminists, and have a long youtube playlist of feminists they have destroyed in live debates.

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Check out what Dugin is saying:

    “This time, the mechanism is civil war in Europe which, in such a situation as now, is almost inevitable. The more migrants, the more terrorist attacks. Both are only increasing.”


    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      That is extremely interesting. I had heard quite a bit about Dugin, as I have mentioned on here a few times, but that is the first piece of his writing (on current events at least) that I have read. His negative tone vis a vis the far right in Europe surprised me. Obviously our pal Glenn Beck is always saying how Russia and Putin and Dugin are the ones funding the far right (Front National, etc). When I first read it it sounded like he was claiming the US is funding those far right parties, but upon a closer reading I think he is just saying that the US+Soros (Globalist) consortium combination of people is rather ‘creating’ the far right through their support for mass immigration.

      I certainly agree with him on civil war and its imminence however. And it does make sense what he said about the globalists using Muslims as a proxy or pawn type force, since historically we have always done that. That George Friedman futurist guy (who I don’t particularly like) always says that the United States’ chief geopolitical objective is to always use weaker groups/country’s to offset more powerful ones, so that the powerful ones never rise to the level of the US. I think we see that with Russia right now for sure. As far as Europe goes, I think it is more just the religion of Progressivism, plus globalism (economically, etc).

      Thanks for sharing the link that was great Laguna Beach.

      • Kadphises 1 year ago

        Although he misrepresents Breivik, who is an extremist Judeo-Christian neo-con, as a neo-nazi, he has a point critizising the European Right. I would phrase it as follows:
        – we need pan-European preservationists who jointly fight against the Muslim invaders, not Polish, German or French nationalists who all want to do their own thing, let the E.U. fall apart, but remain in the NATO
        – we need anti-Salafist freedom fighters, not xenophobes who randomly attack foreign looking people (e.g., Yezidis, Sikhs)
        – we need people who have a good grasp on foreign policy and what is happening in the Middle East, not neo-con hawks who use anti-Muslim-immigration sentiment to support blind interventionism against Arab countries and dogmatic support for Israel

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Hey Kadphises- great comment. I agree with everything you said.

          Completely agree on the neo-con issue, agree on the pan-european thing, I do believe we need at least some pure 100% European homeland nations with zero foreigners of any kind, however I also fully agree with you that we don’t want people who randomly attack any non-white groups like Sikhs, etc. And then re: Breivik my understanding had always been the same as yours, but I believe he did a Hitler salute at his last appeareance in court- did you hear anything about that or was that the media twisting something?

          Great discussion.

          • Kadphises 1 year ago

            I agree that white ethnostates in Europe should be the final goal (realistically I think 1-5% of non-white law-abiding, tax-paying and predominantly female non-European foreigners would be acceptable, depending on the current status of the country in question). But it is important to remember that resistance will be perceived as such only if it is directed against Salafism/Jihadism or other criminal behavior. Surplus non-whites who are not actively involved in the destruction of Europe will be repatriated in a humane, peaceful and ordered fashion, after the resistance has liberated Europe from the suicidalist yoke amd defeated the Salafist threat.
            Re: Breivik: It’s possible that he has changed his mind and actually undergone a red-pilling process with regards to the JQ. But I have my doubts, because he has been politically involved on the Right for a long time and must have thought about his position carefully before writing his manifesto.
            But the main reason for me that I can consider him only a troubled, misguided person at best, a dangerous psychopath at worst, is his choice to murder young kids and teenagers of his own folk. We don’t want to see our movement connected with this kind of despicable actions. We need men who will be remembered for defending the helpless, like the young girls tortured and raped in Rotherham by brutal Muslim invaders, not for murdering children.

          • Author
            Admin 1 year ago

            Hey Kadphises- great discussion. I agree that the non-Salafist, and especially non-Muslim immigrants pose no real ‘threat’ such as it were. They are all good, decent people, and a healthy, safe, respectable, gradual repatriation/re-emigration process would be the correct way to go.

            As for Breivik I think you are spot on. I wrote about him last year (along with Roof), echoing your words almost exactly: http://www.europeancivilwar.com/fourth-generation-warfare-4gw-white-preservationism/ It was originally an article on Counter-Currents that I reposted here, but you probably didn’t start reading the site until long after them. As I said in it, even if Breivik had just limited it to adult male members of the same parties, it would have been different.

          • Kadphises 1 year ago

            I read this article of yours a while ago, and your perspective, combining strategical thinking with a sincere and firm honor code, was one of the main reasons I have been returning regularly to your site. I hope many young men of European ancestry will find their way here and will not be led astray by nihilism and desperation and the distractions of modern life, but do what is necessary to be victorious: to fight intelligently and honorably and continue our blood lines, worthy of our ancestors’ noble heritage.

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    I was pretty much a fascist from birth. (Fashy by birth, fashy by nature). As a little boy I noticed that girls and non-Whites got favourable treatment, but I was dissuaded from noticing it out loud. I spent a lot of time around New York City as a little kid, and I noticed the bad behaviour of black people. As I grew up, travelled a lot, went to prep school and uni overseas, and met interesting people, I continually questioned the shitty consumerist society I saw around me. The America-dominated world was rotten. Something just didn’t feel right. In my mid-twenties I thoroughly Red-Pilled myself, and I haven’t looked back since. This was around the start of the Internet. I had no one to help me,. The young men of today are extremely fortunate that there are networks of Red Pill and Alt-Right websites like this one to help them wake up and build a meaningful life.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Agree completely Laguna Beach we are massively blessed to have the internet at our disposal. Totally different world than just a decade or two ago.

  4. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Going to school in England in the mid- to late-1980s, and observing the anti-Apartheid movement firsthand, made me realize that liberal-prog causes are usually nothing more than anti-White bigotry disguised as political movements.

    Spending some time in East Africa as a schoolboy also allowed me to see Africans and Africa up close. I also lived in South Africa in the late ’90s and travelled around the southern African region. How many negro-loving libtards have actually been to Africa and seen Africans in person in their own lands?

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      K so that sounds like another vote for personal experience.

  5. rick 1 year ago

    I think life red pills people, after all what is “white Flight” other than an acceptable opportunity to escape enforced diversity. But white flight options are diminishing and so the red pills will be coming fast and furious, and so long as there are intellectual websites such as this that support the truth people will find it.
    For myself, I’ve had a long series of red pills:
    I grew up in a Canadian city that was demographically flipped from 95% European to approx 30% European within about 15 years. The abuse starts once you are a minority and it is pretty relentless.
    I was also thrown in a Mexican jail one time when I was 20 for being drunk on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, This was a real eye opener to me that not all cultures are equal to say the least, I fought with the prisoners and was beaten up by the guards and generally treated like scum. An American prisoner who had been released came back and bailed me out otherwise I was looking at 6 months in a 3rd world shithole.
    There is a percentage of people that will never be red pilled, as they judge a culture by the restaurants or the “Guy at work” For the rest it’s just a matter of time.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Rick thanks for the comment!

      I imagine the threat of six months in a Mexican prison would redpill anybody! lol

      Interesting too re: white flight, a lot of the folks engaging in it still aren’t red-pilled and don’t even realize what they are doing. That’s certainly not always the case though, and I agree completely that such areas to “fly” to are rapidly diminishing, and that that will be a huge dark crimson red pill for a lot of folks to swallow.

      But yeah it sounds like you would vote for personal experience as the key determinant. It makes me wonder in what ways we can capitalize on that aspect of it…. what ways we can sort of “force” people to personally confront it like that. Interesting question. I guess its too bad we can’t give every SJW your same experience in a Mexican prison! 🙂

      In seriousness though I do think you are right and that is just a matter of time, at least in Europe. It is probably just a question of proximity to ‘real life’. At that opposite end are the Ben Affleck celebrity types who live completely artificial, insulated lives where real life (your experience in Mexico, your experience in Canada, ROTHERHAM(!)) never touch them. Then your forty something liberal yuppies in the US are the next closest, etc. It was interesting that in the 2008 Democratic Primaries Obama got the highest percentage of the vote in the states that were the most White and Republican. There are no bigger SJW’s than the ones that live in the middle of Montana and relentlessly lecture people on ‘diversity’. How to perhaps artificially create or cultivate such proximity is the question. Interesting stuff.

  6. YesPasaran 1 year ago

    1. What “woke” me was stumbling across immigration statistics online, & seeing outrageous numbers for Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, ect. I realized instantly that if things did not change, in some time there would simply be no more White people left.

    2. Undoubtedly the most important groups right now are the White Nationalist/Alt-Right twitter army, the BUGs Swarm (the Mantra people), & the intersection of those two groups.

    3. Some people are true believers; they will likely never change their minds even when confronted with violence from those they claim to speak for. To put it another way, if you started hanging out with skinheads & a couple of them decided to jump you, would you change your worldview?

    4. The most under utilized demographics to redpill, imo, are the gaming community (as most young Whites spend at least some time playing online multiplayer games) as well as White STEM students, as these are some of the most intelligent young Whites & thus exactly who we want on our side.

    5. Most people just follow those in authority, as authority carries an implicit threat of violence & an explicit threat of social shaming. This is why most people will follow the state and popular culture unquestioningly. There is no redpilling a majority of people in any given area, be it in meatspace or cyberspace, until we dominate that area so thoroughly that we can crush the opposition.

  7. DaShui 1 year ago

    I’m from Mississippi…

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      LOL. yes… does reinforce the ‘proximity’ thing I just mentioned to Rick though…

  8. Sweet Jeb 1 year ago

    I like this question. The answer is cultural victory. But first we must understand the mind of the cuckoid. A cuckhold believes in ‘virtuous suffering’ without cultural victory because the idea of victory has been replaced by gratitude from a single almighty. To a normal person this may seem like a slaves mentality, but to the cuckhold it is nothing more than a blessing from god. Anything else requires punishment. I like to think of what my dog is thinking when I give him a treat. The cuckhold beleives that his altruistic efforts will be rewarded with his instictive desire to be accepted by something greater than himself, because this is something he does not have. He more than likely will lack the contrasting perpective that would make him even question his circumstance. The cuckhold exists because that is the only means by which he has been given to adapt to his environment. However he does not understand that these means are temporary, artificial, and self-contradicting. These means may dissolve eventually, and when they do the cuckhold in recovery will be looking for a new owner. I am honestly unsure that if I let my dog free that he will even want to go anywhere, much less be capable of survival without me. Perhaps if he was a pit or a German shepard he would be able to move on and start a pack of his own pack. But there would be some that are sadly unable to accept their true reality. The thought of it alone could destroy him. His lack of will does not convince him of anything he can acheive outside his seemingly cozy environment enough to risk what he has sacrificed everything for. He must see a better alternative, and it must be a path that leads to victory. I have never seen a dog that doesn’t bark at other dogs. I also have not seen many dogs that will bark at a whole pack. Instead it looks to me like he wants to join them, because deep down inside he knows he is a living creature and not a tool for someone else’s amusment.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Jeb thanks for the comment! If I am not mistaken that is your first comment on the site and I appreciate you jumping in!

      Interesting one too… what kind of dog do you have? I would like to learn more about dogs and dog breeds and all that stuff. It does seem to hold a real mirror up to humanity in many regards.

      Certainly it seems you are right that the typical American/European/Western cuckold is a product of his environment. I have read your post over several times to make sure I understand it right, and it seems to me you are saying that (and I would agree with you), the only to gain any sort of utility or positive response from a cuck (or what one might call any extra brainwashed/pathetic normie) is to speak to them through the lens of power rather than honor?

      So for instance, appealing to normie class or cuckold class in terms of honor, by saying ‘We must fight against Islamization to the last man, even if it kills us, for the honor of our people’ is not going to work, but to instead do so by appealing to their desire to attach themselves to the powerful and the victorious is the way to go?

      • Sweet Jeb 1 year ago

        Some people are only motivated by fear (fight or flight) and are always going to try to go with the winner. I honestly don’t think the cucks are worth red pilling so much as the women. No woman wants to be known to associate with a weak bitch anyway unless he has a lot of money, I don’t care what she says. The loyalty of a decent woman is a prize and we should be capable of shaming or segregating the ones who are not. I think that about sums it up. So next time we see a young guy fucking off and being a weak bitch, try to get him before his condition becomes irreversible. Red pilling should be voluntary I think, reserved for the vanguard. There is only so much propaganda you can push onto people and arguing with liberals is a waste of time and looks stupid if it isn’t smashed right away. If it really is a cultural battle, we have some domestic issues.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Well said. I think it used to be an automatic process because young guys were around older, tougher guys, so if they did act like weaklings or dishonor the tribe, they were swiftly cuffed in the ear/pulled up by the older guys. Today, where everything is fragmented and we have lost all essence of tribe or hierarchy, no such function exists.

  9. Agusto Pinochet 1 year ago

    I was a virtue signaling libertarian until I became aware of the alt right. If it wasnt for Stefan Molyneaux I wouldn’t be here. But It wasn’t until Trump stood bravely upon his principal’s that I was able to accept the alternative. Chris Cantwell would be a good representation of where my ideological path has taken me up to now. Like Chris I still beleive in the “non-agression principal”, but only when mutually inclusive to the “physical removal principal”. It seems like recently he has attracted a small following on his comedy call in show. Maybe there is something about libertarian belief that makes it easier for some to ask the right questions.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey AP thanks for the comment! It looks like you are a first time commenter to so thanks for jumping in! Much appreciated-

      I too was a libertarian. In 07-09 I was even a subscriber to Reason Magazine lol. That was also during my period of ignorance/insanity when I was an Obama Delegate though, which is probably proof positive that Libertarians skew Liberal (evidenced by their current nominee I would say).

      I am certainly aware of Stefan Molyneux now but had never heard of him until the last 6 months or so. I have watched a couple of his videos and was impressed but need to read more on him. I agree that Trump is highly inspiring. I am not familiar with Chris Cantwell- who is he?

      Thanks again for the comment. To follow up then- do you believe that essays/art/speeches/writing is the most effective way to awaken the normies? And do you think it was just random that Molyneux was who really influenced you (as opposed to anyone else), or do you think it was something specific about his format/arguments/ideas/etc?

  10. Kadphises 1 year ago

    I could write a whole book about this… but I will try to put it into a few words:
    – elementary school & teenage years: indoctrination with a mix of turn-the-other-cheek-Christianity and multiculturalist ideology in school, mainstream Catholicism and reading Germanic sagas at home, bad experiences with Turks (street aggression, humiliation) => “turn the other cheek” is against my nature, but still a Christian with doubts; multiculturalism doesn’t work, teachers lie (“St. Nicolaus was a Turk”)
    – early twenties: reading Nietzsche and Dawkins => God is dead, no absolute morality, moral rules are the ‘extended phenotypes’ of specific genetic interests
    – more reading of EP literature: understanding sex differences and sexual selection (G. Miller, R. Baker etc.), race differences (Rushton) and the JQ (Kevin MacDonald)
    – reading more about Islam => in its purest form it is opposed not only to Western values (women’s rights, democracy), but also arts and science and any expression of higher culture; reading Alain de Benoit => Europe has to be reinvigorated with Pagan values
    – “white flight” to East Asia, experiencing a down-to-earth, non-Abrahamic culture, a society where arguably “white privilege” actually is a thing, with lots of advantages, but also downsides; a time of valuable experiences, but also sometimes mindless debauchery…
    – reawakening and temporary return to Europe: Pegida, Trump, Alt-Right, Julian Langness => new hope that we can win the war; I want to build up a family in a safe environment, but fight for Europe when the time has come.

    • Kadphises 1 year ago

      This was my answer to question 1 (What woke you up to the realities of immigration, multiculturalism, Progressivism, etc?).
      Here are my thoughts on question 4: What are the opportunities for “red-pilling normies” being most under-utilized or poorly utilized/poorly done by members of our community?
      From a European perspective: The most important red pill for “normies”, Liberals and Leftists to swallow is the nature of Islam, especially Salafism/Wahhabism. Once they are firmly on our side in this regard they can be considered allies, and other topics can be carefully introduced at the right time and in the right context. Every ‘Progressive’ must be painfully aware of the fact that mass Muslim immigration and the spread of Salafism will destroy everything he holds dear: democracy, secularism, women’s and gay rights, the environment etc. While traitors who are public figures need to be trolled and shamed ruthlessly, for personal conversations with friends, family and other normies in private or on social media, the strategy must be radically different:
      – Find common ground. For someone who is firmly pro-immigration discuss related foreign policy issues and the situation of women and minorities in the Middle East. What is happening to Kurds in Turkey, how are women treated in Saudi Arabia, what does IS do to Yezidi girls in Iraq and Syria? How can we help these people most effectively? Once you have made it clear that you are a caring, compassionate human being with balanced and well-reasoned views and not a ‘Nazi monster’, you can try to talk reasonably about Muslim immigration and its impact on European societies.
      – Don’t insult. No matter how brainwashed and stupid your conversation partner appears, if he/she is not a politician, journalist, actor or another public figure, calm down and go back to finding common ground.
      – Don’t become defensive. You don’t need to proof that you are “not a nazi” or “not racist”, it is off topic, because Europe’s most urgent threat is Islamism.
      – Don’t be purist in discussions with normies. Not everyone needs to be red-pilled about race, the JQ or innate sex differences at the same time. Help building an anti-Salafist umbrella movement instead.
      – At the same time, don’t find false common ground, don’t try to be more antifascist than the Antifa. Don’t use nonsensical terms like Islamofascism, don’t discuss Muslims in the SS or other historical details which distract from the current thread posed by radical Islamism for Europe

      • Author
        Admin 1 year ago

        Agree with you that the sinister nature of Salifism/Wahabism is a prime ‘tip of the spear’ for red-pilling. Obviously many will respond ‘well, that’s only 1% of Muslims’ (as we hear over and over again), but one that can effectively start the process of awakening them, as once they accept that truth then additional ones- as you point out- become easier to swallow.

    • Kadphises 1 year ago

      3. Why do some people- like this nutjob author referenced above- never wake up, even when the lies end up resulting in them getting beaten/raped/killed?
      “As we have discussed on numerous occasions, massive numbers of the native European population are enthralled and brainwashed by what can only be called a religion, one whose tenants revolve around the negation of all established conventions and mores, and the inversion of all relationships and morals. Many refer to this as Cultural-Marxism.“
      This is an important observation. What we have here is a nameless religion leading to European cultural and genetic suicide. But why could it be so successful among Whites? An important part of the answer lies in the fact that it can build upon the worse aspects of Christianity:
      – the glorification of suffering and of passivity and pacifism (“turn the other cheek”)
      – the idealization of ‘the Other’
      – the idea of Original Sin (in German “Erbsünde”, literally “inherited sin”)
      – the idea of innate equality (“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”)
      – the idea that true belief is more important than righteous action
      – the idea that true belief is more important than familial or ethnic bonds
      All these concepts were alien to Pagan Europe, but became deeply engrained into the European psyche with Christianization. And what many refer to as Cultural Marxism is a secularized version of these worst aspects of Christianity where the crucifixion of Christ has been substituted with the Holocaust, the transatlantic slave trade, the crusades, colonialism etc., and Original Sin with White Guilt (More on this topic with specific reference to Germany: http://www.counter-currents.com/2015/10/the-roots-of-german-self-immolation/). The nutjob author is a religious fanatic who has so deeply internalized these concepts that it is impossible for him to see reality. And whatever fanatic Muslims do to him, he would lose his credibility among coreligionists, if he said anything which could be interpreted as “xenophobic” or “racist”. Because “being racist” is to them what “worshipping the devil” was for medieval Christians, worse than rape or murder.
      Most of the official Christian churches in the West teach their religion in this framework, so I have no hope that any spiritual support for our side in this battle will come from them. And while I see Christians who fight against the Islamization of Europe as allies, I don’t think they are actually fighting for ‘Christian values’ as many of them seem to believe, but they are attaching the label ‘Christian’ to the pre-Christian core of European identity, our love of freedom, truth, justice and beauty.

      • Author
        Admin 1 year ago

        Replying to your comment about cultural-marxism and Christianity, I think you articulated the similarities much better than I have as I am not as knowledgeable about Christian doctrine as many, and in regards to this same topic I think pointing out this similarity may be a prime example of a very effective means of argumentation/persuasion we have at our disposal that is NOT commonly used.

        In thinking about these idiot liberals like Ben Affleck for instance, and many of that ilk, their ideology is based in part on a hatred and lack of respect for Christianity as well. The Michael Moore/celebrity-leftist types are highly scornful of Christianity, while (as we are discussing) basically dedicating their lives to what is just another iteration of it. If someone was to confront someone like Affleck about this on a show like Bill Maher, I think it would render them totally dumbstruck and defeated argument-wise.

        • Kadphises 1 year ago

          I’m afraid that any rational argument is just wasted on someone like Affleck… But of course, maybe there are still a handful of ‘liberals’ who haven’t totally lost their willingness to engage in a fair discussion with a ‘racist’ yet, or who happen to be family members or personal friends of people in our movement. If they believe that they are deeply rational atheists, it might in deed be a strategy to ask them whether they believe in concepts like the transmission of guilt across generations and if not, what exactly they mean with ‘white privilege’ etc. Their language and way of thinking is full of metaphysical garbage. But some of them might actually be content to be “atheists for Jesus” and be fully aware and proud of the fact that they stick more literally to these ‘ethical’ precepts of Christianity than conservative Christians. One can still question them why they base their ethics on the teachings of a Nazarene preacher if they are really atheists. But be prepared that they will try to use this for more virtue signalling to show that they are refined an intelligent enough to understand the rationality of their contorted logic, and empathetic and altruistic even if there is no divine judge, while you are just a racist, uncaring brute.
          For the Affleck types among your friends and family members it might actually wiser to avoid discussions of the situation in Europe in the beginning, and talk about cases where non-whites are the victims of Islamist cruelty and jihad (Boko Haram, Sudan, FMG etc.). Once they are aware that stereotyping Muslims universally as poor victims of White oppression is inconsistent with reality they will be more accessible to rational arguments about what is happening in Europe.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Kadphises- only just now getting a chance to respond to your comment.

      I hadn’t realized that you grew up as a Christian. How would you describe your beliefs in regard to Christianity/religion/spirituality now? I mean I think I have a pretty clear idea and I know you reference it in the third part of your answer below, but I am guessing it it multi-layed/multi-faceted and was curious.

      And, much like in my response to Wayne below, I would encourage you to actually write that book. Obviously you have a pretty fascinating story and perspective on everything, and I am sure many people would love to read it (and would certainly benefit from it!!!). Also if you guys indeed leave your current abode soon and move to somewhere else, you would not need to worry about repercussions from the nutjob Progressives we are discussing!

      • Kadphises 1 year ago

        Hi Julian,
        With regards to a personal, Abrahamic god, I’m an atheist. For a long time, I haven’t considered it necessary to officially leave the church, though. But I am going to do this as soon as possible, especially in light of the ideas of the current dhimmi-pope.
        On the other hand, I have stopped to put a lot of emphasis on my atheism. I consider myself an agnostic with regards to a higher power as the origin of the universe, and I think that ridiculing religious people for metaphysical beliefs is counter-productive in most cases. I am also convinced that what finally matters is how we act and what we leave behind, and not the belief we confess. Our descendants will judge us by our courage and will to fight against evil, not by our theological or ideological credo.

        • Kadphises 1 year ago

          I also should add that Jesus’ teachings also have some positive aspects, at least compared to traditional Judaism and fundamentalist Islam (I actually doubt that there was any significant contribution to European culture beyond what was already present in Greco-Roman and Hellenic thought):
          – against violent moralism (the story of the adulterous woman who is supposed to be stoned to death)
          – against blind dogmatism (human lives are more important than sabbath rules; it is fine to eat pork and seafood of any kind)
          – against spiritual corruption through consumerism (he drives the happy merchants and money lenders out of the temple)
          – against empty virtue-signaling (don’t pray on the street)

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Yes Dhimmi-Pope is a perfect term for it. I did read with hope about this Austrian Cardinal they are suggesting might succeed him though. The current Pope looks pretty healthy however so I imagine he will be spreading suicide and ethnomasochism and the greatness of homesexuality for many years to come.

          I would say you and are at pretty similar points religion-wise, if I am interpreting you as I think I am. This is ironic, as you started out as a Christian and I as a typical “angry athiest” as child and teenager.

          Today, I consider myself somewhere between A) not necessarily agnostic but, as my liberal parents would say, a believer in the ‘great mystery’, and B) a sort of “Post-Christian Christian” in the line of Enoch Powell, who sees and feels Christianity through the lens of ‘Tolkienism’, and loves what might be called Nordicism intensely but without going full bore into Odinism/Asatrue/all that stuff.

          I also do have a great emotional connection to Mormonism (as I have talked about on the site), but that has absolutely ZERO to do with their metaphysics and spiritual doctrines and more to do with American/Western culture and ‘life-force’ I guess you could say. For example, if I was about to die or was going through some great trial and was offered a priest to come talk with me, I would pick a Mormon one, even though I know the metaphysics is ridiculous, just because emotionally, or spirit-wise, as a man and a Whit , I believe our what you might call ‘spiritual wavelengths’ are congruent.

          Very interesting discussion.

  11. Wayne Samiere 1 year ago

    1. What woke you up to the realities of immigration, multiculturalism, Progressivism, etc?
    I, like a lot of people, started off as a Libertarian but after reading Nietzsche became disenchanted with it’s axiomatic principles and fell into a political malaise just sort of plodding along as a young working class male living in one of the most culturally diverse places in America, Hawaii. I’ve always been a fan of history and I remember reading a book on the Roman republic and it’s fall, I remember being completely enamored by the idea of a society founded on virtue ethics, I became a naive civic nationalist and eventually, inevitably, I learned that the virtues that made the Roman republic great were not universal ideals, as in they did not develop in a vacuum, and that immigration and a destruction of these values is a large part of what lead to the fall of the later Roman Empire. I began to see how this mental illness of what most would call Cultural Marxism has been cannibalizing the European spirit since the end of the second world war, arguably since the French Revolution and the rise of political liberalism. I think it’s actually left-hegelianism, empiricism, and logical positivism that’s the core problem, Cultural Marxism only being a manifestation of that; but that’s neither here nor there. After exploring ideas like fascism and continuing to read about European history I found the European New Right and Alaisn de Benoist and that’s what sealed the deal. As an anecdote, In the past few months I moved away from Hawaii after spending some time in the more backwater rural area of East Oahu surrounded by white hating natives, even though I was born there I just didn’t feel at home, whites are a minority in Hawaii and the discrimination is real. I could write an essay on my experience living with the locals and how multiculturalism just doesn’t work, I’ve seen it first hand, I’ve grown up with it, I’ve seen how even after generations of cultural white washing the cultural divides still run deep, my life has been much better since moving to Virginia.

    2. What do you think are the most effective websites/groups/forces awakening members of the European diaspora?
    Hands down, I’d say Radix and the National Policy Institute lead the way intellectually, although it’s an American political entity I think it’s where the ideas from American Paleoconservatism, The European New Right and the Neoreactionary movement converge into what most would call “The Altright”, GRECE is equally important in Europe. KulturKampf is a great podcast, I believe it’s important for everyone to stay abreast of philosophy and be aware of high culture. It’s hard to say really, most sources I can think of kind of presuppose the reader is redpilled. I listen to a lot of podcasts and found this site through the Europa Report, since then this has been second on my newsfeed next to Radix, this type of organizing is just what this movement needs; counter-signalling is our best tactic.

    3. Why do some people- like this nutjob author referenced above- never wake up, even when the lies end up resulting in them getting beaten/raped/killed?
    “Is not all the stupid chatter of most of our newspapers the babble of fools who suffer from the fixed idea of morality, legality and so forth, and only seem to go about free because the madhouse in which they walk takes in so broad a space?” – Max Stirner
    I honestly think the, as you described it, almost religious ideals these people have has roots that run deep, too deep for anyone to exorcise them. Their whole conception of truth and morality make our view untenable to them, they have the home field advantage, this is why the only argument they need is to call someone a racist or a bigot; emotional blackmail, playing on the same mental sickness most people have. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Attempts to make our views passable for their system of validation does us no good, they cannot translate over. A materialist, an empiricist will hear nothing of the “European Spirit”, someone sick with liberalism only sees man and the higher ideal of man, and trying to make the immaterial take corporeal form so these people can grasp it only does our message disservice. I’ve seen massive academic studies that do mental fucking gymnastics to try and explain how Muslims are very compatible with western civilization and actually it is capitalism and marginalization that leads to all of these atrocities. It’s sick. It’s a suicide of the human spirit.

    4. What are the opportunities for “red-pilling normies” being most under-utilized or poorly utilized/poorly done by members of our community?
    I think we’ve done an excellent job of being accessible to all that are curious. However I think people being lead to sites like the Daily Stormer and other more Neoreactionary /pol/-tier sites does not help at all. We have counter-signaled HARD after Hillary invoked the name of the altright in her speech and the onslaught of misleading “what is the alt-right?” articles ensued. I don’t think it helps us at all if someones first impression of our movement is neo-nazism. That being said, I think while we should direct normies to the more intellectually sound areas of our community, it is important that we do not follow the maxim of “No enemies to my left, no friends to my right” meaning we should not police to the right of us ideologically.

    5. What other thoughts do you have on all this?
    Train your body, train your mind, as individuals, as sleeper cells in society that are the change we want to see we are much more deadly than as a mindless mass movement. Virtue-signal hard, don’t back down, let the world see that the human spirit has not yet been wholly confined to the dehumanizing gulags of materialism and slave morality. Keep your head held high.
    Read read read read read read!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Wayne- thanks for the comment. I am very glad you found the website. I actually must admit I was not familiar with the Europa Report but after reading your comment I looked them up and have subscribed to their channel.

      Your comment was excellent and I would echo JR below in encouraging you to write about your experiences in Hawaii. You are obviously quite articulate and that could be a great article for CC or Radix or a great short ebook as well. I traveled to Hawaii many times in my youth as my “Godparents” (do people still have Godparents anymore?) lived there. In doing so was too isolated from ‘real Hawaii’ to really feel what you described, but in talking with friends since then who have lived in Hawaii it indeed sounds like quite an formative experience for a white person.

      Radix was one of the first sites I read as well when I got into Alt Right thinking. For whatever reason I gravitated to Counter Currents for submitting articles, etc (I think I emailed Radix inquiring about submissions and they never wrote back) but they both seem to embody that intellectual/deliberate/well-thought out sort of approach to these questions you describe in your post. I have little background in philosophy so alot of that stuff on both sites goes over my head to be honest, but certainly the intellectual vigor both Greg and Richard lend to the sites is one of the key things I find attractive in them.

      I agree with you that attempting to modulate our views does no good, but I also think you make a good point that that does not mean purposefully acting ‘overly hardcore’ is ideal either. Your last paragraph seems spot on as well and I agree- the more people leading healthy lives they can be proud of who are publicly standing up against materialist, cultural marxism, and White self-hatred, the more those ideas will resonate and inspire people and in so doing defeat the left-wing echo chamber that keeps the progressive religion rolling along despite its craziness and horrific results.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and I hope you continue to contribute to the discussion! I want to keep exploring this question and writing more on it (and reading books germaine to it) and your post has given me some stuff to think on for sure.

  12. JR 1 year ago

    @Wayne Samiere, write that essay!! The Alt-right is way too theoretical and lacks the reality of lived experience. I have heard from whites on other forums about their experience growing up in Hawaii, that’s where I first learned of “Kill Haole Day”.

    (((Terri Gross))) of NPR’s Fresh Air program was interviewing Bette Midler when Bette said she couldn’t wait to get off the islands and I heard the audible gasp from the host as the air escape her multicult balloon.

    It would be a fascinating look into the multi cult dystopia, with the added twist that the whites are the “niggers” on Hawaii.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey JR I echo the sentiment I think it would be a great essay/article/short book as well.

      NPR is indeed always a fun listen 🙂 And actually I have to admit I enjoy it because they explore subjects (news, geopolitics, culture, etc) in a far more vigorous way than any AM station (although I enjoy listening to Sean Hannity/Rush Limbaugh/etc as well even though I don’t agree with much of their mainstream conservative type thinking), but they (NPR) are about as feminine/liberal/over the top/cucked as one could imagine though aren’t they lol….

  13. Mike 1 year ago

    Here is a live action red pill event in France:
    That guy was primed for action.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Wow! I clicked on this before but didn’t watch it all the way through and had no idea what the relevance was… Just clicked on it again and watched the whole thing lol.

      I would say that’s about as red as it gets! Do you know what the black guy said? Where is the video from?

      Also I love that the guy who threw the punch is like a foot or more shorter than the other one lol.

      • Mike 1 year ago

        The link us via a French website, which I found via a German website. Europe is undergoing a full-on red pilling process. That’s what proximity to invaders does to you.
        I was always liberal. I came to Chicago as a sophomore in high school from Germany. I had never experienced so many black people. Plus I got my first experience of being jumped, of real riots and racial violence. I was against white prejudice but also realized that black people are different.
        Over the years I hung out with people of all different races. I like people. But I was always realistic about the differences.
        I got seriously red-pulled with the growing immigrant presence that I observed during my visits back to Germany. I did not like that. It was a visceral feeling.
        This led me to Asatru and the pre-Christian religions of Europe. I have concluded that this is a vital component of awakening, but limited. I never liked the guilt-ridden christian religion, but liked Jesus, and sensed a difference. The key is to understand the non-Jewish nature of Jesus and his teachings where he calls out Jahweh as Satan. That ties in with the JQ, a difficult subject.
        What gas really motivated me is the realization that the destruction of European people’s s a very real political project. It is not the ‘will if God’, but rather the will if a demonic group of power hungry psychopaths.
        Red pilling happens the closer you get to live with the reality of the invasion.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          I need to look into Asatru and all that stuff more. It obviously fits in with all my interests and passions and identity but is something I have put little study into.

  14. Madyar Madness 1 year ago

    I’m from a very left wing city and from a moderately left wing family. Like many people I was indoctrinated quite heavily in school. We used to joke about how our entire history department in HS was communist……
    In 2011 I started to follow event in Syria very closely which led me to look at the ideology of the Salafi rebel groups and thus Islam as an ideology.
    For me there were probably 3 key events to my political shift and change in values; The Charlie Hebdo massacre and the completely pathetic response by the political class and civil society to it (i.e. CH deserved it because muh racism); the European migrant crisis (I’m and Australian of Hungarian decent) and the images of hordes of Muslims invading Europe including Hungary and the shit Hungary received from the media and politicians for acting to protect itself; reading ‘The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order’ by Samuel Huntington. Huntington gets a lot of shit for his commentary on Islam, but I slowly came to realise the clash was playing our right in front of me every time I walked by a Hijabi.

    To your point on people learned in International Relations; I am currently in the final semester of my undergrad in International Relations at a world renowned school in the discipline. I’m intending to do an honours year next year and would consider Islam and the Middle East as my areas of speciality.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Madyar thanks for the comment! You sound like a fellow who studies this stuff pretty seriously so I am glad to have you. How did you stumble upon our site?

      It sounds like (to generalize) you would ascribe your red-pilling to a mix of current events and study. Clash of Civilizations is indeed great.

      Do you notice most of your fellow students in that sector are inclined toward views like yours, or progressive multicult ones?

      Much appreciate you commenting!

      • Madyar Madness 1 year ago

        I think someone in a group im in on FB linked an article of yours, it wasn’t too long ago.
        Most of the students that go to my university are progressive and support multiculturalism. Many of them are quite shallow in this regards, as in they follow what they think is cool and progressive but don’t take it all that seriously.
        There is however a strong and harder element that are dogmatically progressive and culturally marxist. In some cases they’re able to bully other students and control discourse to the point that anything from the centre-left rightward is considered heresy.
        They’re the kind who use nonsense things like trigger warnings and concerns about vague mental health issues to ban shit but have no issue aggressively bullying others, in one instance to an attempted suicide.
        Knowing that some of my views are quite controversial I tend to avoid the most visible and loud SJWs due to their collective use of shame tactics. Instead preferring to speak more deeply with individuals I meet who I feel may be receptive. Most would be less nationalist than myself, but there is definitely a lot of quiet opposition to the hegemony of the cultural left and rampant globalisation.
        Thankfully International Relations and other related security fields are about the only areas left in the social sciences that still deals with reality and hasn’t completely gone off the deep end of critical theory and indoctrination.

        Just to add to my earlier post; Learning about realism, one of the primary International Relations theories definitely helped turn me from an idealist, which most young people are, to a pragmatist. Many students go to university been mildly leftist but are indoctrinated and come out radically leftist due to indoctrination and other social pressures. I’m quite glad that the opposite has happened to me.
        In first year, the Socialist Alternative tried to recruit me ( I’d been friends with one of their main people), now they all fucking hate me.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Hey Madyard thanks for the followup information. That is very interesting stuff. Funny about the Socialist Alternative lol.

          I can see how at one point some of that stuff was attractive because at one point it was sort of cutting edge, or opposed to the governing orthodoxy (like when Reagan or Bush 43 were president for instance), but even then , that doesn’t change the fact that it was an ideology of suicide for the west and white people and utterly crazy to boot. And now, since it has achieved completely hegemony across the occident, it is even worse. In addition to being suicidal and anti-white, etc, etc, etc, it is also everything and more that the left used to accuse conservatives like Reagan of being: anti-love, anti-humor, etc.

          I am certainly not a fan of this Milo Yiannopoulos dude, but he does make a great point that the regressive left wing establishment has now created a dynamic in which voting for Donald Trump is the new version of being ‘punk rock’. A kind of juvenile metaphor but very true.

          It will be interesting to see how many of your fellow students who are left wing now end up undergoing an awakening once out of school and in the real world (for those who don’t stay in academia their whole life).

  15. Delphi 10 months ago

    The ironic thing is the term “red pilling” is from Matrix, a movie written by a transsexual woman. Yes, most of what you think about us is overrated . Please think about that when dwelling endlessly on “traditional gender” and all that alt right stuff.

  16. Joaquin 2 months ago

    In my case, National Socalism woke me up.


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