What Do JRR Tolkien And This Poster Have In Common?

What Do JRR Tolkien And This Poster Have In Common?
February 28, 2017 Admin

Have you guessed it yet?

The answer is…..


At least according to modern SJW’s.

Indeed, they are each- according to those on the left- symbolic of horrific evils and hatred.

This might shock the uninitiated observer of course, but it really is their view, as we will explore below.

First, the poster, as brought to us by our friends at Fria Tider:

Norwegian ski ad stopped: accused of Nazism

Weapons manufacturer Nammo, which sponsors the Norwegian Ski Federation, has been forced to stop an ad since the accused recalling Nazi propaganda.

The ad, which has been used during the World Ski Championships in Lahti, Finland, representing a dozen tall Norwegian idrottsmän- and women from the national teams in ski jumping lined up in a row.

Above them visible heading “Sky is the limit”, and the text:

“With an eye for gold and expectant gaze takes Norway once again hopeful statement against the sky … We wish you good luck.”

The advertisement was published on a full page in the newspaper VG on 24 February. But critics have argued that it is reminiscent of the propaganda of the 1930s Germany.

– Healthy young people staring upward and forward is something one associates with totalitarian movements. The ad is easy to confuse with one that NS could have made in the 30’s and 40’s, says historian Nik Brandal to Aftenposten.

NS stands for the Norwegian National Socialist Party Nasjonal Coalition that led Norway during the German occupation.

Brandal also believes that it is problematic to have a weapons manufacturer as sponsor. This is because Norway has spent millions to rebuild the country as a nation of peace.

– The sports movement has been an important part of the idea of ​​a peaceful nation. We choose peaceful rivalry rather than war, says Nik Brandal.

After criticism, the ad withdrawn.

What most strikes me about the story is that the SJW’s involved aren’t really even focused on the gun-manufacturer sponsor that much. They bring this aspect of the situation up, but their main objection is the ad itself. Tall, good looking, native Norwegians looking outward into the distance is- to the SJW- pure unadulterated Nazism.

This is why we refer to today’s Liberalism as a religion of ‘negationism’. In seeking to negate anything that can be conceived as congruent with ‘power’ or ‘oppression’, they have reached the point where ‘health’ itself has become hateful. Good looks are hateful. Athleticism is hateful.

With that being the case, the next story makes more sense. It involves the 20th Century’s most popular and beloved book, by almost any metric, The Lord Of The Rings.

Minas Tirth 7

Tolkien’s masterpiece actually had immense popularity among the Baby-Boomer hippy generation back in the 1960’s. In some of the small towns that “back to the land’ers” moved to in the 1970’s- like the one I grew up in- you can still meet women who were named ‘Galadriel’ by their hippy parents, or who adopted the name themselves during that time.

My mother, who was a Baby-Boomer and definitely a bit of a hippy, LOVED the Lord of the Rings, and taught me a love for it the same way many Evangelicals teach their children the Bible. And were she still alive I think that she- a proud but common-sensical liberal- would be appalled at the modern Left’s evolving thoughts on the book. For today’s regressive left does not view Tolkien favorably at all.

Here is what Dr. Stephen Shapiro of Warwick University says about the books:

An American academic, who teaches at the Warwick University in the United Kingdom, has described J R R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy as an ‘epic rooted in racism’.

Dr Stephen Shapiro, an expert in cultural studies, race and slavery, said the author used his novels to present bigotry through a fantasy world.

Following the release in UK of the film The Two Towers, the second in the series, Dr Shapiro told rediff.com that the books represent anxieties about immigration in mid-1950s Britain.

He said: “Put simply, Tolkien’s good guys are white and the bad guys are black, slant-eyed, unattractive, inarticulate and a psychologically undeveloped horde.”

In the trilogy, a small group, the fellowship, is pitted against a foreign horde and this reflects long-standing Anglo-European anxieties about being overwhelmed by non-Europeans, he said.

This is consistent with Tolkien’s Nordicist convictions. He thinks the Northern races had a culture and it was carried in the blood, Dr Shapiro said.

While Tolkien describes the Hobbits and Elves as amazingly white, ethnically pure clans, their antagonists, the Orcs, are a motley dark-skinned mass, akin to tribal Africans or aborigines. The recent films amplify a ‘fear of a black planet’ and exaggerate this difference by insisting on stark white-black colour codes, Dr Shapiro said.

He added: “Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings because he wanted to recreate a mythology for the English, which had been destroyed by foreign invasion. He felt the Normans had destroyed organic English culture. There is the notion that foreigners destroy culture and there was also a fantasy that there was a solid homogeneous English culture there to begin with, which was not the case because there were Celts and Vikings and a host of other groups.

“We have a pure village ideal, which is being threatened by new technologies and groups coming in. I think the film has picked up on this by colour coding the characters in very stark ways.

“For instance, the fellowship is portrayed as uber-Aryan, very white and there is the notion that they are a vanishing group under the advent of the other, evil ethnic groups.

In one manner of speaking I actually agree with his analysis more than I do opposing ones that I have seen that try to characterize the Lord of the Rings as an argument FOR multiculturalism. Those arguments say that in the story, a variety of Middle-Earthian races (the elves, dwarves, rangers, hobbits, etc) band together to defeat Sauron, and that this an example of why multiculturalism is good.

Minas Tirith 8

This is of course somewhat vapid, and is far from an argument for the kind of insane, dangerous mass-migration policies the West sees today. On the contrary it is abundantly clear that Tolkien would be horrified by what has happened to Western Europe today. As I have stated before, I feel quite strongly that Tolkien- were he alive today- would consider the modern UK ruling elites so evil that he would support ANY means of deposing them and ending their policies.

Tolkien saw that economic globalization was a harbinger of doom to many of the most wondrous, good, and beautiful aspects of not just Europe but humanity in general. Those interested can read any number of excellent biographies of him to learn more about this subject. Yet if he had had an inkling of the insanity the modern left has unleashed upon Europe through cultural globalization/mass immigration, and the the degree of destruction, horror, and suffering that has accompanied that insanity, I think he would have considered it an evil beyond Sauron or Melkor or any other fictional darkness described within his books.

It is thus telling that the modern left has begun demonizing Tolkien and his works. For as Middle-Earth was Tolkien’s attempt at creating a ‘mythology’ of our people and lands, reflective of all the beauty inherent within them, he logically must become a villain to today’s progressive left, as their agenda involves destroying those lands, those cultures, and everything beautiful within them.

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  1. Mike 10 months ago

    The mythical world that Tolkien describes is embedded in the very structure and soul of Europeans. It is our own inner treasure house of images, strength, ancestral rootedness. It’s ours. We will never give it up.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Very well said Mike.

      It really does seem almost beyond this world so to speak, as if Tolkien received it from God/our ancestors/nature/etc directly.

      I also find it interesting that people from around the world from other cultures rarely if ever seem to connect with it on such a level. I know there are some, such as the Didact at Didact’s Reach (who is east asian or part east asian I believe), and I know it has been translated all over the world in to dozens of languages, but I have never met or heard of a Sikh or Hindu or Sub-Saharan African, for instance, who falls in love and connects with Tolkien like our people do.

  2. SteveRogers42 10 months ago

    I loved LOTR during my teen/college years, which were considerably before the Orcish symbolism became evident as a metaphor for Turd World immivasion. The trilogy was assigned by one of the hip, cool young teachers from the same cultural demographic as your mom. It’s ironic that their peace n’ love, do-your-own-thing generation has produced power-hungry control freaks far worse than the Establishment that the flower children themselves decried back in the day.

    As the decades passed, I consciously used the Orcs (and the zombies from Walking Dead) to condition my kids regarding the tactical realities of life in the 21st Century. Whether, as Dr. Shapiro so helpfully described, they are “black, slant-eyed, unattractive, inarticulate, and a psychologically-undeveloped horde” or whether they are shambling, rotting, brain-dead monstrosities from beyond the grave, they are metaphors providing helpful lessons in personal safety. If you know what I’m NOT sayin’.

    Also, “Shapiro”…

    The emphasis that the $#!tlibs place on elevating the ugly and incompetent while denigrating the attractive and valuable will be their eventual undoing. Only the physically and psychologically degenerate would want to be part of a coalition of the botched. Most people will want to be part of the Cool Kids Clique, and will seek to emulate and gravitate towards the winners, no matter how hard the media/entertainment/academic termites try to convince them otherwise. Nic Brandal is fighting a losing battle, because healthy, attractive people with their eyes on the prize are a universal psychological image that no amount of Frankfurt Schooling can eradicate. I believe that this was a powerful factor in the Trumpening, since the election pitted a tall, barrel-chested Nordic-Celt alpha male (who was running for the position of war-chief of his tribe) against a chubby old lady whose only personality traits were negative ones (and who was running for the position of chief scold and nanny). That the alpha also had a large, extremely-attractive and accomplished family, while the crone had only her obviously-ailing “husband” and one frumpy daughter, was icing on the cake. In the words of a wise man, this was k against r, and the undecided ones are always going to gravitate to the strong, healthy, and aggressive type of leader.

    Since you are a Tolkien fanatic, you might enjoy an homage to LOTR that is contained in the Emberverse trilogy by S.M. Stirling. If you haven’t read it, it’s a fantasy survivalist story set in the Pacific NW. The characters are all well-written (and the action scenes are excellent), and in among the post-apocalyptic alpha males is a girl who some would say is “over-invested” in Tolkien. However, she has a skill-set appropriate to both LOTR and the situation in which she actually finds herself after The Change. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you have any time for recreational reading, pick up “Dies the Fire”. You won’t be disappointed.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Steve-

      Great comment. I think your description of Trump vs Clinton is spot on. I had thought about that a tiny bit but hadn’t fully unpacked it til I read our post.

      It does seem in general that if you look back at all the past elections, the better looking and/or younger candidate does seem to usually win… and as you suggested, I think there are good/important/evolutionary reasons for this.

      I will definitely try to check out that S.M. Stirling trilogy. Does it have fantasy-type elements but set in the real world or? I read an excellent story actually set in Middle-Earth by an author on the site ‘The Grey Havens”. Kind of hard to find on it but the site is worth checking out on its own anyway.

      • SteveRogers42 10 months ago

        “Dies the Fire”, “The Protector’s War”, and “A Meeting at Corvallis” are set in the “real” world — until SOMETHING happens and all our modern technology no workee. Aside from the basic premise, these first three books are low on “fantastic” elements and high on practical survival and power politics. The direct Tolkien element comes via an “odd” teenage girl who finds that her fanatical devotion to archery, horsemanship, and The Histories allows her to carve out a space for
        herself in an environment otherwise dominated by Recon Marines, bikers, and cowboys.

        Later volumes DO take on more of an aura of fantasy as the reasons for The Change begin to manifest openly. Unfortunately, the author then also begins to interject more and more political correctness into his stories, a process that is so blatant one can only conclude that his editors demanded it.

        • Author
          Admin 10 months ago

          Very cool. I love that kind of post-apocolyptic fiction stuff.

          When I was a kid I always wished that LOTR/Fantasty style magic would suddenly ‘become real’ and life would suddenly become just like Tolkien 🙂

          And, when you really think about it, what is magic but just a massive differential in technology? If you took someone from a thousand years ago and put them in our world they would think everything is magic!

  3. shadowman 10 months ago

    Hi all –

    Sorry to go off-topic for a while (but I think that posting these links is worth it).

    “Everything you wanted to know about Islam (but were too PC to ask)” –
    A *massive* and hugely-comprehensive resource, in alphabetical order.

    “Concessions made to Islam” –
    Want to know how much “cultural ground” the West has given up to Islam? LOTS, and the exact details can be found in this site. Another must-bookmark resource.

    – shadowman

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Shadowman no problem at all I am in fact very glad to have you posting links that is excellent.

      Those are very good resources. I hadn’t heard of either website either so it was good to get exposed to them.

      There is no doubt that most Western liberals and fake conservatives do not fully grasp the differences between Islam and other religions. They think it is no different than Buddhism or Christianity or Confucianism, etc, but they don’t understand that Islam is not just a religion but an entire codified set of laws governing everything about life, even little tiny things like bathroom habits. Its totally beyond any potential parallels they could have seen within Christianity or any other religions, and they do not even remotely grasp the dangers and differences.

      At least with many of them that is the case. I think there are others who are smart enough to grasp what we are talking about, but who are so dedicated to their sick religion that it makes no difference to them.

  4. Dashui 10 months ago

    OTOH, when I see during Christmas time, whites dressed up like ME people, something doesn’t seem just right.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Dashui- when you say ME, do you mean Middle-Eastern or Middle-Earthian?

  5. SteveRogers42 10 months ago

    By the way, how can I get a copy of this poster?

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Excellent questions Steve!

      I just found it on Fria Tider…. I suppose you could call Nammo, the Weapons Manufactuer that sponsored it 🙂

      It is indeed pretty stinkin’ cool 🙂

  6. SteveRogers42 9 months ago

    Thought you might be interested in this LOTR analysis by The Harm City Hatchetman:


    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      That was very interesting.

      I agree with him on the Hobbit movies vs LOTR ones especially. I think converting the Hobbit into a film trilogy unfortunately allowed Jackson and company far more plot freedom to weave in SJW-ism, over-long action sequences, and awful plot points like the Elf-Dwarf semi-romance thing (which was awful). I am still happy they got made, but the LOTR movies were far more in line with nobility and beauty of the books.

      I have read both the Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy several dozen times each (probably close to 50 including audio book) and I love both. I recite the Hobbit to my son by memory lol. As such a devotee, it was probably a foregone conclusion that some things in the movies would bug me, but I really do think the LOTR film trilogy was amazing overall and pretty darn true to Tolkien’s vision.

  7. DanC 4 months ago

    Hey Julian, thought this vlog post, about why the LoTR films had so much more viewer impact than the Hobbit movies, might interest you:

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Hey Dan- just realized I accidentally didn’t hit ‘approve’ on your comment!

      Thanks for the link – that was an excellent video. I definitely enjoyed the LOTR films far more than the Hobbit ones too. I didn’t neccesarily have a problem with Jackson stretching the Hobbit into three films, or with him adding all the other stories from Tolkien’s other writings in order to flesh it out. I think the vlogger is right though that the story is just far better in the LOTR films than in the Hobbit, and I would attribute that to the fact that the LOTR books were so much longer, so Jackson could just essentially film Tolkien’s already-magnificently written story – whereas in the Hobbit, Jackson had to do much of the storytelling himself. And that of course wasn’t good because Jackson is not 1/50th the storyteller Tolkien was lol.

      I also agree with the vlogger guy that the action scenes in the Hobbit were too silly and detracted from the film. Not to mention there was just way too much. I actually find the long, elongated action scenes really boring in all movies. In LOTR they weren’t that bad because there were lots of breaks and pauses and real actual tension- like in Moria where Pippin knocks the old barrel down the gigantic well.

      But yeah, very good stuff. If you stumble across anything else like that please link to it again.


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