What Else Can People Do To Help Save Europe And The Occident?

What Else Can People Do To Help Save Europe And The Occident?
September 16, 2017 Admin

Greetings men-

This week the EU demanded that Norway- already on its way to Islamization- take even more ‘refugees’ from the Middle-East and Africa.

In the UK, a young Muslim man set off explosions injuring 29 people.

And- most telling in my opinion- a noted ‘multicultural’ scholar stated that:

It is every migrant’s dream to see the tables turned, to see long lines of Americans and Britons in front of the Bangladeshi or Mexican or Nigerian Embassy, begging for a residence visa.

That description sounds exactly like the future we are moving to, unless we can succeed in resisting it.

Fighting Back

Last year Counter-Currents published an article I wrote called ‘Ten Everyday Things You Can Do To Help The War In Europe’.

We since re-posted it on this site as well, and it has gotten a stellar response.

Considering how bad things are these days however, it behooves us to discern as many possible avenues as possible for resistance.

Not all of these need be huge. Like much in life, I think one has to remember to ‘divorce oneself from outcomes’. In that regard I mean that not everything we do in life will have a huge or tangible impact on the struggle we all care so much about, but that it is important we do them anyway because they are inherently the right things to do. This leads to an immense compound effect, and I believe that compound effect is just as true in metapolitical warfare as in anything else.sacrality 13

In that vein, a logical question is:

What other ways can one help the situation in Europe?

One thing that is abundantly clear is that while there are millions of young men in the West who desire to retake their lands and purge them of the evil that is overtaking them, those men’s unique circumstances differ greatly.

While some are able to be ‘vangaurdists’ and openly or semi-openly fight for what they believe in, others are in a different boat. While I do believe we should all be working towards attaining personal circumstances that allow us to fulfill vanguardist roles,  there are many men with families who cannot afford to get the James Damore treatment should they speak out .

To that end, below is a list of ten more ideas for how a young man of the West can try to help the situation in Europe- all of which are attainable for vanguardists and hindterlandists (or ‘Chad-Nationalists’- to use a term I prefer 🙂  ) alike.

The article was written primarily by ECW contributor Michael Gladius, who has been submitting a number of excellent articles lately. If you like his contributions below (the first seven suggestions are his and the last four are mine) then please check out his other ECW articles by clicking here.


What Else Can People Do To Help Save Europe?

by Michael Gladius


This post is inspired by the ’10 everyday things you can do to help the war in Europe’ article. That post is full of good advice on activism, from anonymously distributing leaflets, to learning hand-to-hand combat (attackproof.com is an excellent site). But for risk-averse non-activists, there is much they can contribute as well. Major H. von Dach wrote a great deal more in his famous book Total Resistance, and much of this post is inspired by his work:Daddy, tell us again...

1. Get married and have children

This is a no-brainer. Europe has no future without children. If Europeans won’t reproduce, then somebody else will. 3-5 is a good minimum, 5-7 is medium-sized, and 8+ are truly ‘large’ families. If Millennials have large families, have the aging baby boomers watch them and care for them while the Millennials and Generation Z go off to fight.

2. Join the Army reserves

Let’s face it: not everybody can quit their day job and become full-time soldiers. By becoming a reservist, men and women can get proper military training at the state’s expense, while keeping their normal jobs. Don’t worry about the artillery or tank sections of the class so much as the light infantry and combat medic parts. If war does occur, you will likely have to supply everything yourself. And speaking of supply, please make sure you know who has the keys to the armory!

3. Join or start up an auxiliary volunteer group to assist first responders during emergencies

Following off of the previous point, volunteer auxiliaries are a useful tool for patriots. Not only should patriots have proper military training, but they should also try to set up something to assist first responders. The police and fire services are already overwhelmed and understaffed in the face if Islamic violence, imagine how much more they will be when the war begins. This is also an excellent medium in which to organize and network, including with those who are still on the fence. Oh, and make sure you know who has the keys to the police armory.

4. Learn to produce physical wealth

Producing wealth requires 3 things: natural resources, human effort, and capital. Capital is the physical prerequisites for producing (tools, food, shelter, etc.). All capital is the result of thrift/saving.

Can you grow your own food? The world can always use more farmers. Start as small as you’d like: a small garden, a box garden, a victory garden… you get the picture. Learn how to produce your own food and become closer to the land. If you can process food with the tools in your home, that is fine too: a butcher, a baker, a pasteurizer…
Or perhaps a blue-collar skill route? A carpenter, a bricklayer, a machine operator, an engineer… Gunsmiths, anybody? How about an amateur radio operator? Start as a hobby, and it may one day become your trade. Does anybody work for an arms plant?

5. Convert digital wealth into property

Concurrent with learning to produce physical wealth, take care that your electronic wealth is converted into something that has to be seized under a hail of bullets, rather than at the push of a button. Keeping an emergency fund of 6 months’ wages is fine, but when the collapse comes, those 1s and 0s in a bank computer won’t pay for anything. Only your private property will matter in a barter economy.  Central Europe 3

6. Research your locale’s history and culture

Europe is not a white monoculture. It is a colorful patchwork of diverse local cultures. Revival starts at the county level. What is its history? Folk lore? Traditions? Cuisine? Music? Art? Trades? Do you have detailed maps of the area?

7. Revive communal activities

The Pub used to be the perfect place for political incorrectness and rites of passage into manhood. Today, television/internet has revolutionized everything, and most commercial businesses cater to everybody else. If your town still has a pub, support it. If your friends/family enjoy Netflix, then make it a communal activity. Sometimes public libraries have conference rooms with televisions where the parties can be held. Start small and personal, then others will follow.


More ideas



8. Embrace Paganism/Ancestor Worship, or another religion

While many of young Preservationists grew up without any belief in organized religion, as a result of the progressive erasure of it over the last 50 years, the most valorous soldiers in history were- almost universally-motivated by a belief in some kind of metaphysical system.

While I unfortunately no not believe Christianity can- on its own- serve to unite the Occidental peoples of the West into a unified defense of their lands, I do believe a variety of Western religious beliefs can help to do so in concert.

Many traditionalists are drawn to Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which seems to be the Christian tradition most in line with ‘historic’ Christian teaching. It also seems to be the one believed in by most strongly-preservationist European countries, primarily those in Eastern Europe (along with traditionalist Catholicism that is against the current Pope in Poland).

There are also Scandinavian folk religions such as Odinism and Asatru. The foremost authority on Asatru is my friend Steve McNallen, who I was honored to meet and get to know at one of the Northwest Forum meetings last year.

Here is a video of Steve discussing Asatru:


9. Get involved with funding a specific project

In the original ‘Ten Everyday Things You Can Do To Help The War In Europe’ article I spoke about donating to Preservationist causes. This is still a HUGELY important thing (and if you want to donate to ECW please click here), but increasingly various web platforms have made it possible to fund specific projects, and I think this is a huge development.

Mike Cernovich, as an example, has done this to great effect, using various fundraising platforms to raise money for documentaries to be made and other specific projects to get accomplished. I think supporting such ventures is great because it gives the person donating the money more say in how it is used, and allows your money accomplish something very tangible, that you can point to and say ‘I helped make that happen’.

It also serves as a great mechanism for allowing us leverage with which to compete (and hopefully defeat) mainstream leftist platforms like CNN, MSNBC, the Guardian, Vice, etc.

10. Learn Sales/Game/Persuasion/etc

One of the greatest differences between those who accomplish their goals and those who do not is their relationship with fear.

Many people abhor the feeling of fear (understandable, since its unpleasant) and as a result do everything possible to stay out of situations that produce that kind of feeling.

Others however, purposefully cultivate a relationship with fear and attempt to conquer it.

In the modern world, that often comes down to things such as careers, finances, relationships, etc. Those who are willing to face fear, and face rejection, often succeed wildly, whether it is financially or with women or anything else.

To that end I am a firm believer that one should work in sales at some point in their career. The skills learned are invaluable, and will assist the person in question with everything else they do in life. Even if only part time on the side, the experience is priceless.

Parallel to this might be what many male-oriented sites call ‘game’, or skill with women and getting women to be attracted to you. Really, ‘game’ is just sales and persuasion as applied to relationships, so whether one puts time into sales or into game, the results will be equally propitious.

This post by Scott Adams listing books on persuasion/sales/etc is a good starting point on the subject.

11. Start a crossover website

Again, this is a more specific version of something I have talked about before, but I think it bears special mention.

If we look at polls on issues like illegal immigration, English as a national language, and all sorts of other measures, we see that many of our people back common sense policies when truly given a choice. Usually however they have been brainwashed by the public schools and television and the media in the other direction.

Certainly many do wake up, and google something like ‘civil war in Europe’ and become awakened, but many others will never be presented with such truths.

By creating websites or other content that is focused on an extraneous subject, but combining that with red-pill philosophy, it allows us to reach people who would never otherwise be reached.

Examples could be sites or content on weightlifting, sites or content on parenting, sites or content on hiking and the outdoors, sites or content on various sports, etc. Any medium can be tinged with political realism, Identitarianism, Traditionalism, and I truly believe we cannot have enough content, as it is the ‘one thing’ that produces the greatest results.


If Europe is to be saved, I don’t think it will come from one gigantic Jan Sobieski-type blitz across the continent by some military force. I wish it was that simple, but the modern world works far different than did that one.

At the same time, this may be good, for as I noted, in my experience most of the people passionate about saving Europe are ones who are intensely successful at modern life. In that regard we may be uniquely prepared for this struggle.

If it is to be won, however, I firmly believe it will come from the billions of everyday actions taken by individuals like us, the compound effect of our collective ‘inner jihads’, to steal a term from our enemies.

Deus Vult brothers.








Also, here is a pretty good video on the Compound Effect:

Comments (20)

  1. Michael Gladius 4 months ago

    Thanks for posting!

    I definitely disagree with your views on Christianity (but in a totally friendly way :), but I don’t see it as a barrier to working together. We can both definitely agree that Europe’s cultures are unique and worth preserving.

    I definitely agree that learning to be persuasive is an important skill. It combines well with being a member of a legitimate military unit (in this case, the reserves/national guard or auxiliary/volunteer units), because it can be backed up with legal force. The left will use the law against us, but they need real men to do the dirty work. If we’re those men, we’ll negate a significant portion of their power. In short, embrace the Swiss model. 😉

    • VivatEuropa 4 months ago

      If Christianity had continued to thrive in Europe, I believe things would be very different. Think of a genuinely Christian leadership compared to the current “leadership,” and a genuinely Christian populace compared to the current one.

      Do you think Christianity could still galvanize a beleaguered Europe? I think maybe it’s the ONLY thing that can. Christianity is, in many ways, the foundation of European civilization. There seems to be, for Europeans, just no substitute.

      • Author
        Admin 4 months ago

        Hey Vivat- I hadn’t seen this.

        Its an interesting question.

        I think depending on how and what you label as ‘Christian’ and ‘Christian values’, it CAN be argued that a re-embrace of them must undergrird any survival of the Occident.

        I just think that in the traditional, metaphysical sense, in the way that Europeans believed in Christianity 80 years ago, its no longer possible for a real re-embrace to occur and galvanize anything. Just because I think Nietzsche was right about science ‘killing’ religion. I think (to go on a tangent) one can see it in the Evangelicals that try to raise their children like its still 1925, teaching them the earth is 4000 years old, etc, then the kids go to high school and college and are easy pickings for the liberal teachers to turn against their ‘ignorant’ parents.

        Progressivism is the new religion of Europe though, so we just need something to ‘kill’ progressivism. I tend to think some kind of ancestor worship/meta-ethnic/meta-cultural system of beliefs that incorporates Christinity in part is what may do it, much like what is going on in Russia or Poland but on a greater level. Sort of like an Enoch Powell ‘post christian christian’, or a Tolkienist amalgamation of Christianity with other aspects of European heritage.

        We will see though. It is a fascinating (and important!) discussion.

  2. SteveRogers42 4 months ago

    While it is implicit in 2,3,7, and even 10, I feel compelled to add that focused physical preparation is the bedrock upon which this entire endeavor stands. Lift, run, stretch, hike, shoot, and learn some kind of fighting skill. Without physical strength, agility, and durability, everything else becomes just good intentions.

    And we know what the road to hell is paved with…

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Absolutely Steve. Good point.

      Speaking of such thigns I can’t remember if I told you but Way Of THe Warrior Kid has inspired me to be doing 2:00 minute pushup, squat and situp challenges every day now. Been doing it everyday for at least a week now.

  3. shadowman 4 months ago

    Another thing that can be done (and in various ways) – **undermining the ideology of the enemy**.
    This can apply to both Muslims and the left, but I will focus here on Muslims.

    “Leaflet drops” and handing out leaflets is a good way to achieve this. The good news is that very many of the so-called “refugees” have smart-phones on which videos can be viewed. *Perfect* for rapid transmission of the undermining message……

    There is a great Youtube channel called “Acts 17 apologetics” which debunks Islam using the Islamic texts themselves. One of the very best videos there is this one – it completely destroys the belief that the Quran is “unchanged” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NejPzdhDISU

    A leaflet with a link to that (and to other similar fact-based videos) could be very effective. Good old “viral marketing” (word-of-mouth) except that this time, the “virus” is the *truth*.

    – shadowman

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      I definitely agree that leaflets are good.

      It is interesting too re what you referenced with the migrants themselves in that there are definitely some who end up converting to Christianity/other Western thought systems and become very anti-Islam. Not a high percentage but definitely some.

      I don’t think the liblabs will ever succeed in getting the vast majority of Muslims to become degenerate bisexual atheists though, on a tangential note.

  4. VivatEuropa 4 months ago

    I have recently been getting antsy again regarding this very subject, that is, what are some things we can do? The European Union has rendered the individual member nations powerless in many ways. In signing on, they entered into a castration process. We’d all better get together and think about what we all can do. And, lo and behold, that is the subject of the latest ECW post.

    The demographics is one of the key aspects to the whole problem. In many ways, it is a demographic war. Demography is, and always has been, as powerful as armies. It is so important that if we get it right, it will take care of so many other problems. The cream of the crop in our societies has been repeatedly decimated in wars. Who knows what better position we might be in today had they not been. We surely lost courageous and able leaders and producers in every walk of life. (Including civic affairs.)

    Fulfill the vocation that most of us are called to, marriage and family, and other vocations will take care of themselves. Religious vocations is a good example to illustrate it. They are dwindling to untenable levels. In former times, when people had large families, they had many children who would marry and produce another generation of the family, and one or two would have a vocation to become a priest or religious. With a society based on families like that, we would be in a much stronger position. As long as we fail to procreate at a level to sustain ourselves, we will be on a shaky foundation. Every man properly tending to his particular sphere to the best of his ability is what makes a society great. The MOST IMPORTANT thing he can do is to raise another generation to believe as he does.

    Having said all that, I still believe we are headed for a situation where a traditional, old-fashioned full-scale military effort by a full-size army is also going to be needed to save Europe!

    Also, Michael, I would be interested in YOUR thoughts on Christianity.

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Hey Vivat, excellent comment.

      I would be interested in Michael’s exact thoughts on the question of Christianity and modern Europe/reconquest too. I will suggest he write an article on it.

      I also agree that the question of demographics will be key. In many ways I think that just as Putin says ‘whoever takes the lead in AI will rule the world’, I think you could say that ‘Whatever Western (or perhaps Occidental) nation first returns to above-replacement fertility will rule the world’. For really, as you astutely point out, that is the root of all the problems. It is the root of the economic problems and thus so much more, and it (or rather its causes) are the root of the decadence and ethno-suicidalism, at least in a sort of chicken or the egg way.

      Imagine if in 5 years Hungary got back up to 3 children per woman while the rest of the native Europe was at 1 child per woman still. It would be HUGE.

      Right now though the only two places in the West with above replacement fertility are 1. Israel, and 2. Utah and the 100 mile zone surrounding it. Other than that sub-replacement across the board (apart from Muslim sections of European cities of course).

    • Michael Gladius 3 months ago

      Once I finish my current series, I plan to do just that. It’ll be a summary, but I’ll include plenty of reading materials. 😉 Christians are disproportionately prolific writers, after all…

  5. VivatEuropa 4 months ago

    “Every man…tending…his particular sphere…”

    Here’s a better way to put it:
    If each man leaves his own small patch of grass greener than he found it, we’ll soon have a thriving, healthy, beautiful lawn.

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Absolutely brother- the ‘inner jihad’. It all comes down to the battle within each of our hearts.

  6. Steve McNallen 4 months ago

    Julian, I have long been an admirer of your work, and I am honored to be described as your friend. Thank you for the mention. Sheila and I really enjoyed meeting you in the Northwest, and I check European Civil War every day.

    Although I am devotedly Asatru, I want to reiterate my support for all who are working for the interests of our European-descended brothers and sisters everywhere, regardless of their faith. We’re all in this together and I will gladly fight – metaphorically or literally – alongside Christians (and atheists and agnostics for that matter) for the future of Europe. It is absolutely unacceptable that our ancient ancestral homelands should be occupied by our foes. My project, Wotan Network, supports the awakening of our people unconditionally.

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Hey Steve thanks for the comment and the kind words-

      Re: the second paragraph I could not agree more.

      I am going to reach out to you via email to see if you would be up for being interviewed for the site. Would love to get more info on everything you are doing and try to create another access point through which people can find it.

  7. Unknown 4 months ago

    Maybe all of this important read becomes obsolete because Europeans are fleeing from the continent not just because of muslims but because of weather conditions as hot as usual in muslim countries. However, maybe these other forecastes become true and the coming cold and dark winter days drive away many of the visitors as they cannot live their desired style of life in such hard conditions.
    I know, this is somewhat off-topic, but anyway: european farmers observe many invaders on their fields and in their forests, brought by globalization, and advantaged by current climate trends. There is so much change going on at so many levels, the level of beliefs is just one part of it. And i assume that, if climate trend would turn to coldness, that would be in favor of those being less hot-tempered than the people from the south.
    Or else i move to some place that fits me again.

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Interesting. So what are your thoughts on the climate and all that?

      I very much like living in far northern climes as I like both the cold and long summer days. Unfortunately such locales don’t seem to be turning off the invaders, at least as long as they are getting the gibs to make up for it.

      But yeah my dream is to live in Sweden in the summer (or Norway/Finland/Iceland) and New Zealand in the winter.

  8. jrackell 4 months ago

    Here’s a micro thing we can all do as consumers is the consumer boycott. Uber has taken all it’s ads off conservative websites like Breitbart, ergo, stop using Uber. Newman’s Own — makes salad dressing, lemonade etc — donates a part of its profits to charity
    http://www.newnationalist.net/2017/09/13/never-forget-splcs-corporate-sponsors-boycott-lists-are-a-2-way-street/ . Those charities include the SPLC for god’s sake. So, we are supporting white genocide by buying Newman’s own. I no longer buy it.

    The same goes for the toxic filth that Netflix is sponsoring http://www.newnationalist.net/2017/09/16/big-mouth-whos-doing-this-every-single-time/ . I cancelled my subscription (Okay, it was before I heard about the Big Mouth).

    It’s pretty powerful especially if done in aggregate, as gamer gate has shown, maybe not so effective if done as isolated actions.

    Maybe Identity Europa could do a blood drive with the Red Cross and have the SJWs go into fits about “White Supremacists” contaminating the blood supply. haha.

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      That is an EXTREMELY good point JRackell, I can’t believe I didn’t think about it.

      Boycotting is absolutely a powerful thing each of us can do, and very doable on an individual level. I didn’t know Newman’s Own was so bad, I will make sure to refrain from buying their lemonade any more.

      I did boycott Target during the whole transgendered bathroom thing. I’m not sure how it ended up I still don’t go there if I can help it.

      I am also going to write about it more in the future but the rise of internet shopping and the fall of big box stores like Toys R Us will also give us a huge improvement on the economic stuff, as it will become easier and easier to buy products through companies/websites/individuals who share our values. Especially with the rise of drop-shipping, Alibaba, Affiliate links, etc.

      And yes I think the idea in your last paragraph is fantastic too- I really bet they would and it would be a profound Moral Level of War victory.

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