What Is More Progressive Than White-Children Being Hung On Stage?

What Is More Progressive Than White-Children Being Hung On Stage?
September 19, 2017 Admin

Greetings men-

According to the mainstream media and the globalist left, the following people- many beloved historical figures, other popular current thinkers- are or were *quote* “evil” “hateful” “white supremacists”:

President George Washington
President Thomas Jefferson
J.R.R. Tolkien
Pat Buchanan
President Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s sons
Mike Cernovich
Greg Johnson
Jared Taylor
Peter Brimelow
‘Millenial Woes’
Marine le Pen
Enoch Powell
Nathan Damigo
Christopher Columbus
The 70 year old Swedish lady that (truthfully) reported on Facebook that Muslim migrants were defecating in the street and setting cars on fire and got prosecuted for ‘hate speech’ as a result



On the other side, the following rapper- who goes by the name ‘XXXTentacion’- is, according to the media and many progressives, a ‘transformative figure’.

Here is his video:



And here is the excellent ‘Squatting Slav’ discussing his video:




It should be noted that the rapper in question- who, as Squatting Slav points out, is a felon who was charged with beating up a pregnant women- attempts to inject some social justice into the end of the song/video. He reads (from his cell phone while hunched over) what must be some lines he wrote about ‘healing racial division’ (as the liberals call it).

This is all well and good, and is probably what allows the globalists to praise his video as ‘art’ instead of a call to violence against white people, but it bears reading just what this ‘transformative’ prose is.

First off the lyrics to the song in question (courtesy of genius.com/xxxtentacion), then below that the ‘transformative’ prose:



Ayy, I’m like “Bitch, who is your mans?”
Ayy, can’t keep my dick in my pants
Ayy, my bitch don’t love me no mo’
Ayy, she kick me out, I’m like vro

“Damn son, where’d you find this?”
Yah, ayy
Yah, ayy, yah
Ayy, haha, yah, yah, yah
Ayy, ayy

[Verse 1]
Ayy, I’m like “Bitch, who is your mans?”
Ayy, can’t keep my dick in my pants
Ayy, my bitch don’t love me no mo’
Ayy, she kick me out, I’m like vro
Ayy, that bitch don’t wanna be friends
Ayy, I gave her dick, she amen
Ayy, she put her tongue on my dick
Ayy, look at my wrist, about ten
Ayy, just got a pound of the boof
Ayy, brought that shit straight to the booth
Ayy, Tommy my Hilfiger voots
Ayy, she said, “wan’ fuck?” Bitch, I do
Ayy, you put a gun on my mans
Ayy, I put a hole in your parents
Ayy, I just got lean on my ksubis
Ayy, I got a UZI, no Uzi
Fuck on me, look at me
Ayy, fuck on me, yah, look at me
Ayy, look at me, look at me
Yah, fuck on me, yah
Ayy, look at me, yah, fuck on me
Look at me, fuck on me
Yah, look at me, fuck on me
Yah, ayy

[Verse 2]
I took a white bitch to Starbucks
That little bitch got her throat fucked
I like to rock out like I’m misfit
My emo bitch like her wrist slit
Curly hair bitch like I’m Corbin
Got, like, three bitches, I’m Mormon
Skeet on your main bitch’s forehead
Don’t want your pussy, just want head

Look at me, fuck on me
Look at me, fuck on me
Look at me, fuck on me
Look at me, yah
Ayy, look at me, fuck on me
Look at me, fuck on me
Look at me, fuck on me
Look at me, yah
You ever seen a nigga hung with gold chain
I rather sing about the same things that we claim?
Such is bashful, but niggas like a task force
Mobbin’ on the streets and robbin’ stores in ski masks, bruh
Niggas ask for peace and then riot and bring violence
‘Cause this a game of cat-and-mouse and you gon’ bleed silent
What’s the justice in sayin’ fuck it and grab the pump?
To kill a woman of many children makes you a chump

Look at all the stores you wreckin’, nigga I reckon
Think about the people who own it for ’bout a second
I know you got your problem, but brother, they got theirs

This is not a game called violence and grow a pair
But yo, you’d rather hear me say “fuck black prejudice!
Let’s murder different races, grow hatred and form irrelevant!”
Views and etcetera, knives thrown
Damagin’ lives blown, oblivion hole cold, oblivious
I won’t daresay that you should stop the fuckin’ ignorance
Murder ops, killin’ shit, I enjoy the thrill of it

Raisin‘ blood of officers’ corpses, offer ’em, auction ’em
Murder ’em, never heard of ’em
I could preach ’em peace and say fuck it and preach the murder
But this ain’t fuckin’ life that we livin’
Go ahead and grab the extension
Get another one: uncle, cousin, brother, son
Glory to all the chosen ones that will rid you of innocence
But in a sense, innocent will soon be holdin’ ignorance
Blasphemous, killin’ her own, murderin’ black—



Transformative Prose


Equity and equality: the end result we all — the ones that don’t want to live in misery, that is — desire. And naturally we all black and white are schadenfreude or malicious. Here are a few examples. Emmett Till, August 28th, 1955, Mississippi — pulled out of his house in the middle of the night, in front of his mother who had to watch her son be taken from her on the sidelines, for little to no reason at all worth murdering a fourteen-year-old boy. Castrated, mutilated, but also documented for the years to see. Kori Ali Muhammad, black-on-white. Philando Castile, white-on-black. Now these things never come to or remotely remain in the public eye. And the youth is never inspired to take a stand to make a difference. So I will speak for them. The youth, that is, the ones full of innocence. The ones inspired by the things around them, to matter. I can go on forever about the fact that murder is murder whether you’re black or white. You should always feel free to voice your opinion, but to act out on these irrational thoughts in every shape or form is disgusting. You cannot, as black or white, call yourself the supreme race when moved out of your comfort by the opposition’s color, their skin color. That is no form of being or demonstrating being a supreme being. If you are a supremacist, be unmoved by the opposition. Remain unscathed in the comfort of your own home, in your own realm. Demonstrate care for the youth’s future, white or black, black or white. Are you willing to risk your child’s future due to your own bigotry? The choice is yours, but your child will not stand for the hate. This generation will be loved, nurtured, heard and understood.



“This generation will be loved, nurtured, heard and understood”.

What kind of insanity is it when a black felon who beat up a pregnant woman makes a video that includes him hanging a white child to death on stage and ends with the (declarative sentence, strangely) that ‘This generation will be loved and nurtured” ???

This is the twilight zone of progressive insanity.

The words in the entire ending paragraph are mostly gibberish, but the underlying message the somewhat-illiterate rapper in question is trying to mimic is one familiar to all of us.

We heard it back in South Africa back in the early 90’s, before 74,000 white South Africans were murdered, raped, and tortured to death over a twenty year period since, and where white South Africans are 21,000% more likely to be murdered by black South Africans than were US soldiers likely to be killed in Vietnam.

We heard it in Sweden in the early 90’s when progressives couldn’t quit talking about how ‘oppressed’ Muslim immigrants were there, before Sweden came to have the second highest per capita rape rate on earth (after Johannesburg, South Africa), and where 90% of the victims are native Swedish female women and children, and 100% (literally) of all perpetrators are non-Swedish immigrants.

I don’t have any problem with young black men like this guy being angry, if I was black I would probably be angry about the historical wrongs done to black people too, its human nature. However, I would have far more respect for guys like this if they actually demanded things to do with agency. If ‘XXXTentacion’ or Colin Kaepernick demanded five states in the south, and a sovereign black homeland where they could self-govern, I’d be down for that, and truly would view them as ‘transformative’ figures. I would legitimately support them and sympathize with their goal.

Instead, they merely recite the same liberal tropes we’ve heard repeated for half a century, while committing ethnic violence against white people in the same manner they complain about their ancestors having suffered from.

Much like in Europe, the real enemy is the class of globalist progressives who foster this philosophy of Cultural-Marxism and multiculturalism upon society, and who tell us stupid rednecks that black people hanging white children in rap videos- 100,00 white children in the UK getting gang-raped by Muslims– is what ‘equality and equity’ is all about.



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  1. Freddy 3 months ago

    1. The so-called artist.
    2. All who were involved in the production of this “masterpiece” and earn their money with it.
    3. The parents of the boy, who have consented to this idiocy.
    4. The MSM, which is not pointing out such incidents.
    5. The society, which does not revolt.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      I agree man the parents of the boy was the first thing I thought of! What kind of sick, twisted nutjobs allow their son in that? Utterly disgusting.

  2. Unknown 3 months ago

    That’s the left side of white supremacy: we the white people can accept and even support such expressions of art, while any other human race would not be able to stand that. They could even kill us, we would reassure our left supremacy by not doing anything against it. We always win, even in death.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      That’s true. The leftist relationship with race goes beyond just ethno-masochism, there is sort of a ‘white supremacy’ at play there too, or at least ‘cultural supremacy’. I always think of that when these leftist globalist types start these ‘young womens schools’ in Afghanistan and teach all these young Afghan girls Western stuff that is the exact opposite of what their parents and their tribal elders want. Its like who the hell do you (liberals) think you are to go in and change how Afghan culture has worked for hundreds of years?

  3. SteveRogers42 3 months ago

    To answer the question posed in the title of this piece, it would be even more progressive for the White child’s own parents to be the ones to hang him on stage. That would be an even more sincere form of self-criticism by those blue-eyed devil crackas. Ridiculous hyperbole, you say? Then cast your gaze upon this tidbit of goodwhite goodthink:


    If you don’t think it’s possible for our Satanic Masters to ratchet the scale of anti-white atrocity ever and ever higher, then you haven’t been paying attention. What are Rotherham and Bristol but child sacrifice, albeit on a comparatively mild, preparatory level that primes the collective subconscious for progressively more extreme outrages in the future? The Podesta brothers’ art collection, the “spirit cooking” parties, and the “pizza and hot dog” deliveries from Chicago all fit into this picture as well.

    Left unchecked, this barbaric depravity will swiftly progress to Old Testament levels…and it will require Old Testament solutions.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Holy smokes man… that poor kid. Although I am guessing he will be attending Amren and reading the DS before his 25th birthday after that kind of upbringing lol.

      The pictures are worth a thousand words too- almost exact replica of what ‘the flaggelants’ did during the Bubonic plague. Next we’ll have these white liberals walking through Atlanta and Gainesville whipping themselves and poking thorns through their skin.

  4. SteveRogers42 3 months ago

    Progressivism keeps progressin’

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Eck man.. so disgusting.

      Glad Mr. Dice is still hitting hard on all this. I was worried that all the demonization would hurt his channel/etc. He has quite a following.

      But yeah once they normalize incest and we’re seeing ‘genetic attraction studies’ majors at universities across the country I really wonder what the new ‘edgy’ thing will be.

  5. Mr Darcy 3 months ago

    I thought this was a serious site. I was wrong. You “understand’ black “anger,” do you? What do you know about black folks? What? Are you from the South–the land you are so supportive of giving away to these Afro-savages? No. You’re not. You’re a poseur. A fool.

    • Author
      Admin 3 months ago

      Man I was going to send you a nice private email reaming you for your idiocy, but then I noticed your email address. What kind of LARPY hypocrite are you? You work for the government as part of the CDC- yet you are trying to purity spiral on our comment section because I said I can understand that black people would be mad about their ancestors being slaves (just like I’m mad about millions of our ancestors having been slaves in the Middle-East from 600-1600 ad) and call me a fool for being okay with black people having their own homeland? (all in terms of referencing the fact that they aren’t even demanding territory or self-governance but only pity and gibs because of liberal brainwashing) Are you joking? Instead of attacking me or members of this community with an anonymous name why don’t you do something productive? And if you want to be truly intellectually consistent why don’t you quit your job for the federal government, since the federal government is the one propagating the anarchy-tyranny and applauding videos like the above in the first place?

      I will delete your comment and mine momentarily so they don’t mar the site going forward.

      Thank you.

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