What Is Really Going On In America?

What Is Really Going On In America?
August 16, 2017 Admin

Greetings men-

As everyone knows, despite writing about Europe almost exclusively, I actually live in the United States.

And here in the U.S. we have had quite an eventful few days.

In talking with lots of folks, reading a variety of websites on all sorts of topics, checking out comment sections, etc, it seems quite a few people are suspicious that the mainstream media narrative isn’t quite congruent with the underlying dynamics at play.

All regular readers of this site will have a clear idea of what is going on as well, but I feel like it is worth documenting in very plain language just what is occurring in the U.S. right now.

I am a big believer in the saying (might be a Peter Brimelow-ism but I’m not sure) that beyond the hope to influence the course of events, the additional reason to write about this stuff is so, at the very least, our descendants know that not everyone alive today was insane or cowardly. In that vein I think its worth very clearly setting out exactly what is going on in America, given the fluidity of events in the last 4-5 days.

What Is Going On

-Last saturday, seven young Millenial men attempted to give speeches in front of a statue of General Lee that was due to be torn down in Charlottesville. Each of these young men to some extent or another self-labels with the moniker ‘Alt Right’.

-They planned this for a number of reasons, including 1) the fact that taking down confederate monuments is only the first step in what will escalate to monuments to the Founding Fathers (already being advocated by many progressives), to Theodore Roosevelt (already argued for in New York last year), etc. Tucker Carlson (see below) articulated this same argument on his program this week. 2) they understand (many of them having been progressives themselves, just like I) that progressivism is a inherently escalating, utopian, purity-based ideology. As our own ECW contributor Michael Gladius cogently laid out, it is a belief system based on legalism and blind emotion, rather than on natural law or even reason. Much like Takfiri Islamism, it is defined by steadily deepening ideas about what constitutes purity, in which adherents must continually ‘double down’ through increasingly strenuous purity tests and purges to keep its energy going, until (usually) the ideology at some point in time burns itself out, usually after inflicting massive suffering in its drive for this ‘purity’ and utopianism.

-These young men I am referencing- much like myself- look at things from deeply historical angles, and in so doing they see the immense destructiveness and evil of progressivism, not just in relation to our history but in relation to the future. They see that- if successful- it can only end in the destruction (suicide) of the West, and the end of ‘white people’ both culturally and to a certain extent literally, complete with massive suffering (a la Rotherham, Cologne, the Bataclan, etc) in the meantime. Paradoxically, some of those catalyzing that process are themselves white, but but that is because they have either converted to or been raised within the religion of progressive-negationism, and literally support the end of their own culture and race for ideological/metaphysical reasons (white people are inherently evil, we are uniquely guilty, absolution for our ancestors’ evil can only be achieved through the end of ‘whiteness’ on earth, etc).

The below video is germane to this, as it shows the ‘progressive coalition’ chanting ‘fascist USA’ and tearing down a confederate monument in Durham in the wake of Charlottesville.

-These ‘alt right’-affiliated individuals attempted to hold speeches in front of the statue in Charlottesville last saturday in a classic ‘activism’ type way. Yet in so doing, they unintentionally made it easy for kooks larping as KKK members and Nazi’s to show up and ruin it. Also, tragically, a mentally-ill 20 year old with a history of schizophrenia drove his car into a bunch of people. Now, granted those people were mostly Antifa, but the optics were still horrible, and completely failed at William Boyd’s moral level of war. (I should add though that from watching the video I think its at least 40% likely he freaked out/suffered a psychotic break from the fear that arose from Antifa smashing his car with baseball bats and screaming at him (which occurred BEFORE the crash), and that in that regard it wasn’t ‘intentional’ in the way the media is framing it, but a tragic accidental response to the arising fight or flight mode their attacks put him into).

-Since then, the entire media (a chief pillar of the religion of Progressive-Negationism) has been working feverishly to blame the violence on ‘white supremacists’ (despite none of the original speakers advocating white supremacism), and to make it appear as though they wanted this mentally ill kid to run someone over, etc. They twist the facts and lie to make it appear as if this was some old-fashioned KKK thing from the 1950’s, or Neo-Nazi “The Order” thing from the 1980’s, when that is not the case. And, of course, they attempt to use all of this to discredit Trump, exactly as Rich Higgins’ memo outlines.

-Credit should go to Donald Trump for not going with this narrative just to minimize controversy. At an-extremely combative Press Conference yesterday, Trump refused to go along with the simplistic narrative that this was “a terrorist incident caused by evil Neo-Nazis'” and explained that it was more complicated than that, that there were bad people on both sides, and that if we accept that all confederate statues should be taken down we are opening the door to the same with those of Washington and Jefferson, and essentially declaring our entire nation’s history to be illegitimate.

Two slave owners, one supremacist, one supremacist + biological eugenicist. Should we tear it down? Maybe we should just find a 'final solution' to the problem of whiteness.

Two slave owners, one supremacist, one supremacist + biological eugenicist. Should we tear it down? Maybe we should just find a ‘final solution’ to the problem of whiteness.


-It remains to be seen what will happen next. I think the press has erred in trying so hard to tie this to Trump, as I think it is backfiring. Both Tucker Carlson and Michael Savage, who I think best represent the vast majority of white Republican voters, took the same side as Donald Trump in this matter.

The question is- where does America go from here?

If it is to survive in its current form that can only happen by 1) progressivism being defeated, and some kind of authoritarian civic nationalism uniting everyone in the country as best it can (although as we all know, the 21st century does not bode well for the nation-state system, especially highly heterogeneous nation-states), or 2) by the country breaking up into various smaller entities, so that each can be more unified and high-asabiya, unlike the vast, un-allied, chaotic, low-asabiya nation we have today. This second possibility is the one that I believe most of the original speakers at the proposed UTR rally support, rather than any form of ‘white supremacy’ in which they rule over non-whites. Indeed I would wager they even sympathize with blacks having to live around confederate statues, and would be more than happy to give African-Americans their own homeland within what would be the former borders of America.

The problem for #2 though is that there are virtually no state governors or other such political leaders who would ever dream of advocating for such a vision. It would also be too destructive to the wealth of our ruling elites, as it would severely impact gdp, the stock market, and a million other things. Indeed, it is the exact opposite of the globalism and global mass-movement of peoples that our globalist elites are trying to instill worldwide.

As a result, this suggests that America will only see more division and violence and messyness in the near future. I will be writing more about this, because there are a host of other reasons this stuff is only going to get worse over the coming decades, mainly due to technology and the continuing evolution of economics and society.

Yet still, the fact that these issues are even being discussed provides great hope, so that- God willing- the evil that is progressivism will ultimately fall away or be extinguished, and some kind of good outcome achieved for the country and all its various peoples.

The questions that are tough to answer are: a) what will happen from here? b) will Trump survive the next three years or will his enemies be able to end his presidency prematurely? and c) can Progressivism keep building more and more power, as it has for the last four decades, or is its power starting to wane?

Fascinating times we live in, that is for certain.

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  1. Dashui 6 months ago

    Notice that the car bears a little resemblance to the “General Lee” used in The Dukes of Hazard?

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      It does. Your right.

      Read today the kid has schizphrenia too. That might explain it as well. Just a psychotic break brought on by everything. Certainly could have been intentional too though. It will be interesting to see how he pleads or what his explanation is.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Very interesting stuff.

      Yes, I would not be surprised if there was more to the whole Charlettesville thing than meets the eye. Its amazing how quickly all these websites like CC and Vdare got taken off facebook and paypal. VDARE is a totally mainstream site in my opinion too, they publish people like Ann Coulter for goodness sake (not original content but with her permission is my understanding). Wouldn’t be suprised if its Breitbart next!

  2. Rick 6 months ago

    On the right we have to recognize that it will never be 1965 again, But now the left needs to recognize that it will never be 2015 again. I don’t see anyway the center can maintain itself, only those people that have interracial families or businesses that are largely dependent on a multi racial clientele.
    Your second scenario seems the most likely to me, the US seems to large & independent to be held for long under an authoritarian regime and we will see a polarization in both tech, and traditional businesses that move people closer to balkanization. The question is how long it will take, if a state like California democratically votes to secede the breakup will move into over drive and happen quite quickly I think.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hey Rick, yes indeed.

      I think the question on states like California is a key one. Its already highly, highly diverse. I think whites, asians, latinos, and blacks all make up about a quarter each now, or even less with a hodgepodge of other groups making up the rest. Its sort of a microcosm of the US by itself.

      It will be fascinating that is for sure. I think with all the changes in technology and everything else and the rapid pace at which those changes now happen, change and societal evolution may become faster and more fluid than in the past.

  3. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    Regarding Scenario #2, one problem is that each Balkanized entity would be ripe for infiltration by, or outright alliance with, foreign powers, and threats that were previously kept away through geography would be suddenly in our midst. Another problem would be the physical disposition of the nuclear weapons currently controlled by the FedGov. (Amusingly, all our ICBM silos are in the reddest of the red states…and possession is 9/10ths of the law. 🙂 )

    A subset of Question b) is: Does Trump have the loyalty of the armed forces? (My guess is that the Marine Corps has feelings of intense personal loyalty to Trump, above and beyond his political title.) If the military would obey orders, enforcing a hypothetical declaration of martial law, and all the rifle-owning red state Deplorables backed that play, the outcome of CivWar II is a foregone conclusion. The other side, quite simply, has no military potential at all.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Thanks for the thoughts Steve I cannot agree with both of them more. The issue of how interconnected the entire country is logistically is a HUGE barrier to any sort of breakup. The nuclear weapons are the biggest example and I imagine there are many more.

      I think that for a breakup to happen like that it would maybe need to start with just one state- like California for instance- that could sort of ‘break in’ the idea, and also create a model for how it could happen later on. Its interesting to think about. We have seen other places on earth do it- look at Pakistan and India- but things are so vastly different now that its crazy to even think about. I think the rise of technology will have an impact as well.

      And then yes I agree, in a real, old-fashioned ‘civil war’ the Trumpian and Trump-backing forces would annihilate the other side. Also because they have WAY higher asabiya than the coalition of his enemies.

      In a media-driven 4GW Boydian ‘Moral War’ though I worry the power of the media/entertainment industry/etc would win.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Very interesting…

      I did a google seach for the Fields guy that drove teh car into the crowd and under ‘news’ on the google homepage there is literlaly nothing since mid/late August. I couldn’t find anything information out about how the whole legal thing is progressing.

      I really wouldn’t be surprised if they let him off.

  4. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    Every. Single. One. of these narratives is proven to be completely false after the facts come out: Trayvon Martin, “Gentle Giant” Brown, the “Can’t Breathe” guy in NY, Haven Monahan/Rolling Stone, Duke Lacrosse, and the whole big boo-hoo about St. Mathew Shepard in Wyoming. Now the Party Line about Charlottesville falls apart because, not only did Fields drive his car into another car because he was being attacked, but the only fatality on the ground was a morbidly-obese bystander who had a heart attack from all the excitement (and exertion). A person with a suspicious mind might inquire as to why the corporate media ALWAYS generates these blatant falsehoods rather than actually — you know — investigating the incident and getting to the truth of the matter.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Lol I forgot about some of those. You are right it is quite the all-star list at this point.

      One could almost* count poor Imran Awan, a poor victim of Islamophobic profiling… only now it looks like he’ll be the one sticking it to Wasserman-Schulz 🙂

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