What Is The Great Replacement?

What Is The Great Replacement?
November 9, 2017 Admin
EUrope migration

Greetings men-

Suicide of Europe.


“The Great Replacement” is a term that will be well-known to many readers of this website.

With its increasing provenance and notoriety however, I believe it is worth defining.

Indeed, it is clearly something that people are searching for answers about online.

The keyword tools I looked it up on suggest that a number of variations get googled regularly, including:

“The Great Replacement isn’t real”

“The Great Replacement theory”

“The Great Replacement debunked”, and..

“The Great Replacement Europe”


It would seem some of those search queries suggest increasingly self-doubting Progressives searching for reassurance.

Migrant crisis.

Map of ‘migrant crisis’.

With that being the case though, the question is..


What Is The Great Replacement?

A cursory look online provides some basis for answering this question.

Apparently the first use of the term was by the French author Renaud Camus, who stated:

The Great Replacement is very simple. You have one people, and in the space of a generation, you have a different people.


Wikipedia, in reference to Camus, states that:

Jean Renaud Gabriel Camus (French: [ʁəno kamy]; born 10 August 1946) is a French writer of both prose fiction and political polemics. … Camus is known for the idea of the Grand Remplacement (the “great replacement” in English), which relates to replacement migration in the context of immigration to France.


A progressive on Reddit’s r/debunkthis introduced it as follows:

The Great Replacement is a far-right political theory (can it even be called theory? it’s really just more of a concept) according to which a native population in a given territory is being replaced on a large-scale by a foreign population from another territory, over the course of a few generations (2-3).

While this theory encapsulate most of the xenophobic fears and group-identity concerns found in right-wing political circles all over the western world, it is mostly debated under the name “Great Replacement” in France. But as a concept it is something that would definitely be recognized in the USA, Canada, Germany, etc.


My own (short) definition would go as follows:

The Great Replacement is the ongoing process by which the native population of Western Europe is being demographically replaced by non-European peoples.

My long definition would read thus:

The Great Replacement is the ongoing process by which the native population of Western Europe is being demographically replaced by non-European peoples. This process is partly as a result of the actions and policies of many of Western Europe’s own citizens and rulers- as a result of their fundamentalist ideology of nihilistic, ethno-suicidal Progressivism- as well as the efforts of other, external individuals and entities, acting out of (variously) benevolent and malevolent motivations.


Merkel refugees.

Angela Merkel.


The fact that many of those individuals most responsible for the Replacement of Europe’s citizenry are Western Europeans themselves is one of the most tragic aspects of the whole situation.

The tragedy does not stop there though, but extends to the manifold horrors that are accompanying this demographic transformation.

These include:

  • The mass-rape epidemics in the UK, Germany, and Sweden.
  • The massive levels of violence affecting Western Europe as a whole.
  • The spectacle of terrorism
  • The common mass-drownings of the migrants themsleves in the Mediterranean who would have lived had they not been coaxed into the dangerous journey north by European government ‘pull factors’ such as free welfare and housing, and the machinations of George Soros-funded NGO’s that work with the people smugglers to bring the migrants to Europe.


Rotherham. Migration.


Those same google search keywords referenced above show that many are still trying to deny that a ‘Great Replacement’ is going on.

This reminds me of Tim Pool’s description of the Swedes he met on his fact finding trip there, who- according to Pool- were more interested in arguing semantics than discussing whether there were actually problems in their country.

Likewise, many Progressives will try to argue that since native Europeans aren’t being ‘removed’ from Europe, there can’t be a ‘replacement’ going on.

Yet the facts speak for themselves…

  • In Germany, as evidenced in the Black Pigeon Speaks video embedded below, non-Europeans will make up the majority of the 20-35 year old demographic by 2020 at the latest.
  • In Sweden, as I argued in this article, it is likely the same thing will take place. Furthermore, even several years ago Sweden was already over 1/3rd non-European.
  • In the UK, 40% of people under the age of 18 come from non-European backgrounds.
  • While the predominantly Muslim immigrants in Western Europe retain above replacement rate fertility, native Europeans in every single European nation are not having enough children to replace themselves, as a result of the decadent lifestyle and self-hating politics impressed upon them by Progressivism.

If Sweden and Germany have a majority immigrant, majority non-European 18-30 year old demographic by 2020, then it is impossible not to recognize that their entire country’s demographics will one day fare the same.

Abort white males says liberal.




The ‘Great Replacement’ is not just a real phenomenon, but the greatest tragedy in the history of the European continent.

Unless drastic measures are undertaken, Europe’s native population will have been replaced within one lifetime.

Those native Europeans remaining in Western Europe as minorities at that time will likely lead lives of intense suffering, or will be forced to flee to Eastern European nations such as Poland and Hungary as refugees.

All of this is why sober-minded individuals across the West must fight back with everything they have to prevent this eventuality.



Editor’s Note:

Below I have embedded two Youtube videos on this subject.

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Comments (9)

  1. Michael Gladius 2 months ago

    The Great Replacement isn’t just demographic, it’s also cultural. Before the left miraculously found 2 continents’ worth of dark-skinned ‘victims,’ they were replacing Europe’s indigenous cultures with artificial cultures, such as fascism and communism. Their role was to eliminate Christianity and homogenize humanity, ruled by a white ‘master race,’ or rootless ‘new model man.’ Japan had the same idea, just a different master race in mind. Their plans backfired, and Christianity defeated them both.

    So now they’ve moved onto the next phase: Islam. Islam isn’t just another faith, it’s a replacement faith for Christianity, and thrives where heresies have been before (such as Arianism and Nestorianism). Mohammed is not the Antichrist, since he only claimed to be a prophet, but he is a fitting forerunner.
    If the migrants were re-Christianizing Europe, then the Globalists wold be strafing their boats. The waves of invaders are Islamizing the continent, however, and the globalists are embracing them for the same reason that Hitler and the USSR rubbed shoulders with Islam: the Islamists are excellent fodder for their war machines and need no motivation, just direction. The globalists are not puppeteers so much as co-conspirators.

    The Globalists can control racial demagogues, but it’s a lot harder to control orthodox Christians. So the latter must be eliminated, while the former can be disposed of at their leisure.

  2. Unknown 2 months ago

    Not to forget UN’s “replacement migration”: http://www.un.org/esa/population/publications/migration/migration.htm
    For egalitarian humanists it is quite logic that the all-equal people should move from high-growth regions to shrinking regions to compensate for problems of local demographic dynamics. The only problem with it is that humans are not so all-equal, as can be seen for instance in german schools where muslim immigrants refuse to learn as much as would be necessary to keep future german economy at the level where it used to be. Accorcding to some leftist politicians, this is actually part of the plan: to get rid of the un-equal economic strength in germany.

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Exactly Unknown… and even if everyone were equal, it still doesn’t change the fact that we are DIFFERENT, and that groups of differing people will always coalesce into tribes.

      The only time in human history people could be this dumb or willfully ignorant of reality is after 60 years of massive economic boomtimes brought on by technology and the beginning ‘high’ of demographic transition. Sad that it will take big economic ‘lows’ and the unfortunate latter ends of that demographic transitions to wisen people back up. Is the way life works though I guess, but I hope we can save part of Europe before its too late.

      • Unknown 2 months ago

        I am not so sure of this tribe thing. It is important in many places, but in Europe it has been replaced by nations. Now that these national identities have become an obstacle for some globalists, they want to weaken them. It may even work out – but in a way not intended by these globalists. Because one of the factors in becoming a new identity is, to have a common enemy…

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      That report is exactly what Steve King was railing against (quite correctly): We can’t rebuild our civilization with another civilization’s babies.

  3. PhilL 2 months ago

    Great post.. Spot on.. It’s happening, it’s very real and even if we stopped all migration today the change is here!! I get days where I’m heartened that this will not fully happen and days where my head drops and feel it’s beyond hope.. The more I understand what is going on and has for a long time and the forces we are up against I feel more often than not like the latter.. Recent Polish events makes me realise I’m not alone and judging by ‘polls’ in my country England I’m certainly not in a tiny minority… And so many online mentions of Kalergi shows people are becoming aware.. Slowly… A ECW article on Kalergi would be great! But then England under 16 football team win junior World Cup with just 2 white players out of 11 it shows how far we are… Kalergi would be so happy!

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Appreciate the idea 🙂 I will keep it in mind. I will admit that though I am well aware of it I have never really looked into it in depth or studied it. I should do so.

      Yes, events in Poland are quite hopeful I agree 🙂

  4. SteveRogers42 2 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Wise Coulter sprays condensed black pills from hose… Virginia indeed sad, sorry state of affairs!

      Then again, the North is steadily flipping back the other direction.

      And third world birthrates are going down.

      Could you imagine a future where the Poles and Hungarians (including all the Western European refugees that have fled there) are all having 4.2 children per woman and the Muslim Emirate of Wales has a birthrate of 1.3? Stranger things have happened (although I won’t get too optimistic lol).

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