What Sadiq Khan Really Thinks

What Sadiq Khan Really Thinks
June 5, 2017 Admin

In the post from a couple nights ago discussing the most recent insurgency attacks in London, I specifically mentioned London mayor Sadiq Khan, stating:

“Also of note, in the piece from the BBC above I can’t help but notice the statement from Sadiq Khan that it was a ‘deliberate and cowardly attack’. Its very ambiguous because he’s not coming out and saying it was ‘wrong’, or ‘evil’. Instead the ambiguity suggests that he could think it was okay, if it had been done different, or that he is at least sympathetic to it.”

Interestingly, I wasn’t the only to notice Khan’s words, as President Trump threw out several tweets highlighting Khan’s response as well.

Trump’s tweet elicited immediate outrage from the Suicidalist European media. They hailed it as inappropriate, ‘Islamophobic’, and (in the most ironic of all their denunciations) “an insult to the United Kingdom”.

Trump doubled down though, and sent out another tweet in the same vein soon after.



The mainstream media is of course 180* backwards in its thinking. Some members of their ilk are brainwashed, and some are just liars, but the idea that its illogical to assume Sadiq Khan may have mixed feelings about the attack is ridiculous.

Trump’s tweets- if you take them at face value rather than interpreting them coded messages or ‘dog whistling’- are also incorrect though.

Kkan isn’t being ‘weak’, or ‘pathetic’, and he is not ‘making excuses’. I think Trump knows this too and is just attacking Khan in a moderately un-PC way (rather than fully un-PC and actually stating Khan sympathizes with the attackers), but I think it is important to outline the actual way that Khan really does view such incidents.

I think its likely that most people reading this share my perspective on this, but for the benefit of anyone else, and sadiq khan talks to UK soldierjust for the sake of honestly and to call a spade a spade, I want to explain the way I believe Sadiq Khan truly views these attacks.

To that end I have written out below 1) what I think Khan would have told those Muslim attackers had he had a chance to speak with them beforehand, and 2) what I actually think he believes. I don’t think my attempt makes him look like an ‘evil’ or ‘bad’ person either, but rather what he actually is- a member of a completely different shared honor group than the British people who shares no common interests with them and is- for all intents and purposes- part of a separate ‘tribe’ that is at war with them, and engaged in what is accurately now being called (by some) an ‘insurgency’.


What Sadiq Khan Really Thinks

The below is my attempt at channeling what Sadiq Khan would have said to the attackers from the other night’s attack if he could have somehow magically spoken to them beforehand, with completely privacy (not in his official capacity as Mayor of London obviously).



I understand you have resolved to go forward with this attack. While I will attempt to dissuade you, I acknowledge the bravery and goodness in your souls from which the desire springs. Allah- through his Messenger Muhammed (PBUH)- commanded us to wage war against the infidels. The kifayat al-jihad (offensive jihad) is demanded of us, so that we can bring the glory of Allah and the peace of the Sharia across the world.

Your plans to attack the kafirs and die shahid are noble but they are un-needed. Victory over them is already within our grasp. Look around you- we are taking over this country already. Our people are outbreeding the native citizens at an astounding pace, we are seizing more and more political power, and they have embraced an insane ideology in which they are literally helping us take power over them!

I understand your anger. The crusaders have invaded our lands and slaughtered our people for over a thousand years. Many of those who will be your victims likely had brothers and fathers who murdered Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. But Allah commanded us to be merciful. The poor kafirs already lead lives of emptiness and degeneracy. They are a part of Dar al-Harb (the ‘world of chaos’), but we will soon bring them into submission, and when the United Kingdom is fully Muslim and under the Sharia they will be part of Dar al-Islam (the ‘world of peace’), where they will no longer suffer from their actions that go in the face of God.

To murder the kafirs in the streets would not only be distasteful and cruel, but may harm our mission and make the Islamization of the country less likely. While the vast majority of the native citizens are cowards, and their ranks are filled with alcoholics and prostitutes, every violent attack and bombing makes it that much more likely some number of men will arise from within their ranks and fight back.

We are within sight of having full power over this country. It is likely that a Muslim will be Prime Minister within the next 10-15 years at the latest. By that point our young men will be of greater numbers than theirs, we will still be having far more children than them, and the country’s future course will be set. We will bring tremendous glory to God by taking this great historic bastion of the Crusaders, and in so doing will be that much closer to making the entire world Dar al-Islam.



While I really do think the above is what Khan would have said to the attackers (and I think its a pretty generous estimation of that too, others would attribute complete support of the attacks to him), I think his thoughts are probably a little more complicated.

From spending a lot of time reading about him, I think Khan likely does think positively about some aspects of British culture. I think that as a lawyer he likes the rule of law, and understands that rule of law and courts and property ownership and the high-trust society the British developed is what allowed them to rule over such a large swath of the globe for so long and be a superpower while Pakistan (where Khan’s family hails from) was just a third world backwater.

Yet I have no doubt that as a Pakistani and as a Muslim, Khan (very understandably) identifies with other Muslims and other Middle-Easterners/South Asians. I think Khan would be happy to lead a successful life in a non-Muslim country, and I don’t think he himself would kill or die to make the UK Islamic, but I absolutely think that his preference would be for it to become so, and that his actions in politics will be in that vein.

Indeed, I have no doubt that Khan has ambitions to become the West’s first Muslim Prime Minister, and to help bring Islam to power in the UK. By that I don’t mean that Khan wants the UK to be like ISIS-controlled Iraq or any other form of pure theocracy, but some kind of Islamic republic where there is a strong rule of law and some secularism, but where Islam unequivocally rules the land.

I think Khan probably views terrorists like these ones as thugs and idiots, and finds the violence somewhat distasteful and troubling, but that he sympathizes with the attackers for 1) their aim of making the West Islamic, and 2) because he likely views the native British as ‘Crusaders’ who have done great wrongs to the Muslims. I think he probably exhibits a degree of Schadenfreude when native Brit’s are killed, or when their children are gang-raped and trafficked like in Rotherham, although I don’t think he ‘supports’ either, and I’m sure close contact with either would be unpleasant for him.



The 'Reconquista' or Reconquest of Iberia.

The ‘Reconquista’ or Reconquest of Iberia.

Basically, all of the above is common sense. It is a reflection of the fact that throughout all of human history, people have had a natural inclination to support their own tribe above others. Khan is not doing anything different than most people do.

It is the native UK residents who have embraced ethnic-suicidalism and Cultural-Marxism that are the problem. Indeed they are currently greater enemies the country’s future than people like Khan.

Either way, for the UK to have any chance of survival, both of those groups will need to be defeated. That is a tall, tall order, but I absolutely still believe it is possible.



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  1. Rick 8 months ago

    I think the reason all of this is so hard for many people to grasp is that it is truly unprecedented.
    We have an authority structure that is doing everything in its power to subdue the native (its own) population, and everything possible to support the alien invading group.
    This is really a guerrilla war. Most Europeans realize this of course (subconsciously) but are so disarmed and disabled that nobody wants to take the first step. Nobody wants to be arrested, nobody knows what to do.
    I think you are pretty accurate with Khan, he has an arrogance to him and he walks a fine line to appease the progressives and the Muslims. For example he’s banned the posters of women in bikinis (ostensibly to appease feminists) I think you are right in that if anything he would have disagreed on tactics but supported in spirit the attackers. After all they are both waging Jihad only in manners best suited to their talents.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Hey Rick-

      Appreciate the comment. I wanted to respond earlier but have been slammed with my non-Europe (entrepreneurial) stuff.

      I think you hit the nail on the head that the whole situation is so perverse and insane that it truly is difficult for the average person to know what to do. Even beyond just the craziness of liberalism itself too.

      There have been plenty of governments and rulers in history who exploited or mistreated their subjects or citizens, but this is the first time a government has become truly infanticidal or suicidal so to speak, where they are not just exploiting their citizens or oppressing them, but actively siding with foreigners to replace and eradicate them.

      Hopefully (and I’m being optimistic here) that means that when people do wake up as a whole they will snap back to righteous fury rather than anything halfway..

  2. Dashui 8 months ago

    Going to Germany? Pack your chainmail:


    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Lol, I still remember being a teenager and having liberals tell me how ‘Europe eliminated murder almost completely by banning firearms’.

      Turns out no… Europe had ended murders and kept the rates low through homogeneity, now that they are filled with Muslims their violent crime rates are through the roof.

      Sad thing is even if you banned knives it wouldn’t make a difference… I see articles about them carrying out acid attacks all the time too.

  3. Mr Lahey 8 months ago

    I’m sure Sadiq Khant was involved in the Stephen Lawrence myth back when he was a ‘lawyer’ and has some links to Tower Hamlets.

    For me, the issue isn’t the fact that he’s a Muslim and the Mayor of London, the issue is the amount people in London who voted for him. It’s kind of like Diane Abbott, the black MP for Hackney is utterly anti-white. Yes she is a problem, however, those who vote for her over and over again since the 80s are the big problem.

    It’s good to see Trump is calling him out. A lot of liberals don’t seem to understand that Sadiq Khant started the war of words between him and Trump back in may 2016 when he tweeted that Trump was ignorant of Islam and that London was great example of diversity etc. That was back in the day when the Establishment in this country didn’t believe that Trump would win and so sneered at Trump at every opportunity…………….and then Trump won lol

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Hey Mr Lahey thanks for that info-

      I did some additional reading on Khan and found out a bunch of other ‘bad’ (not-surprising) stuff on it, being friends with Muslim Brotherhood, defending Muslim murderers, representing Nation of Islam folks, etc.

      His mayorship absolutely represents a hostile foreign power in occupation, in his case Islam as a whole or perhaps the Saudi’s/etc. May’s government is the same but representing *other* powers.

  4. SteveRogers42 8 months ago


    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Lol love it. Had to look it up but that is one i will remember and reuse 🙂

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      After seeing so many articles on Theresa May the last few days I can say unequivocally that she has the female version of the face… always looks like she just tasted overly-sour lemonade or something…

      • SteveRogers42 7 months ago

        Swing away…

  5. SteveRogers42 7 months ago

    Although I’m no authority on The Troubles, it seems to me that “moderate” moon-worshipers like this little @$$wipe have the same relationship to active jihadis as Sinn Fein had to the Provos: “Both…play different but converging roles in the war of national liberation. The IRA wages an armed campaign…Sinn Fein maintains the propaganda war and is the public and political voice of the movement.” Chairman Mao put it a different way: “The guerilla swims in a sea of people”. The Western European governments (which pretend to study 4GW) are simply pumping in a bigger sea of Islamic support personnel for the Islamic infantry to swim in.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Absolutely… excellent analogies. Same thing has been repeated over and over. Similar with Muslim Brotherhood vs Al Qaeda. Each would ‘denounce’ the other based on disagreement with how they did things (one ‘disagreeing’ with the other’s violence the other vice versa) but really their aims were the same and their styles complimentary.

      Oh and then I just saw your email of that reddit post where the Muslims put all the smiley faces over the terrorist attack photo thing lol. Sort of the internet version of the Saudis refusing the moment of silence. That got hardly any attention really, which is quite telling. Could you imagine if the Russian soccer players had refused a moment of silence for Breivik’s victims or something like that? Would have been front page news for weeks… I guess for some reason the international media must be for friendly to Saudi Arabia and their *benefactors* in the region…

  6. SteveRogers42 7 months ago


    Kudos to Mr. Fraser! The body of the story amplifies my point above, as Corbyn is identified as a “shadow govt.” supporter of the IRA, i.e. giving aid and comfort. That’s how the game is played, and the “good guys” in Europe should take a page out of that book.

    The picture in the Mail takes me back to the ’60’s. Fraser has to mime his message like the crew of the Pueblo surreptitiously “flipping the bird” in that Nork propaganda photo — and check out Wavy Gravy in the top hat! Did he miss the magic bus to Haight-Ashbury?

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Agree completely.

      You almost gotta admire their brazenness don’t you? They don’t even give a **** about pretending to give a ****.

  7. SteveRogers42 4 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      Symbolic, if nothing else!

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