What We (The Resistance) Can Learn From Cologne

What We (The Resistance) Can Learn From Cologne
May 13, 2016 Admin

This video is a couple days old but I think still worth posting. It is a short documentary from a German Television News Station outlining where things are at with the investigation into the Cologne New Years Eve situation. The video includes new leaked footage from that night, where the police can be heard panicking, unsure of what to do, and young women can be heard yelling for people (migrants) to stop touching them.

For anyone reading this who might somehow not know the backstory, it involves the New Years Eve incident in Cologne, Germany, where 1000 women were sexually assaulted and in many cases raped by male Muslim migrants. The event was covered up from the start by the German police, government, and media, as have been numerous similar events in other German cities.

The primary insight I gleaned from the video is that Germany is not even remotely prepared to deal with what is coming. If a couple thousand raging Muslims on New Years Eve can overwhelm the police this easily, and if the underlying logistical law enforcement infrastructure is as impotent and disjointed as is suggested in the clips below, then they have absolutely no hope of maintaining order as things worsen. Frankly, while events on the ground in Germany have obviously been horrific (the countless rapes, attacks on children and elderly, etc), from the perspective of sheer anarchy I am surprised things haven’t been worse. It is probably the result of the billions and billions of dollars the Germans are paying to all these ‘refugees’ to keep them happy and fed and not causing even more trouble. As more and more arrive however, and as the German state begins to run out of money/manpower/legitimacy, their infrastructure will be taxed far worse than in Cologne, and the video shows how well the German state was able to withstand that.

The lack of coordination and preparedness also flies in the face of my- and many others- perceptions of what could be called ‘German logistical O.C.D.’. My mom even wrote her dissertation on this, titled: “Ordnung ist das erste Gebot” which translates to “Order is the first Commandment”, which argued that the German obsession with and fetishization of orderliness in some ways contributed to the Holocaust, or was at least reflected in it.

The Germany of today, many years on, seems to still be simiilarly ‘uptight’, but also seems crucially without that capacity for strict logistical perfection (whether or not they still have desire for it).  This, combined with their religion of Negationism/White Ethnic Suicidalism, has caused them to be fully ill-prepared for dealing with things like Cologne.

The German government’s complete lack of preparedness will prolong and worsen the suffering of their people of course, but from a strategic perspective it is a positive for our side. For as the German state and its apparatus weaken, it will allow for parallel structures to develop. We must be the ones to create these parallel structures, for they will inherit the legitimacy that the state, under Angela Merkel, is now throwing away in their rush to facilitate their religious vision of a completely non-White, non-German Germany (and Europe).

Indeed this is the primary lesson we can take away from the accompanying video and the events in Cologne. The delegitimization and destabilization of the German government is the most important component in the survival of her people. It is what we- and in this instance what Preservationists in Germany- must focus our energies on.

The two parts of that are 1) delegitimizing the government through shining a light on their incompetence, immorality, suicidality, and dishonesty; and 2) by direct action which forces them to act in such ways. I would love to hear people’s thoughts in the comments section below on ways to accomplish this, and that is something I will be writing more on in the future as well.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    You’re thinking about this the correct way. The present lack of order in Germany creates a void. Their incompetence is our advantage. In chaos there is opportunity. We should be prepared to seize it!

    On a related note, I’ve been approached several times recently by a wealthy young Egyptian man (Sunni) who , I think, judging by his comments and topics of conversation, is connected (or wishes to be connected) to ISIS. He’s a fervent Erdogan supporter. I speak a bit of Arabic and have spent a lot of time around Muslims, so I have gained some of his trust. Now he’s talking about moving to Dallas area to hook up with a radical imam in (I think) Irving. I just wanted to put this here in case something happens.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Wow that is scary lol. How do you know him? Its interesting, I would wager all of us European Nationalists who want to fight and expel the Muslims from Europe probably end up having the most in depth and personal conversations with so many of these Muslim taxi drivers and such. Interesting contradiction/dichotomy.

  2. Michael 2 years ago

    No one asks the most obvious question, why are these people being allowed to come here in large numbers and destroy our society ?

  3. Michael 2 years ago

    We have not experienced such political tyranny since 1930s.They may not recognise the evil scum that assault women under cover of darkness and chaos but they do know the evil scum who invited these animals into their society in total disregard for the people. These are the ones who should be on trial if justice is to be done. Does Germany belong to Merkel and her evil conspirators or does Germany belong to all its people ?

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Michael- thanks for the comment! Only just now getting to respond to them. Your discussion of tyranny reminds me of something another commenter on this site talks about, which is the “anarcho-tyranny” prevalent in Europe right now, in which the Suicidalist governments enforce the laws against one side (ours- people who speak out against what is going on), while largely allowing the invaders to do anything they want. So we have Mosques openly preaching the Wests destruction, but native Europeans getting arrested for things they say on message boards, etc. Not to mention all the countless invaders getting off scott free for raping and gang-raping our children. The traitorous elites who have done this should absolutely be on trial, and they will.

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