What’s With This ‘War Preparation’ Stuff In Sweden?

What’s With This ‘War Preparation’ Stuff In Sweden?
January 19, 2018 Admin
War in Sweden?

Greetings men-

Several of ya’ll let me know about this interesting development in Sweden (thank you for doing so by the way!).

I have had my nose stuck in Camtasia editing my first few Youtube videos the last few days, but wanted to share my thoughts on this interesting news.

For anyone who missed it, here’s Zero Hedge:

For the first time since World War II, Sweden is preparing to distribute a civil defense brochure to some 4.7 million households, warning them about the onset of war.

The booklet will serve as a manual of “total defense” in case of a war, and provide details on how to secure basic needs such as water, food, and heating, the FT reported. The manual also covers other threats such as cyber attacks, terrorism, and climate change.

All of society needs to be prepared for conflict, not just the military. We haven’t been using words such as total defense or high alert for 25-30 years or more. So the knowledge among citizens is very low,” said Christina Andersson, head of the project at the Swedish civil contingencies agency.

The survivalist manual or better known by some as a preppers guide is called “If Crisis or War Comes,” will be published by the government in late spring. Its publication comes at a time when the threat of war from Russia is high, well, possibly, but that is what the mainstream media has conditioned many to believe.

It’s not my first action to put in a military, but I’m prepared to do what it takes to ensure that the seriously organized crime goes away,” Lofven said after the party leadership discussion in parliament.

“But it is also obvious that there are social problems. Last year 300 shootings occurred, 40 people were killed. The new year has begun with new launches. We see criminals with total lack of respect for human life, it’s a terrible development I’m determined to turn around,” he added.

Even the Swedish Democrat leader Jimmie Akesson “declared war” against organized crime and suggested that Sweden should deploy the military to no-go zones to counter the out of control violence.

People are shot to death in pizza restaurants, people are killed by hand grenades they find on the street,” Akesson said in parliament on Wednesday.

“This is the new Sweden; the new, exciting dynamic, multicultural paradise that so many here in this assembly … have fought to create for so many years,” he said sarcastically.

Peter Imanuelsen, an independent journalist in Sweden, summed up the recent developments in a timeline:

    • Government sends out leaflets to 4.7 million households telling them how to prepare for war

    • Leader for Swedish Democrat party says “A war is being waged on Swedish society”

    • Swedish PM is considering deploying the army in no-go zones

War In Sweden?



What The Heck Is Going On?

If Sweden were a rationale country, the answer would be ‘well, the government is sending troops into the no-go zones because you can’t have areas of the country that aren’t under government control and where the police can’t even venture’.

Then you remember its Sweden, what with its ‘feminist military’, and that seems kind of doubtful.

As Zero Hedge mentioned, the mainstream news keeps suggesting its about Russia, but that doesn’t seem right either.

My guess would be that there are dual purposes for this.

On the one hand, I think that Russophobia among some of these nutjobs and Soros-puppets has probably increased the level of friendliness toward ‘war-readiness’ within the government bureaucracy, which makes something like this happen easier.

From there though, I would speculate that the main thrust comes from 1) Lofven and his fellow reptiles starting to panic over ethnic Swedes getting fed up with hand grenade attacks and child rape and potentially throwing them out of government, and 2) the (connected) desire of Lofven and his fellow insects to increase government power and authority, which they will probably use to silence more nationalist voices.

Lofven and his fellow viruses are in the position of needing increased government power both to stem the violence emanating from centers of ‘diversity’ across the nation (and thus calm down a slowly awakening populace) and also to silence all the members of that populace advocating preservationism/nationalism/identitarianism.

It is likely a harbinger of things to come, when we may see massively more totalitarian governments in places like Stockholm, Paris, London, and Berlin.

Without such massive authoritarianism there’s no way the elites can hold off power grabs and threats to government legitimacy from both the Muslims and the Nationalists. 





Editor’s Note:

Apparently a Swedish police station in a ‘no-go zone’ was bombed yesterday as well.

Two people have already been arrested: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/01/18/swedish-no-go-zone-police-station-bombed/

The Breitbart article doesn’t mention their background though so its unclear if they were Swedish or foreign. I am guessing Lofven would be screaming it from the hilltops if they were ethnic Swedes though.

Also, if you want to support this PeterSweden fellow (who seems like a solid dude to me) then you can do so here: https://www.makersupport.com/PeterSweden

Comments (17)

  1. shadowman 1 month ago

    I’m sure that the increased military presence is aimed at keeping the jackboot on the necks of “native” Swedes, not at controlling the invading savages.
    It’d be good if the Swedish military and police deserted the government and ousted them in a coup. I won’t hold my breath though……..

    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      I know, if I could write out the future as I wanted it to happen that would be the case, but I’m nowhere near optimistic enough for that lol. 🙂

      • Michael Gladius 1 month ago

        It’s more likely that as violence spreads, the police and military guys will desert to protect their families. This is why right-wingers need to organize local structures to ensure that these guys can act,, knowing their families aren’t at risk.

        Coups are less likely, unless it’s deliberately planned. Dissolution and re-crystallizing around local right-ring groups is more likely.

  2. SteveRogers42 1 month ago

    Gave ECW a shout-out on the Unz Review:


    Blackpill, I know, but…

    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      Ah, thank you sir. Very good. I love the Unz Review. I need to read it more.

      Seems this Swedish news has generated quite a bit of discussion on the interwebs. Which is good.

  3. Michael Gladius 1 month ago

    You’re absolutely right about the government prioritizing extermination of European culture over defeating Islam. Hence why I hope that Generation Identitaire will focus on depriving the left of its police/military protection. So long as the enemy controls the nation-state’s armies, we will be #1 on their kill list.

    Alternatively, if the Swedish army/police is forced to fight the Arabs (who are itching for a fight), then they’ll be weakened, and the state will slowly lose its conventional power. The enemy can only enforce its will and suppress dissent through conventional power, so as the state recedes, we must advance.


    Prayer and action. Train. Organize. Rehearse. Disobey.


  4. The Osprey 1 month ago

    Maybe a native Swede can enlighten me, I know there is some level of firearm ownership in Sweden, I would assume mostly bolt action rifles for hunting, what sort of hoops does the average Swede have to jump through if they wish to own a firearm? Can handguns be acquired?

    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      I don’t know myself… but we do have some Swedish readers who might see your question and chime in 🙂

      I would assume to own hunting rifles one needs to be part of a ‘hunting club’ or something similar, and that handgun ownership is next to impossible. Perhaps with written permission from the police or something. I could be wrong though.

      • Michael Gladius 1 month ago

        Bolt-action rifles would be perfect for sharpshooters, especially with hunting scopes. At close-range, though, lightweight weapons with a high rate of fire are much better. Especially in urban zones. Just like in the Winter War! 😀

        Although to be fair, the Finnish sniper who killed 259 soldiers by himself (up to 500 probables) didn’t use a scope…

      • SteveRogers42 1 month ago

        A commenter on r/thedonald said that there are 2 million registered firearms owners in Sweden. Hunting rifles and shotguns, no handguns.

        • Author
          Admin 1 month ago

          Interesting. Yeah that would be 20% of the population, that doesn’t sound that far off. More than I would have guessed, but probably alot like America with the city/rural dichotomy.

    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      I love it man, now there’s the perfect ecommerce product! 🙂

  5. Dashui 1 month ago

    I remember 15 years ago a swede came to my town selling high dollar bolt action hunting rifles that he manufactured in Sweden.

    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago


      I have never been to super rural Norway or Sweden, ruralest I got was Halden in Southeast Norway which isn’t that rural, but I imagine up in the north there’s still some pretty hard dudes who are WAY more capable than I am… it gets pretty darn cold and barren way up there, probably just like Alaska in alot of ways.

    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      Hey Steve yes very interesting… if I was Norway I’d be nervous too… its like seeing your neighbor get addicted to meth and invite a bunch of homeless people to start staying with him. Horrifying and you know it could impact you quite negatively once things fall apart, yet there’s nothing you can do about it.

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