While Europe Burned: Dutch Men Don Skirts To Protest Cologne Assaults

While Europe Burned: Dutch Men Don Skirts To Protest Cologne Assaults
January 27, 2016 Admin

Dutch men in Amsterdam have donned skirts to protest the mass-sexual assaults of New Years Eve perpetrated against women in Cologne.

This obviously further exemplifies the utter feminization of Western European society, and it should be noted that these demonstrations were sponsored by an assortment of left-wing parties such as the Socialists (PvdA) and GroenLinks (The Green Party). Beyond this however the ridiculous scene also represents the religious devotion to non-violent protest that has overtaken the West. In schools in America (as well as The Netherlands, I am guessing) figures such as Martin Luther King are given messianic treatment, and spectacles like the one above are encouraged.

This ethos has become a guiding principle of the modern European spirit. As the quote by Tom Wayman goes: “Weak things have power… Only the truly weak are free from the temptation to dominate, to harm. That is why democracy is about weakness, why it is the weak we turn to when we are defeated, condemned.”

Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning, two sociologists, have written about this phenomenon- this shift from an honor culture to a dignity culture to a victimhood culture. You can read their paper here.

They state that we in the West have now entered a “Victimhood Culture” in which weakness and victimhood are praised and rewarded above all else. Unfortunately however, this is the last thing that Dutch and German women need from their men. As we saw with the Bibi Wilhailm video, European women are increasingly calling for men to step up and defend them.

All in all the increasing violence in Europe, and the slowly increasing delegitimization of multiculturalism seems to be suggesting the possibility of a paradigm shift away from this “Victimhood culture”. I would also argue that the rise of Donald Trump in the U.S. represents a decidedly hostile rejection of it.

One could even argue that the fact that these young Dutchmen are protesting at all is positive, as the Cologne attacks are one of the few immigrant-antagonized events in which we have not heard much apologetic support for immigrants. As the brazen sexual violence against native European women continues across the continent, let us hope that the actions of European men begin to shift to a far different form.

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  1. DaShui 2 years ago

    We scotts believe that going to war in a nice skirt is completely acceptable.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Thanks for the comment! That would be an alternative I would be supportive of 🙂 Obviously these Dutch fellas didn’t watch enough Braveheart in their youth…

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