While Europe Burned: Prince William Makes Brave Stand

While Europe Burned: Prince William Makes Brave Stand
March 17, 2016 Admin

With his country burning around him, a mass gang-rape epidemic in which tens of thousands of young British girls have been horrifyingly betrayed, and civil war reaching up to ensnare his country and others, Prince William has stood up to make an courageous and impassioned stand in favor of… trophy hunting.


From Breitbart London:

Prince William has bravely come out in defence of trophy hunting.

‘There is a place for commercial hunting in Africa as there is round the world,’ although he conceded: ‘It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.’

For this the heir to the British throne has inevitably been pilloried by the usual suspects.

The UK-based charity Lion Aid was among those leading the criticism, describing William’s comments as a “sad day”.

It added in a statement: “With likely less than 15,000 wild lions left in Africa, there is no place for commercial hunting of lions. With an estimated 1,500 wild male lions in existence and with current ‘offtake’ for trophy hunting of 300 per annum, continued trophy hunting cannot be deemed as sustainable.

But it’s the Prince who is talking sense on this occasion, not this two-bit animal charity. William has been getting an awful lot of stick, of late, in the UK media which has accused him of ducking his royal duties and being lazy. Under the circumstances, it would have been quite understandable if he’d taken the easy, populist line, rode the wave of post-Cecil-the-Lion hysteria and pretended to be frightfully upset by the idea of any big game being shot for pleasure ever again in Africa.

He didn’t take the coward’s way out, though. Instead William spoke the truth.

I am honestly surprised Breitbart didn’t point out the obvious on this one, that it might be far more appropriate for the Prince to “speak the truth” about the rape, murder, and enslavement of his country.


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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    He should just clip it off and grow a beard. Perhaps he’s a secret skinhead?

  2. Lynda 2 years ago

    Well what else can one expect from the Prince whose dad wants to be Camilla’s tampon and styles himself ‘the defender of faiths’. Oh. And his grandfather wants to be re-incarnated as a virus so he can exterminated billions of human pests. (That would be us).

    Meanwhile the Scouring of the Shire has seriously begun in England. Britain First is on the streets against the Islamification of Britain. Here is Jayda and Tommy in the BEEB report.
    We want our country back…

    The BEEB report on this movement is instructive in itself. The BEEB – a more treacherous brood of vipers you could not find. They covered up Savile’s sex crimes for years and gave him a platform to operate.
    Thomas Sheridan is covering it on his blog

    And here’s the youtube
    Jimmy Savile the 666 Serial Killer – investigative report by Thomas Sheridan

    Come to think of it, Mr Jim’ll Fix It Savile was a great pal of the Windsors. I confidently predict this rabbit hole will be very deep. God knows what William and Harry went through to be royally whacked.

  3. Michael Gladius 1 month ago

    This is why British patriots should ask Prince Harry to lead them into battle. He already has combat experience…

    At least if big-game hunting is legalized, Britons may be able to get some of their guns back. 😛

    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      Very true lol.

      Man if someone could redpill those darn princes that could truly be powerful. They would be in amazing positions to fight back metapolitically if they were awakened to just what hell their country’s heading towards.

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