While Europe Burned: Swedish Teen Epidemic Of Getting Drunk On Hand Gel Forces Age Restriction

While Europe Burned: Swedish Teen Epidemic Of Getting Drunk On Hand Gel Forces Age Restriction
February 25, 2016 Admin

So the following article (like most) does not explain what kind of “Swedish teens” these are. As in, are they Swedish teens in the spirit of: “Swedish teens don traditional dress for summer festival”, or Swedish teens as in “Girl raped and doused in petrol by four Swedish teens”. As anyone reading this already knows, the latter Swedish teens are not descended from Vikings.

However, I am going to assume we are talking about ‘actual’ Swedish teens.

From The Hindustan Times (of all places):

Pharmacies in Sweden have taken hand sanitizers off their shelves after they discovered that teenagers had been intoxicating themselves by drinking these.

“Young people come in to the emergency room with alcohol poisoning and say they have drunk hand sanitizer,” police official Stefan Sund told public broadcaster Swedish Radio on Wednesday.

“The youths are mixing drinks from sanitizer gels and orange juice,” he added.

Pharmacy chain Apoteket AB asked all staff across Sweden to be extra careful when vending alcoholic disinfectants, while other chains said they intended to follow suit.

“At the same time, we are in one of the worst cold and influenza waves, so demand for these products is very high. It’s problematic since one does not know what the customer intends to use the products for,” said Andreas Rosenlund, spokesperson for the pharmacy chain Kronans Apotek.

Hand sanitizers must contain at least 70% alcohol in order to fully disinfect.

Of course, when your government is bringing in plane-loads of young bloodthirsty Arab men whose goals are to butcher and rape you, and your country is going to be in the throes of civil war within a few short years, can you really be blamed for taking desperate measures?

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