Why Do Feminists Love Islamists? [Youtube Video]

Why Do Feminists Love Islamists? [Youtube Video]
February 4, 2018 Admin
Feminism, Islam, and Progressivism.

Greetings men-

In this video I tackle a subject that most of us are familiar with, but give it a bit of a distinctive spin.

This is a topic I feel pretty certain on but am still somewhat mulling over in my mind. I would love to hear your own thoughts below!

Finally thanks for all the Youtube loving ya’ll are giving the channel- it is a big help!

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Why Do Feminists Love Islamists? [Feminism, Islam, and Progressivism]



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  1. Unknown 2 weeks ago

    Although i am not a religious believer, i came to realize that these leftist are followers of the devil. Really. Everything that has been made and turned out to be good, they want to destroy it just because it is better than the not so good. They hate the distinction between good and bad, because it’s discriminating, it’s destroying equality. So, to protect the ones discriminated, they stand on the side of the bad.
    It is their denial of moral distinction that turns them into opponents of those following the good. As if they would want to undo that mythical event when Adam took forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and bad. In other words, they want to undo progress – that’s why they are so regressive.
    Muslims are like them. They recruit soldiers of their god in prisons, they tell the prisoners that they are victims of discrimination, that they should be free, that the rule of law is oppressing them, etc. Like leftists, they find their strength in what has negative value to us, if we are the good ones.
    They are making use of imperfections in our society, these make them strong. Since nobody is perfect, they will always be around. This is the ageless war between god and bad, right and wrong, striving and lazy, etc., where Muslims include the bad, but leftists include everyone overburdened.
    But what happens when leftists win? We know what happens when the striving ones are overburdened: economic collapse, poverty. I do not really want to know what happens when the bad ones win, instead i prefer to fight – which also means to include some badness, but for purpose of the good.

    • Author
      Admin 2 weeks ago

      I agree completely.

      I never had fully thought it out, but Jordan Peterson has some great analysis of this, and I think in large measure its just the fact that Cultural-Marxism/Progressivism/Postmodernism is just completely based in 1) resentment and 2) nihilism. Its just unbelievably dangerous stuff.

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