Why The Patreon V Southern Issue Defines The Times We Live In

Why The Patreon V Southern Issue Defines The Times We Live In
July 30, 2017 Admin

Editor’s Note: I just got done speaking at American Renaissance this weekend and am publishing this from the airport while flying back. I will be uploading another post or two about Amren here soon!


Patreon V Southern


Several months ago the Canadian ‘Alt Lite’ creator/writer Lauren Southern journeyed to Europe to document the migrant crisis. While there, she engaged in extended protests/political actions with Generation Identitaire members. This included the purchase of a boat which they then used to try to block the ‘humanitarian’ ships rescuing ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’ from the Mediterranean.

At the same time, Southern was raising money on Patreon for these missions, which was on top of her already extremely high level of monthly Patreon donations for all her other work (something like 5k if I remember right).

Last week Patreon deleted her account, cutting off all that income, without appeal, and with only a short explanation.

This gave rise to a big outcry, and the situation became quite the controversy.

Enter the following video:


This video perfectly sums up the issues at the heart of Western civilization’s current existential battle. I think it is hugely important, and representative of a number of complicated components to what Europe and the West (and we as Identitarians) are facing.

These are my thoughts on it…


-Jack Conte, the Patreon founder and executive and person in the above video, is about as perfect a representation of low-testosterone lib-laberry that I have ever seen. The poor guy cannot have a test level above 400, at most. His voice sounds like one of those ‘castrati’ that the Italians used to produce (actually his voice is higher than Southern’s I think). His body language is also exceedingly weak and limp-wristed, and he is perfect embodiment of the ‘small-souled bugman’ label.

This personality type will be very familiar to anyone who has gone to college in the last 10 years, or spent time in cities like Seattle, San Francisco, etc. I believe Conte is a heterosexual if I understand right (could be wrong) but either way, he seems to be the kind of man who never had a chance to exercise any of his masculine urges growing up, and is almost afraid of his own shadow, or own power as a man.


-However, if one looks at this situation purely through the lens of company liability, and through the lens of modern Western European law, he was right to take down Southern’s video.

European law treats those individuals coming from Libya to Italy as ‘refugees’ who are legally entitled to come into Europe. Furthermore, we live in a hugely-litigious society where business owners are constantly sued.

In these contexts, when only observing the situation from Conte’s context, I think the decision to take down Southern’s account was appropriate from a purely economic and legal perspective.

He explains why this is in the video, which was basically the fact that they were intentionally trying to get in the way of the ‘rescue boat’, rather than just going alongside it and ‘protesting it’, and that this presented a risk of a crash or of people getting hurt/killed.


Lauren Southern.

Lauren Southern.


-But that goes to the heart of the problem, which is that Europe’s laws on this subject, and the entire ‘official’ understanding of it, is nothing but an example of extreme anarcho-tyranny and the purposeful destruction of Europe’s native citizenry and culture.

These people on the boat are not ‘refugees’. That is completely ridiculous. Even the UN’s own figures show that they are at least 75% male… and the vast majority of those men are 18-30 years old. These are invaders who are coming for 1) the money, in the form of vast welfare payments and (in a few cases) jobs, and 2) Islamists migrating to Europe as a form of hijrah, or conquering via migration. The men on those boats being carried to the Italian coast will rape and murder countless Europeans, as evidenced by the vast collection of statistics that can be found on this site.

Furthermore, the ‘rescue’ ships are nothing of the kind. They are boats paid for by 1) George Soros-funded NGO’s (a fact that has been proven various times), and 2) the corrupt European governments that want mass-Muslim migration for the purpose of consolidating their voting base (for the cynical ones) and destroying Europe (for the fundamentalist true believing ones).

Child refugee in Britain.

Child refugee in Britain.

If rational countries ran Western Europe, these boats would be considered criminal enterprises bringing foreign armies into the country, and Generation Identitaire wouldn’t have to be blocking them, as the military would be doing so, and George Soros would be arrested and facing stark punishment.

Mr. Jack Conte of course- as a typical rich, young, Silicon Valley executive (with unbelievable liberal-privilege) doesn’t see this, and even played the ‘Alain Kurdi’ card, showing an image of the poor kid who drowned because of a) his smuggler father, and b) Angela Merkel and the other criminals who attracted the Kurdi’s and the migrants they were smuggling through the ‘pull factors’ of mass welfare and amnesty.

I have a four year old son myself and fully sympathize with the horror of children dying. But this child's blood is on Angela Merkel's hands- not those wishing to keep Europe free and European.

I have a four year old son myself and fully sympathize with the horror of children dying. But this child’s blood is on Angela Merkel’s hands- not those wishing to keep Europe free and European.


-This situation perfectly represents the corrupt bargain between rich technology-industrialists and far-left, suicidalist governments.

This same dynamic plays out across the West, and I think latter generations will look back at it much like we look back at the collusion between ‘robber barons’ and corrupt politicians 150 years ago. Actually, its far worse though, as those events were just about greed, whereas this is partly about greed, but even more so about a sick religion of civilizational suicide.


-Patreon felt PANICKED over this situation. This is not immediately apparent, but if you watch until the end of the video, you see Conte make a number of ‘promises’ to members of the Patreon community. These are all things like ‘doubling the trust and safety team’, ‘streamlining the appeals process’, and other sort of bureaucratic bromides companies sometimes offer. But they only offer them when they are panicked about something.

This whole incident with Lauren Southern must have created some massive worries in these liberal Patreon executives. If it hadn’t, they NEVER would have made a video like this. I don’t know if they worried about losing content creators, losing patrons, or becoming the ‘new twitter’ (in terms of a corporation/social media company that people love to hate and is ‘uncool’). They also might have worried about such groundswells leading to their ultimate replacement by another less liberal alternative to their site.

All of this is good. If we can continue doing things that freak out the lib-labs, and keep them on their heels, then our chances of cultural victory are far greater. While I am not a huge Southern fan (although I don’t dislike her either), I think her action in doing this ship thing- while purely symbolic of course- was a perfect example of the kind of ‘feeder’ mentality actions we should be taking. Southern and her Generation Identitaire shipmates weren’t being ‘reactive’ the way conservatives have for the last forty years while the West was transformed, they were the ‘actor’ and were cycling through the OODA Loop faster than our enemies.


Generation Identitaire.

Generation Identitaire.


-This ultimately shows the need for ‘alt-tech’ platforms. This is something the Vox Day has written about extensively, and I think he is spot on. Only when the rational, non-liberal individuals control these behemoth social media companies (or at least alternatives to them) will we truly be able to take over the cultural zeitgeist. Right now we have certainly become the counter-culture, but to achieve hegemony and reconquest and survival it will take a massive shifting of power in terms of the ownership of such entities. Luckily, I think this is absolutely doable.

While individuals such as Jack Conte have a number of ingrained advantages that help them become successful in that space, ultimately it is still a space that is decided in large part by the market, and there is nothing stopping some bright young Identitarian from becoming the ‘good’ version of Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Conte (and a more masculine version, of course…).



I would be eager to hear the thoughts of our esteemed readers on this, but ultimately I am not surprised that Southern got kicked off Patreon. I think it will be increasingly difficult for Identitarians to earn a living off of sites like it and Youtube.

Yet actually that might just make them (make us) stronger, because it will force us to go above and beyond for the purpose of raising funds, and doing all the logistical work that is so easy for our liberal enemies.

The mere fact that Generation Identitaire was able to charter a ship to fight back Soros-backed migrants is impressive and noteworthy, and hopefully it will only be the start of the defense of the Mediterannean.

Deus Vult!







Comments (22)

  1. shadowman 6 months ago

    I **am** a huge Southern fan! It is also **GREAT** that Generation Identitaire managed to get that boat and take the action that they have! **Fantastic!!!**

    The governments of Western Europe and the UK have lost **all** moral legitimacy to govern – in fact, that was lost long ago (around the early 90s or so in my opinion). Given that fact, G.I. are *absolutely right* to be doing what they are doing! They are TRUE PATRIOTS!

    If there are any Generation Identitaire folks reading this – “WELL DONE!!” Keep up the great work and may your efforts **snowball** from here!

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Very good points Shadowman. They are true patriots indeed.

      Actually that was the word Martin Lichtmesch kept using in his speech at Amren (which I will post as soon as the Amren folks upload it! πŸ™‚ ). He kept saying that ‘patriots’ was the word he liked to use to describe Generation Identitaire more than any other words. Very impressive fellow.

      And yes good point- miss Southern should absolutely be commended for her actions with G.I. I have to give it to them buying a boat to try to turn back invader ships is about as bold as one can get lol. I too hope it all snowballs!

  2. Rick 6 months ago

    I think this is an excellent result, there are 3 damaging factors the left use to keep the lid on a Nationalist uprising:
    1) Social Disapproval-This is fading very quickly as we all know
    2) Financial consequences – I’ve mentioned this before but I think it is crucial that we set up financial incentives for people to join the reconquista and parallel structures, Lauren Southern is a game changer in this respect and I see her as a catalyst towards alternate solutions
    3) Incarceration – This is still a tough one to deal with, but I’m sure we can look for ways to support legal defence of free speech.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Yes, I absolutely do hope Southern figures out some replacement way of getting the Patreon income she was getting. That was a great precedent and example for others with similar views.

      And yes, the social disapproval absolutely seems to be fading as well!

      And even incarceration/legal bills are becoming a little bit less of a hurdle with WeSearchr. Once there are more ‘alt-tech’ platforms like that things will become even more fluid!

  3. SteveRogers42 6 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Thank you! They got a couple of the quotes wrong but that’s okay lol. I was very thankful for the positive review they gave. I think they’ll put the videos up of all the speeches soon.

      Highlights for me were Martin Lichtmesch’s speech about the rise of nationalism/Identitarianism in Europe and Simon Roche’s speech/update on Sunday morning. Am going to do a short post on the conference in next couple days.

  4. shadowman 6 months ago

    G.I. should see if they could get a whole *flotilla* together to mill around and completely disrupt the “rescues”. Fishing boats, pleasure craft, the lot. The more mayhem they can cause, the better.
    ( Hmmm…… thinks of possible uses of small drones against the invaders……. πŸ™‚ )

    I doubt that the scumbag rescuers would dare to fire on flotilla boats (given the number of witnesses in a flotilla), but they should have cameras at the ready in case they *do*. If they did, it would be *gold* for the protesters (and us) – governments firing on their own people. ( I think water cannons are more likely. ) Anyway, a flotilla could completely stuff up this EVIL operation.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      I agree completely Shadowman. The flotilla idea (and what they already did with the one ship) is classic ‘David’-style 4th Generation Warfare. It forces the EU government to crack down in a Goliath like manner on young people just trying to defend their homeland. It would absolutely be gold if they were shot on.

    • SteveRogers42 6 months ago

      Sort of a modern day “Dunkirk” volunteer Navy. How timely! πŸ™‚

      • Author
        Admin 6 months ago

        Excellent parallel that is true lol.

  5. Telemaco 6 months ago

    I would like to see an article dedicated to your speech at AmRen.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hey Telemaco thanks for the comment.

      I think they’ll be putting up the videos of all the speeches sometime later this week, and then I am also going to post a short synopsis of the conference πŸ™‚


  6. Dashui 6 months ago

    See any Spencer vs. Johnson drama last weekend?

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Nope… Your referring to those articles on CC and Alt-right a couple weeks back right?

      Everything was quite civil all around. Even with the Antifa things were relatively non-hostile (apart from the one right, which apparently involved an older guy on our side I am now hearing- like maybe it was Antifa attacking him more so than a mutual fight. Not sure though.) If it wasn’t for that incident I would say the Antifa brought their C-Team Squad, as most of their people were more of the 16-25 year old ‘semi-homeless’ caste who likes to smoke cigarettes and live on the street and panhandle like its some kind of cultural statement. Mostly overweight girls and little skinny guys. And the one dude wearing a dress with yellow hair who is getting kind of famous now lol.

      But yeah the Antifa were allowed to come inside to use the same public bathrooms as the conference attendees, so I think the police worried that would give rise to turbulence, but none came about. I walked by some of the Antifa multiple times in the hallway and they never gave me any grief, etc for whatever reason.

  7. Unknown 6 months ago

    What You See Is What You Feel (WYSIWYF)
    The world of pretty pictures and nice feelings must be defended against any influx from creators of evil.
    You should not think that these people are incapable of defending their kingdom – they do so quite well.
    It is just that their kingdom is a virtual one, an immaterial one, and a better one than that of all others.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Very good point Unknown. Demonstrates the parallels with religion yet again doesn’t it…

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Kek strikes again πŸ™‚

  8. Julius Nepos 6 months ago

    I think some sort of platform for allowing people to post and respond to comments on alt-Right sites is essential. I post frequently on AmRen (1st time here tho) and I believe that Discus which AmRen uses is not too friendly towards us.

    Thus we need something which allows people to absolutely follow comments and keep in touch with each other, other than Facebook or Discus, which are owned and run by the enemy.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hey Julius, thanks for the comment.

      I agree. I don’t use Disqus that much. In terms of user-friendliness I like some of the site specific ones actually, but I do think there’s a lot of value to ones like Disqus that are spread out over lots of sites and interconnected.

      I could not agree more on the need for more Alt Tech type platforms. Definitely a huge need. A potential game changer, really.

      Do you use Medium at all? I know that Mike Cernovich dude just shut down his actual blog (or quit posting on it) and began posting all his articles to Medium instead. I’ve been looking at it but can’t figure out if it would really be a net positive for our movement or not. If you have spent any time on it I would be eager to hear your thoughts.

  9. Mr Lahey 5 months ago

    As soon as I heard that wimp say “binary” I just knew the video would be a sham, and guess what? The video was a sham. He and his ilk like to show the pic of that kid on the beach but they never show the white little girl who got ran over by the Muslim in the truck in Nice eh? And he really thinks that those Soros funded NGOs are doing Search and Rescue? They’re in cahoots with the people smugglers to bring in as many 3rd worlders as possible into Europe. 3rd worlders who will always vote for “free money” whilst the minority white population have to work and pay tax to support such 3rd worlders. That’s the situation in South Africa today, and that’ll be the situation in Europe if white Europeans do not rise and fight for their own common culture. Jesus wept, I really dispair when I see videos from “men” like that wimp. Where on earth did it all go wrong?

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Agree completely Mr. Lahey.

      I think it was either Black Pigeon Speaks or one of those guys that perfectly caught Conte’s “tell”, which was where he multiple times referred to the boats as “rescue boats” when in reality anyone no brainwashed realizes they are people smugglers or invasion craft.

      I think you make the best point of all though about them always showing that Alain Kurdi kid and NEVER the hundreds of thousands of little white female children gang-raped and tortured by Muslims, or the ones run over by trucks as you said.

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