Why Waking Up Early Will Help Save Europe And Make Your Life Extraordinary

Why Waking Up Early Will Help Save Europe And Make Your Life Extraordinary
February 28, 2016 Admin

I fully believe that we who are focused on the preservation of Europe are the best of the best of our communities. We are awakened, we are selfless, and we are determined to rise up and protect our people and our future. While the troubles in Europe are indeed monumental, I think we are possessed of an unrivaled amount of potential, and that we can and will rise up to meet the challenges and responsibilities we have taken upon ourselves.

Meeting this potential, and doing the best we can to adhere to these responsibilities, are questions I am very passionate about, and ones that give me great thought. To that end this site plays host to a healthy number of ‘self-improvement’ articles. I believe self-improvement and European preservation are inextricably linked. We want to be the best we can be- the best versions of ourselves- so as not dishonor our ancestors, and to take full advantage of the blessings and gifts they passed down to us and fought for us to have. Similarly we want to protect Europe, and fight for her survival, so as not to shame those same ancestors, and so that we and our descendants can thrive.

One of the greatest self-improvement tools that exists is the mere act of waking up early in the morning, to concentrate on those things that are most important to one’s goals in life. It seems deceptively- even foolishly- simple, but it is possessed of an unbelievable power. This power is based in the following reasons.

1. It gives you space from the countless distractions of modern life, and ensures the important things get done. If you want to learn how to make money online so you can quit your job, if you want to start lifting weights, if you want to learn Swedish so you can go fight in Europe when things really hit the fan, you need to have dedicated time each day to accomplish those goals. Morning is literally the only time we can truly be free of the manifold distractions of modernity (smart phones, television, work, traffic, telemarketers, etc).

2. It sets a precedent for your day. When you wake up at 430 am and accomplish multiple goals before you are even out the door, you have already had a successful day. Rather than trying to play catch up for the next 10 hours, you are building upon the success you’ve already had. Thus purposefully waking up early to work on your goals paves the way to even more massive success during the rest of the day.

3. It replicates ‘best practices’. Every industry has ‘best practices’- if you want to be successful you just have to find them and replicate them. If you are a sales manager in the security industry, you want to know which security companies are most successful, and then find out what their teams are doing. If you are a writer and you want to put prolific output that will be consumed by a dedicated and loyal fan base, you read Stephen Kings On Writing.

For us, as men (for the most part) who are trying to better themselves, quit our jobs, lead more sacred lives, and defend against foreign invaders, the importance of ‘best practices’ is equally relevant. And waking up is absolutely ‘best practice’. Look at Lieutenant Dick Winters from Easy Company in WWII (of Band of Brothers fame), who would wake up two hours before he was supposed to every day, and complete a morning routine that included shaving, reading, prayer, writing, exercise, and visiting all the men under his command, and who stuck to this even in the midst of the Battle of the Bulge. Look at men like Brett McKay, who was able to quit a cubicle job as a lawyer one year after graduating law school, because he founded and grew artofmanliness.com, and who has written extensively on the importance of getting up early to work towards your most important goals.

The author who first attracted me to the idea is Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning. He is sort of a goofy dude, and some might attribute to him some of the worst cliches of “self-help gurus”. However the activities he cobbled together to create the SAVERS routine aren’t of his creation, but are rather those that have been used by great men through history to increase productivity and wellbeing. They are: Silence, Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing (writing). I am pasting a couple of videos about them below.

I know firsthand the power of these processes, and believe that anyone who uses them can improve their life immeasurably. Hopefully those in our movement can utilize them, and all the other best practices that can be found in life, to a) quit their job and support themselves without an employer, b) build wealth, c) accomplish all their personal goals, and d) do their part to fight against our enemies, and preserve the future of Europe.

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  1. Awesome. As an early riser and ‘morning person’ myself, I endorse this message.

  2. Michael 1 year ago

    Really enjoyed this article and endorse its ideas. In the Cistercian monastery the monks rise at 3.30am to begin the day. They find mornings a special time of the day for reflection for the same reasons you gave. For years I chose to rise early to study because it was the time of the day with the least distraction. You have set a seed to return to this discipline, thanks.

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