Will Europe Survive Islam? [‘Achilles Last Stand’]

Will Europe Survive Islam? [‘Achilles Last Stand’]
December 20, 2017 Admin
Europe and Islam, Achilles

Greetings men-

The following is an article by ECW contributor Fenek Solere.

It is a very well written piece describing that which confronts our civilization.

Big thanks to Mr. Solere for submitting it!


Will Europe Survive Islam?

“Achilles’ Last Stand – Countering Modernity’s Corrosive Attack on European Masculinity”

by Fenek Solere


Here are the Young men, the weight on their shoulders

– Joy Division



This generation of Europeans will face the greatest challenge of our age.

They ride point in a global war between genetic phenotypes that has raged for millennia.

The outcome of this eternal conflict will decide whether or not fair skinned children will continue to be born as far and wide as Reykjavik in the Arctic North to Invercargill on New Zealand’s southern coastline.

Should this battle be lost, population specialists predict the last blue eyed baby will probably be birthed in some frost-bitten Scandinavian pine forest 300 years hence, a despised relic of a demonized civilization.


Blonde girl


And what type of existence will those intervening centuries, before our pre-planned extinction, offer people from a culture that has produced geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Plato, Aristotle, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Grace Hopper, Jane Goodall, Dante Alighieri, Johannes Gutenburg and Louis Pasteur?

Perhaps a continuation of today’s docile decline into peaceful obscurity, marked by regular apologies for things we have done in the past and which others have also done and continue to do?

Public displays of personal and group negation and self-degradation?

Or maybe a forced retreat into gated communities, dying from the cholera epidemics wafting out of open soil closets because the sanitation systems no longer work and skilled engineers are too afraid to walk city streets for fear of the feral youths dancing to the incessant rhythm of mind-numbing drumming?


It is of course possible we will be spared the genocidal tidal wave of racially motivated crime that the media tries to hide or explain away with platitudes about institutional racism and white-privilege. But I somewhat doubt that. The knock-out game is merely a portent of things to come.

And how would this preservation be achieved? By segregating the white minority on arid land like the Apaches on a reservation? And would that be sufficient to slake the animus we see so manifest in the machinations of the Cabbalistic conspirators who manipulate the minds of the those from the Global-South as they migrate North?

To use a literary reference from J.R.R.Tolkien:

‘It is an army bred for a single purpose: to destroy the world of men’.


Orc sword Angmar


And make no mistake the enemy are at the gates, just like they stood before the walls of Vienna in 1529. And they have agents and insurgents already inside our communities, living amongst us, sallying forth with their entitled mind-sets to collect welfare, sell drugs, pimp women and hover about school gates to select their concubines from among our nubile maidens.

Sweden is rape-central, Norway and Denmark are close behind.

Merkel ‘s government welcomes millions of military-age young males with bubbling testosterone and a taste for white girls.

Whole swathes of Bradford and Oldham in the North of England are effectively operating under Sharia law.

Paris, the City of Light, is blighted with Zone Urbaine Sensible (Sensitive Urban Zones), occupied by millions of immigrants who refuse to assimilate and who regularly block streets with mass prayer meetings and petrol bomb cars across the length and breadth of metropolitan France whenever their ‘sensitivities’ are offended.

Patriots are arrested on any pretext.

Nationalist parties have their bank accounts seized and their assets stripped in order to hamstring their activities by so-called democratic governments.

The word populism is sneered at by slavering journalists and TV presenters who pretend to hold the moral high ground but who in reality collaborate with the system they prop up. A symbiotic relationship between parasitical entities who feed on their sleeping host. While St Peter’s Square in Rome, the Eternal City of Christianity, is threatened by ISIS and is placed under lock-down 24/7.


The land formerly known as Sweden.


So what are real men to do in the face of such provocation?

The established church and the current Pope would have us turn the other cheek like a latter day Jesus of Nazareth. The Political Class plot to constrain us with their European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation. The Orwellian Truth-Speak of Moshe Kantor, President of the Council of the European Jewish Congress and Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, contriving to ‘give greater power to the judiciary to prosecute hate speech, lowering the barriers to what constitutes incitement to violence’.

After all, ‘As has been said before, but is worth repeating, prejudice and racism often starts with the softest targets, be it the Jews or others, but it never ends there. Anti-Semitism is not a Jewish problem, but one infecting the whole of society and needs to be tackled for the sake of us all!’

But I ask you, what did King Edward 1st of England do in 1290?

And why?

And returning to Samuel P. Huntington’s theme of the Clash of Civilizations what did Charles Martel achieve on the field of Poitiers in 732?

And why?

Are we simply to forget, or even forgive, the massacre of 800 or more Catholics by Mehmed’s Ottoman fanatics after the siege of Otranto? Does such vengeful slaughter teach us anything?

And what particular community opened the gates of Toledo to the rampaging Muslim army led by Tariq ibn Ziyad in 711?

Could history repeat itself? Who funds the advocates for multiculturalism and the rights of so-called asylum seekers today? Who runs the Paideia Institute in Sweden?

Is Barbara Lerner-Spectre not throwing the bolt to unlock the gates to Stockholm at this very moment?


Female Valkyries.



But I sense the European muscle memory begins to stir. A spasm is starting to awaken in what Alfred Rosenberg called the race-soul. I see images of Spartan hoplites advancing in their disciplined phalanx behind spears and shields at the battle of Marathon in 490BC. I hear the trumpet call of Slavic, Anglo-Saxon and Germanic warriors who formed Byzantine’s elite Varangian Guard. Those who liberated Sicily from Arabic rule and fought to the last man at Manziket in 1071.

Should we not follow the manly example of our forefathers?

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Do we pick it up and strike the insolent smirk off the face that insults us? Or do we back away, sniveling like cowards, bowing before our new overlords?

For as Arthur Moeller van den Bruck wrote in his masterpiece Germany’s Third Empire, (1919) ‘The shadow of Africa falls across Europe. It is our task to be guardians on the threshold of values’.

So, I ask you, will we watch helplessly as they take our homes and our lands in what Renaud Camus’ defines as the Great Replacement ? Because, be under no illusion, they are already coming for our wives, sisters and daughters, as did their ancestors, the Turkic Corsairs, when they raided our coastlines from Crimea’s Black Sea to the West coast of Ireland.

By stealth or by force, it is all the same to them, their book justifies their theft from the other, the apostate and the kufar, alike. The Surahs are unambiguous on such matters and those our Liberal friends call moderates, nod in supplication, knowing that the time will soon come when their passive silence will no longer be required and they can openly join their fellows to pillage their hosts because there will be no risk of reprisal. They will, as per Enoch Powell’s prophetic prediction, ‘have the whip-hand” over us in our own land.


Mr. Soros wants to destroy Europe


So we have no other option but to meet this challenge head-on. And what Europe needs today are Political Soldiers filled with the fervor of former generations:

‘…those who have inherent in themselves the feeling of Honour and shame, who have a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging to their kind. These men must demand everything from themselves, and must not act in the interest of individual needs, but because of their function, and because of their duties they have to their kind. They must disregard material values, and recognize the total supremacy of the spirit over the material. It must be a radical change, a radical attitude, which must be translated into total loyalty to the idea; and it must be reflected in everything by rejecting all compromises, by fighting wherever possible in the universities, in the street, in the factories and in private life’. (Rising, A Booklet for The Political Soldier (1998) )

For the concerns so openly expressed by the Rising generation decades before remain true today:

‘Our aim is not just to convince people of the rightness of certain theories, but to create a new kind of man. Our actions and our behavior must be governed not by the materialist values which dominate modern society, but by truly spiritual values rooted deep in History and Tradition.

Only by making deep personal connections with the traditions of his race can a man begin to see clearly his true place in the scheme of things. To understand this is to know one’s destiny, and to have a basis for action.

It is a paradox that it is in this way that the new man will derive his character from an understanding of, and adherence to, our most ancient traditions. Every age of history has produced its own new men, who are always the guardians of the same eternal values in each age. It is their mission to apply these values in the struggle against materialism, decadence and chaos’. (From the Introduction to Rising No. 2, 1982)

And where shall we find such men? Do they even exist today?

We have only to look to the Identitarian movements springing up all over Europe to get our answer.

They declare:

Our only inheritance is our blood, our soil, and our identity. We are the heirs of our own destiny. (We Are Generation Identity, Arktos, 2013).

They continue in the same vein:

Conscious of the challenges forced upon us, we do not decline any battle. Proud of our heritage and confident in our destiny, we have only one command: do not retreat!

And the same ethos needs to permeate our high-tech warrior elites, those who are currently mere instruments of the state. Troops like the British Special Air Service, the Special Boat Service; the US Army Rangers, 82nd Airborne and the US Marines; the French Foreign Legion, Russia’s Spetznaz; Australia’s 1st Commando Regiment; Norway’s Telemark Battalion; Sweden’s Special Operations Group; the German KSK Kommando Spezialkrafte; the Spanish Legion; the Italian 9th Parachute Assault Regiment; the Swiss DRA 10; and the Austrian 6th Jagerbrigade. Amongst whose ranks we still catch the echo of the Housecarls of Harold Godwinson; Rogers’ Rangers wrestling with the Huron and Iroquois along the banks of Lake Champlain; The Texans facing down Santa Anna at the Alamo; the Legionnaires at the Battle of Camerone in 1863; Romania’s Razbunatorii ; Roger Degueldre’s Delta Commandos; the Rhodesian Selous Scouts; and the 32nd Battalion and 5th Reconnaissance Commando of the South African Defense Force.

For believe me, the Political Soldiers of today will face the gravest test. They will need the courage of the Crusader knights at the siege of Antioch in 1098, for upon their shoulders rests the ultimate challenge: to secure the existence of our people and a future for our children.

It is a heavy burden. But one that must be bourne.


‘We have reached the extreme degradation of Western Man… It is vital that this is realized, because it will only be from the recognition of this state of affairs that noble men will be able to rise over this world of ruins. After all, it is the degree of recognition of certain noble values like Honour, Dignity and Loyalty that sets us apart and makes us unique. It is a fact that, ‘If a man is not prepared to die for his ideas, either he or his ideas are useless’ (-Ezra Pound, from Rising, booklet for The Political Soldier p6).

So, as one martyred freedom fighter so proudly proclaimed:

We are born to fight and to die and to continue the flow… the flow of our people…

So kinsmen duty calls… stand up like men and drive the enemy into the sea. Stand up like men and swear a sacred oath on the green graze of our sires, that you will reclaim what our forefathers discovered, explored, conquered, settled, built and died for.

Stand up like men and reclaim our soil…Kinsmen arise, look towards the stars and proclaim our destiny…defeat never, victory forever!






Editor’s Note:

Big thanks to Fenek for the post!

If you evil patriarchal cisgendered European men reading this have not yet checked out his books, please do so below!

And leave him some love in the review section- nothing more helpful one can do in two minutes then leave an Amazon review on an important book!

Rising by Fenek Solere

The Partisan



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  1. Joaquin Gonzalez-Tarrio Gomez 4 weeks ago

    I shed a tear reading this, beautifully written. And it is 100% that we rely on our armies, hopefully they “coup d’etat”
    Europe Will Win

    • Author
      Admin 4 weeks ago

      Hey Joaquin-

      I agree, it is indeed quite beautiful.

      I agree with your hopes too!


  2. SteveRogers42 4 weeks ago

    Here’s how the BBC (heh) re-imagines Achilles for an upcoming epic:


    Evidently Zeus will be heavily-melanined, as well. No word on whether he will be addressed as “Zeus-doggy-dog”.

    Evidently Heimdall-as-a-homie was a test run to see if anyone would object to this blackwashing of our myths and legends.

    • Author
      Admin 4 weeks ago

      Zeus-doggy-dog indeed!

      THEse liberals are getting BRAZEN Steve!

  3. Unknown 2 weeks ago

    Feminism corrupts not just men but also women.
    Feminism is an attack on fertility. An attack life.
    Feminism is an ideology of death.

    • Author
      Admin 5 days ago

      I’m reading an excellent book on this subject right now… will review here soon.

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