Will Paul Golding Be The Next One To Mysteriously Die In Prison?

Will Paul Golding Be The Next One To Mysteriously Die In Prison?
January 4, 2017 Admin

Paul Golding is the leader of Britain First. I have been on their mailing list for awhile, and have tried unsuccessfully to donate to them on multiple occasions (I don’t blame them, I understand how difficult logistical operations are and sympathize). The group has not gotten alot of press outside of the UK, but seem roughly similar to the EDL, the BNP, etc.

Within Britain however the group has faced unanimous scorn and hatred from every single mainstream commentator, media member, and politician imaginable. This is ironic, as the group seems far from extreme to me. Indeed, my only criticism of them would be ‘punching to the right’ rhetoric “The EDL were racists, we’re not racists though, we’re just against the Islamization of Britain”. Overall though they are out their in the streets every single day, risking extreme violence, fighting against unbelievable odds, to try to do anything they can to prevent the enslavement of their fellow native Brits. With over 100,000 native English children now subjected to what the 1400 victims in Rotherham went through, Britain First are nothing short of heroes for what they do.

For that reason it was with great alarm that I found out (a big thank you to our commenter Steve!) that Golding had been imprisoned in late December by the corrupt and traitorous UK government.

This article from The Independent picks up after announcing his imprisonment:

A statement on the group’s Facebook page read: “BREAKING!! BRITAIN FIRST LEADER PAUL GOLDING SENT TO PRISON! The High Court has sent Paul to prison for confronting a hate preacher in Cardiff who said it’s okay for Muslims to keep sex slaves! More updates shortly.”

It came after an injunction was requested by Bedfordshire Police following a series of “mosque invasions” where the far-right group filmed themselves going into mosques to confront imams or worshippers.

The party also described Luton as a “hotspot” for Islamic extremism and handed out Bibles outside non-Christian places of worship.

Golding is not the first senior member of the group to be found in breach of the law.

In November, current leader Jayda Fransen was found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment after she hurled abuse at a Muslim woman wearing a hijab.

She was fined nearly £2,000 for wearing a political uniform and shouting at Sumayyah Sharpe during a “Christian patrol” of Bury Park in Luton, in January.

Last month, Labour MP Louise Haigh called for Britain First to be listed as a terrorist organisation and banned from standing in elections.

Golding, who ran in May’s London mayoral elections, was widely criticised after he turned his back on Sadiq Khan during his acceptance speech.

With London now effectively under Muslim control in every manner possible, the fact that Golding has been imprisoned is obviously worrisome. The prisons in the UK- just like those in most of Western Europe- are almost 100% Islamized (even the BBC has been forced to admit this).

If this was not reason enough to worry for Golding’s safety however, we don’t have far to look to find an example of how his time in prison might play out.

From MSN:

A man serving 12-months behind bars for leaving a bacon sandwich outside a mosque has been found dead in his prison cell.

Kevin Crehan, 35, was jailed along with three others in July this year after the gang left rashers of bacon on door handles of the Jamia Mosque in Totterdown, Bristol.

Crehan, Alison Bennett, 46, and Mark Bennett, 48, and Angelina Swales, 31, admitted hurling racial abuse at a member of the mosque and leaving a St George’s flag tied to a fence nearby.

Images posted on Facebook showed bacon sandwiches left outside the place of worship.

A judge at Bristol Crown Court described the incident as “an attack on England”.

The prison service confirmed Crehan was found dead in his cell at HMP Bristol on Tuesday.

A spokesman told the Sun: “HMP Bristol prisoner Kevin Crehan died in custody on Tuesday 27 December.

“As with all deaths in custody, the independent Prisons and Probation Ombudsman will investigate.”

Crehan was jailed for a year while Bennett was given a nine-month sentence.

Bennett was given a six-month sentence and Swales was given a four-month sentence – both suspended for two years.

They were all banned from going within 330ft of a mosque anywhere in England or Wales for the next 10 years.

I don’t endorse leaving bacon on mosques. Yet this poor gentleman who chose to take his (quite justified) frustrations out by doing so certainly did not deserve to die. He didn’t deserve to go to prison for a year either. By comparison, immigrant gang-rapists are let off with lighter sentences every day across Western Europe after committing the most sickening and evil crimes one can imagine.

Yet once in prison was it a big surprise what ended up happening to this man? Does anyone think the government didn’t know it was the likely result? Indeed, if a similar fate befalls Paul Golding, it will be of little surprise. For such is the hellish nightmare of modern Britain, and the horrific historical tragedy it is our task to undo.



Editor’s Note:
Here is a video of Paul Golding. I find him very articulate, and he has a commanding presence yet personable demeanor. He has also sacrificed a million times more than I have. I think he would be more effective if he just limited himself to the most important facts though. Rhetorically, there is no reason to go beyond 1) Rotherham and country-wide child rape (which journalists like these are complicit in), 2) the existential threat posed by Islam considering nearly 50% of 18-30 year old men in the UK are now Muslim and mass immigration is continuing at a greater and greater rate, and 3) the utter failure of multiculturalism in general. I think we all need to learn from Trump in terms of how to deal with the media, and not allowing those asking the questions to control the narrative and establish the moral high ground.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 12 months ago

    It just keeps escalating. Britons (and Europeans) should be on a war-footing by now. Instead? Nothing.

    • Francis Meyrick 12 months ago

      no, not ‘nothing’. But with such a Far Left Iron Grip on the Establishment by the self anointed ‘Liberal’ (ha!) and ‘Progressive’ (double ha-ha!) Appeasers-in-Charge, the dissenters have to be very careful. Everybody knows the Muzzies have a free pass to scream death threats, rape & pillage. But those who protest against that… THEY are the violent ‘far right’ Nazi thugs. And the Police, Liberal media, and the courts are all over them. People ARE organizing. Quietly. Not fast enough for my liking either, but getting there. Not all Europeans are whimsical, bleeding heart, gutless sheeple.

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Yes it will be interesting to see whether there are any explicit acts of resistance this year or not..

  2. RichardJames 12 months ago

    “I think we all need to learn from Trump in terms of how to deal with the media, and not allowing those asking the questions to control the narrative and establish the moral high ground.”

    Yes this is a key component to success.
    Mainstream Politicians are groomed for the media and to be media savvy. Most Nationalists are out of their depth whenever they are invited onto a media platform.
    Part of the problem is that deep down, Nationalist politicians are starting on the backfoot from the get go. They know or at least are fearfull, that at some point they will be accused of racism or nazism or some other term that is intended to throw them and sadly it usually does.
    The moral highground belongs to us yet the left and their media assume it time after time.
    We must remember this…If you are invited onto the media to speak, it is because the media wants to stitch us up. It rather wants us to stitch ourselves up which we usually do. We does this in two ways.
    1) we allow them to control the debate
    ( as you mentioned Julian)
    2) we do not rebuke them for their underhandedness in terminology.
    The left hold the moral high ground but it does not belong to them.
    Whenever we are invited onto a media platform we must remember that content is secondary to impression.
    This means that in our minds what must be uppermost is the will to walk away from the interview leaving audiences in no doubt as to who held the moral highground. This isn’t done by being polite to Bonnie Greer as Nick Griffin found out during his cringeworthy appearance on BBC QT. Its done by slamming the media and exposing their nefarious machinations. It should have been done long before Trump did it to be honest.
    Politicians are groomed and taught and schooled by the best people in the business on how to handle themselves on the TV.
    Conversely most Nationalists are in minor league. Little to no experience with the media and on top of that the prejudice or the perceived prejudice of the audience.
    Farage was media savvy like Trump. Knew what they were up to and pre empted their attacks by having an answer to the accusations.
    Paul could have said something along the lines of “now you’re just being lazy Andrew aren’t you ?” Which would mean that Andrew Niel had to now answer a question. Once the dynamic has been polarized then we must hold onto it.
    Its easy for me to sit here and say …well it should be done like this or like that…and yes it is…and thats exactly my point. Nationalist walk into a TV studio like lambs to the slaughter. They are probably so nervous about not appearing foolish under the studio lights that they ignore or are oblivious to, what in essense amounts to a game of king of the hill.
    The media try to smear us and if we are invited on that is what our aim must be. The talking points are filling airtime.
    I find it quite strange that for years and years Nationalists have been throwing good money after bad by standing candidates in elections when what they ougjt to have been doing is sending their candidates on courses that would improve their media accumen…
    Our political enemies train for this.. they attend workshops and seminars on how to present themselves, they role play various scenarios to achieve the desired outcome. Nationalist assume that because we are honest and truthfull that that is enough, that joe public will see that and love us for it. It ain’t so.

    Does anybody know which prison Paul is in?

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      I agree with you 100% on the importance of preparation.

      I am actually joining Toastmasters in order to improve my public speaking for just such reasons (not sure if they have that where you are but basically a weekly fraternal group centered around improving one’s public speaking abilities).

      Makes me think of that Milo Yiannopoulos character and even though I find it very hard to sympathize or identify with him or root for him because of the flamboyant homosexuality, and even though his views are far different than ours, I will at least give it to him that he can hold his own with the media and indeed run circles around them rhetorically in interviews.

      That is one thing I have been thinking alot about and the other is the importance of extending meme warfare into new areas. I think Vox day is an example of this, in that he has brought Identitarian/right-wing politics (again not quite the same as ours but reasonably close) to the science fiction/fantasy community and thus opened up new ground for red-pilling that might not otherwise have existed. If we can keep having people create Identitarian/right wing content in a variety of genres and sub-genres and niches like that I think that in and of itself will accomplish much. While it is easy to wish for the simple ‘battle in the streets conflicts that our forefathers had (which I certainly do), in this information age meme warfare will be of a vastly important nature as well, and the more nodes and pieces of content that are created the more success we will have.

      • RichardJames 12 months ago

        That’s great news to hear Julian and yes, it looks as though there are Toastmasters in quite a few places in the UK. That’s got me interested too now, plus I need to get out more lol.
        Yeah the street pitch battles are a yearning of mine too, but as you correctly say here and elsewhere, the situation for us today, at present, is not conducive to those means being applied. In time maybe. But right now the battle is for minds and hearts.
        Milo is good, well presented, has a certain charm and flambouyancy that goes a long way to dissarming a rabid leftie audience, plus his homosexuality will throw them a bit. But he’s plowing his own furrow, (pun intended) in my opinion and we should distance ourself from him.
        There are some fantastic memes being produced that cut straight to the frontal cortex. Sheer brillaince.
        Perhaps not so much now if at all, but during my early awakening, there was often a a period of frustration and confusion that led from not yet having the vocabulary to frame the issues. If you get what I mean ? It could be difficult at times to phrase accurately what was going on, what was being done, by liberals and leftists I mean. Then along came memes. Their effectiveness is immediate, their message direct and unambiquous, unlike having to plough through two thousand words of text and then convert that into meaning. Its good brain workout, but for quick effective ‘pilling’, memes are tiptop.
        Yes wherever we can get our message out we should go there. Be there.
        The way that the movement has developed over the last five years is phenominal. The amount of sites and blogs, videos etc, things are really taking off and the message is reaching the mainstream.
        With each passing month, every bomb, every rape, every media cover up beings more to our side.
        Incidently I just read an article in the express about Malmo NY eve a few nights ago. It was focused upon the Muslims and the lack of safety that the police say that they could provide, however, in the middle of the piece it described the “Swedish youth huddled together in a group for safety”.
        Now this I found interesting. The huddled group were strangers to one another, but they instinctively sought each other out.
        I feel very good about the future. I have much confidence in our folk. Its always darkest just before dawn.😉

        • Author
          Admin 11 months ago

          You are right! That last bit is helpful indeed. It is the adaptation to K-Selection right before our eyes.

          I have confidence too. Even if looked at logically, if it gets far worse, and the Muslim population grows even greater, at SOME point it will catalyze SOMEthing.

          I read a good article on Zero Hedge about ‘normalization’, and how populations can begin to view things as being so ‘normal’ that they do not realize they are anything but. Zero Hedge was discussing it in relation to the fall of the Soviet Union, but stating it could equally apply to our own time period now. Hopefully those Swedish kids huddled together for safety is a harbinger of good change to come.

  3. Robert Lee 12 months ago

    When the future seems bleak, when the odds seem impossible, I take inspiration from my Southern forefathers who themselves fought against injustice and oppression. This lyric from the song “Dixie to Arms!” is one of my favorites:

    Shoulder press and post to shoulder
    Let the odds make each heart bolder!

    Should Paul Golding die at the hands of the Muslim animals, let it only stoke the flames of rebellion, brother!

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Amen my friend. Paul would go down as a martyr for Western Civilization. Not the first in modern Europe by any means, and certainly not the last.

  4. Francis Meyrick 12 months ago

    I have every sympathy for Paul Golding. He seems perfectly sensible to me, and spot on the way he highlights outrageous injustices. Including child grooming gangs. They are trying to bully him into silence, and giving him the same freakish, biased, hysterical treatment as they meted out to Tommy Robinson. I urge everybody to read Tommy’s book, “Enemy of the State”. Seriously.
    Now there IS something weird going on. Time and time again, I tried to donate funds. I finally managed to get them $200, on the nth attempt. So, somehow, even their donation collection providers are screwing with them. If he gets hurt, (thrown into prison with violent Muslim crazies) I won’t be surprised, but the growing anger will have consequences. The British establishment has a might case of appeasement, and will do ANYTHING to placate the Muzzie crocodile. Hoping, that said beast will eat them last. The British establishment forces no longer represent or protect the native man (or child) on the street, that’s for damn sure.

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      If England was a third world country in Africa the UN would WITHOUT QUESTION being holding the government responsible for the massive child rape epidemic.

      Could you imagine if 1400 little Muslim girls in a town of 150k people in the middle east or africa were gang-raped, sexually enslaved, and tortured by Christians/Westerners/non-Muslims? It would cause unbelievable international outrage.

      Of course the Muslims would never allow it though, they’d blow up half the world before they let that happen to their children, and I respect them for that, despite all the other evils they possess and represent.

    • SteveRogers42 12 months ago

      Francis, regarding your difficulty with electronic funds transfers, it appears that this is becoming a “thing”. Corporations colluding with Globalist political interests:


      If all the high-tech methods of communication are compromised, perhaps low-tech is the way to go.

  5. Ezra 12 months ago

    “the existential threat posed by Islam considering nearly 50% of 18-30 year old men in the UK are now Muslim”

    Is this accurate? If it is England is lost, Germany has similar issue, 3 million Muslims aged 18-30 and Germany has same age demographic. Wow, Europe is lost. A feminized nation will soon regret its progressiveness. Thank the rabbi

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Hey Ezra-

      Honestly I don’t know for sure. It could be less than that or more than that. I feel like I have looked for solid statistics as much as anybody and can’t find them, but I have definitely read that it is getting close to 50% in Germany/Sweden/France/UK. Of course this is going to look wildly higher than the government numbers, but who believes them?

      If you look at the demographic breakdown of countries like Germany and the UK though native born 18-30 year old men are a pretty small chunk, whereas a huge subset of the Muslim immigrants are in that demographic.

      I’ll look for the source on that 18-30 male ratio and try to post it on the site once I find it.

  6. PHILIP 11 months ago

    Western Europe in deep shit but not entirely hopeless…Eastern Europe Inc Russia our main hope for a decent ‘army’ of white nationalists to he’ll in the coming civil war…I’m pretty sure we will put our differences aside to take on the Islamic threat but Europe will never be the same once the guillotine returns for a second time…good luck everyone..ya gona need it..

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago


      Is this the Philip that normally comments here or a new one? Your email looked different so wanted to check.

      I certainly hope you are right that all native Europeans will unite together. Often our European brethren tell me such pan-European unity/shared sense of identity or ‘sameness’ doesn’t exist over there like it does to us as part of the European diaspora abroad. However merely the shared territory and shared existential threat of Islam in Europe seems like it would logically catalyze such unity. I indeed hope it does but agree with you that good luck is going to be needed…

  7. Phil 11 months ago

    Hi..a new Philip…I truly believe differences will be put aside to combat the Islamic invasion..and the awakening is just getting started and it seems nothings happening on the ground…the forces arrayed against us are numerous and hold many cards but I just feel within 5 years we will see such change for the best…awaiting arrival of fistfights with Muslims… All the best from Devon..England

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hope you are right Phillip. I am hopeful too.

      Awaiting the physical copy of Fistfights you mean? If so thanks for purchasing it. Will hopefully have next book out by this summer.


      • Phil 11 months ago

        Yep..The book itself… Thanks for caring when so few do…although fast growing numbers are becoming aware..we saw that in 2016 and this will only increase this year and beyond.. Much respect to you!! Phil

  8. SteveRogers42 7 months ago

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Big kudos to Tommy Robinson man. I am glad he is still fighting the good fight.

      Very unfortunate what the video seems to suggest though about the mindset of the police over there. I think a lot of us (at least me) often imagine the police as very sympathetic to guys like us or like Tommy Robinson (nationalists/preservationists) but perhaps that’s not the case.

      It does sound like the UK has worked hard to hire lots of Muslim and other such cops though so that could explain it as well. Major black pill but I’ll be keeping Tommy Robinson in my thoughts. Very interesting video for sure.


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