Women And Reconquest

Women And Reconquest
November 22, 2017 Admin
Blonde girl

Greetings men-

This was originally intended to be a comment in the comments section of Fenek Solere’s recent article on this site, entitled ‘Matriarchs In The Mannerbunde’.

If you have not read Fenek’s article I would encourage you to do so.

It concludes with the lines:

It is time for Occidental men and women to hold hands in unity, and raise their voices, just like the Baltic singing revolutions that swept through the streets of Riga, Tallin and Vilnius at the collapse of the Soviet Union.

We must cast aside the false gender divide, stand shoulder to shoulder, arms interlocked to fight side by side in the shield wall stretching from Texas to Tomsk.

For as Plutarch notes when the Spartan Queen Gorgo was challenged ‘Why are you Spartan women the only ones who can rule men?’ she sardonically replied: ‘Because we are also the only ones who give birth to men’.


In response to Fenek’s article, Shadowman wrote:

I think we would do well to observe what our Muslim opponents do. Their women mostly take little part in the direct fight. They do the “traditional stuff” at home and give verbal support to the men – that’s about all.

Women and Nationalism.


Now, since I am only referencing a few lines of the article and the comment, I should note that I don’t think Fenek was arguing that women should actually be in combat or fight in any similar capacity, but his article does raise interesting questions about gender roles and the Preservation of the West, and I do think there’s a range of thoughts from Fenek on the one side to other individuals (like perhaps Shadowman) on the other, and I wanted to add my two cents 🙂

While the aforementioned range of opinion is small (I think we are all in 90% agreement), it is a fascinating subject for discussion, I wanted to interject my way of looking at it.

Here are my thoughts:

Women And Reconquest

Unlike the Regressive left, I believe that there are fundamental, inherent, biological, evolutionary differences between the sexes.

Its not black and white- certainly there is overlap ( as an example there are SOME women that are stronger than SOME men, but 95% of men are stronger and bigger than 95% of women, etc), but overall the two sexes have different and COMPLIMENTARY roles, just like in countless other animal species.

As a result, I think the question of gender roles in metapolitcal warfare/politics/etc can be figured out best by looking at those roles and inherit differences.

Men are defined by the tactical masculine virtues of strength, courage, honor, and mastery. I absolutely think The Way of Men nailed that, I think JD was 110% correct.

As he argues, those aren’t the things that make a man a ‘good’ man in the moral sense, but they are the defining characteristics that define someone who is ‘good at being a man’, and are what connects men and the question of masculinity across all cultures and civilizations.


In the case of women I think there are also such ‘tactical feminine virtues’.

I have not thought about this in depth, but I believe one might say they are:

1. Nurturing/Nesting – a woman must have males around to protect her (at least in 99% of human history), therefore she is incentivized to create a positive environment for her male mate, nurture her relationship with him, as well as nurture their children, to keep him and the male children around and predisposed to protect her.

2. Nursing– A women’s primary role throughout human history has been having children and nursing them to adulthood. Similarly she must be able to nurse any injuries of her husband, children, etc.

This is why the actual profession of ‘nursing’ is so interlinked with women, and where we often think of them ‘doing the greatest good’, just as we think of men doing the same in more martial roles (contemporarily- policeman, army, firefighter, etc- those are very MALE jobs)

3. Interpersonal/relationships– women are known for constantly talking about their interpersonal relationships with other women, with their mates, their families, etc.

This is an evolutionary adaptation I would argue since it behooves women to be hyperfocused on such things, lest they lose the protection of the family and the tribe (whereas a man is not in as much danger of death should be lose the support of the family or tribe, since he is bigger/stronger/more self-sufficient evolutionarily).

Because their survival and the survival of their offspring is not something they alone can ensure, it is natural that their brains are more hardwired to be focused on interpersonal relationships and the status of those relationships at any given time.

4. Forebearance – this could almost be called ‘chastity’ but that word isn’t quite right. The fact is though that women are at their most vulnerable when pregnant, and are basically unable to care for themself during that time. Therefore evolutionarily it is crucial that women only get pregnant from the right mate, and the kind of mate that is ABLE and WILLING to protect them.

This is why women today are not sexually attracted to nerdy little weak men with glasses, even if those men are rich/successful/etc. They are evolutionarily predisposed to still be attracted to the tough, large alpha males, who would have been able to protect them back in such ‘law of the jungle’ times.

(Interestingly there’s also an argument made by Athol Kay that women are evolutionarily predisposed not to go with EXTREME alphas either who are less likely to stick around and help rear the kids, but rather a man that is a mix 90% alpha and 10% (positive) beta qualifies that signify at least some capability for emotional attachment, but that’s a tangent though).

Maga waifus.

MAGA anime art predominated during the 2016 election.

From all this we can extrapolate to the question of metapolitics/politics/contemporary society.

Which brings us back to the question of:


Women And Nationalism

As regards this question…

I would argue that any metapolitical/political/etc roles for women that are an OUTGROWTH of the above feminine virtues are a positive.

Women should be doing what they were designed to do, men should be doing what they were designed to do.

As an example, Les Brigandes create beautiful, moving music that NURTURES the spirit of contemporary European patriots. They create a comfortable, familiar intellectual NEST through which greater deeds will hopefully arise. This is excellent.

‘Based Stick Man’ (I don’t know much about the guy but he’s a great example) fully inhabits a very masculine metapolitical role. He is using STRENGTH, COURAGE, and HONOR in fighting Antifa and in attempting to inspire other men in the same.

Men and women in nationalism.

Based Stickman.

Les Brigandes and Based Stickman are both fighting for the Preservation of the West in a manner congruent with their gender roles.

Conversely, as a negative example, imagine if a woman tried to start a ‘Soldiers of Odin’ group. This would obviously seem a bit perverse and ‘wrong’.


Where it gets more complicated is in the middle.

Take writing for instance. If a woman wrote some big book trying to urge men onward metapolitically into the fighting, in pseudo-military way, I would not find that very inspiring, as that is a more masculine type of thing.

On the other hand, if someone like Iben Thranholm or some female writer at CC is writing great stuff that helps us to think/feel/etc in helpful ways about the current situation, that is good.


As an example of this- I think Blonde In The Belly Of The Beast does a great job of creating Youtube videos that are very helpful to our cause, but in a feminine way.

Other than perhaps using curse words sometimes I think her videos are not at all ‘masculine’. They are highly intellectual and intelligent, but they come off as pretty darn feminine to me, and seem to be reflective of the feminine tactical virtues I lay out above.

On the other hand, the footage of Lauren Southern on that ship in the Medditeranean yelling at the guys telling them what to do/where to steer/etc was a bit of a turn off.


Obviously I am glad Southern is doing anything she can to help and is utilizing the large funds she raises to fight back against Europe’s destruction, but I don’t think ‘captaining’ a ship in the ocean trying to stop Soros-backed people smugglers is really the ideal role for a girl/woman (Note: I am just extrapolating from a few seconds of video here I really haven’t looked much into that ship story thing that happened, but it was definitely something that struck me at the time).


For additional positive male examples we have Viktor Orban, the Golden One, William S. Lind, etc.

For positive female examples I think we could probably add Brittany Pettibone, for someone in an ‘active’ role, and for women in a more traditional ‘supporting role’ perhaps Vox Day’s wife, who seems to be capable of talking politics but largely happy to support Mr. Day, and of course Melania Trump as well.


I think all of the above thoughts are pretty logical and reasoned.

The only objection I would foresee might be from a girl/woman who would say ‘well, if there were guys standing up and doing this I wouldn’t have to’, which, I will admit, is a good point.

This probably answers the Le Pen question too. I’d say Le Pen’s role as leader of the FN is probably right in the middle of the masculine/feminine virtues axis. Maybe a tad on the masculine side.

But if we male preservationists believe it is more natural for men to be in leadership roles, then we need to step up and fill them.

The above thoughts are my framework for dealing with the questions Fenek raised. And I think for each of us when we are considering how best we can help the Preservation/Reconquest of the West, these are logical things to ask- in terms of whether the manner in which one is fighting is the best one, or whether they could be more effective coming at it from an angle more congruent with their inherent strengths as a man or woman.

Without stating the obvious, the last problem we have is an overabundance of either men or women willing to fight to preserve Western Civilization.

I believe we eventually will though, and that will be a happy problem to have.





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Comments (12)

  1. Unknown 2 months ago

    Reproduction is at the core. Without that you can create arbitrary role models, what a stupid use of freedom. Without reproduction you don’t need any sexes, but you can invent them as you wish. The leftists actually have banned reproduction from their minds, so bringing the need for reproduction back into our minds is the key. A lot of changes will follow from that, including family bonds and parental care, and also the long-term strength needed to resist the invasion of muslims into europe.

  2. Ernst 2 months ago

    Excellent article! However about Le Pen, the problem is not that there isnt any good capable men in the FN that could be leaders of that party, i have med several of them, especially Bruno Gollnisch is one of the best men i have met. The reasons Jean Marie became the leader is thanks to the fame of her father (that she later kicked out) and thanks to the sentiments that Fenek expressed in his article, the belief that we should try to “empower” women in our movement to become leaders instead of giving them roles more suited to their natural instincts.

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Yes, the FN question is probably more complex as it involves all the political/familial/etc stuff.

      But yeah that’s not how I took Fenek’s article though I think his and mine are pretty darn congruent, just comes down to language perhaps.

      And certainly I would say (this is a bit of a tangent) that if it was an A/B, binary choice between either A) France/the Occident dying, and B) a female leader being the one to lead the fight that saves it, I would certainly pick B. Life is complicated and there are always exceptions/circumstances/etc.

      Unfortunately it looks like the FN’s chances of saving France are pretty much nil at this point anyway (I do think France could be saved, just not politically at this point).

      • Ernst 2 months ago

        I dont have a problem with female leaders per se, there are good examples of them like in Polen and Denmark. But i dont think we should put extra efforts in encoureging women to be leaders or even to be active in politics at all. The women will come when we become successful, and then we should assign them where they are best suited. If there happen to be exceptions than ofcourse we should take them into consideration for other roles.

  3. SteveRogers42 2 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      “Liberation: Its a beautiful thing” 🙂

  4. Robert Marshall (VivatEuropa) 2 months ago

    I’m glad to see ECW readers are not falling for this. It’s the last thing we need, a feminist exhortation like this, at a time like this. Feminism has been a key weapon in getting us to the demographic disaster we now face. Feminism is a major depopulation weapon, and has been a smashing success in the West. If our women hadn’t been allowed and encouraged to abandon their traditional roles, we wouldn’t be facing the looming disasters that we are now. To make an argument in support of more of the same poison, supposedly in the cause of white European survival and patriotism, shows how almost impossibly entrenched feminist sentiment is in our culture now.

  5. Robert Marshall 2 months ago

    Feminism has also been the biggest force for dividing men and women in the West against each other. It’s another aspect of feminism as a weapon used against us. If we want to see our men and women working as a team again, we should look to the traditional family and traditional gender roles!

  6. SteveRogers42 1 month ago

    And Hope lifts her lovely head:


    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      Lovely indeed… Is that the real picture or did someone edit another shot and replace the message on the sign? If the former I will take it as hope indeed, especially given those tattoos (suggest conversion from progressivism to our side lol)

      • SteveRogers42 1 month ago

        You know, I am so un-computerish that it hadn’t even occurred to me that that might be a photoshop. Upon further review, I think you are right — it looks fake. Mea Culpa.

        On the bright side, I thought that the girl’s outfit was very Aryan/Tolkeinist. (In fact, that’s probably what persuaded me the picture was “real”.) Wish someone could start an alt-Right fashion line for females with the proper mindset.

        • Author
          Admin 1 month ago

          Oh I’d say odds are at least 50% that its real. Impossible to say nowadays but actually in my experience there’s no shortage of hot white chicks with tattoos who are actually red-pilled af.

          Actually at two northwest forums I’ve gone too I’ve met one dude and his wife and they are both about like that chick in the picture but 10x the number of tattooes. I don’t remember his name but handsome white dude, vaguely Italian, covered in tattooes. Add his wife is a very good looking blonde chick equally covered in tattoos. And not larpy 1930’s tattooes either but like modern degenerate leftist tattooes like everyone else.

          I call it the ‘tattooed masses’ effect (and I belong to it with two awful tattoos of my own), you go to walmart and see tons of thirty somethings with little kids and they all have faded old tattooes from when they were teenagers that are about as uncool as can be . I think its the undirected urge for sacrality and coming of age ritual that the modern West leaves as a vacuum 🙂

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