WPW: ‘Relativity’ And Red Pilling

WPW: ‘Relativity’ And Red Pilling
May 5, 2017 Admin

Editor’s Note:

This is actually a duplicate from an email I sent out to the ECW Newsletter/email list titled White Pill Wednesday: ‘Relativity’ And Red-Pilling. Normally I won’t duplicate emails/posts in this manner, but I think the specific content I reference and discuss in it is super important and I want as many folks to see it as possible.

Here it is:




This week in France we await a very jagged little black pill that will likely come when the election results are announced.

The consensus belief seems to be that the former Rothschilds banker…. Emannuel Macron…. will beat Marine le Pen, and thus end any chance France has for an electoral solution to their massive problems.

However despite such bleak clouds on the horizon, I can’t help but feel very optimistic and excited.

I was struck by this a couple days ago after watching the following Red Ice video. It has nothing to do with France, or Europe, and really in and of itself offers no purposeful ‘hope’ at all.

It does offer a ton of information I had never heard before though.

I consider myself a very educated guy who knows things 99% of the public doesn’t. I feel like even when I was still a liberal I had a lot of knowledge that contradicted what we were taught in school (which of course ultimately led me to STOP being a liberal).

I did not know ANY of the information Lana provides in this video on Einstein however. I did not know other scientists thought poorly of his theory and his processes as a scientist, I didn’t know he beat his wife, I didn’t know he cheated on her, I didn’t know he made statements suggesting ethnic genocide, and I didn’t know he wrote articles stating that Jewish people were intrinsically superior to white people, none of it.

All that stuck with me in the 24-48 hours after watching the video, but what also just occurred to me is this: Just how many more unknown truths are out there? Just how many other lies are propping up the Progressive-globalist system? And as more and more people follow Lana and Henrik and become like them, how much more can we rip apart the foundations of this anti-Western negationist culture?

For really….

Who doesn’t find Henrik and Lana persuasive messengers?

These are two highly articulate, highly passionate, highly intelligent, highly good-looking people. They have a positive, traditional relationship and positive views toward their heritage and culture. They are beacons of health in the midst of the utter depravity and sickness that is modern Europe, not to mention possessing the entrepreneurial drive and self-determination to build a highly successful subscription news service and Youtube channel.

The Red Ices of the world are now the future. In five years there will be scores of individuals just like Henrik and Lana fighting against the globalist media-entertainment complex.

The rich anti-European oligarchs that run Hollywood now spend tens of millions of dollars on propagandistic television series’ that can be demolished and ripped apart by smart young Identitarians in minutes for less than 500$ in film equipment.

Such a development would have been unthinkable as recently as 20 years ago.

The internet has changed that, and its not even close to being done changing that.

For many years the globalists were the ones celebrating the ‘flattening’ of the earth.

But it turns out such ‘creative destruction’ will be their doom.

The Iron Crown of the Tower of Evil is falling.

And our enemies will soon be defeated.


Until next time my friends.





Editor’s Note: Full disclosure I was interviewed on Red Ice myself and am a huge fan of the show.



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