‘You are of Yesterday, We are of Tomorrow!’: New Right Europe and Ideology & Action

‘You are of Yesterday, We are of Tomorrow!’: New Right Europe and Ideology & Action
December 5, 2017 Admin
Will Occidental Youth embrace the right and save their lands?

Greetings men-

The following is an article by ECW-contributor Fenek Solere.

It is about Ideology and Action and reasons for hope regarding Europe’s future.

If good Fenek is right we may have cause for optimism regarding the future -outside of the possibility of every male leftist getting accused of sexual assault and society imploding that is 🙂

But if you feel like an all-female news media, entertainment industry, professoriat, and political class still might be dangerous, you might want to read on…

(Just joking! (you filthy misogynist!)… While I am glad these nutjobs are cannibalizing themselves I would not be surprised if at least a couple of the men are innocent).

Anyway without further ado though I will just shut up and print Fenek’s article, its excellent and ya’ll should read it!




New Right Europe

‘You are of Yesterday, We are of Tomorrow!’

Seeking Synthesis between Ideology and Action
in New Generation Nationalism:


With the rise of ideologically sound Identitarians like Generation Identitaire in France and Identitare Bewegung Deutschland sweeping mainland Europe and other youth associations in the form of the Estonian Blue Awakening and Nathan Damigo’s Identity Evropa gaining traction in America; coupled with the electoral progress of right populists like the Austrian People’s Party, the Alternative for Germany, Fidesz and Jobbik in Hungary, the Law and Justice Party in Poland, the Swiss People’s Party and the stubborn remnants of the Front National in France; a chill northern wind is forecast to blow once more over the Occident – cleansing both Europe and the American continent of the foul vapours of multicultural double-speak and Politically Correct persecution.

And through the, as yet, still sporadic and geographically disparate, but nevertheless, highly symbolic militant actions of people such as Phoenix Rising in Ireland and Russki Obraz in the Russian Far-East, the first tentative steps towards Francis Parker Yockey’s vision of an Imperium and Guillaume Faye’s Euro-Siberian ideal stretching from Galway to the Urals is being realized.

Time is running out.

Time is running out.

So are we truly witnessing the Political Soldier Redux?

A warrior generation willing to face up to the inevitable sacrifices required to free Europe from the dark forces that have held our continent in thrall for decades?

A new breed of youth dedicated to defending their birthright?

If Markus Willinger, in his Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Aagainst the 68’ers (2013) is to be believed, we most certainly are.

He writes:

Do you want to know who we are? Where we come from? What drives us? We’ll tell you

We’re time flowing, the wind rising, the new generation

You surrendered us to a world, uprooted and disorientated, without telling us where to go, or which direction our paths lay in. You destroyed all our opportunity to find a direction. We’re your answer because we’re your children


You should finally realize we don’t live in a unified world or a global village. War victims, the poor and repressed will always be with us. This world will never be a paradise on earth. Your delusions have achieved only one thing: you’ve uprooted your own children


We’re lost and homeless. ‘Who are we?’ we ask ourselves. ‘Where are we going?’


We look for our identity and find it in the ruins of your destructive fury. We have to dig deep to rediscover ourselves’.


It may already be five to midnight but our erstwhile masters are finding it increasingly difficult to suppress or distract us from what is becoming painfully self-evident.

That the scale of the financial and demographic crises emerging before our eyes threatens the survival of civilization in general, the West in particular and the Occidental community specifically.

Despite decades of Frankfurt School style social conditioning, it is my contention, that there is greater potential to form a vanguard amongst the current generation, than those who came before. If only because our backs are pressed so firmly against the wall that we are left with no other option.

Whether marching under national flags, the Celtic Cross or the Lambda of ancient Sparta, what we see reflected back at us in the determined eyes of the young men and women of the Polish National Revival on the streets of Warsaw, the thousands of Latvians gathering in Riga on Legion Day and sense behind the cold expressionless masks worn by The Immortals as they parade in torch lit rites through ancient German towns, is a quiet confidence and a growing sense of defiance.

And that new found solidarity is sending shivers of fear through those that uphold the globalist liberal-democratic order.

Those who thrive because of our divisions, beneficiaries of the status quo, the cabal that Alain de Benoist attacks for their monopolization of world capital, the immiseration of the masses and the decline of the nation-state (Bar-On, 2007, pp155/6). The same purveyors of one-world multiculturalism, the lie of White Privilege and the bankster architects of a slow pervasive genocide of the indigenous European people from their own ethnic homelands.

Will Europe be Islamized?

‘Identity Crisis’

For the Identitarian movement is answering the call of the blood, stating boldly to their opponents ‘You are of Yesterday, We are of Tomorrow!’ With the rebellious Gauls, descendants of Charles Martel, seizing the Grande Mosque in Poitiers and setting loose their flares and chants amid the minarets.

They have stormed the Socialist Party headquarters, unfurling their banners, demanding the resignation of the French President. And then built barricades and formed a human chain to stop the migrants at Calais.

In Germany Identitarians have stood atop the Brandenburg Gate to spread the message.

While in Austria their compatriots draped the statue of the Empress Maria-Theresa in a burqa and climbed the EU’s Fundamental Rights building in central Vienna, declaring ‘The Future of the Third World Cannot be in Europe. The Future of Europe Cannot Be Africa!’

In Holland, the Dutch Identitair Verzet (Identitarian Resistance) locked the gates to the Ibn Ghaldoun Secondary School in Rotterdam.

Whilst in Italy Blocco Studentesco have subjected the leftists to their belt-whipping cinghiamattanza in the Piaza Navona and their identitarian comrades have confronted the seemingly endless black tide of sub Saharan illegals polluting Mediterranean beaches by taking to the high seas to intercept the Soros sponsored NGO ferry ships collecting and transporting so-called refugees to our golden shores.



Similar groups have sprung up in Spain, such as the Resistencia Identitaria Solidarista; Slovakia, where Marian Kotleba’s People’s PartyOur Slovakia brought thousands out onto the streets of Bratislava on the 26th June 2015 to march against the Islamification of Europe; and all across Scandinavia and the Baltic.

The Nordiska Forbundet (Nordic Alliance) under the stewardship of inspirational Latvian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Finnish and Estonian leaders and thinkers like Kai Murros, Klas Lund, Juuso Tahvanainen, Stefan Jacobson, Julius Panka, Ruuban Kaalep and Konstantin Pupurs have united under the 2013 Declaration of Bauska, a joint commitment to combat international globalism and multiculturalism.

So the stage is set for confrontation and conflagration.

Increasingly the indications are that the young people of Nation Europa are shifting perceptibly to the right. This opportunity, like the Brexit earthquake, cannot be squandered.

Given the demographic time-bomb the liberal establishment have placed and primed to explode in our midst, we must learn quickly from the lessons of the past and seize the moment. It is now or never, so to speak, because in the immortal words of a certain poet and patriot, ‘Tomorrow is Always Too Late’.

From the banks of the Tunguska and Kolyma in Russia’s Far-East to the Rio Grande in the West, sovereign Occidental living space is under threat. Every day the wire fencing surrounding Melilla, a besieged Spanish enclave, becomes a skirmish line, attacked by hordes from the southern hemisphere, invasive male parasites drawn there by the dream of living off our welfare and the desire for the flesh of the European women inhabiting the countries they wish to infest.

If we are to stand any chance of fighting off this invasion, we need thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions to rally to our cause. And that is why the vanguard we see taking the fight to the enemy today, a modern 300 Spartans holding the Hot Gates of Thermopylae, are so vitally important.

For it was by making his legendary stand that Leonidas and his warriors bought time for the later victories at Salamis and Plataea. It will be for his spiritual successors to set the ideological tone for those who join our ranks later. It is they, the Political Soldiers of the present, informed by the past, who will guide us into the future.

And what a future that could be. A bloody victory ripped from the steel jaws of almost certain defeat. But hard won battles will prove to be pyrrhic if we fail to unite and to overcome the petty nationalisms that have dogged us in the past.

As per Robert Matthews, ‘A Call to Arms’ (September 1983) ‘Ten hearts, one beat. One hundred hearts, one beat. Ten thousand hearts, one beat!’

We must embrace the ethos so well-articulated by the Spanish Resistencia Identitaria Solidarista: ‘Our principle objective is to defend European identity… but beyond these considerations, we advocate the construction of a one and united Europe on the grounds of common origin…’

Honor and Sacrifice

Will honor and sacrifice return to the West?

So, attractive and stylish as the new buzz-cut curtain haircuts are and as reminiscent as they may be of a certain youth movement of the 1930’s, we need more than fashionistas if we are to achieve our goals.

We must act and feel like liberators and freedom fighters as we recite the mantra of Jose Primo de Valera’s Falange, ‘Jose Antonio, Presente!’ and ‘Viva la Muerte!’

And such ideals live on. They are not so easily forgotten or ignored.

Carl Schmitt’s Theory of the Partisan based on two lectures in 1962 defines the Political Soldier as one who arises out of the enmity between diverse peoples. One who is found engulfed in revolutions and civil wars.

His views concur with Martin Heidegger that the true partisan of the future will offer resistance to the homogenized, global, technological civilization laboring under the iron heel of egalitarianism. Someone who fights for the liberation of his or her people and homeland.

The long tradition of Political Soldiery offers various interpretations, including Jean-Francois Thiriart, a Belgian theoretician of European Revolution, who formed Jeune Europe in the early 60’s and argued that Europe was the cradle of civilization, calling for ‘national liberation, sovereignty and self-determination for all Europeans’ and ‘allied ethnicities’.

He set up branches and training camps for his Political soldiers in Italy, Spain and France. Thiriart’s theories were thought to be National Bolshevik by some and a hybrid of Fascist-Maoist philosophy by the historian Walter Ze’ev Laqueur. But there are other versions too.

An Anglo- Evolian hybrid of the Political Soldier emerged out of the fractious dissolution of the British National Front in the late 70’s and early 80’s, the bastard fusion of Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morsello’s brand of Italian fascism and Olde Albion’s independent island mentality. A philosophy articulated through the writings of a well-meaning, if overzealous and controversial Roman Catholic advocate for National Revolution, Derek Holland, in what turned out to be one of the most divisive chapters of modern British nationalism.

…the essential message of the Political Soldier; that what is needed above all else is a fundamental shift in attitude towards struggle, towards life, towards destiny; that there cannot be and will not be any serious change in the overall direction taken by the countries of Europe until the New Man, stands like a giant on the horizon, capable of moulding and inspiring a New Social Order…If the Political Soldier does not stand up and proclaim the Truth, does not point out the Right Values, who will? What future for our families, for our nations, our culture?’

– Derek Holland, London 1994


Ruuben Kaalep

Ruuben Kaalep, European-Preservationist from Estonia.


Like a thunder-clap the Political Soldier’s time has come again.

Foretold in Piero Ignazi’s 1992 article ‘The Silent Counter-Revolution’ which spoke of radical right attracting people who had become disaffected with post-modernism and materialism, the very antithesis of the crepuscular ‘Homo Economicus’.

Anticipating this opportunity the re-activated European Liberation Front including groups like Nouvelle Resistance, Alternativa Europea, The National Bolshevik Party and National Revolutionary Faction, met in Paris as far back as 1999 to issue a sequel to Francis Parker-Yockey’s ‘Proclamation of London’ (1949).

So it comes full-circle, as per Nietzschean prediction, the eternal flame remains lit. Now, those ideals must burn bright once again in the hearts of our advocates and our people, so that they will forever be remembered, just like the 189 courageous Swiss Guards who held the steps to St Peter’s basilica against enormous odds in 1527.

‘I started with an impulse of my heart, with that instinct of defense which even the least of the worms has, not with the instinct of self-preservation, but of defense of the race to which I belong…’ – Corneliu Zelea Codreanu







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Comments (7)

  1. Michael Gladius 2 months ago

    Hilaire Belloc and G. K. Chesterton both foresaw this in the 1920s, as well as the return of Islam as a major threat.

    Socialism/Marxism/fascism/communism are like Isengard, Islam is like Mordor. Together they become Angmar.

    Isengard is small, but highly productive and disproportionately powerful, as the merchant class dominates today. It is the triumph of commerce, of industrialism, and urbanism. It destroys the forests and streams just as readily as it destroys those who do not submit. Its Uruk-hai are heavily armored and equipped, but also swift, as the western nation-state’s armies are today. Its leaders use demagoguery to lead, and do not relent or rest until they have won. They work the furnaces night and day, and they do not give their opponents any breathing space until they submit. But Isengard can be defeated.

    Mordor is large, primal, and fights like a swarm of insects. The Islamic mind is pre-rational and animalistic, and their skills as raiders and fighters draw from their heightened animal instincts. Muslims multiply like orcs, and can produce vast armies in short order. Their tribalism teaches their youth that man has no value outside of how he can serve his tribe. Orientals have never lacked volunteers for suicide bombers/attackers, since they truly believe that they do not have individual worth, except for that which advances the tribe’s interests. Mordor is also a vast land, made desolate by its occupants, despite its great resources. Mordor’s armies are incredibly diverse, drawing orcs, uruks, goblins, trolls, Easterlings, and Southrons to its side. Their armies have a mixture of quality and quantity, giving them a balanced and highly adaptable army. They will attack relentlessly, so long as they know they will win. But Mordor can be defeated.

    Angmar is the summation of both. Angmar has orcs, trolls, and evil men. It shares attributes of both Isengard and Mordor, and even surpasses Mordor in quality. But Angmar can be defeated.

    Remember Thermopylae. Remember the Siege of Malta. Remember the Battle of Lepanto. Remember the Siege of Vienna. Remember the Miracle of the Vistula. If God is with us, and we are with him, then of whom should we be afraid?

  2. shadowman 2 months ago

    Excellent article!

  3. Unknown 2 months ago

    A new strong man is still considered a threat by many, who have not yet realized what is really going on and what the real threat is. Muslims are really good in letting others believe that they do no harm, that their attacks are not their attacks but just some evil occurrence they are not responsible for. But as the real danger grows and cannot hide any more, so must we grow and show that there is a choice of freedom. We must win over the large part of the population which is not so decisive and forceful, before we can defeat the invaders.

    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      Oh man, they took to the modern West’s “victim politics” like fish to water holy smokes. Its unbelievable just how much they play that card and just how shamelessly (and adroitly). They put the transwhatevers to shame in that regard lol.

    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      Wonderful news!

      I had not seen that. Excellent linkage Dashui.

      We need to bottle that friggin Corsican drinking water man, jeez louise.

      But yeah, very very very good news.

  4. Philip 1 month ago

    I’m not sure where I should post this or in what context so I’ve randomly posted it here.

    Just returned from a week-long visit to Krakow in Poland so thought I would share some observations with you all. As we identitarians are all aware, Poland (along with Hungary) has in recent times championed the cause of European nationalism and preservation, and is a bastion of Christianity. This was my first visit to the country so I went without preconception and with a blank canvas in my head.

    A brief overview is that Krakow is a city in southern Poland with a population, including its suburbs, approaching one million. Like most of Poland it has had a chequered history being part of Austro-Hungarian empire until 1918. The centrepiece of the city is a magnificent market square dating back to medieval times surrounded and overlaid with buildings from the renaissance through to baroque and on to the current. To walk its streets is to step back in time. It is also a major centre of learning with one of the oldest universities in the world. Famous former city residents include Pope John Paul II, many a royal monarch, and Joseph Conrad renown ‘English’ author (real name Jozef Korzeniowski) who wrote ‘Heart of Darkness’ (film Apocalypse Now,) ‘Lord Jim’ amongst others. There was a festival celebrating his life and works going on while I was there.

    Random thoughts and observations in no particular order.

    Diversity, Krakow style, is Irish Pubs, Italian Restaurants, French Bistros, Suchi bars, Frankfurters, Tapas, and appalling tasting pretzels. Interestingly, the only Indian restaurant I saw included in its signage the word ‘Hindu.’ Obviously the restauranter wanted his customers to know he wasn’t a member of the Religion of Peace. As for members of the ROP I saw none. If they are there they do not (dare) wear Islamic dress. Third Worlders in general were in short supply. The Poles, it would appear, do not see the benefits of multi-cultural enrichment.

    There are quite a few young attractive ladies (students) in the university area who I did my best not to leer lecherously at, or when I did it was merely for observational research purposes and when my wife wasn’t watching.

    Auschwitz is close-by. We did not go. I have my own views and do not like being surrounded by ‘virtue signallers.’ I heard, without necessarily eavesdropping, comments by English speakers such as ‘I felt I had to go’ and variants of the same. It is certainly easier going there by luxury coach to obtain benediction than walking the pilgrim’s way to a shrine of some forgotten saint and where you don’t get to boast about it at the end.

    Traveling one way out of the city you pass through some pleasant residential areas. Go another way and you enter the grimmest of grim, soulless, soviet tower-block encampments. Dystopia on steriods. Battery hens, I would imagine, have better living conditions. All those pampered sons and daughters of the well-heeled posing as communists, and dressed in their black Antifa garb should be sent to places like this as a form of punishment and education. Is there a more despicable creature than a poor little rich kid posturing as a Trotskyist? Anyway, that’s my working class rant out of the way.

    Krakow is one of the cheapest ‘eating out’ places I’ve ever visited. We were giving more in tips than the cost of the meal. And that is from someone who makes Scrooge look like Santa Claus.

    However, my abiding memory is of the omnipresent Polish Border Security Guards checking hand luggage and passports at the airport. Fit looking, young men and women, nattily dressed in green uniforms and all carrying sidearms. They all looked as if they stepped out of commando brigade and none looked over thirty. They were brusque, efficient and purposeful and I thought provided the image of a State whose government is not sanctimonious, feeble, and run by self-serving sociopaths as is the case with most Western governments. I contrast them, rather sadly, with their equivalent back in the UK where the jibe ‘who ate all the pies’ comes to mind. I know when the firing actually starts where I would rather be and it is not with the ‘pie eaters.’


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