Young Russian Hero Martyred In Syria

Young Russian Hero Martyred In Syria
February 6, 2018 Admin

Greetings men-

Another Russian hero martyred in Syria.



From Zero Hedge:

A terrorist group operating near the Idlib de-escalation zone in northwest Syria on Saturday shot down a Russian Su-25 fighter – the first Russian plane downed in Syria since 2015. The pilot safely ejected and survived the crash – but was later killed by jihadists on the ground.

Video published by the Ebaa News Agency depicted the downing of the jet from the terrorists’ perspective, showing what appears to be a MANPADS lock on and strike the jet, and – later – the terrorists swarming the wreckage, according to RT.

Of course, the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin wasn’t going to let this latest affront go unanswered: on Friday, it published footage of a series of precision missile strikes that were said to have killed 30 militants.

Meanwhile, new footage apparently depicting the pilot’s last moments has surfaced on an Arab-language YouTube channel called IDLIB+. In the footage, a pack of terrorists can be seen advancing on what appears to be the pilot, later identified as Major Roman Philipov (pictured below).

As the militants surround the pilot, a man’s voice can be heard shouting in Russian “This is for the boys!” followed by a bang and a column of smoke is seen rising from behind the rock. It’s not clear whether any militants were killed or wounded in the blast.

The Russian Department of Defense later confirmed that the officer fought with the militants until the last minute, according to the statement. “After the militants surrounded the heavily-wounded Philipov, he waited till they approached and detonated a grenade”, according to RT.

Philipov was reportedly an experienced pilot who had successfully fulfilled dozens of military tasks in Syria, including eliminating terrorist groups and escorting humanitarian convoys to liberated areas.

These Russian guys just impress the heck out of me man.

They seem to view this fight against the Syrians as something larger.

The nobility to it all just shames the rest of us, especially out progressive counterparts busily sowing the seeds of their nations destruction…

Here’s the BBC‘s version:

Russian media have lauded a pilot killed in Syria as a hero, saying he detonated his grenade to avoid being captured by jihadists who had shot his plane out of the sky.

Roman Filipov’s reported last words were: “Here’s for the guys.”

His Sukhoi-25 ground-attack aircraft was shot down over rebel-held Idlib province. He survived the attack and ejected, but died in a ground fight.

Former al-Qaeda affiliate Hayat Tahrir al-Sham said it had attacked the plane.

TV Zvezda, which is controlled by Russia’s defence ministry, said the pilot was posthumously presented with the Hero of Russia medal, also known as the Gold Star.

It reported that he told his superiors he had been hit by a missile, before ejecting himself from the plane.

The BBC has not been able to independently verify what he said at the time or how this information was obtained.

The UK-based monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights earlier said that fighters had captured the pilot and later killed him.

The Syrian government, backed by Russian air power, launched a major offensive in December against rebel groups in Idlib.

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    Typical Fags- it takes at least a 10-to-1 ratio for it to be an even fight. And not just in Afghanistan. 😛

    Hopefully this will remain the case when Europe’s native population is 1-to-1 with the invaders. They won’t have enough fags to win with those kinds of losses.

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    Bravo Zulu, tovarisch.

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      I agree, Trump oughtta follow suit!

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