Youtube Is Live!

Youtube Is Live!
February 2, 2018 Admin


So gentlemen, after updating you on my Youtube preparation for the last couple months I am excited to announce that my two new Youtube channels are live!

I have alluded to this before but to break down the specifics, the two channels are:


Conquering Modernity, which will be about life, culture, politics, and the future of Western Civilization. Or, roughly, ‘how best to respond to life in the modern Wests as a man’.

I’ll be uploading all these videos onto this site as well as regular articles like I’ve been doing.

It won’t be as focused on the situation in Europe as specifically as this site, but that will definitely be at least 30-40% of the content I would say.


Strenuous Prosperity, which is about men’s self-improvement, entrepreneurship, passive income, and wealth creation.

You guys are more used to me talking about politics than all that kind of stuff obviously, but its another subject I am quite passionate about.

If we are to turn things around in the West we need as many financially successful, independent young men as possible.

More than that, I hate the idea of only talking about politics while not trying to also ‘offer solutions’ and provide ‘actionable’ info, hence my decision to create this second channel as well.

I’m not a multimillionaire by any means, but I’ve been able to support my family for the last three years flipping houses/land/mobile homes and through anonymous online entrepreneurship and other similar things, and any value I can provide to people is, I believe, a worthwhile reason for creating the channel.


Battle Is On

I plan on creating 365 videos over the next year, split between these two channels.

If you dudes want to help me out, you can do the following:

-Subscribe to the two channels

-Hit the ‘like’ button and the notification bell on each

-Share any videos you can on social media


I must warn you guys that these were two of the very first videos I made so I think I’ve improved in the 14 or so I’ve done since these two were created (those ones are in my ‘pipeline’ and I’ll be uploading a new one every day other on each channel, sometimes every day).

The first is on “The Strange Death Of Europe”. I figured I’d start by tackling a subject I well know and branch out from there 😊

The second is for the other channel, and is on “The 8 Best Careers For Men”. This is sort of different than the entrepreneurship focus of the channel but overlaps on the men’s self-improvement question.

I’ll be releasing many more soon.

Deus Vult men!








Comments (3)

  1. shadowman 3 weeks ago

    Subbed, and posted a comment with a few outstanding “learn-the-truth-about-Islam” links in one of the videos.

  2. Rick 3 weeks ago

    nice! just subbed under The2MinutesHate

  3. shadowman 3 weeks ago

    More good news! As you may have heard, there is the #120dB movement started by women in Europe (I think in Germany). Looks like they’re aiming to be Europe-wide which is great!

    Great to see more signs of resistance in Europe!

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