• Famous Swedish Lefty Bonnier Editor Has Breakdown, Arrested For ‘Racism’ And Drunk Driving

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    Not a lot of exposition on this article but I couldn’t help be reprint it lol. It seems as if at least one Swede is beginning to rue his actions over the preceding decades, at least if his behavior while drunk is any indicator. The story comes from our ever-valuable friends at Fria Tider. It is translated through ‘Google Translate’,

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  • ECW Can Now Take Bitcoin And Paypal Donations

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    This is an administrative announcement, as might be inferred from the title. Donation Buttons I am a big believer that if you are going to do something you should do it right, and attempt to scale it to the greatest degree possible. To that end I have added a new ‘Donate’ page, which contains a Paypal donation button as well

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  • Go East Young Man! Part Two: More Thoughts On Strategy And Best Case Scenarios

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    The other day I posted an article called ‘Go East Young Man!’ about the value of European-Preservationists emigrating to Hungary and Poland and the rest of the Visegrad Nations. There were some very insightful comments after it, and they especially pointed towards the question of Western European countries, and the question of resistance within them. Therefore with this post I

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  • Go East Young Man!

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      This is a short post but an important one.   The below video is of Nick Griffin. In it he speaks with what I believe is a Hungarian reporter about his plans to move to Hungary in the next 6 months. We previously discussed Nick Griffin here. In that case we quoted him as stating that Britain was “past

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  • Five Interesting Economic Angles To The Situation In Europe

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    So, as I said the other day when discussing my 2017 Preservationist ‘Talent Stack’, I have been diving into economics and becoming a big ol’ nerd in that regard. Now… don’t worry men…. I’m not gonna becoming some uber-nerd Autiste discussing von Mises and engaging in Ayn Rand fan-fic, nor am I going to really go off the deep end

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  • Turkey Threatens Migrant Invasion, Calls Their Immigrants In Germany ‘Advance Soldiers’

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    So…. this is what things look like to me. 1) We have an aggressive autocratic expansionist Turkish state, ruled by Neo-Ottomanist named Erdogan. 2) Erdogan and the Turkish government have been encouraging immigration to Europe by Turkish immigrants for years. 3) Erdogan and the Turkish government have expansionist ambitions and openly celebrate a hypothetical return to Ottoman Empire-like colonialism. They

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  • My 2017 Preservationist ‘Talent Stack’

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    In real life I am about the most proactive, obsessively earnest, ambitious person I know. I wake up early every day and do an hour long morning routine, and then spend the next 12+ hours devoted to a) entrepreneurism, and b) writing and the situation in Europe. Its always my worry that this site will fail to reflect that, and-

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  • Four Signs Preservationism Is Becoming Mainstream

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    As always, I spend my days on the lookout for hopeful signs that 2017 will be year one of the Reconquista 2.0, and will be remembered by our descendants as the year when things finally started to turn around, and the West’s deliverance first began to look possible. I am aided in this by the extremely helpful group of patriots

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