• The Complicated Case Of Anders Behring Breivik

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    In my last post discussing the young Swedish ‘humanitarian’ Erik, I briefly mentioned the case of Anders Behring Breivik. In doing so, I alluded to the article I wrote for Counter-Currents in 2015 discussing his actions. One of our regular commenters Robert Lee brought this up in the following comment: I find the condemnation of Breivik in this article a

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  • Humanitarianism, Swedism, And Reconquest

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    The following article is from the Swedish edition of The Local. It is by a young Swedish man and discusses his experiences as a “humanitarian” helping refugees. It is significant, to my mind, and I have inserted my thoughts within it, as well as underlined several lines within it.   From The Local: Opening or shutting doors. Defending or discrediting

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  • Interview With Richard From Western Spring

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    The following is an interview with Richard, who is an important member of Western Spring. Richard is a very knowledgeable, capable European patriot, and his contribution to our discussions and our community here at Europeancivilwar.com has been very fruitful over the last year as well. When I found out about his involvement in Western Spring, I asked to interview him

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  • A New ‘On The Ground Update’ From Germany (Wherefore Goes Germany?)

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    Last summer, we published a piece here on europeancivilwar.com called “An Exit Strategy For Traitors (views on the ground from Germany)“. It was a re-posting of an article that appeared on Club Orlov by the same name, written by one “Alex” (a pseudonym, as the author feared reprisal if he used his own name). The anonymous update was very interesting,

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  • Antifa Attack London Forum In UK, Female Soldiers Of Odin Affiliate In Sweden

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    This weekend saw two different incidents- one in the UK and one in Sweden- of Antifa attacking and battling against nationalists. The first incident occurred in Jönköping, where an adult Swedish woman who is affiliated with the Soldiers of Odin was violently attacked. Fria Tider brings us the story: A 41 year old woman in vigilantes Sodliers of Odin was

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  • First Week Of 2017 Proves Europe Already At War

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    We have been wondering in recent weeks what 2017 will bring in regards to the crisis in Europe. With notable elections on the horizon, the global economy about to topple, and Trump and Brexit leading to increasing political instability, the year seemed to promise much eventfulness. This first week has already brought it however, and the events over the course

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  • Will Paul Golding Be The Next One To Mysteriously Die In Prison?

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    Paul Golding is the leader of Britain First. I have been on their mailing list for awhile, and have tried unsuccessfully to donate to them on multiple occasions (I don’t blame them, I understand how difficult logistical operations are and sympathize). The group has not gotten alot of press outside of the UK, but seem roughly similar to the EDL,

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  • 2016 End Of Year Update

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    Today marks the end of 2016. This has been one thrilling year for all of us Identitarians, and much has been accomplished in it. I have spoken about what 2016 has meant for our movement, and what the future might bring over the next 12 months, but also wanted to make a point to post a personal update regarding this

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