• Ukrainians Conduct Case Study In Vigilantism Following Murder Of Young Girl

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    Major thanks to Rick for bringing us this article. It is from the Ukraine care of RT, and involves the follow up to villagers’ discovery of one of their children (an 8 year old girl) having been killed by a member or members of the local Roma community. In a general sense, I don’t believe in ‘the mob’. I remember

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  • Identitarians Hijack Brandenburg Gate

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    This is great stuff. David box: Check. Deligitimizes government: Check. Forces government to act in a Goliath-esque manner: See below. Educates sleeping masses: I think it does. From Fox News: BERLIN – Anti-Islam activists have staged an hour-long demonstration atop Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. The protesters unfurled a banner calling for “secure borders” in Germany as crowds of tourists milled around

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  • Queen Of The Flagellants Travels To Eastern Kingdom

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    During the Black Death, when the bubonic plague that arose in the steppes of Central Asia had spread across Europe, there arose in response to the horrors an order known as the Flagellants, who, believing the sickness to be inflicted by a vengeful God, traveled the countryside whipping and flogging themselves. They believed that by doing so they might successfully

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  • ‘Refugee Attack’ In Dresden Brings Us Full Circle

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    In the early days of this website- last January to be precise- there was a huge story out of Sweden, which readers will surely remember, that claimed that Swedish men had rampaged through the Stockholm train station, attacking all the migrant teenagers and twenty-somethings that had been stealing purses, assaulting elderly Swedes, and sexually-assaulting Swedish women. We met that news

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  • Julian Langness Interviewed On The ‘Rob And Slim Show’

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    Got contacted by the ‘Rob and Slim Show’ last week and then appeared on their podcast last night. They are a new but very quickly growing podcast based out of New Jersey. Its not a political show in nature actually but rather sort of a morning show/comedy show. They interview tons of guests from all different backgrounds, including authors, comedians,

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  • The UK Economy And A Lack of Perspective

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    The Telegraph has a very interesting article out today. Written by Allister Heath, it is titled ‘Cheap Money Is Destroying All Our Futures And Hurting Capitalism’. CHEAP MONEY The author’s argument is that the extremely low (often negative) interest rates predominating in the UK and across the West (especially Western Europe) at this time mean that returns on ‘normal’ investments

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  • Mysterious Doings In Pre-War Germany

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    We have all seen the strange tidings coming out of Germany this last week. This site’s much appreciated readers have left links to the various pieces of news in the comments section. On Monday, Laguna Beach Fogey linked to a Zero Hedge article about the German government discussing- in a leaked memo- the possibility of encouraging its citizens to stockpile

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  • Swedish Police Forces See Mass Defections

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    We have reported before on the massive problems the Swedish police are having. Earlier this year, Swedish Police Inspector Lars Alvarsjö told Svenska Dagbladet newspaper that the “legal system is threatened with collapse”. This of course comes as a result of the massive levels of immigration the country has seen, both over the last four decades and (to an even

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