• France, France, France – Is Macron The Past Or The Future?

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    Well the first round of the French Presidential Election has commenced and the result was pretty much exactly what everyone thought it would be. Macron, the globalist progressive, and Le Pen, our preservationist nationalist, have advanced to the second round. One could argue the Macron side is a surprise, since he was until recently a virtual unknown, and only got

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  • Interview With Resistance Writer Fenek Solere – Author Of ‘The Partisan’

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    The following is an interview with Fenek Solere, author of The Partisan. I am very proud to publish it on ECW. Fenek is a wealth of knowledge an numerous subjects and his passion for Europe and its preservation and reconquest is powerful and inspiring. Fenek is also an autodidact and accomplished scholar, and this is a long interview crammed full

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  • ‘Asymmetric Opportunities’

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    We here the term ‘asymmetric warfare’ quite a bit. It is similar to the term ‘4th Generation Warfare’, and refers to conflicts between sides that are vastly different in power. The battle between Al-Qaeda and the United States was ‘asymmetric warfare’ (although a little less so now that we know the Saudi’s were backing them to such a degree), as

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  • Four Reasons To Donate To The Le Pen Campaign Amidst These Historic Times

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    We are living in historic times men. Numerous stories of note combine to mark the seriousness of the issues bearing down on us. Orban, Defender Of Europe This Easter Weekend, in Hungary, we saw Victor Orban give a great speech, calling out George Soros as the chief enemy of the Hungarian people, and all native Europeans. From Kormany.hu, quoting and

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  • The Importance Of Shame

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    One of my most vivid memories is from 7th grade, during football practice one day. That was my first year of actual, real, helmet and pads football. I was a tight end and defensive end and loved playing football more than anything in the world. I wasn’t the number one player on the team but I was definitely one of

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  • Guest Post: ‘Why Trump Doesn’t Matter’, by Andrew Graf

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    The following is an article by a gentleman named Andrew Graf. Andrew does a variety of different writing endeavors and is a passionate Identitarian. He submitted the following essay to us and I am very glad to publish it. It is a very short polemic on the question of Trump and his relationship to this broader ‘movement’, and why it

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  • Grieving, Bonnier-Style

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    As I wrote about recently, Sweden suffered a terrorist attack earlier this week where a Muslim ‘asylum-seeker’ or ‘refugee’ from Uzbekistan stole a beer truck and used it to mow down a gigantic crowd of native Swedes. Ultimately four individuals died as a result of the attack. One of the victims was a little girl, and in addition to the

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  • Ten Thoughts On Trump And Syria

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    There is all sorts of chatter going on about Trump and the fact that the U.S. dropped some Tomahawk missiles on Syria. I was pretty focused on Sweden and other stuff this week, and am only now fully up to date. However, the whole question is a fascinating one and I wanted to offer my thoughts. I am also curious

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