• The JQ And Modern Europe

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    Yesterday we published an update on the 12 year old girl in Sweden who achieved notoriety last year after she was raped by a 19 year old Somali immigrant in a brutal and sickening fashion. At the time those initial stories came out, the girl, who has blonde hair, was always referred to as ‘Swedish’. In the Fria Tider piece

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  • Sweden Sets Simultaneous Records For Levels Of Violence, Debt

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    Reports from Sweden today illustrate new heights of violence across the country, while simultaneously indicating that Sweden engaged in never before seen borrowing rates the second quarter of this year, as both individuals and the government took out record levels of debt. Violence In Sweden The violence has been occurring predominantly in the immigrant suburbs of Malmö and Gothenburg, but

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  • Previously Profiled 12 Year Old Swedish Rape Victim And Her Family Flee To Norway

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    We profiled this young Swedish girl earlier in the year. She achieved a large degree of exposure due to the horrendous rape she underwent at the hands of a 19 year-old Somali immigrant who was subsequently let off with probation by the Swedish authorities. The 19 year old Somali abducted the young girl- named ‘Ida’ apparently- and violently raped her

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  • German Self-Defense Website Works To Help Citizens Arm, Protect Themselves

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    Much thanks to Mike for bringing us this link. The website is http://www.migrantenschreck.ru/ I don’t know if the address means it is hosted in Russia, but the website is in German and- as can be seen in the below video- designed to cater to the besieged native German populace. Indeed, this particular self-defense weapon is labelled the ‘Bautzen Edition’, referring

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  • ‘Sisu’, ‘Eucatastrophe’, And The Future Of Europe

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    Editor’s Note: This is another essay for the short book of essays we will publishing on Kindle about contemporary Europe. Also, when first posted I accidentally thanked Kadphises for notifying me of the concept of Sisu instead of Kristopher. That has been corrected now 🙂 ‘Sisu’, ‘Eucatastrophe’, And The Future Of Europe Those of us who focus on the situation

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  • The Two Different ‘Battles Of Bauzen’, Media, And Thinking ‘Horizontally’

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    The following article on last night’s events in East Germany comes from the Telegraph (thanks VivatEuropa for the link!), where the description is even more stereotypically left-wing and fantastical than usual. “Hordes of evil Nazi’s from openly racist East German town viciously attack unarmed Muslim children”-type stuff. This is what the Telegraph published: Far-Right protesters blocked an ambulance reaching an

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  • Roundup From Sweden: “Combat Decisions Must Be Made Through Lens Of Feminism”

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    This post was originally intended to just be one story, however there were so many other relevant news items it got expanded. Here is a roundup of all the news from Sweden: Military Feminism The Daily News reports that the Swedish Armed Forces have developed a “Gender Guide” to inform all military and battlefield decision-making. Here is an excerpt from

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  • Interesting Article From Italy On Evolving Cammora Youth Culture

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    Editor’s Note: We had several comments that sat unnaproved for a couple days so apologies to those much appreciated commenters! Think I have everything down now so it shouldn’t happen again. ————————————————— Interesting story from Italy in the Telegaph today. Concerns the mafia and Islamic fundamentalism and ISIS. A lot of crossover in it on what we talk about here

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