• Update On Website

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    Europeancivilwar.com is finally back online today after being down almost all of February 23rd… I appreciate the emails I got from folks notifying me of this. Once aware of the problem, I spent close to 5 hours on the phone with Hostgator attempting to diagnose the issue and get it fixed. They had no idea what the problem was for

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  • Eyes Of The World Are On Sweden, Western Man Begins To Re-Awaken, Shots Fired In Stockholm, Rape Crisis Goes Viral

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    Swedish police- under attack while venturing into the Muslim-occupied stronghold of Rinkeby today- were forced to fire at a raging mob of immigrant-rioters. The riots have continued for several days straight in Malmo and now in Stockholm, marking a fascinating and significant sequence of events: -Over the weekend, Donald Trump speaks out at a rally for supporters in Florida, mentioning

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  • The “One Thing” That Will Save Europe

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    As we all know, there is a near never-ending supply of horror stories out of Europe these days. The situation there burns in our soul, as it should, yet merely reporting on those stories will not solve them (although it is important). With this being the case, one of my goals from the beginning with this website was to explore

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  • Riots Across France As Le Pen Gears Up For Last Chance Run

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    Unrest continues in France, as Muslim and African youths across the country riot for the seventh straight day. Watching the below video I can actually identity with them. When I was 13/14/15/16 years old, my friends and I- full of masculine angst, anger, hatred, boredom, contempt, and the desire to prove ourselves in any way we could- would engage in

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  • The ‘Liberty Movement’, 4GW, And Rule Of Law

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    I thought I would share the following post. It is from Brandon Smith at alt-market.com, and is titled “Globalists Want To Destroy Conservative Principles – But They Need Our Help” I think I stumbled upon it on Zero Hedge, if I remember right. I had never been exposed to the author before but he seems to write about alot of

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  • Swedish Electrical Company Pulls Personnel From Malmö, Refuses Work In City

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    Last year I published an article called ‘How The War Could Begin’ at Counter-Currents and here that offerred a hypothetical scenario in which Sweden descends into civil war. It wasn’t meant to be a ‘prediction’ but rather just an ‘extrapolation’ of what it could look like if events there were to match other 4GW conflicts we have seen over the

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  • Best Political Ad To Save A Dying Country?

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    The Sweden Democrats have released a new ad. I have embedded it below. The gentleman walking around throughout it and narrating it is Jimmie Åkeson. He is the leader of the Sweden Democrats and is 37 years old. Jimmie Åkeson and his fellows have sacrificed far, far more than I have in the battle for Europe’s future. With that said

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  • Covert Demographic Warfare Continues Under The Radar

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    Throughout most of 2015 and 2016 the establishment in Europe was quite explicit about its desire for mass-immigration. During 2016 alone Germany acknowledged accepting over one million ‘refugees’. Yet despite this openness, there has been continued chatter about parallel, covert work to further accomplish the demographic takeover of Western Europe. This has seemed to take two forms. One: The Southern

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