• What’s The #1 Most Likely Violence An Average Western Man Will Encounter In Life? [Common In Europe]

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    Greetings men- Ever since I started this website, I have had very intelligent and capable men linking in the comment section to the website of James Lafond, a Baltimore-based writer and self-defense expert. With the situation in Europe and across the Occident what it is, and with violence escalating in both places as a result of globalist-instigated mass-immigration, the subject

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  • European Anarchy Or American Anarchy?

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    Greetings men- This article, by me- Julian Langness- was originally published by Traditional Right last week. They have courteously allowed me to reprint it here. Traditional Right is the home of William S. Lind himself, whose wisdom is referenced often on this site. You can read many excellent articles by Lind and others on Traditional Right‘s site by clicking here.

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  • What Is More Progressive Than White-Children Being Hung On Stage?

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    Greetings men- According to the mainstream media and the globalist left, the following people- many beloved historical figures, other popular current thinkers- are or were *quote* “evil” “hateful” “white supremacists”: President George Washington President Thomas Jefferson J.R.R. Tolkien Pat Buchanan President Donald Trump Donald Trump’s sons Mike Cernovich Greg Johnson Jared Taylor Peter Brimelow ‘Millenial Woes’ Marine le Pen Enoch

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  • What Is ‘The Coming War In Europe’?

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    The Coming War In Europe: Essays On Europe’s Impending Destabilization And Internal Confrontation With Islam is a newly released book of essays by Julian Langness. It is a collection of articles published from 2015-2017 in Counter-Currents, TraditionalRight, Western Spring, and Europeancivilwar.com. The book is currently FREE on Amazon, as its primary purpose is to educate those just starting to become

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  • What Else Can People Do To Help Save Europe And The Occident?

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    Greetings men- This week the EU demanded that Norway- already on its way to Islamization- take even more ‘refugees’ from the Middle-East and Africa. In the UK, a young Muslim man set off explosions injuring 29 people. And- most telling in my opinion- a noted ‘multicultural’ scholar stated that: It is every migrant’s dream to see the tables turned, to

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  • Should Preservationists Join The Military Reserves?

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    Greetings men- The following article is by Europeancivilwar.com contributor Michael Gladius, and is on a topic that is very germane to the site’s focus. Many of those of our mindset struggle with figuring out the best course to set in life, knowing the lands we most care about are facing anarchy and violence in the near future, and knowing those

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  • UK Investigating, Jailing Young Native British Men For Criticizing Islam And National-Suicide

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    Greetings men- This post will not surprise any of our regular readers, but it is still important we catalogue this insanity for the purposes of posterity and for awakening any of our sleepwalking brethren who can come to their senses. This post is about the United Kingdom. To recap for anyone just beginning their focus on the situation in Europe,

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  • Archeopocalypse

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    Greetings men- I often criticize mainstream GOPe publications, which have, as bastions of conservatism, failed to conserve anything these last fifty years, including the ladies’ room, as Mike Cernovich memorably puts it. These publications are the literary version of our favorite Republican political candidate, ¡Jeb!, shocking in their capacity to produce both frustration and Schadenfreude. Yet I must give credit

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